Will An AT&T Acquisition Of T-Mobile Really Happen?

A lot of T-Mobile subscribers are dreading the fact that AT&T has officially struck a deal with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile USA for $39 billion. Heck, even Sprint is pissed off. But, while the companies have signed a definitive deal, it still has to be approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This process can take up to 6 months or more.

Credit Suisse analyst Jonathan Chaplin called the acquisition, “phenomenal…if it happens.” According to Chaplin, the regulatory risk for such a deal is “enormous”. After the acquisition has been completed, it will increase AT&T’s subscriber base to 130 million, making it the nations largest wireless provider, while bumping down Verizon Wireless and its 95 million subscribers to second largest. Not to mention, the acquisition would also make AT&T a monopoly for GSM/EDGE/HSPA+ phones in the U.S.

While AT&T believes the acquisition will be approved by government regulators, in the event that it does not again approval, as part of the deal, AT&T has agreed to pay T-Mobile a $3 billion break-up fee, promised valuable spectrum and a roaming agreement.

“In the event the transaction does not receive regulatory approval satisfactory to AT&T and the transaction does not close, AT&T will be required to pay a breakup fee of $3 (billion), transfer to T-Mobile certain AWS spectrum that is not needed by AT&T for its initial LTE roll out, and provide a roaming agreement to T-Mobile on terms favorable to both parties”

So if you’re against this acquisition for whatever reason, you might want to pray to god the deal is not approved by regulators.

As for me, I kind of want to see how this turns out. I’m not totally against the idea of AT&T acquiring T-Mobile, but I’m not 100 percent for it, either. While I want better coverage, more options for handsets, I’m not so sure if that would be the trade-off for increased rate plans, data caps etc.

At the same time, if I had to choose between a merger with Sprint or AT&T, AT&T would most definitely be the better choice because of the technology differences between Sprint and T-Mobile. Things might have gotten really messy if Sprint had acquired our beloved Magenta.

So we ask our readers again, really think about both the positive and negative aspects of this acquisition, do we really not want this?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Greg-Amirto/532111834 Greg Amirto

    Ive had tmobile for 4 years now. I havent dealt with other carriers customer service but I can say tmobile has EXCELLENT customer service. I had problems with data plans activating on my phones so they gave me a permanent discount plus extra 200 minutes every month just for having to call in twice for a silly problem. Since then I’ve also has great customer service going into the stores, they helped me get new phone and still keep it on my same number even with the permanent data plans, just to help me save 20 bucks a month. I am definitely considering dropping tmo if it goes through. Hell who wants data caps… seriously.

  • ALEX

    Im going to cricket lol

  • lexophile

    a monopoly of gsm phones isn’t much of an argument. thats like saying, apple has a monopoly on iOS and leopard software. you can always NOT get a gsm phone and get a cdma phone. i dont think there’s a logical case against the acquisition. we can say, it will hurt competition, but there’s no law saying another company or some billionaire out there can’t come and start a gsm based cellular carrier in the US. we may very well see another european carrier come over to our shores. i doubt it considering the global economy, but you never know.

  • qwerty

    “So we ask our readers again, really think about both the positive and negative aspects of this acquisition, do we really not want this?”

    Please refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT%26T#Criticism_and_controversies

    Yes. For all of us thinking people, we REALLY do not want this.

  • Nilefirerain

    Greg Amirto obviously isn’t living on earth and doesn’t have the tmobile that WE have had.. I had t-mobile. They outsourced flex plans to the philipines, completely ignoring the fact that language is a thought process, and that just knowing mediocre english doesn’t mean, they understand the american customer. while the allocated american call centers to the customer’s who weren’t flex.. nice huh? The wait times were unreal, the employees, all foreign, all american hating, all condecsending and their prices became ridiciulous. I think Greg was a customer of the tmobile in the saturn or mars branch.. Oh.. Lunar branch.. cuz he’s a loon!.. a looney loon!..

    • GetREAL

      No, Greg has postpaid and you have flexpay. Get a job…a REAL job, pay your bills, move out of your mother’s basement and convert your account to postpaid. In other words…GROW UP!!!

  • http://twitter.com/ThePhoneNerd Phone Nerd

    Having been through other mergers before, such as the Sprint/Nextel merger, there are going to be certain groups that are going to win, while others will lose. Honestly, mergers are a lot like being a new parent, you don’t know what really is going to happen until things happen.

    I’ve always been fascinated with the business model for mobile phone companies, and the power they hold over their customers. The only thing that is certain about this merger (still unapproved by the DOJ and other legal wranglers) is that AT&T will have more subscribers and a bigger network than Verizon.

    Other than that, wait and see before you ask questions, and remember there will still be four providers out there: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and prepaid.

    As for those folks employed by either side, I think you’re right to fear for your employment. Not just T-Mobile, but AT&T. Of course, you can finally hope that they do something right, keep all of you working so I don’t have to wait so long in a COR store to get a car charger.

