Poll: What Is Your Take On AT&T’s Acquisition of T-Mobile?

So unless you’ve been sleeping for the past 24 hours you likely know AT&T is purchasing T-Mobile. Understandably so, there is a population of readers up in arms and want T-Mobile to stay T-Mobile and those who see the benefits of an AT&T deal. Here is your chance to sound off, T-Mobile reads this blog every day so they’ll see your vote. Will it affect anything, probably not. However, it is a chance to make your voice known as to how you feel regarding this shocking news. Vote away!

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  • Anonymous

    I want a GSM phone but I don’t want ATT. in WA I don’t know where to go now! this is a GSM monopoly!.

    • Methodicalman13

      if you go to Canada Rogers Wireless is GSM

  • Anonymous

    60% of people on this site don’t want this 14% are confused and 26% are optimistic

  • http://twitter.com/Hurleyint2000 Erik Hutchinson

    Im an odd duck, Worked for Cingular, ATT post merger and the to T-mobile. As employee im concerned about the lack of communication from our higher ups about this buyout. Also concerned about my job being secure during this changeover. We will all find out once the deal is approved. ATT will promise union protection, higher wages and the same benefits for less money through collective bargaining. These are good things. Customers will suffer the most as they did going from ATT wireless to the now ATT mobility. Grandfathered plans and phones will only last so long, and then they will be at the mercy of measured data and higher rates. The measured data isnt as bad as it seems for the majority, but for the true power users and enthusiasts it means constraint. I think this deal is all in all a good thing for progress and cohesion in the telecom world, but it will come at a cost of a good business model in T-mobile, and a good customer service experience. I wish people would stop saying they will leave T-mobile today. Nothing has changed or will change for anyone until they decide to leave their T-mobile device or plan for something ATT will offer in the future. RIP T-mobile (maybe)

  • rinklighter

    Anyone here catch that conference call this morning? Anytime companies use the word “synergy” (MBA 101 from the ’90’s) that many times, the outcome can’t be good. I hate this for the employees as they most likely found out about this on teh interwebs yesterday like the rest of us.

    • Methodicalman13

      yes we did

      • employee269

        yep then we got an email 5 min after lol shows you how much phillip humm cares

  • Benjamin239

    I think this deal is a very bad thing. Why isn’t that an option? That’s why the results are so positive. People who don’t like this don’t have an option to choose! WTF?

    • http://twitter.com/bradbamford bradbamford

      I think you misread the first option.
      “Absolutely, Positively, Unequivocally No…AT&T Is The Death Star “

  • T-Mobile EMployee

    As an employee I’m scared of what will happen. I’m scared that the next year before At&t completes the acquisition that business will suck. I work in a busy store and most of my money is made from commission and Im scared that itll drop a lot. I’m also scared that after a year Ill be jobless and worried I wont be able to afford my apartment and become homeless =/

    • Anonymous

      Plan early and be safe. Always have backup options. I would start looking for potential new jobs. Who knows, maybe you will find the job that you’ve always wanted.

      Just wondering, what kind of people usually work as t-mo sales? business majors?

      • T-Mobile EMployee

        I’ve actually been looking for a job and just applied to Sprint. I’m not sure I think mostly people who work retail.. I got into it because I like phones and technology. I’m one of the top reps in my store I just fear business will be hurt by the whole At&t thing.. I’m just scared I’m gonna lose a lot of commission and who knows what will happen when we switch next year.

        • DetroitTechnoFan

          A Sprint rep (who admitted to me he uses T-Mobile!) told me he talked to a T-Mo rep who said he got 60 calls from pissed off customers in a matter of a few hours. This will be a disaster for T-Mo no matter whether the deal gets approved by the FTC/FCC/DOJ or not.

        • T-Mobile EMployee

          I figured that.. a lot of people hate at&t. i personally just wanna find a job that pays similar but in todays market its tough.. hopefully sprint will work out

    • mojo269

      dont worry me and my husband both work for tmobile and we are worried too. We are hoping for the best but planning for the worst. the hubbers is even thinking about joining the army aka the only thing that is hiring here lol

      • Boomer

        join verizon like the rest of us t-mobile reps….

    • chris

      I worked for Bellsouth when Bellsouth owned 40% of Cingular (before AT&T bought out the company)…and trust me, the union employees at AT&T will retain their jobs before you do. Stupid unions.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Apparently I can’t go on vacation. I leave and have to return to this. Terrible. I’m not even sure what we’re going to do on our 5 lines if this goes through.

