Carly + Sidekick 4G = Love

If that title isn’t enough to get you to watch the video, then there isn’t anything else I can do. The ever lovely Carly has a new commercial, this time with the new Sidekick 4G and some nice skinny jeans (way to switch things up). It’s a nice video, with some rapping, but it’s still no T-Mobile UK ad. So give it a watch and tell us what you think. Check it.


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  • iFloss™

    Nah bro, I loved that. This was an awesome commercial xD

    And she looked soo hott in skinnies 2 thumbs up

    • Iceoox

      I want to see her dumper in a magenta thong.

      • Twag


  • Scott B

    Wow, surprised they did a close up with that MC being so high.

    (Or maybe they did that to show off how high he was…)

  • Blondie97

    0:08 so epic!! somebody loop that lol!!!