Samsung Says They Aren’t Charging For Galaxy S Updates

Finally, Samsung has broken their silence on what has become the “Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 update debacle.” Samsung sent a quick note to Phonescoop attempting to put down one of the more ridiculous rumors that has found its way into the tech world this week:

No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!”

Simple, to the point and while it isn’t much, at least someone finally said something. I’ve avoided this story like the plague, mostly because I recognized right from the get-go how ridiculous this whole thing had become. I won’t do justice to the  first report that started this all which I saw as a totally unverified piece of reporting that did nothing more than stir a pot and apparently, create a lot of emotion. Secondly, there is NO lawsuit that exists in the form of a class action “action” against Samsung for breaking any laws whatsoever. Samsung promised to deliver the update, they said they would, having not done so isn’t breaking the law.

Most importantly, there isn’t some large international conspiracy that exists between Samsung and the four biggest partner carriers in the United States to avoid this update in lieu of upcoming devices and their sales figures. So stop thinking that. This is getting out of hand. I know a ton of you are upset and absolutely rightfully so, Samsung’s silence on the matter has been deafening. However, this is being treated as though there is a mirage in the desert of a lake and when the lake disappears, you drink the sand. Not sure if that makes sense whatsoever but I hope someone sees my point.

So please, for your sake, my sake and the sake of those who are likely to be revved up by your insight, stop thinking there is an international conspiracy on the likes of Area 51, Roswell, New Mexico and the notion that we never really went to the moon. Samsung has to make good on the update, let there be no mistake about that. After all of “this,” Samsung needs to make good, especially given their handling of the Behold 2. However, we should exercise a little caution in what “stories” we are really believing at this point regarding this particular matter.

Now, if you really want to have some fun, one of our readers who caught a tweet I made the other day joking around about having James Bond go after Samsung and Froyo in the 23rd Bond movie made up a quick skit. I didn’t post it on the blog because it’s not really pertinent to the story but it’s a terrific read by an incredibly talented reader of ours. So as a personal favor for me, take a moment and read it, you won’t be disappointed!

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  • Skrill- Dilly

    David tha is utter B.S. and you know it. They dont HAVE TO make good on anything and your wishful thinking is due to your personal thought..NOT FACT..Im not yllig by using caps..but there is no bold in

    However I do feel there is a piece of truth to each claim. Be it small, or large portions. Like my Grandmother told me when I was a kid..’every lie is based on a piece of truth”.

  • JoshL

    I feel that everyone should find my comment about 6 months ago about buying the Vibrant. Samsung screwed everyone with the Behold II, and they did it again. Quite frankly, you guys are dumb for buying a Samsung product. Maybe you’ll learn from your mistakes.

    • Bgiri

      Totally agree. Samsung is filled with retards and idiots. GPS was an issue with the original release. They took ages to fix the damn thing. And now when they release froyo, it has the same bloody issue. Actually worse. . This time the piece of crap doesnt even find sat connection. How can GPS slip through the cracks when it was THE biggest issue with the phone to begin with. Fckng morons. I am done with samsung for 7 life times.

  • Ryan

    this isnt effecting me at all. I wanted the 2.2 update. I learned how to root a phone. Easy! Watch YOUTUBE. Samsung makes a great product and the screen beats any other device!!! Im sticking with the Vibrant, and will go to the vibrant 4g when it comes out!