  • Anonymous

    Switching to sprint next month

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      Sprint is supposed to be getting the Moto Atrix (so I’ve heard from a Sprint rep) so Sprint would be my next choice. I do like the Droid X (and other Droids) but they’re all on Verizon and they’re not exactly my first choice.

      • Boomer

        you are one of those customers that only wants a phone because your are sucked into marketing….just remember that t-mobile carried the first “droid” G1

  • Anonymous

    I am not real happy about this, but I really have no way of knowing how it will turn out. I do know that I prefer GSM phones because switching phones is as easy as moving the SIM from one to the other. I can buy prepaid sims when I travel.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Wicked_1 Wicked1

    I don’t like this at all. T Mobile has better plans, better customer service, faster speeds, better everything over AT&T. This is bad for consumers and manufacturers. TMO really did this too themselves by not getting enough high end phones. That’s everybody’s complaint about T Mobile, they like everything else. We couldn’t get the Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, iPhone, Evo, etc., phones that people actually switch carriers for. I just renewed for 2 years in January, G2 (free), and if this phone turns into an EDGE brick in 18 months, I’m not paying for a new phone, and not signing on for a new 2 yr contract for a new phone. I want out when the phone becomes a brick, and will probably consider prepaid, since I live in a metropolitan area and they have Android now. Probably would be going to Verizon, based on phone selection.

    • the_truth

      No–it wasn’t devices at all. It was customers wanting everything for free and credits every other month for their own usages. Too many customers not accepting responsibility for their own actions and expecting T-Mobile to pay for it. I’ve lost track of the calls for credits for international roaming and international calling when they knew what they were doing. “i didn’t do that” is my favorite. Blame where blame falls.

  • Analog Spirit

    Obi-Wan: “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

  • Russ

    what will happen to this site? :o

    • Rico D’Antigone


  • Ladywyatt

    If this at&t deal goes through all 3 of my lines with tmobile well have to get disconnected I hate at&t.

  • Rico D’Antigone

    okay maybe im wrong, but people are acting like the whole world is coming to an end, so what att bought tmobile, I worked at att and tmobile and they both sucked, im just glad that im not there anymore, yes att is the greatest evil, (willingly admittable), but for real people this has been in the works for a bit, and it will still take about 11 mths before current tmobile cust will fell the diff, now mayb when i call in the tmobile rep wont be so dang chipper, thank god.

    • Methodicalman13

      yeah rico, you’re an a**hole, they won’t be chipper because they may not have a job to feed their kids or support their families. Glad you’ll finally get a non chipper rep, d*ck

    • ivan

      Rico = ignorant and ungrateful..

  • RiverRat

    I have TMobile@home (the land line service) and regularly utilize the Hotspot@Home. Should ATT either raise the price or take one service out, I will pony up the extra dough, so that I can be abused by Verizon.


      @riverrat, we’re in the same boat, no pun intended.


      this might take the sting out a bit as used ones are going on ebay for less than a hundred bucks and att is going to bend over backwards to keep us after paying about 1300 bucks a line for us.

      just hang tight until they throw you a deal you can’t refuse.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RKOFXGTD7JPYHD4RM4DIPRFBDM J

    Honestly, the AT&T picture with the magenta instead of the blue just makes me even more upset at this.

  • Ron

    My contract is up at the end of the year…I love TM… and there customer service is outstanding….if things change to much I might have to bail.

    • Anonymous

      it will change this is we we must fight it tooth in nail with http://droidchat.blogspot.com/ links in info to consumer complaints group and departments like ftc that has to approve the deal

    • determined

      Don’t worry anytime a merge happens your contract with that company is void! You have a chance to end service with whomever for free! So stay with T-mobile and “IF” this even happens then you will be able to leave!

  • mojo269

    worried about our jobs

  • Nic

    Theres no option for “it depends on if I’ll have a job or not”

    • determined

      Exactly! This would be devastating in so many ways! I hope the FCC looks at how this would monopilize the industry…in GSM technology! But no one wants this! The manufactures will lose out in competition…consumers will lose out on competition! Prices will go up! But worse tons of jobs will be lost! From stores shutting down cause they already have store in competition to all the wonderful people being paid to actually build a network! AT&T employs 230,000 roughly T-mobile 30,000 roughly! This is bad for the economy and anyone on any network! The same guy who is a CEO for AT&T works for Verizon! The thing with Sprint just can’t happen! The technology is completly different and it would cost way too much! I think its a ploy for sprint to try to show their superior when they are definatly not! They are coming back from almost bankrupcy!

