Radio Shack Pricing For The Sidekick 4G And T-Mobile G2X

Looking to save on those mail in rebates from the T-Mobile mothership? Check out “The Shack” offering up the Samsung Sidekick 4G and T-Mobile G2X for $99.99 and $199.99 respectively for new customers. Looking to upgrade? The Sidekick 4G will set you back $149.99 and the G2X will cost you $249.99. If rebates aren’t your thing then consider The Shack offer!

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  • Michael

    They’re the same price in store

  • DtheArtist

    So now everybody knows the Sidekick 4G is $449.99 retail price.

    • Chad

      No Tmobile tweeted that the Sidekick retail price off contract would be 379.99 If I can find the tweet i’ll link it

      • DtheArtist

        Are you freaking serious? If so, that’s odd as heck

        • Chad

          I know right?! but I don’t mind at all hahaha. I’ll wait and pay 379.99 everyone else is selling for over 400.00 radioshack/wirefly/walmart

        • Anonymous

          I love Google. Found it “@housect Sorry, the suggested retail price (without new contract) for the Sidekick 4G is $379.99 + taxes & fees. ^CC”

        • Anonymous

          I’m late lol

        • DtheArtist

          Yes very… lol. So what device are you getting the G2x or Sidekick 4G?

        • Anonymous

          Neither for me bro im waiting on the Galaxy 2 or the Pyramid if we aren’t gettin the GS2

        • DtheArtist

          Oh ok, that’s cool.

    • Chad

      I’m not sure how to get the link but here was the tweet from T-Mobile

      “Sorry, the suggested retail price (without new contract) for the Sidekick 4G is $379.99 + taxes & fees. ^CC Thu Apr 14 19:39:11 2011 via CoTweet”

      • DtheArtist

        Yeah, I just found it a while ago. That’s really odd. I guess if I wanting a sub-par device I could’ve got it, but I wanted something that would last me 2 years. I feel so blah now though. I could’ve saved over $120 :/ instead of getting the G2x (Even though I can still get one & send my G2x case back) . Thanks though man.

    • Chad

      Ok I found the link Sidekick 4G, off contract 379.99 straight from the horses mouth

  • O0hmeng

    damn $249 upgrade….smh

  • kuni

    If rebates aren’t your thing, buy it at T-Mobile and send me your rebate card.

  • MtnDew

    Corporate T-Mobile has the same price upfront for upgrades AND $50 back, even if you hate rebates, pay the same price at T-Mo and hope you get it back – if not then you pay the same as the Shack. If you do get it back you save $50

  • John Thomas McDole

    Or you could skip the upgrade path, buy the phone for the base cost and save 80$ after 2 years of not being on a contract…

    • Guest

      Doesn’t quite work that way with multiple lines (ala family plan)…

      • Frigadroid

        It didn’t take long for the g2 and mytouch they all come free sooner or later.

  • Simon Yu

    But the G2x is the same price unsubsidized? I know where to go if the T Mobile retailer doesn’t have it in stock now :).. (about 20 feet away there’s a radio shack..)

    • CeeGee Borela

      $499 on the G2X

      • Simon Yu

        Thanks.. just wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.. so same price as a T Mobile retail store.. :)

  • Dsrolstad

    i got my LG G2X from wirefly only paid $149.00

  • CeeGee Borela

    i got to play with a mock Sidekick 4(and it was ASS UGLY) but felt solid and that flip screen isnt flimsy as i thought, keyboard felt really good but again just a mock

    i also hot to plat with the G2X but it was the store live demo unit that was just opened buy the employees and i asked if i could see it the let me, and that IPS Screen is simply gorgeous, the Galaxy S 4g sAmoled looked crappy when i put it beside that IPS screen, it was snappy as hell but then again it had no apps on it since it was fresh out of the box

    when i asked about an :G Optimus 3d they said only the G2X was going to be the tmobile 3d devices, i asked what about the Optimus 3D that had AWS that passed the FCC… their answer was “Thats ATTs LG Thrill” i asked if it had AWS and the Tmobile reps said YES

  • Halomage84

    is it just me or does it look like the g2x says 5mp camera in this photo?

    • Simon Yu

      It looks more like 6mp if anything haha.

  • Asd

    went to Costco site and saw g2x price for $149.00.

    • Asd

      meant to say samsclub

  • ManwellC

    Wirefly has the G2X for 149.00 on a new line. Nuff said.

    • Ky

      not just a new line, a upgrade to a old line as well. i preordered mine on friday:)

  • Jacob Sumoski

    $149 at Rat Shack Online. Upgrades too. According to my order cost anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I expect to have a much more attractive price tag for the G2x.


    Thats the same pricing at t-mobile stores so I wouldnt waste my time with those jokers, plus you get the T-Mobile guarantee 1 year warranty and the trial period.

  • Gmsskate

    Don’t waste your time at radio shack you can get this online for 149 and tmobile sells it for 200 not 250 so your paying more at radio shack just get it online