    Of course, we’re all shocked and anxious about the announcement, eager to understand what’s happening, and hoping we won’t get screwed in the process.

    • BeVol13

      As an ex tmobile employee who is still close friends with meny a call taker, I am concerned for them. And also as a current tmobile customer I’m concered the customer service will go down. I love tmobile customer care and know how hard they work, and can’t stand at&t customer care.

  • Anonymous

    FWIW in my travels all over the Net (for about the past seven hours), the comments against this deal are about 3 to 1. It’s probably worse than that, I’m being conservative and kind to AT&T.

    This does not bode well for AT&T and DT. As I summarized early on today, AT&T (and T-Mobile) has to apparently do battle with:

    1. T-Mobile customers. I’d estimate about 95% of the comments from T-Mobile customers are AGAINST this deal.

    2. The public. I am surprised how many non-T-Mobile customers don’t like AT&T.

    3. Department of Justice – Antitrust concerns. The DOJ’s antitrust department (that is HUGE) needs something to do after wrapping up Microsoft. Going after AT&T, again… the DOJ is loving life.

    4. FCC – It has to approve the sale of T-Mobile licenses to AT&T. In 2009-2010 the FCC opined that the wireless industry was not competitive (this was based on there being only five major carriers in the U.S.) That’s not enough choice for the consumer. So it’s anyone’s guess how the FCC will respond to folding T-Mobile out of existence.

    5. Verizon – As I said before, Verizon will find some bases on which to sue AT&T over this. In the interim, Verizon will be knocking on regulators’ doors insisting that someone put the kibosh on this deal. (Ideally Verizon will bring forge a multi-front assault, both in the courts and via each regulator who can kill the deal.

    6. Sprint – See #5 and add about triple the assault level. Sprint has the most to lose if this deal cements. (All Sprint has to do is change the names in its pleadings it would have filed in response to companies opposing Sprint’s acquisition of T-Mobile. LOL.

    7. Regional carriers – Collectively regionals can effectively oppose this deal, by knocking on the same doors as Verizon and Sprint will.

    8. The Courts – Any or all of the above may file lawsuits. In fact, I will be very surprised if no lawsuits are filed before this deal is concluded.

    Well… pop the corn, pour some refreshments and have a seat. This will be quite the show. And you were wondering what handset to buy.

    • BeVol13

      You give us hope.

  • http://twitter.com/SaykredCow Suraj Ithikatt

    Can someone find out if At&t will shut down T-Mobile’s Wifi Calling Service?

    If it’s something they just acquire why would they go out of their way to shut it off?

    • Anonymous

      Nobody knows but I’m going to guess they will shut it off — or charge you extra to use it.

      • BeVol13

        I too am worried about the wifi calling and I have the home phone service too. And I just bought new phones and home phones! I have shopped around and tmobile is the best and best price. How can you beat a $10 home phone?

        • justme

          the @home phone service is an old plan it’s not offered anymore at tmobile anyway

  • Youngt82

    It shos either how bad T-mobile is doing these days or how bad these other carriers want what T-Mobile has. I just blame some of it of the smartphone market for getting everybody in a frenzy with all these phones coming out every other week and I blame T-Mobile for not doing it big last year when they were the first to bring out android ,they should’ve had the best phones out but I guess just because you the first one doesn’t mean you be the only one lol and about this deal if it doest happen which I don’t but if yeah let’s just hope they keep T-Mobiles 4g and make it better network ,keep our customer service.

  • Anonymous

    If both networks say there unable obtain LTE independently, then why not merge to do so. It seems LTE is the major concern here. Sprint is scrambling trying to obtain their own LTE grounds, and it doesn’t look like there gonna be to successful doing it either. If AT&T buys T-Mobile, then T-Mobile’s name goes bye-bye, and then it’s just AT&T with LTE. So basically, T-Mobile customers are getting switched to AT&T free of charge. But, imagine the sick LTE Android smartphones there would be, along with an LTE iPhone. LTE, LTE…

    • Mark

      You mean were getting down graded for free. Crappy phones, crappy phone service, crappy customer service, and the privilege of getting nickel and dimed for everything. Doing a little reading buddy, everyone hates AT&T.

      • Cruzantis

        @Mark I don’t know about your experience with ATT but I want this deal so badly; right now Tmobile has moderate to bad signal where I live but still only edge? not even 3g :( getting on the ATT train that would be awesome more signal, faster internet, some nice android phones lately. The only downside would be customer service which is something am willing to trade off. Right now I love my mytouch 4g but the fact am constantly on the need of wifi calling and wifi perse just to download apps or make a stupid call just plain sucks with att that wont happen. I basically wont need wifi calling anymore and finally have at least 3g around my house. Its probably true that the bill my go up but that would be with new contracts I believe they will honor our current plan and even if they dont i dont care cause right now i pay $65 + tax montly for a smartphone with the worst internet available which is edge and the moderate to bad signal. paying extra for something that JUST WORKS would be great, haters might hate but from my perspective and from where i LIVE this is like christmas in july

      • Anonymous

        Quit crying dude – it’s for the better. Everything you’re crying about is what the whole deal is suppose to improove. I’m not an AT&T fan, nor an iPhone fan either, but I’m a bit wiser then to sit there and cry like a bitch!