    • CraigMack

      yea man im right there with you, i left att to work for tmobile… kinda lame…

  • Perrjett82

    I’ve been with T-mobile since the Powertel days and so far nothing bad has happened. I’d honestly say as bad as AT&T is Sprint, in my eyes, is worse. I’d rather AT&T take over because we both share the same network. Sprint is on a whole other thing that has nothing to do with GSM at all. I’m going to wait this out. See what happens. If I dont like the results, I’ll probably go to Verizon…all my family is there anyways.

  • Boomboom

    I want answers from managers, market managers or even regional managers…we the front line sales reps who sit in the trenches everyday WANT ANSWERS!!!

    I want to know if I will have a job 12 months from now, I want to know if I get let go…what is my compensation? what is my dismissal package

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Unfortunately you are asking for answers to questions that nobody has really started to think of yet. Nobody outside of a board of directors. First the merger needs to be approved and then those answers will start to come down.

      • Boomboom

        I know those questions are not even thought of yet….but there are concerns on the minds of every rep.

        • Blah

          trust me, it’s not just the reps that are concerned…. we all heard the news the same time as you did and the only people with answers are probably a hand full of executives


      Man thats to show how much T-MOBILE cared/s about its employees. They didnt even have the dignity to inform this in a formal manner to its employees. They had to find about it on a bright sunny Sunday through third channel information. What happened to the T-MOBILE VALUES they so desired for their employees to live by. Or what happened to STICK TOGETHER? Total hypocrites thats what they are. They should change their name to DOUCHEBAG Telecom.Dont they know how many lives and families they are affecting with this decision?


      Man thats to show how much T-MOBILE cared/s about its employees. They didnt even have the dignity to inform this in a formal manner to its employees. They had to find about it on a bright sunny Sunday through third channel information. What happened to the T-MOBILE VALUES they so desired for their employees to live by. Or what happened to STICK TOGETHER? Total hypocrites thats what they are. They should change their name to DOUCHEBAG Telecom.Dont they know how many lives and families they are affecting with this decision?

  • Olographics28

    I have been with T-Mobile for more that 5 years and the service and the prices were the best I could find here in Chicago.
    Now I FEEL BETRAYED by T-Mobile, they only will fill their pockets and UPGRADE AND IMPROVE their European network with this sale, while I and another millions of U.S. LOYAL costumer will be thrown in the limbo at mercy of AT&T or Verizon.
    Why should I buy ANY of new T-Mobile devices if in a year they will be fancy,shiny,expensive pieces of garbage, with NO RESALE VALUE AT ALL!!!!!!!
    If the sale goes all the way and gets approved ATT have to give me the same plan for the same amount or something better, if not, well……..I will go to a more affordable company.
    Shame on you T-Mobile USA….
    NO AT&T, NO AT&T, NO F…….ING WAY AT&T!!!!!!

  • Olographics28

    I really can’t understand why there is so much noise and trouble about the IPhone???????
    I had the Iphone 3GS, the Iphone 4 and after I live the android experience I sold my Iphone 4 the same day.
    I pay for my phone, I can do with my phone wherever I want, I can put all the games, movies,apps,pictures or anything I want without need to ask permission to apple or Itunes.
    Iphone has a lot of apps,yea, but A LOOOOT OF LIMITATIONS, Android (and I mean good android devices like HTC Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S) are a million light years better in any way than any Iphone no matter how fast or nice they look.
    People should try an Android device before they can say they are dying to get the actual or the new Iphone.

    • Niceone

      People just need to try an Iphone, experience it after a year and go back to android.

  • Bllshy

    There is nothing i like about this,att went to bed with Bush when he said hand over your phone records.Less competition is never good and I certainly do not wish to hand over $100/month to att

  • Chz

    i read every post on here and thats all you people are concerned about is the price of your bill? cmon get serious…what about us? the employees!! what about the loss of jobs…

    so while your worried about your precious bill possibly going up, keep all the employees in mind when we cant make car or mortgage payments, the same employees that have been bending over backwards for years to provide you the customer with the best service.

    so keep the loss of jobs of thousands of employees in mind when your about to gripe about your bill going up.

    • Ldominguez1986

      Yeah it sucks you might loose your job, but I actually lost my job do to this economy. I am a union carpenter and there is no work out there. Sorry if we come off like we don’t care about you loosing your job, but people like me who have lost there job are bitching because we can’t afford the price hike right now. Everyone is holding on to any kind of money they can. Thank you guys at tmobile for being so great to us customers.

      • Chz

        @Shiryu – i am not in a call center, I am a sales associate and we havent heard anything…but it is business as usual…I am going to sell as much as I can to secure a roster spot with AT&T.

    • shiryu1985

      i hear you man, i am a employee as well and we dont konw whats going to happen. hopefully we keep our job because im not able to pay my bills. have you heard anything in your call center about the situation?

