(Updated: Solved!) Chicago Area Experiencing T-Mobile Outage?

Update: T-Mobile acknowledged some trouble via Twitter and has since taken to Twitter again and pronounced the trouble over!

There are a large number of reports coming into our inbox and @TmoNews Twitter regarding a possible outage in Chicago. We managed to grab a screen shot from a Chicago area store letting us know that Chicago is suffering from an inability to make/receive calls. We’ve pinged T-Mobile to see if we can get an update and we’ll update as soon as we know whats up!

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  • Convel

    I had no service in Lake in the Hills, after leaving the area to another town I got my service back. I was in LITH for over an hour and really needed my service. Oh well.

    • Veronica

      no service in oak lawn or in palos park since noon

  • Matt

    I called T-Mobile, (because i have issues with placing calls) and Receiving Txt Msgs. They Told me that they don’t see anything on the map and T-Mobile simply hanged up on me!

  • Mgloor

    I’m in the West burbs, I’m having issues w/ txt. I will send one but client on other end will get three or four of the same msg.

  • http://twitter.com/byrongarcia Byron Garcia

    cant make phone calls and text take longer to send and receive

  • Dave

    I’m from the Chicago area and I’ve noticed this as well.  My G2 has been going in and out of signal for the past few days and dropping a lot of my text messages.

  • helper

    Anybody w/ t mobile who has blackberry or android phone… USE WIFI for calls

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1710314881 Aaron Cooper

      That’s only for CERTAIN Android phones….

  • Steven

    Yep, my phone has said Emergency Calls Only most of the day in Joliet, IL, 40 miles SW of Chicago.

    • papesh

      Same here, I’m in joliet as well

      • http://twitter.com/PaliHustlaOD Odai Jaber

        Same in Orland Park. I got calls back and texting was somewhat working earlier. They are both good now. for me atleast.

  • Ruens

    @Tmobile just posted an outage notification on twitter

  • Jonah325

    funny because i was just there yesterday and thought i check out the speeds on my mytouch 4g and got 20 mbps down

    • Sapphire3g

      You, sir, are a liar. Your phone can only support up to 14.4 Mbps down.

  • http://twitter.com/Vision77 Vision77

    Yeah I got 2g only……I was trying to use wi-fi for calls but since wi-fi calling needs a hand-off from the network to function thats a no go for me…..And like that my 2g is out again……even more incentive to get a sip-phone app working on ye old G2x……now lets see if  tmo will credit my account…

  • Christaxi81

    No service in Geneva, IL since noon.

  • MagentaMadness

    I haven’t seen an internal customer impact message (or CIM) come out.

  • Niravpatelws

    Wifi calling works fine in Northwest suburbs. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it was a bug in the HTC Sensation…   

  • Scmagoun

    I live in Northwest Indiana. Same issues…

  • Ididntdoit

    Does this have anything to do with the B17 plane crash earlier?

  • stanee wills

    i live in chicago around 1130 i have been unable to make or recieve cals and i hve been recieving texts and vms wtf i need to u my phone

  • Jen78

    For about 3 hours I’ve had no service. Just got the network back but still can’t sent texts although I can receive them. Called T-Mobile and they said they don’t offer service credits unless they’re down for a whole day. Not really happy about that.

  • alt-mobile

    That really sucks.  I’m originally from Chicago (western suburbs) but am in grad school in Michigan. Hopefully everything gets back to normal soon for my fellow Chicagoans!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1710314881 Aaron Cooper

    I’m in Joliet, and the problem still exists.

  • j-man

    I have had signal all day, I live in Chicago, close to Midway Airport.

  • Guest

    From my experience I’ve seen a lot of customers who are unable to use ANY services in Chicago quite frequently over the 3g/4g network.  Manually switching to 2g usually seems to give you the ability to make/receive calls and sms, but obviously the slow data goes along with it.

  • Nivekkev

    ONe the fone now and I am downtown

  • Tw21912


  • Tw21912


  • Guest

    Just got signal back. It is slow to make the call but it is working – for now. Is this common for T-Mobile? Just got the service.

    • Yancy

      No not common..

  • Guest

    Just got signal back. It is slow to make the call but it is working – for now. Is this common for T-Mobile? Just got the service.

  • Elisia_m

    live in Mokena work in Oak lawn 4 hours no service

  • Elisia_m

    live in Mokena work in Oak lawn 4 hours no service

  • The Jew

    No issues on my end.  I have been out near O’Hare and the NW burbs all day.  Calls coming in and going out with no problem.  No data issues either.

  • Lou

    This is just weird for me. No calling and texting but I can still use data.

  • Kwu

    No service in Dekalb. Been on WiFi calling all day…

  • Amonra462

    I have had service in the northwest burbs and north side of Chicago (Roscoe village) all day. No issues to report.