  • Travis

    Verizon here we come AT&T can’t begin to offer what T-Mobile let their customers have. Will AT&T let third party apps for Android users will they charge for tethering I think we all know this answer yes. Thank god I’m a Nexus owner without a contract. For sure I’m going to miss T-Mobile they know how to take care of their customers. AT&T not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carloslopezdesign

    After reading a few comments i would like to leave my thoughts about this. I am a current t-mo employee and i feel like i was sold to the highest bidder. I am worried like most of my co-workers who have families, I rather have us to to at&t then to go bankrupt in the near future, i have seen for the last two years and more in the last year the fall of my company due to Metro Pcs, Boost & the iphone i think these three have been big factors. I have had many customers com in and pay off a canceled account due to the iphone, and going to Metro because our customers are the penny pinchers of the wireless industry they want to save money and our value does not work for them. The iphone im amazed still to this day customers who tell me yes i know i will pay more and have less but who cares i want that phone. So maybe it’s a good thing people leaving our network to get the iphone will now stay and upgrade, our reception will be stronger so there goes verizon, at&t will have the us wireless industry in their hands. So i do fear for my job but have to be positive about this one i dont think they will lay everyone off maybe weed out the good from the bad, management has to worry more than us employees.

    • T-MoAndroidExpert

      The best we employees can do is keep our head up right now. It sucks majorly. But we have to band together and take care of our T-Mobile family if you can. Apply to other jobs with Sprint and Verizon, but in the meantime focus on every customer that walks in the door or calls you and give them the best service you can. Even if they just need a screen protector or CallerTunes added onto their account. We are going to have to use every bit of training we have to survive this next year. If AT&T think’s that I’ll just roll over and quit, they have another thing coming. I’ll outsell all of their employees if need be. I didn’t work this hard for T-Mobile for nothing. If I’m going out, then I’m going out with style.

      • CactusCat

        Wow. What an amazing post! That’s the kind of attitude that has made America the great country that it is. Well said T-MoAndroidExpert!!! It reminds me of a divorce I went thru years ago. I ended up thinking, well I got a lemon, so I made some lemonade. If indeed this does occur (the buyout), then people like you can teach those AT&T reps how its done. Its people like you that have allowed Tmo to win the JD Powers #1 award for service so many times. I’m an old Tmo customer going back to the VoiceStream days. It is employees like you that have kept me happy through all these years. I just hope your attitude permeates throughout Tmobile and then spreads to AT&T if it happens.

  • Crazyraiderfan

    Also 3rd party dealers are the ones who will be affected more as well since at&t hardly has them

  • Claubi

    I HATE AT&T!!!!!!!!! i left them for tmo, i will be so sad if this goes down. long live t-mobile!

    • Archangyl

      I am in agreement with that statement 13 years ago I left AT&T for Tmo and never looked back. Once my ETF gets down to a reasonable amount I’m jumping ship.

  • Xdhom7

    I hate AT&T!!!
    They are too expensive!
    This will be sad!
    I prefer a Sprint+TMobile joint!!!
    Until today, I was a fan of T-Mobile!
    I’m upset by this news!

  • justme

    I work for tmobile and I can honestly say this was expected from most of the employee’s, I mean the writing has been on the wall for the last few years now, it’s gonna happen if you don’t think it is please quit living in a dream world money talks and we are talking a whole lot of money here

    • Stephhaney2

      As another tmo employee, I would like to know how you saw this kind of merger coming? Less than 2 months ago we were told by our GM that nothing like this was even in the works. And if you read the blogs and all of the news sites, you would be a little more worried. Jobs will be lost, if it is overlappiing or redundant, the job will be gone. Shine up your resume.

  • Mark30071


  • Applepiter

    I am all for the idea, no more unlimited data, more expensive plans, dropped calls and less choices- what’s not to love? Next maybe Microsoft can buy google! THIS SUCKS HUGE NADS!!!

    • buddyluv

      I feel you. But its either that, sprint, or bankrupt, I would prefer ATT over sprint or bankrupt.

  • Chev Johnson

    Me being an AT&T employee, I say YES, YES, and did I say Yes

    • The Truth

      If your an AT&T employee then you should know of ALL the complaints that you get on service and call quality! I personally left T-Mo a month ago because of EDGE service in my area for Verizon. Now I feel like a genius, because you can bet that AT&T will end WIFi calling, unlimited data, and those cheap Even More Plans. But at least T-Mo will have the IPhone! LMAO

    • http://twitter.com/SayaX Debra Phagan

      What about the customers who were happy with Tmobile and the service they were receiving? I’ve worked cell phones before and have come to see that AT&T reps are by far the worst. People poke fun at Tmobile for not having the ‘best’ of this or that, but I was very happy for what I was paying for, especially the service and data speeds I got. Yeah, great for the amount of commission the AT&T EMPLOYEE will be receiving come time for people to upgrade, but what about the customer? Keep it up, you and your crappy customer service will be the reason I switch to Sprint or Verizon. Everyone take note!

