T-Mobile Takes Yet Another Swipe At AT&T With Online Only Ad

Oh T-Mobile, how we LOVE this new marketing approach, sticking it to AT&T! This commercial which T-Mobile unveiled earlier today via Twitter appears to be an online only “special” but we do recommend pushing this to television networks nationwide immediately. It’s just that good. Not good in the sense that the acting is fabulous or that the point is serious, it’s just funny.  Don’t take my word for it though, watch and enjoy! Then everyone can go and make fun of AT&T in the comments, we won’t mind.

Oh and take a look at my take on the 4G wars, I wrote it just for you guys!

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  • LSxChevelle

    Damn, nice and aggressive now…

  • zak

    Something abt her. She’s cute….

    • Cybersedan


      I could barely pay attention to the ad content, had to watch again.

      • phonegeek

        +2 yea shes a cutie and im liking how Tmo is smackin at&t

  • kuntri

    That was heee-larry-us! gotta love it. it seems like t-mobile is lending out a helping hand for those who are TRAPPED on ATT with their shiny IPhones. =)

  • dwilli9483

    Finally TMO!!!!!!!!!

    So so so happy with this new advertising campaign.

  • Robert

    Bahahahaha! They should have made some play at “jailbreaking” and getting the iPhone to work on a certain other GSM carrier…

    T-Mo strikes again!

  • Landon

    No I don’t mind they are stealing the “windows vs mac” ad ideas…no I don’t mind that they call HSPA+ “4G”, and no I don’t mind watching her in every commercial! GENIUS! It makes me very happy to see T-Mobile finally grow a pair and fight back. The underdog scraps the hardest because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!

    • http://nijee.com Nijee Taylor

      TMOB has spent years keeping customers like us happy and continuing to provide superb service, its nice to see tmobile dig in their cash bin and start advertising …. and to see them do such a good job at it makes me proud … well … then again it’s not that hard to poke fun at atnt when they suck soo bad …..lol

  • alex32g2

    what a tryy haha, this is good

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb Mr Cker

    LMAO :)
    Wow TMO aint no joke. They are taking the gloves off.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • la_resistance28

    I like the dress she had in the previous ad

  • kershon

    Muhahahahahahaha! Way to go T-Mo! Knock ATT down for the ten-count.

  • Wayne

    AT&T offers 3G in my area, T-Mobile doesn’t. Big wup about T-Mobile offereing 4G in my opinion.

    • Viper Matrix Wireless

      You are in Maine & T-Mobile has problems getting out to you.

    • Jblaze

      Get over it and stop bitching. I live in mine as well portland has 3g now…if u live in the woods in a trailor with your mother which I assume you do u aren’t going to get 4g there aren’t enough people in maine for it to makes sense to tmobile to do it.use wifi so stop complaining

  • Shannon

    The iPhone’s trying to get away from AT&T? Notice that they haven’t taken ANY shots at the iPhone in any of these commercials. In fact, they kinda highlight features that can’t be used on AT&T’s network. To me, especially after the news about the microsims snd the cable today, it looks like a tease for the upcoming launch of the iPhone (I mean, if it wasn’t for the quick part at the end for the myTouch).

    I’m not a fan of the iPhone and it’s not wishful thinking on my part. It’s just what I’m seeing…

    • MattB

      Agreed… in fact, not only are they not jabbing at Apple, but the ‘iphone 4’ guy is marketable … in essence, could see him in the future maybe wearing a magenta necktie?

    • Vibrant addict

      I noticed that as well! It’d be amazing if this is what it all led to.

      I think this commercial should go on tv, points out how controlling at&t is

    • Evan

      The micro sims are for the Galaxy Tab apparently.

      • MattB

        I don’t buy it… people have posted videos of the Galaxy Tab with a normal sized SIM being inserted… haven’t seen any showing otherwise. Likewise, the pictures gallery of the Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile on Samsung’s website http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/galaxy-tab/SGH-T849ZKATMB (Far right, fourth picture down) clearly show a SIM slot that is noticeably larger than that of a microSD slot…

  • BPRhythm


    Now, we all know ATT sucks. That is pretty much universally accepted. What about Sprint? $10 extra no matter the 4G coverage is a great attack. Non backwards compatible phones too/requires new hardware. Verizon is just plain expensive.

    T-Mobile should allow T-Mobile International Networks to roam for free on each other. Businesses that travel would flock to that!

