T-Mobile Needs Your Help, Take This Poll!

While this isn’t the first poll we have done regarding the AT&T deal, we’re hoping that weeks later, after the shock has worn off you’ll vote again. In fact this time we’re stepping up our efforts and the results of this poll will be sent off to Washington policy makers who will be appearing at next weeks Senate hearing. So we need your vote, we need you to tell your friends and family and all of those people who support T-Mobile remaining an independent company to vote. T-Mobile needs your help, even if the folks at Deutsche Telekom are resigned to sell our precious Magenta off, we won’t go without being heard!

So what do you need to do? Vote in our poll below and tell everyone you know to vote as well. Spread the word and get out the vote! As an extra bonus and we really need you to do this just this once, leave the state you are voting from in the comments. We can do more if we can show that this is a nationwide concern and that this deal will have a nationwide impact.

Vote, comment, tell your friends and spread the social media word through Twitter using our #sayno2att hashtag!

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  • Texas

    Been with T-Mobile for 10 years……. I will not give ATT one cent of my money. Texas!

  • Anonymous

    How many times can I vote no? :-)

  • Thepqz

    I tried to call ATT business support today. 4 calls dropped and it took them 10 minutes on call 5 to find the account (and I had the account number, etc at my fingertips). Yeah, I’m really hopeful for an ATT takeover… *sigh*

  • Mario

    i dont care if it goes through, if it does by that time us cellular will have LTE in Des Moines, IA thats where ill be. ive enjoyed Tmobile for the time ive had it but it looks like theyre dead in the water

  • Kristina


  • C_47


  • Captainrule

    commenting from fresno california, I do NOT want to be a part of at & t.

  • xoox

    Southern California

  • Dmo566

    No to at&t, Michelle, Hawaii

  • http://profiles.google.com/brooklynboiz Jamille Browne

    @davidtmonews:disqus only 101 more votes on No way to get 6K disapproval

  • Matthew

    Santa Monica, CA #sayno2att :)

  • Dreamcasting

    I escaped from at&t to T-Mobile and was grateful for it. To go back? Not even going to take a chance. Ported two lines away from T-Mo, have 2 lines to go. That being said, I do hope T-Mobile can find a way to succeed on its own, without the tentacles of at&t wrapped around it.

  • Nearmsp

    I moved from AT&T to T-mobile 10 years back. I have enjoyed T-mobile’s excellent customer service and honest and ethical policies, which is more common in Europe and Australia. US companies such as AT&T rely on bribing politicians and screwing its own customers. I have no plans to become part of the AT&T customer base. I am waiting for Verizon to come out with the world phone (that would include GSM in addition to their CDMA protocol). I am hoping that the phone is out by Fall and I will move from T-mobile. AT&T is the most evil corporation. Once you have a wrong billing or something like that, good luck getting it resolved! It will not matter if they have LTE or not. You just have to put up with what they dish out. US regulators have been neutered by politicians who have their snouts in the lobbyists trough and the merger will go ahead. AT&T has the largest number of lobbyists on the hill and have spent $50 million in lobbying to date. Instead of spending a $500 million on customer support it is cheaper to kill off competition and buy the T-mobile infrastructure. In no country in the world is the Anti Trust run by the Justice department as farcical as in the US. Recall this very same shameless government department rubber stamped the merger of XM and Sirius to create a monopoly.Vote with your ballots by moving to Verizon or Sprint because no amount of submissions to any of the regulatory bodies will make a difference. AT&T is paying $3 billion break up fee to T-mobile if this fails and if this passes in addition to the $39 billion the German company also gets 9% ownership of AT&T stock. The deal is too sweet for T-mobile not to say no to the marriage proposal that comes with a hefty dowry for the dad (T-mobile Germany).

  • Decknology


  • Satanthecow


  • http://www.facebook.com/YtOmMyU Tom Yu

    I don’t think I’ve commented here before, but I really want T-Mobile to stay T-Mobile, not be devoured by some Ma Bell company and diminish all the goodness of the big Magenta. I’m from Arizona and I LOVE T-Mobile!