  • lrnano

    I hoping this deal doesn’t go through but it does lets see how all this plays. My number concern is my plan cause I got an awesome plan unlimited. Other than I not worry.

  • JT

    After 8 years w/T-Mobile, I feel betrayed by this sellout. Once AT&T comes in, they’ll screw everything up and I’m out of here….problem is, where do you go – I was w/Sprint 9 yrs ago & hated them too. Maybe Metro PC looks better? Guess thie kind of takes some of the luster off the CTIA eh?

    • BeVol13

      Look up credo mobile.

    • No

      Your an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    If the merger goes through, people will lose jobs (there wont be a need for T Mobile stores where ATT has one).

    As a customer you will be overbilled on a daily basis.

    Your hotspot which is free now (and it should as you pay for the bandwidth) will be charged a premium. If the same was applied at home, you would have to pay a huge amount to have wifi capability.

    ATT customer support send sends you in circles and you can only access it during business hours. Today T Mobiles support is available twice that amount of time, and you get support immediately

    T Mobile has 24000 employees. ATT bills you too much because it has 10 times as many employees.

    T Mobile – One employee = 1375 phones.. better service
    ATT —— One employee = 100 phones…. awful service

    These stats show how inefficient ATT is. (Well this is biased I know, as ATT does service two other markets broadband and cable ). Regardless, the number of employees to customers served is bad by any stretch, hence the guarantee that they will enforce predatory pricing, reason why they were broken up in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I really wonder about you David ( Kickstar13 ). Sometimes I really wonder where you draw your logic from. Hello ? Wait and see attitude ? Sir, this is your business, we’re talking about. I remember when TMoNews.com was basically a BLOG, with very little content to speak of. I remember when you damn well nearly were down for the count. No posts FOR WEEKS at a time. Now look at you. A trusted and respected ( and QUOTED ) part of the Mobile Blogging/News community. And you want to take a “wait and see” attitude ? Normally that is the most prudent course for humans to take, because as they say “Only fools rush in”. But weren’t you just rushing in when TMobile was basically the size of what MetroPCS is today ?

    You should be out there banging the drum, championing the cause, registering a strong ( and if you think this post is strong in ANY sense of the word, think again ) opinion. Disparity between technologies ? That’s the best you’ve got to come up with for why a merger between Sprint and TMobile wouldn’t be a fit ? You mean like the disparities in spectrum between AT&T and TMobile now. The fact that TMobile EDGE roamers on AT&T get <20Kbps performance today ? You mean the fact that all these AWS handsets that TMobile's put out there in the last 3.5 Years are going to basically worthless in less than 2 years ( You can't be so naive as to think AT&T will maintain the 1700/2100 bands intact, can you ?). Or could it be the fact that AT&T has demonstrably zero regard for it's customers ( You don't really want me to cite repeated, "oversights" on the part of AT&T towards the very customers it's trying to court, do you ? Such as, HSUPA support not even being enabled for phones it LOUDLY touts at 4G handsets, the HTC Inspire, Motorola Atrix. ).

    Get your priorities straight, David. What ? You're going to suddenly switch and become ATTNews.com ? Do you really think AT&T would sit around and LET YOU use that domain name, like TMo has continued to let you use it's de-facto acronym all this time ? Get to it man. Stand up for those of us who've relied on your site, driven traffic to you, and continued to feed ad revenue.

    This is the first time I really have to say you've dropped the ball…badly.

    • Perrjett82

      Dude you sound like you want David to start a march on Washington to protest this deal. David is not God man. I hate to tell you but there’s nothing that David himself can do. It is his job to give everyone both ends of the spectrum and not be biased. Its called journalism.

      What are YOU doing to make your voice heard? All it takes is a good leader with a common sense cause to get a following going. If you want to get something started, create it yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to get the ball rolling and then you hop on. I think you’re totally out of line for blasting him like that. Where’s your site? Where’s your blog? When and how many people have you gotten together to “fight” this battle your trying to start. If Tmo “let” or “allowed” David to use their name that’s between David and T-mobile’s lawyers and if AT&T lets him use ATT that’s the art of negotiation.

      Good luck with your cause, but don’t blast someone else that has a job to do because they’re not doing what you want: Do it yourself.

      • Anonymous

        I am doing it myself…..I’ve written the the Chairman, and the Commissioners of the FCC.

        Here’s an excerpt of a letter I sent:

        I hope you don’t mind I quoted you….here’s a copy of a letter I’m forwarding to the the FCC Chairman and the Committee members. If you feel strongly enough about it, I encourage you to contact them as well..