  • user1

    Unfortunately, if at&t attacks t-mobile for needing wifi calling to make calls inside building, that would be a major turn around for these ads.

    • Anony Mouse

      Actually that wouldnt be so bad. Considering ATT doesnt permit wifi calling but they permit you to buy their over priced cell phone signal booster that is basically just like tmobile letting you use wifi to make calls but instead of doing it like tmo and letting you use any and all wifi signals ATT only permits you to use their little box you have to spend a lot of money for.

  • The Observer

    i would like to touch her 4g

  • iron

    wow, this was good. LOL.
    she’s cute.

  • JP

    These are as good as Big Red’s hit on AT&T


  • Galen20K

    heh AWESOME SAUCE!!! Finally TMO is on the Offensive, what took so long?! KEEP IT UP!

  • pdizzle

    shes too hot not to go with tmo

  • chris

    Wow! stick it to them Tmo! I Love it!

  • jose

    ive been saying for years TMO needs to go on the offensive the way the other carries do and im glad they finally are.

  • foo

    and i love how they shoot it like the mac vs pc style commercial white background etc

  • Landon

    What if this is just a big setup for the iPhone to come over to Tmo (I know I know) but what if at the end of this ad campaign the iphone”guy” gives in and leaves the AT&T”guy” aside and walks away with the girl….just saying.

    • Bimmerz

      That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! Talk about a *slap* in the face to AT&T! Would LOVE it! :)

  • Dallas_Maverick

    I say iPhone 4 guy is digging a grave for AT&T.

  • derrickps3

    BAW GAWD WE’RE AT WAR!!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    Im starting to think that ATT is blocking the option for the video call in iphone4 to work in 3g. Remember the android phones in ATT not being able to install apps not from the market

  • Dan

    This is good for consumers in general, it forces each company to be more competitive in pricing and service. Maybe if AT&T burns T-Mo on coverage, they might just be forced to act! Same goes for AT&T; they might (more than likely will) up their speeds! [With T-Mo BTW, lovin my MT4G!]

  • HTC Sexus One

    NICE! Tmobile has put on boxing gloves its about time I LOVE IT!!!

  • tmo7

    Engadget just dogged this phone out. Makes you think twice about it.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Get your own hands on it and do your own review. Don’t worry about other reviews.

    • JP

      Don’t get me wrong. There are some minor bugs that still need to be worked out. But what phone doesn’t come out with issues.

      Anyway, as David said, try it out for yourself. This phone is all balls.

    • 2FR35H


      you say that like engadget has any real credibility as far as reviews go? Engadget has to be one of the most biased reviewers especially when it comes down to apple vs anything.

      • Kold

        Completely agree. Engadget has an agenda when it comes to Apple. However, I will say the myTouch 4G does look pretty ugly.

      • http://squiggleslash.livejournal.com squiggleslash

        Engadget gave the MyTouch 3G Slide very high marks indeed, it was in part because of their review that I bought the things. They also just posted a fairly positive review of the Comet.

        I do take what Engadget says with a pinch of salt largely because their quality is inconsistent, they have a number of people who are absurdly fanboish about certain technologies, and you have to learn to ignore them.

    • Drew

      i agree David. Just got the new mytouch today and it’s awesome.

  • frank

    finally TMO grew some AT&T balls!!!

  • Luis

    omg tmobile is going agressive…..lol loving it, It throws a rock right to Apple, OMG, Will apple get the point and leave ATT ? lol lets seeeeeeeeeeeee

  • alex

    @tmo7, your right engadget made it sound like an ok phone or crappy, and plasticky. David your right too do your own review, I am getting this phone no matter what, considering like all the reviews are positive, and for the fact I’ve been waiting for this phone. I was going to get it in white, but felt the side’s, and it felt too plasticky so that’s why no I am getting the plum version. Anyways t-mobile is doing awesome!

    • Kold

      That “genius button” would annoy the **** out of me, though.

  • abel2fresh4u


    i think im fallling in love with this beautifull chick

  • Robert Najafabadi

    You know I got the largest 5G+ network here, What now T-Mobile JK
    you that no one has a 4G network yet. And what this app in Cydia 3G unrestrictor does this let me FaceTime out of WiFI and this app here Yahoo video chat.
    I want to go to every carrier store and ask question about 4G and stuff for fun
    If I had documents that show that LTE WIMAX and HSPA+ are not 4G then I would have a chat a get the sales person confused

    • jkache

      Come to our store ;)! Let’s see if you can get me confused!