  • Jereader1

    I left alltel to join up with tmo. If at&t is allowed to buy tmo, I will jump to sprint (or last choice verizon). Here’s hoping that the government actually listens to the population for once and stops this.

  • anonymous


  • Guest

    Washington. Zip: 99354

  • TK

    Writing from Missouri…..

    The merger of AT&T and T-Mobile would eliminate a major competitor among nationwide cell phone providers and have the following bad effects:

    –Reduces the number of nationwide cell phone companies to just two (AT&T and Verizon) and a marginal third provider, Sprint. Deutsche Telekom AG should be barred from selling T-Mobile USA to any existing US Cell phone company. The buyer should have to be someone not already involved in providing cell phone service.

    –Results in price increases in cellular service. AT&T clearly indicated a goal for increasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), investment speak for price increases. This will be an issue even more strongly for long time loyal T-Mobile customers on older “grandfathered” plans. AT&T’s promise to grandfather in their filing is vague and does not ensure they will grandfather all T-Mobile customers, including postpaid customers whose contract has expired, and prepaid customers. And there is no promise that grandfathering will be performed fully and accurately, including allowing those older grandfathered T-Mobile customers still allowed to tether (connect other devices to the Internet through) their phones, to continue to do so at no additional charge.

    –Gives AT&T a U.S. monopoly on nationwide GSM coverage, a world standard preferred by travelers.

    –AT&T has demonstrated an attitude that they will take advantage of limited competition. For example, for wired internet, they are imposing new usage caps limiting monthly data transfer because they know that in many communities, there is usually at most one other wired broadband provider, usually the local cable TV company, and many of those have also established usage caps. AT&T, like the cable companies, is doing this to protect their TV services from Internet based competitors such as Netflix and Hulu to try to prevent loss of UVerse or Cable TV subscribers due to new alternatives.

    –Puts many T-Mobile employees out of their jobs.

    –A partial takeover with divestiture of some T-Mobile customers would have all the above harms, but may hurt T-Mobile customers even more, by not giving AT&T any opportunity to welcome them and grandfather their plans, if that is their intent or they should be so forced.

    –Gives AT&T too much spectrum hurting the public interest by reducing competition. AT&T is simultaneously trying to acquire even more spectrum from Qualcomm. The available spectrum needs to be spread over a number of competitors to ensure a competitive market.

    –The FCC may be anticipating approving LightSquared to offer future competition for AT&T and Verizon, but their plans may interfere with GPS equipment, including extremely expensive specialized equipment used in aviation, forestry, emergency response, law enforcement, etc, making that a questionable proposition as well.

    –Finally, on a side note, cell phone companies often find it difficult to setup new towers with local zoning and NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard) resistance. To help cell phone companies make better use of existing towers, cell phone companies should be encouraged to enter into reasonable roaming deals, and every cell phone company should be required to offer for lease space on their towers for competitors to also place their radios.

    • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

      Now just send that to the FCC & your U.S. State Congress, & we’ll have something going here

  • http://profiles.google.com/hsanchez1103 Hugo Sanchez


  • Trkingingrany

    We have 4 phones here in COLORADO

  • Ayla

    Austin, TX

  • Preciouskp2002

    Voted No WAY from Baltimore,MD, If I wanted to go to at&t I would have switched on my own!

  • http://twitter.com/joshuhl josh uhlemeyer

    @joshuhl From a tech blogger to another I think this is a good idea,

  • Tacobell_princess

    ATT is SBC. The company that destroyed PacBell with its horrible service. They bought ATT and took its name to essentially buy a new image. Tmobile will fade into the folds of ATT and it will be just like ATT bought the tmobile contracts. The only way people still pay them money is because they all but have a monopoly on service in most areas including mine. ATT needs to be stopped from trying to get another piece of the pie moving it toward monopoly status….which would suck in any case, but nothing is worse than a company that treats their customers like garbage getting more of a stranglehold on the market.

  • Stacey1994

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 5 years. Great customer service and good rates are important to me and I have not found that with any other company. My friends that use AT&T hate it; calls are suddenly dropped, internet is inconsistent (sometimes non-existent), and poor customer service are common complaints. No thanks! I will be looking elsewhere for service if this goes through.