  • drew_munny

    I’m in Rockford/Machesney Park, called T-Mo from a work phone, their suggestion was to switch over to “use 2G networks only” in settings, under mobile network; instantly went from no service to EDGE and able to use my phone. Running a Nexus S, 2.3.4. Ironically, I upgraded my line to a Sensation 4G at Walmart today, and it won’t connect to the network at all!

  • Fredricole2001

    No service in Chicago and the South Suburbs but wifi works.

  • Techtalkwithjabari

    In the south part of chicago its back up

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HGCKJP4TOEJOS24BVPYF6DKXII Tony

    Time for a new service. In the words of Ceelo, F#ck You T-Mobile!!!

  • Fatal1ty

    No service in Burr Ridge, since 12 noon central time

    • LineNoise

      Mine went out for about 2 hours and quickly came back.  While in Burr Ridge 2 other people on TMobile had no issues with their service, but when they called my phone it said it was out of service.

  • Aask1826

    in northwest chicago service is working just made some calls had no problems all day

  • SaintsDad

    Back up in St. Charles

  • mma

    Service went out around 11:30 in Joliet… No data, no texting, no calls.  I’ve got the full bars back now but data is still gone.  I stopped by the store since I don’t have a landline and couldn’t find anything online and the guy I talked to didn’t know what happened but said the service from over 240 towers was disrupted.

  • Vida

    3g only… no data, no HSPA, no wifi

  • mmeyer4663

    I am  in the south hall of the McCormick Center and have been making calls all day.  A couple have dropped.
    Could TMO be upgrading to 42MHz here?  Wonder if that could have something to do with intermittent outages.
    Experienced really lousy data connections speeds in Erie, CO most of last week but by Friday, all was good again.  Growing pains! 

  • SeriouslyMcDonalds?

    I loved Tmobile but since this impending buyout, their customer service has been shotty and the internet has been laggy IMO.  When I call Cust.Serv. and need help with anything from changing the primary on my account or how to input info in phone to connect to Tmobiles web2go from a non tmobile manufactured phone it’s like Duhhhhhhhhhh, ” So you want to drop a line? ” was her response!  I was like Huh!? Are you frickin kidding me?  that’s the dumbass responses you get from outsourced “read the prompts” call centers.  I still hope AT&T doesn’t doesn’ t get approved to buy them and that they are forced to wake their CSR’s up and train accordingly.   HELLO if you don’t know something (which you should) then FIND the answer by asking someone else or contacting your supervisor.  Don’t waste both of our time.

    • mmeyer4663

      I have experienced just the opposite.
      I went to Walmart to try and pick up a Sensation last week.  I am 15 months into my 24 month contract.
      Walmart could not do a thing for me as I was not eligible for an upgrade according to their system.
      I called and talked to the loyalty group.  They put a note in my record to indicate that, at a TMO Corp store, on 15th, that I will be eligible for the fully subsidized discount price on the Sensation, the rebate AND they also gave me a $50 credit on my account so that the final price + MIR I will pay will match the Walmart price!!!!!!!!!!  Cheers to what’s left of TMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nitewinds0329

      I’m sorry SeriouslyMcDonald you had a bad experience with TMobiles customer service.  As an employee of TMobile for 3 years in the Customer Care dept, I assure you TMobile values on Customer Care has not depleted in anyway, if anything we are pushing to be stronger in this dept.  I personally still provided each of my customers world class customer service that you deserve.  Maybe and unfortunaly you got someone that was just having a bad day or may be new to the floor or even as you mentions ‘out-sourced”.  Personally I dont’ want the buy out to happen either, T-Mobile is a great company, they value their employees and their customers. Unemployment would not support my family.

    • Zifnab2k

      That sucks! We had to call t-mobile today because I forgot to cancel T-Mobile TV after it’s trial, and they didn’t revert my plan back when I returned the g2x. They reverted my plan appropriately, refunded the month of T-Mobile TV, and discounted my account for the upcoming month for my trouble. I think you just got someone that smoked one on their lunch break… it happens.

  • http://Facebook.com/jayrello JayRello

    if any of you have google voice and your data is still working, atleast you can still text with your google voice number right?

  • mXn

    2hrs of no service here in Cincinnati, OH

  • Jadidonato

    Long Island NY – NO SERVICE! 

    • Jadidonato

      just as I typed that my phone started going nuts retrieving voice mails and text messages from probably an hour or so of no service or data. 

  • Paunocu

    Sensation sucks in fort Myers fl

    • Zifnab2k

      That’s cause T-Mobile sucks in most of Florida. I usually do well with telephone calls when I visit, but can’t connect to data to save my life.

  • Kim

    Oak Lawn, IL (south suburb of Chicago) tmobile service has been down since around 12pm…Came up for about 15 – 20 minutes a couple hours ago and then went right back down and still isn’t on and it’s 7pm!

  • kl

    Same happend here in the metro area DC,virginia maryland about 3 days ago. Something fishy is going on I can tell you that, that question is what?