T-Mobile Needs Your Help, Take This Poll!

While this isn’t the first poll we have done regarding the AT&T deal, we’re hoping that weeks later, after the shock has worn off you’ll vote again. In fact this time we’re stepping up our efforts and the results of this poll will be sent off to Washington policy makers who will be appearing at next weeks Senate hearing. So we need your vote, we need you to tell your friends and family and all of those people who support T-Mobile remaining an independent company to vote. T-Mobile needs your help, even if the folks at Deutsche Telekom are resigned to sell our precious Magenta off, we won’t go without being heard!

So what do you need to do? Vote in our poll below and tell everyone you know to vote as well. Spread the word and get out the vote! As an extra bonus and we really need you to do this just this once, leave the state you are voting from in the comments. We can do more if we can show that this is a nationwide concern and that this deal will have a nationwide impact.

Vote, comment, tell your friends and spread the social media word through Twitter using our #sayno2att hashtag!

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  • Webform

    No from Alabama.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GRIFVUHCR7SCF2J4ACDIVSVGJM Hilton T.Y

    Voted yes. I want my 3G. Tired of EDGE.

  • Anonymous

    Against the merger, but as a few others have said the way this poll is worded it comes across as a joke and something that really isn’t being taken seriously.

    What this poll SHOULD have been was very straight forward on answers (just a simple yes or no) instead of coming across comically — especially if you’re sending this to people who could be voting on the matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just looked at the poll answers, laughed and delete the email.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      And I disagree, the words were chosen for a reason. The intent wasn’t to make it a yes, no poll.

  • Capsick

    I just want The iPhone to come to Tmobile already

    • Tito!

      You are a dip****.. APPLE FOLLOWER.

      iPhone is old news. :)

      • http://tmonews.com David

        Count me in to the dip**** category!

        • Tito!

          Well, when T-Mobile gets iPhone as an INDIVIDUAL Company, then will I accept it! Haha .

          For now, I guess it’s okay that David wants it :]

  • Cray820

    voted now way from delaware

  • Dgib107

    no. i dont think at&t should merge with tmobile because. tmobile needs to compete with other companys. the reasons why i dont think at&t should merge with tmobile are alot of tmobile costumers with be unhappy, the phones in at&t suck, and the service sucks. please please dont merge with at&t. as a tmobile costumer im saying no. i love tmobile the way it is!

  • http://twitter.com/iBadRomance Noel Flores

    the only reason i would be happy with this merger is if tmobile customers get the iphone and if the plans’ prices go down, which at&t said it would try to do, but i really don’t see that happening. hopefully apple gives tmobile an iphone this fall, tmobile really needs it right now and apple would benefit from it as well.

    • Senor Chang

      Go DOWN? How could it possibly go down when Tmo is already the lowest cost alternative to all the other carriers? The only way Tmo can come down is if VZW, Spring and At&t alter their plans and drop prices as well. Compare the plans… there is no way you can get the same services and options that Tmo gives you for the same price anywhere else. to get an idea of my choices, I actually did go compare and came to the conclusion that if I ever had to drop Tmobile for another carrier, I would do without a data plans. Its not THAT serious that I’m going to pay an extra $20 – $40 month for it on another carrier.

      • http://twitter.com/iBadRomance Noel Flores

        by go down i mean att’s prices because tmo would BECOME a part of att

  • PIRATE67_200

    come on people. DT wants out. T-Mobile cannot make it!! Get over it. They are not profitable. I would much rather work for ATT than TMO. Everything about TMO Stinks

    • Mikestrass212

      listen back 2008 DT didn’t want to do Anything T-Mobile which it was mistake they had over 37 million but they think don’t need the part to bulid highspeed that why it cause the issue listen AT&T is no good at all customers left AT&T Becuase high price since T-Mobile lost customers this month because AT&T harm them so just to tell u are brain wash by AT&T

      • Tito!

        Yeah? Like what the hell. haha, not profitable? this company has more potential then AT&T, hell Sprint has more potential then AT&T .

        the only reason the buyout is happening proves, AT&T NEEDS T-Mobile.

        They need OUR Technology.
        Just because AT&T has more users doesn’t mean crap!& Honestly, they only got a free ride thanks to Apple.If you’ll excuse me, you ARE not profitable. It is that likes of you that strikes this company down.& anything you say or do, will not stop people in taking the extra steps in hope in making sure that this merger doesn’t happen.#SAYNO2ATT

  • Chiefsfan70

    No way from California

  • AA

    New Jersey

  • Senor Chang

    the poll doesn’t have my nihilistic choice which is… At&t or no At&t, Tmobile is changing in one way or another. If At&t were blocked, why do some of you have this false belief that Tmo is just going to keep trucking the same as it ever was? Time to face reality. and I’m not jumping ship… no reason to, not until something actually happens.