        Mr. Chairman, and Commissioners,

        I am writing to formally register my opinion as a U.S. Citizen AGAINST the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T. I say this as an over 11 year long customer of T-Mobile ( I’ve maintained service through 2 mergers and transitions ). Furthermore, before becoming a T-Mobile customer, I was a customer of BellSouth Mobility, which I’m sure you know as one of the entities which merged to become the present AT&T.

        I’ve posted my letter to this site, and others, along with the links to the email addresses ( as you can see above ) where people can write to themselves to add their voice to the discussion ( on EITHER side ). The more important question is…what are YOU going to do now that I’ve called you on it ?

        Of course David using “TMo” or not is a matter between him and TMobiles legal brigade. My point was to make the clear distinction that the sort of response ( assistance, since the leaks coming out here don’t come out of David’s imagination. Do they ? ) that he is used to receiving on the part of TMo partisans are in all likelihood NOT going to be forthcoming from within AT&T. Notwithstanding the fact that AT&T is pretty blatantly anti-consumer, so a consumer-friendly site like this, again, in all likelihood, not be received well.
        You’re kidding yourself if you really think otherwise……


    It doesn’t matter what we want so why ask the question?

  • justme

    The real question for all everyone worried about this merger shouldn’t be whether it’s gonna happen or not, because it’s gonna happen either with at&t or someone else, what you should be asking is how is this going to effect my bill, because as most people do not know or want to think about Tmo bills their plans in arrears(a total mistake but oh well) and every other company bills a month in advance, so how are they going to merge all the accounts together into one big happy billing family, I can tell you this at&t is not going to start billing in arrears and I’m sure they are not going to give everyone a free month of service, so be prepare for a month of double or triple billing once this goes through

    • justme

      also for all you worried about leaving and paying an etf good news your contract has a clause in it stating if a change like this happens you can get out scott free

      • Cray820

        But I dont want to get out scott free. I have special pricing being that I used to be an employee with T-mobile.

  • BeVol13

    Do some reading up on at&t’s customer privacy, or lock of. They seem to be a very shady and political company. if this happens I am going to credo mobile. If you thinking to your self what other options are there look credo up, I think you will be happy with what you find.

  • Jpgr

    Tell me why
    You cry
    And why you lie
    To me

    I gave you everything I had
    And you left me standing on my own
    Did you have to hurt me oh so bad
    Now all I do is hang my head any moan

  • Quagmeyer

    Last time this happened all old rate plans were gradfathered in.
    Buy a tablet and lock up the data.

    Gigity Gigity Go

  • Guest

    I happen to be playing with an iPhone on Friday. It was at 2.5M on 3g. This is flipping awesome.

  • Guest

    David is thinking…cant wait to get my Iphone on that network. And with the 5 coming out….drooling baby.

  • Terry

    When you ask AT&T about unlocking your GSM phone ahead of international travel they tell you it cannot be done. (They want to charge for intl roaming, but I like having a local number in a new place for txting new friends). They charge more, a lot more. In major cities (I live in San Francisco) everyone with AT&T service hates them. This is terrible news and can indeed be fought as anti-competitive, on its face, as a horizontal merger. We need info here on how to comment and what to emphasize in a comment.

    • Marcels81

      If everyone with att service hate them then why do they have 90 million customers? People can vote with their wallets. Iphone? If people put up with att for it, how bad can they be? We wouldnt be in this situation if less people didnt leave tmobile (and perhaps go with att).

      • Cray820

        No everyone does not hate att. Many people love them but T-mobile customers are not the type to like att.

        • guest

          true, and think of the huge numbers of sheep that “had” to have an iphone, many are waiting for their contracts to expire and move to vzn, while many just don’t think about their carriers, sort of sticking with your bank, it is a hassle to switch, so you put up with mediocre service

      • Johnny Chimpo

        Lol I was just going to post the same thing. A lot of people on here are just mad or upset, and trust, I am too, but at the end of the day, do you really want to go to a Metro PCS or a Sprint that doesnt give you the amount of coverage that will be had by this merger? I doubt it. If anything, I see a lot of people leaving Sprint and/or Verizon because of the amount of coverage that will be in place. Sure there will be customers that leave, but there will be customers that come over as well. As an employee, I am more worried about my job and how stable that will be in 12months should this be approved.

  • John

    Hmmm, T-Mobile has 34 M customers. If ATT buys t-mobile, I think up to 50% of t-mobile customers will leave.

    • Niceone

      Hellooo Metro PCS??

      • Johnny Chimpo

        Ya go to Metro PCS they have a huge handset selection, 95% 4g coverage in the states, and great support… O wait… ;)

    • 123

      That’s crazy, max 4m leave..watch

    • http://www.gnuwav.com SLE

      It was going that way already, based on the quarterly subscriber base #’s released every quarter whether this merger happened or not.