    Stacey in CA

  • http://twitter.com/JaMaBBo James

    Placed my vote for no on this merger and my vote comes from Indiana.

  • http://twitter.com/I_Am_Restored Jared Johnson

    i voted no from Kansas

  • Tshire

    Only three major carriers would mean dramatically reduced competition. Even if there are some immediate benefits to consumers, in the long run, consumers will be hurt. Think about it: AT&T is trying to buy their lower-priced competition. Does anyone seriously believe they want to do so to give us LOWER prices? Somehow, I think not.
    Marion, MA

  • Anonymous

    ATT should be broken up again into more baby bells.

    We dont need a large ATT. They should not be allowed monopolies.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QMEQREKTZBHVYZFAOGRYOBBWM anthony

    i am for the merger as long the customer service stays the same or better, comment from NY

  • http://twitter.com/makhay Bashar Makhay

    Does anyone else here think tmonews needs to do a better job at conducting polls. If we wanted to use this poll at all, for any testimonial purposes, it would be laughed at.

  • guest


    • Polaris1

      New Jersey

  • http://profiles.google.com/sgamez87 Steven Gamez

    I voted NO for this merger to happen it would hurt many people in a time where we arent financially good, gas prices are high, everything is high, people have less money, with this merger yes some iwll jump to sprint few others to Verizon some to the small prepaid carriers but a lot ALOT of them will be forced to stay without a cell phone as not many can afford those huge overpriced plans att and Verizon offer, it would decrease the number of cell phone users, we would be taking a step back in the US, Please dont let this happen its bad for everyone.
    I’m From New Jersey

  • TravyTouchdown

    New Jersey

  • Jayq330

    New York, to have only one nation wide GSM network would create a big impact on the selections odd phones & also all the virtual network phone companies would have no “choice” on there price they pay on roaming charged & even unforeseen damages that come from greed & power hungry companies.

  • Jayq330

    Reality says that at&t & verizon will make side deals to control the plan prices. And sprint will be forgotten in the big monopoly deals that the two other companies will be controlling. Prices will drop to bait & hook & squash smaller networks, then raises there prices back up once the competition is gone… wait & see. Of course the Rick doing career about the peasants but this can’t be allowed.

    • Jayq330

      Correction “of course the rich don’t care about the middle & lower class, but this can’t be allowed” swipe keyboard needs some tuning or i need more practice =)

  • Doug

    A lot of customers are leaving TMO in droves. Where are all of these loyal TMO customers?

    • Mikestrass212

      you should ask AT&T they are the ones harm those people

  • Kerry

    I’m in Oregon… competition is good, I’d rather see T-Mobile on its own than be swallowed up. AT&T doesn’t have good customer service, and it seems unlikely to me that they will adopt the philosophy of T-Mobile when it comes to customers.

  • http://twitter.com/SocalFrank1 Frank Alvarez

    It’s too bad T-Mobile can’t find a way to harness the customer loyalty they have into a broader base of subscribers. What will we all do once the merger goes through and then AT&T tries to buy Verizon…using the same argument that they are now?

  • Britegray

    Voting from Texas

  • cammy

    “No Way!” from Maine

  • Paizante

    NO way ……. I really hate ATT.

  • Dcast2777

    If it happens I will be force to go with Sprint.

  • http://twitter.com/biffbiffbiff biffbiffbiff

    the poll should have a “I don’t like it but can see no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to do it” option..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6662GUZEIGNGJZDI7WOKVCQ4JQ T-Will

    I would prefer this not to happen as I am not an AT&T fan. If the deal goes through I will more than likely head to Verizon. I think that one of the reason Verizon doesn’t care about this merger is they know that 90% of T-Mobile’s customers completely hate AT&T and they will get a huge customer boost from the mass exodus of unsatisfied customers.

  • Valerie

    We need competition among wireless companies, fron New Mexico.

  • Waltmen

    Keep T-Mobile independent. Its good for competition, Southern CA

  • Tet84

    I’m jumping over to Verizon if AT&T is taking over.