    • Anonymous

      “so while your worried about your precious bill possibly going up”

      You have nothing to worry about. As a former AT&T customer, with that kind of self-centered viewpoint you’ll fit right in with AT&T’s customer service.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the poll choices indicate many of you may be depressed about this pending deal. No need to be, IMO. But I am not saying that because anything good will come out of you morphing into an AT&T customer.

    Having thought about this since AT&T’s acquisition intent was announced, I believe the following might happen simply because of this news (meaning the deal does not even have to be approved for these things to happen):

    1. Sprint might make a play for T-Mobile customers. Sprint might throw our way a “T-Mobile customer only” deal (I said this before):

    — Price matching the plan that the customer is currently paying at T-Mobile.

    — Offering any high-end phone for a deep discount, or even for free (Epic, Evo, Evo Shift).

    — Waiving the monthly $10 4G charge.

    — And paying all or half of any ETF charge the T-Mobile customer may be required to pay.

    — Sprint could “buy” the switching customer’s smartphone. (The user would send in the phone and get a $100 to $200 credit against the purchase of a Sprint handset.)

    Of course, Sprint could do any or all of the above since some people might switch simply for a discounted phone or whatever.

    2. I suspect prepaids will step up advertising and special deals (deep discounts on smartphones, for example).

    Prepaids see the potential for millions of T-Mobile customers to switch because the reason most people are with T-Mobile is for the cheap plans. Now that prepaid has some decent smartphones (BlackBerry Curve; Android 2.2-based phones) prepaids’ $50 to $60 unlimited plans look all the more attractive.

    3. This does not benefit us, but Sprint might make moves to increase subscriber count, by buying regional carriers, U.S. Cellular, and MetroPCS, for example. (MetroPCS has 8.1 million subscribers, U.S. Cellular 6 million.) I mention this only because it will be interesting to see if Sprint tries to acquire other carriers.

    Bottom line: I think T-Mobile customers are in the driver’s seat because AT&T’s competitors are salivating at getting our business. Look for great deals in the upcoming months.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dossa002 Andrew M. Dos Santos

      I think you’re over-estimating Sprint. Sprint has a lot at stake here, but I doubt they have the financial ability to bother picking up MetroPCS and US Cellular for the 15 million they may get. They still wouldn’t come close to Verizon. In addition, the 4G data premium is there and was extended to 3G phones for a reason. Sprint bit off more than it could chew. I like your idea but that would be offering way too much for people to jump ship with T-Mobile mid-contract. Maybe they could match the price of their current plan, but they can’t afford to do half the ETF, ($100 in most cases) give you even close to $100 for a phone that Sprint can’t even redistribute as a warranty replacement. Thinking about this today, I realized that our last hope for the carriers to fight on pricing again may require a come-back from the new Alltel. They appear to be doing reasonably well with their new management.

  • Jonny

    I have been with TMO for the better part of a decade, because they have been very fair to me and because I travel outside the country for at least several weeks every year, so I like the GSM service. I’ll let my contract run into the AT&T era, but after that probably go to Verizon. Unless AT&T can do a 180 and come even close to TMO’s customer service level.

  • Anonymous

    If ATT keeps T-mobiles friendly service & reasonable rates, then I am ok with it. I know some folks at work who swear at Sprint, ATT, and sometimes Verizon for any number of reasons. Some are reasonable and some are not. Others I work with who are with T-mobile rarely have a complaint. I pay a low fixed family rate with no roaming and no long distance. It simply works. That is all I need. I have been with T-mobile since our town lost analog service and I gave up my bag phone and Star Trac many many years ago. If ATT can do this without screwing things up, so be it. Time will tell. I am however glad it did not go Sprint. But I can not lay a finger on any one particular reason.

  • Applepiter

    Lets think positave, tmobile knows it will be a monopoly, but needs spectrum and wants 3 billion from att. Just maybe its a calculated move for mobile supremacy! Yea right, then I woke up. T-Mobile was great till they sold, or should I say sold out! AT&T sucks, sprint here we come.

    • Guest

      Leaving any company and going to Sprint is a mistake………


    Man thats to show how much T-MOBILE cared/s about its employees. They didnt even have the dignity to inform this in a formal manner to its employees. They had to find about it on a bright sunny Sunday through third channel information. What happened to the T-MOBILE VALUES they so desired for their employees to live by. Or what happened to STICK TOGETHER? Total hypocrites thats what they are. They should change their name to DOUCHEBAG Telecom.Dont they know how many lives and families they are affecting with this decision?