  • Mark

    I agree T-mobile will lose A LOT of customers if a merger is approved. T-mobile is considered a better deal. People frequently choose it because of lower cost than verizon or AT&T. They also choose it because of better customer service (and AT&T lacks that–I used to have ATT 4 years ago). ALOt of people are not letting Tmobile OR AT&T decide they have “chosen” AT&T. I think this might help Sprint who has better deals than AT&T.

    • Cray820

      I agree. I think a lot of customers will migrate to sprint. Sprint now has better choices than they used to and offer low prices and lower down payments than verizon and att. Most of T-mobile customers are those that prefer low prices. Why pay more for the same thing? I guess Ill be a sprint customer again.

    • Johnny Chimpo

      Ok, so here is the thing a lot of people are missing, 1. Whatever current rate plans people have at the time the merger is complete, will be grandfathered in, meaning, they wont get changed or lose them, 2. I am pretty sure that one of the main reasons ATT is buying us is because of our customer service and how we treat our customers. Perhaps ATT knows how crappy their CS is and is finally wanting to make that over haul, what better way than to bring in the company best known for its service, and get all the other stuff we have to offer. Trust, as an employee, this deal is very unsettling, and we have more to worry about than our rate plans going up in price. I think its all too soon for people to really be worrying about this, as it seems it will take a huge leap for this all to pass the DoJ and FCC red tape. IF/When this happens, I think alot of these questions will get answered.

  • Guest

    I think your wrong. Verizon sucks.

    Oh yeah. All right. Are you gonna be in my dreams. tonight????

  • Anonymous

    Ok I meant to ask this question yesterday, why is at&t even allowed to hog spectrum they don’t even use? The government knows how precious spectrum is in this country and they just let them have a death grip on it, is that not a form of a monopoly?

    • zek

      Berry, Verizon owns a ton of spectrum they don’t use. Companies buy it for billions of dollars. It is up to them if they do not use it.

      The best thing to happen is for the deal NOT to be approved because excess ATT spectrum and roaming agreements go to T-mobile. This is the best case scenario. If they have to MERGE with someone, I would prefer Sprint. I will not pay AT&T to charge me for every tiny thing. ATT doesn’t even keep your voicemail past two weeks. I never understood that? They have so much money and the auto delete emails).

      • Anonymous

        wow didn’t know that, but that’s not cool either and I’m not sure why that’s allowed. Yea I know about the break up agreement but who wants to wait a year to see if this goes through or not if they can help it? Plus I saw a comment that said Tmo will halt hspa+ rollout and I’m sure manufactures aren’t gonna be banging down the door offering their latest and greatest to a company in the process of being bought out.

        • Anonymous

          Yup, don’t expect anything more spectacular than the G2x and the Pyramid to drop after they come out. It’s a wrap.

  • Anonymous

    “AT&T will be required to pay a breakup fee of $3 (billion), transfer to T-Mobile certain AWS spectrum that is not needed by AT&T for its initial LTE roll out”

    THAT would be a win if this thing doesnt pan out.

    I personally believe that the government is gonna allow this to happen for the good of everyone having access to Broadband Internet.

    Our prices may go up but I don’t expect a HIKE. I’m willing to pay an extra 10% if it means MORE and FASTER coverage as well as a much wider variety of handsets. The only reason ATT had suck az Android phones is because Steve Jobs was breathin down their neck. Look at VZW and their deep catalog of phones. Now ATT will be bigger and better than VZW, so can you imagine the high end options we’ll walk into?

    Plus with such a HUGE user base, ATT will have to maintain reasonable pricing unless they want to in fact be portrayed as a Monopoly.

    Lastly, I think it is important to remember that even if you buy a T-Mobile MT4G, Charm, G2x or WHATEVER, it will still operate after the deal is done because ATT will continue to operate T-Mobile’s current bands. How long? I don’t know, but I bet (or atleast hope) that they will honor the vast majority of the contracts that they take over before they pull the plug on 1700/2100.

    “If the acquisition closes, will I still be able to use my T-Mobile USA phone?

    Yes. Your T-Mobile USA device will operate the same in the future as it does today.

    Should I wait to sign-up with T-Mobile USA or upgrade my phone?

    No, T-Mobile USA offers the latest wireless devices that are affordable on America’s Largest 4G Network and the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA will mean even stronger service for our customers. Now is a great time to be a T-Mobile customer.”


    • zek

      I don’t agree it will go up only 10%. I have a blackberry with unlimited voice, texting, and data for $94 a month (tax included) with T-mobile. If I go to ATT’s website for the same plan? $145 PLUS taxes and fees that should put it around $156 for unlimited everything at AT&T. I would pay $64 more dollars to have the glory of AT&T. The only GREAT phone they have is the Iphone. I should accept: less voicemail, less cust. service (they only work 9-6), loose voice over IP phone(Tmo wifi phones); JUST SO WE CAN BE PART OF AT&T AND HAVE ACCESS TO THE IPHONE????