    • Tito!

      this had no sense. you’re comparing a company making policy changes (minor) < to a company sellout/merger?

      Hmm. Let's weight out! PEOPLE DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! FINAL.

      these are your thoughts.. we all have our own.

      You say you won't jump ship, but you come off as the tone of a sellout.

      Idc what Deutshe Telekom thinks! It is officially their loss.

      It is in the best interest of this country, that this company stays.

      it's all out the Dynamic .

      "Promised" [Almost Impossible] Innovation means nothing to me.

      So take that, eat it and run with it! :)

  • Chris

    Stop the merger! Mesa, AZ!

  • Broadwayb

    I left sprint for T-mobile after being with them for a total of 9 years. The reason I left was due to SPRINT’s sub-par customer service. My fear with this acquisition is T-mobile’s award winning customer service will go down the drain once absorbed by AT&T. T-mobile’s treatment of customers was a big determining factor when I originally left sprint as AT&T customer service record was Sub par as well. I have now been with T-mobile for 5 years and have no interest in switching to another carrier just as long as their service remains top notch. One final note, I appreciate the flexibility of being able to swap SIM cards when I travel overseas.

  • Mustbechris


  • Hcw

    North Carolina, Save T-mobile

  • craigers


  • Newyorksuzie

    New York city wants T-Mobile to stay pure!

  • J-Dog

    Isn’t this why the government broke up Ma Bell in the first place. They were suffocating the industry and stopping anyone from actually competing. ATT is trying to become the second Ma Bell. Please, don’t let Magenta I love customer service, I love the phones (I want the HTC Sensation), and I love the prices. Verizon and ATT will only make them more expensive over time, eventually one will by out the other and when all competition is gone they will really make everyone pay. I don’t want to live in a world were there is no choice. AT@T is already largest if they by TMobile with 137 million customers, next is Verizon with 102 million, and last is Sprint, which has 42 million, not even half of AT@T’s consumer base. So please politicians, I know you are all bought out, but I not all of you are bought out, so do what’s you know is right for America and protect this growing market from a brutal takeover. This is from Virginia.

    • J-Dog

      Meant to say “don’t let Magenta Die I love their customer service”

  • Amanda

    No from Texas!

  • elarella

    I may check out those MVNO if the buyout happens. There are way more GSM phones to choose from than CDMA phones.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684265587 Invadr Phlegm

      Simple Mobile all the way.

      • Snowzone1976

        simple moblie is powered by T-Mobile

  • http://twitter.com/orane16 OraneB

    Tmobile has the best service. NO to At&t

  • Sickiehead

    Brooklyn ny

  • MagentaMadness

    LOL these polls don’t do anything.

  • Paso

    Ft Laudy, FL needs Magenta to live!

  • http://profiles.google.com/sklunker Stephen Klunker


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Douglas-James/100000510674547 Douglas James

    Richfield Minnesota needs T-Mobile to live on.

  • Mikepaz84

    I was at central park NY, with a couple friends the other day, i was surfing the web and making phone calls on my G2, so was my girlfriend, on of our friends has an iphone from atnt, and guess what, NO SERVICE!!! TRUE STORY!!! NUff Said!

  • Nequan

     Los Angeles..Please don’t allow Ma Bell to return.

  • shariq

    No from Houston! Long live Tmobile!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JY4G6JWVZWZA5YSJMAJ6HJM4QE Lala Lilliful

    No from California — if it goes through, I’m switching to Sprint

  • JayeJaye98

     No from South Carolina.! Let Magenta Live.!!!

  • Rplus3

    NO!!!!!!!!! from North Carolina

  • Karen Strassberg

    I have to say that my reception with my T-Mobile phone is WAY BETTER than the reception with my AT&T iphone at my house. I live in Santa Monica, CA. I get one or no bars with AT&T and all the bars with T-Mobile. Should have stayed with T-Mobile!

  • Smithj666

    How many times am I going to have to abandon a company once AT&T absorbs them? How is it that a company  as blatantly inept as AT&T, with horrid customer service and terrible prices, not only continues to exist, but manages to buy out viable competition? Not to mention this merger will force me off of GSM(goodbye world phone). 

    SAY NO!