  • chris

    I’m freaking glad that T-Mobile is taking the offensive at AT&T, the truth about their service needs to be known. T-Mo is doing a great job, in my opinion, advertizing their network speed. And if they do end up with the iPhone, it would bring a whole new bunch of consumers leaving AT&T look like a bunch of reatrds. T-Mo will probably get it because it’s the only logical choice Apple would have, seeing as how if they just tweaked the iPhone a little it would be totally and completely compatible with T-Mo’s network. T-Mo is on a roll!!!

    • mtnman

      chris: Did you say call T-Mobile butter, cus their on a roll? I know, I know, I just had to get that out. lol

      • chris

        xD nice one!

  • mtnman

    Love the commercial. It pokes fun at Apple in that it’s a “Remake” of Hi, I’m an Apple, and I’m a PC. This way it can say “Yeah you’re an Apple, but your on AT&T’s sucky network. lol

  • Nerd lust

    That’s a slick commercial!

  • Tango4vidchat

    You can videochat without wifi with the iPhone 4. I just did earlier today. You just need the app called Tango which is free. Tango let’s iPhone users do face chat with android users as well because there is a android version of tango. Way to leave that out t-mobile… At&t’s 3G is very capable of face chat and this app proves it. This commercial is dishonest and now irrelevant. Thank u come again.

  • mtnman

    Just think if the iPhone did come over to T-Mobile? They’d have to make a new version call the iPhone4G. After all they did have the iPhone3G. And since Big Red isn’t gong to have 4G speeds anytime soon. Perhaps it was a message to Steve Jobs. Just like Luke Skywalker said “I can feel the conflict within you” Steve want’s to leave the Death Star of AT&T but the Dark Side is so powerful.

  • fish

    her first line sounds like:

    “hi, i’m a tmobile mytouch orgy”

    how do i get in on this?

  • fish

    what was the deal with the nexus 2? supposedly coming out on the 8th? or was it all just scandalous rumors?

    • 30014

      Apparently it’s been delayed due to a major hardware defect. Until when? Well your guess is as good as mine.

  • Magenta Magic

    I’d love to check the apps on THAT myTouch 4G!

  • mjN1

    Very nice and well done! Go Tmo! its about time! Now bring one the device, mytouch 4G is a good step, keep it comming!

  • Swift21

    There will be no micro sim at tmobile in the near future. They just released the uicc. The whole “micro sim for tablet” idea is absolutely ludicrous. As a t-mobile I can defintively say that will NOT happen for the samsung tablet. That is a guarantee!

  • Vader317

    To add to the latest series of iPhone conspiracies, aren’t these commercials exactly like. “I’m a Mac, I’m a pc” commercials? If so they done by Apple….is Apple behind their own sneaky way out of AT&T? Just a thought!

  • Brandon

    Is he trying to Break out of a Jail?


  • alex

    I just read on boygeniusreport tmo send them a responst to the usb cable- its for europeans traveling and for all the unlocked iphones on the network..Yet they never flatout they are not getting the phone…Now im starting to hop the rumor express..could these commercials commence with steve “lucifer” jobs coming at the end and saying- i like the option of video calling over 4g too!!

  • Anthony

    Okay what the point here commercials and more commercials they are beginning to sound like kids in a sand box. I think let ur phone and network speak for itself save the money from these commercials and patch up the areas that still get edge only. Perhaps the saving from these commercials might have u reconsider charging ur loyal customers for tethering. Just saying starting to look silly

    • 30014

      You sound bitter because you only have edge.

      • Anthony

        I actually have hspda I live in NYC. I am only saying instead of picking fight clean up ur yard. I have hspda I have 3g and too many times edge. I think in a major city things should be up to snuff if that’s too much to ask sorry

  • Snapples

    Lol she’s cute. Maybe they telling apple to go tmobile and ditch AT&T lol. Because without the iPhone they have the worst service in where I’m at. But i’m with tmobile and their working great. I want that hspa + network for the g1 ha 7.2 mbz

  • jeff

    Seems like the focus is a little too much on ATT. Meaning the iPhone 4 would work Berger on their network microsims are being mailed and iPhone cables showing up for sale. The writing is on the wall.