    • Xbrndnxskye

      You do know they are not actually ninjas and just t-mobile employees?

    • leeloo


  • Drifter702



        Man thats to show how much T-MOBILE cared/s about its employees. They didnt even have the dignity to inform this in a formal manner to its employees. They had to find about it on a bright sunny Sunday through third channel information. What happened to the T-MOBILE VALUES they so desired for their employees to live by. Or what happened to STICK TOGETHER? Total hypocrites thats what they are. They should change their name to DOUCHEBAG Telecom.Dont they know how many lives and families they are affecting with this decision?

  • Jon

    this is the worst thing EVER. If this happens you can say goodbye to affordable plans on T-mobile

  • Applepiter

    TTHE ONLY WAY WE WIN IS TO GIVE OUR GOVERNMENT 30 MILLION REASONS TO REJECT THIS DEAL! were voting americans, TmoNews can and should be our voice in this, thats a great plarform. Weve followed this site, supported it, helped it grow and flourish, and now we need it to help us fight for freedom of choice.

    • Aortiz2k

      I’d like to agree with you but somehow the HAVES seem to forget about the HAVES NOTS

  • PeterJMC

    I can see that this is the end of the reputation T-Mobile has built with it’s loyal customers. I can see that AT&T customers will benefit from this purchase and I’m fairly certain that us T-Mobile users won’t be able to say the same. Yes, we will have larger network but the affordable plans and world leading customer service will come to an end.

    I can’t believe that I’m considering Sprint… It’s affordable.

  • John Henderson

    Let’s think about all the T-Mobile employees that will lose their jobs once this happens…….screw all the consumers, thousands of people will lose their jobs.

  • Bones4653

    if this goes through i might leave tmobile and ive been with them since the 1st sidekick came out.. i left at&t for tmobile.. i dont want to go back..

  • Cesairejsma5

    my unlimited wireless,unlimited text, and 1000 minutes for $80 plus plan would cost me $129 on AT&T for less minutes, unlimited text, and a sorry 2g wireless plan. I’ll to metro before going to AT&T.

    • Kingreeneyes

      as long as you dont change your plan, you will be grandfathered…….

  • Valwhitt

    No way…I dont think TMobile should let ATT buy them out. I stayed with Tmobile due to the superb customer service even though they are more expensive and do not have the Iphone. A phone is a phone and the tablet is taking over soon anyway. ATT customer service is lousy, and they are too big to keep up and train the staff to deal with customer service issues!!!

  • Wokamanbizness

    i’d much rather sprint buy us than at&t , they are crooks and bullies. they have been split once already for being so large , this would be the same thing . no one compnay should have that much control or power over one market. As far as i have read it looks like it’s not going to happen as the DOJ is not approving it. I hope it stays that way unless they get them in their pocket .

  • ixlandia

    I could care less about the iPhone, I’m happy with my Nokia devices. The thing that I’m concerned about is that T-Mobile coverage in the area that I’ve moved to is really bad and will probably *never* be improved by T-Mobile. It’s still 2G here, not even EDGE.

    • Dan

      1. It’s “I couldn’t care less”. If you could care less, then it would be possible for you to care less about the iphone than you currently do.

      2. 2G is edge.

    • Kingreeneyes

      2G is EDGE………

  • Levin49

    Please help stop this merger from happening and sign my petition:


    thank you.

  • Orge1126

    NO AT&T ..Period…….stay the hell out of our lives…..you charge ppl way too high while CS support sucks balls..and we don’t deserve shitty ass network…u r losing business because Apple cheats on you with Verizon, too FOOKING bad…deal with it….you want our tower cuz ur reception sux balls…too FOOKING bad…build ur own….with all the unreasonable charge on the customers, you should have more than enough money to build you a tower in every block of the city….please just stay the FOOK out of our lives….

  • No to ATT

    The second T-Mobile becomes a part of ATT, I will cancel my plan and move to another NON-ATT service. We have had ATT service in the past, and it stinks. They suck at land line, they suck at data, and they suck at cell phone service, area coverage, and most of all support. I have made a specific effort to avoid them, including using T-mobile as my service provider and killing out ATT land line. I will not be sucked back into this horrible company by force. As they have stated “customers have at least 5 other opportunities to procure service, so this merger does no represent a threat.” In other words, if we don’t like the merger, we can go elsewhere. Probably the only time I have receied good advice from ATT – advice I will take. Good riddance to both ATT and T-mobile.

  • Linat211

    I just signed a 2 yr contract with T-Mobile got a great phone g2x love it but I’m taking it back I want nothing to do with at&t!!!!! Here I come sprint.

    • Linat211

      Say no to At&t!!