      • Anonymous

        Here’s the EXACT comparison between ATT & TMO’s Unlimited Family plans:

        Tmo – $180 for EVERYTHING with two people and $320 for four people for EVERYTHING

        take the $180 for the first two ppl then add $40 for each additional line PLUS add the $30 Data plan for EACH ADDITIONAL LINE and you end up with $319.99

        ATT – $200 for EVERYTHING with two people (which by my count is about 10% more) and $250 for four people for EVERYTHING

        take the $200 for the first two ppl then add another $50 for each additional line PLUS add the $25 Data plan for each additional line and you end up with $350 which is 10% over T-Mobile’s $320.

        It wasn’t exactly fun but I punched in the numbers and got an accurate figure. Funny part is that I estimated the 10% increase that I originally mentioned.

        • Tournstone

          Results may vary and many frugal T-Mobile folks have plans and features that there is no way to do an exact comparison. Some rates are not published on the T-Mobile web site but are still available or in use. What about my “Even more plus” plan? Sure, I buy whatever phone I want unlocked at full price and pay a cheaper rate (in my case $40 a month less on 1500 talk plus text plus unlimited date on two devices).

          No contract, so I may be in trouble.

          And my @home plan?! I pay about $9.00 a month (added onto my family plan) for my home phone service. That’s saving me another $50+ a month from having to do a land line (from AT&T no less). Again, no contract.

          So with me, and I believe many other T-Mobile folks, there will be a greater than 10% hike, especially considering how many may be forced into contract situations we’ve been avoiding for years.

          One other thing. What about Walmart? Their new cheap family plans are all on T-mobile’s network. Now what happens to them? Maybe Walmart will ask the FCC to block this.

        • Anonymous

          I hear you but with T-Mobile being so Family Oriented, I believe comparing the two companies Family Plans is a good general estimate of any price increase. I won’t deny that some stuff may be higher than 10%.

  • Jim98045

    What was all that talk about being a contender? It feels like we’ve been scammed by ol’ Phil Humm

  • Anonymous

    I am not happy with this decision at all as a customer. This creates a GSM monopoly and secondly the fact that AT&T is buying them. I will cancel my tmobile contract. I liked everything about tmobile. Sadly this day has
    come. Verizon always worked well for me too but I wanted a gsm/umts phone. I just cannot believe this is happening.

  • Mike
  • http://twitter.com/jtmcdole John Thomas McDole

    If you think AT&T is going to give the same level of service, go find someone that use to be on Cingular Wireless before AT&T bought them out and ask them what they think. Everyone I know that has the AT&T service despise it.

    From a technical standpoint, having only one phone carrier for GSM in the US will limit the number of phones that are marketed. If it doesn’t meet AT&T’s pricing plan or feature set, they wont buy from you and you’re now barred from 130 million users.

    • Lcg1519

      Cingular bought AT&T not the other way around.

      • Anonymous

        “Go find someone.” Here I am.

        Hell, I can run the clock further back than that. I left AT&T for a contract with Bell South Mobility after they were split off from AT&T. Then AT&T re-absorbed them, so I jumped to Cingular. I’m not sure what Lcg1519 is talking about, because just a few months later my Cingular bill was replaced by an AT&T bill. (Maybe it was a “merger” in the same theoretical sense that Daimler “merged” with Chrysler?) In any case, I ditched them for a third time to pick up TMo when I wanted an Android. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm.

        I actually gave them a chance each time (jumping carriers is always a hassle) but the contracts sucked, the phones sucked, the service sucked, the support sucked, and the prices sucked. Two of the three times I paid the fee (for both my wife and myself) to break the contract just to get away from them. This time I have no contract, so it’ll be even easier to walk.

        I’m not happy about losing GSM, but there is no way in hell I’ll give that crappy company any more of my money. Ever.

  • http://www.volkswagen.de Quailallstar

    I am not happy at all. I will send off complaints to the FCC daily. Hope this deal falls through…

    “, the acquisition would also make AT&T a monopoly for GSM/EDGE/HSPA+ phones in the U.S.”

  • Wusup2u

    I am sure I do not want or like this at all. The downsides drown the upsides. The GSM monopoly thing scares the hell out of me. I hope to God that this whole stupid idea gets blown out by the government. We have roaming where we need it and great service and plans. Why do you need more? Our beloved company is threateninng to be eaten up. This is not good.

  • Mike

    I don’t like this takeover at all, and as insignificant that really might be as an issue, I will let the FCC know what I think.

  • Mike

    Another “too big to fall” in the works.

  • Mike

    Another “too big to fall” in the works.

  • pissedemployee

    as an employee i feel duped! all of this challenger strategy just to be sold to a competitor. i could see if we were losing money as a company but we were profitable. DT was greedy and wanted more. this hits home because every town or city has over lapping stores.

    “Besides the potential for huge savings from closing overlapping retail stores and call centers, AT&T is hoping that absorbing T-Mobile’s national cellular network will give it a more robust ability to route calls and data traffic around the nation.”

    • TPR

      Yea, I agree. I run a TPR store, luckily there is no ATT in sight, but I know of dozens of T-Mobiles in my city that are right beside or across the street from and ATT store. This is going to suck for those employees. Not to say that I’m safe, who knows what their going to with the TPR program…only time will tell.

      I’m just hoping this doesn’t hurt sales the next 6-12 months while this is happening.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed tmousa was still turning a profit, they missed the opportunity to go back to unlimited data like they had well the 10gb cap, and they missed the chance to bring a 4.3″ android when I’m sure they heard the complaints about the lack of one. To me that didn’t make a difference one way or the other but the masses wanted it and they ignored.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone stopped and considered that of t mobile had not been so generous and basically giving everything away for free, they wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with. I know its good for the consumer, but let’s not pretend its the viable business plan. It’s not as sustainable as the alternative. I went through an acquisition when I worked for Washington mutual. They, likr t mobile, gave everything away for free (not to mention the adjusted rate mortgage issue). Chase came in, changed everything to the chase way, and now everything is generally better off. Big corporations may not be your best friends, but they didn’t get that big without doing something right. If at&t is as bad as you guys make them out to be, they wouldn’t have ~90 million customers. And for those saying at least half of t-mobile customers will fly the coup, show me an instance where that happened in the past. Honest question. I want to see the precedence. Most likely, most of the subscribers will stay, assimilate, and forget about it.

    • Ldominguez1986

      it’s called the iPhone. one reason why AT&T was ever successful.

      • Anonymous

        Before the iPhone at&t was still a very large carrier. They were still the largest or second largest carrier pre iPhone.

    • Craig

      You aren’t being logical. T-mobile users are frequently…hmm…CHEAP. They aren’t going to take a 20-30% price jump with no “real” benefit to the “average” cheap Tmoble user. Boost mobile and Sprint are incredible deals after Tmobile. I don’t want to go to Boost or Sprint while I have T-mobile but I won’t pay over $99 for blackberry with unlimited data and voice. Sprint or Boost can offer me those things. AT&T offers me more bars in CERTAIN cities that I don’t go to. They also offer the IPhone that I don’t really want as of yet.

      I am making an educated guess that the lower-end users are going to jump to Boost and Sprint. Around 20% of the Tmo users. Higher-end user will honestly think of Verizon or Sprint. Verizon has a better sound and Sprint can almost match T-mobile prices.

      AT&T nickels and dimes its user more than any of the other mobile companies.

      • Anonymous

        Good response. I think I’m being perfectly logical. People were with WaMu for the same reasons people are with T-Mobile. Because they were the cheapest.Once they get bumped to AT&T and see the better phone selection, they’ll probably stay. My mom is still a tmobile customer. When I told her, she wasn’t too happy about it, but I’m 90% sure she won’t go anywhere. Also, T-Mobile offers nothing like AT&T Premier. I get 22% off of my bill, 12% more than t-mobile was willing to offer. The business customers that at&t will get will use premier to their advantage. I’ve been with at&t for 7 months and haven’t had any problems whatsoever. No coverage issues, no call quality issues, no data issues. Of course, I never had any of those problems with t mobile either, just pointing out that at&t isn’t as bad as it seems. Throughout all the acquisitions, you’d think the FUD will cause a mass exodus from at&t, and I don’t think that’s ever been the case.

  • nomerger

    Good thing I locken in my 2 year unlimited data contract. After this I am gonna switch. I hate data caps. I loved tmobile, I am being betrayed. Bye tmo.

  • Anonymous

    I’m laughing because of the all the hatred for AT&T that has flown around this site. Now essentially you’re working for the devil, lol.

    • Martin

      I don’t understand? How are we working for the Devil? AT&T will take a year to finalized the agreement. AT&T doesn’t own T-mobile for a year.

  • Nate

    There is also the fact that it will be a totally
    American company.

    • Magenta

      A totally American company that is 9% owned by Deutche Telecom.

      • VK81

        Better than Verizon that is owned 45% by the Brits; Vodafone.

    • Navixo

      Which is great except for the fact that all of their customer service is outsourced…which means another 30,000+ jobs off the “American” economy.

      On the very day the acquisition of Cingular Wireless was complete every single Cingular employee got a pink slip and their jobs got outsourced.

      However I am happy for the customers in a sense, this type of thing gives them options usually at the end they can cancel their contracts and go where they like without threat of the dreaded Early Term Fee or they can stay and keep their current plans hopefully w/out a data cap as well.

      I personally will be praying that T-Mobile will still be German owned by the end of this but I doubt it, I do enjoy the customer service I get when I call in to T-Mobile, reps are empowered to help. I have been an AT&T customer before and the #1 thing for me about my wireless provider is how they handle it when there is a problem and AT&T’s outsourced customer service has been dead last in the industry for years for a reason.

      Gonna miss you Magenta, and you too Tmo-News.