(Updated: Cancelled?) T-Mobile Getting Ready For November 20th Holiday Event

Update: We’re getting word now both in the comments and from our sources that the event has been cancelled. No reason or explanation was given only that it has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for another day. We’ll update as we hear more!

We’re back with a follow up on our article from yesterday and we’ve got more exclusive details on the upcoming November 20th “Holiday Event”. According to our ninjas, T-Mobile Retail stores are starting to receive packages with “tools” for the November 20th event. As pictured below, these tools include, reservation cards, appointment reminder cards, and rebate stickers. From the looks of it, Magenta seems to be expecting lots of customers to take advantage of this “Holiday Event”. Additionally, our ninja tells us that apparently, this stuff is top secret and that employees were directed to put the package  in a safe. We’re still diggin’ for more details, so stay tuned!

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  • ADZ

    Everyone be aware that stores will be staffed extremely well the 24th of november..reason? I was told that it will be an UNBELEIVABLE sale to help out for black-friday losses. Will keep you guys posted if anything is heard from there.

    • http://google.com 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      what does that mean?

      can u explain a lil bit better?

    • No need for that

      It’s probably cancelled cus people keep leaking info online! Pretty sad

      • jigsaw918

        i was thinking the same thing….haha. still i dont believe it’s REALLY cancelled though, why would T-Mobile give up thousands of sales because some “rumors” were leaked online? that’s stupid.

      • bigpapi

        please give me a WOW feature of the Iphone….you could put an apple log on a bag of monkey crap and the sad apple followers would buy it

    • RockTripod

      Unless they’ve changed things since Tuesday, our all-hands day was the 20th, not the 24th. Doesn’t seem wise to schedule a massive sale for a weekday…

  • Bimmerz

    Bummer that the event has been canceled. I was going to guess that it was an event for the tab – buy the Samsung Galaxy tab and get the Vibrant free.

  • FarWestTexas

    5!n7 is kinda funny.
    If the iPhone was coming to T-Mobile, why wouldn’t the Wall St Journal be all over this? Their journalists can dig up anything.

  • jason

    We don’t have much info either. Here’s a fact, the Tab came out today in certain locations. Other locations say “TBD” To me its obvoius it will be the Tab. There hasnt been enough iPhone rumors to be the iPhone.

    • remixfa

      not every location is getting the tab at the moment. Its only going to the busier stores and the high data stores. the rumor was its was an “everything free” day like father’s day. but now its cancelled, so does it matter? I was frikking exited about it too.. now… sad face :(

    • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

      TBD means “To Be Distributed” or “To be Discussed”
      TBD does NOT mean Tablet LOL as nice as that might seem… it doesn’t….

      JUST so u know…



  • Hamster

    Hm, sucks that it was canceled (or postponed rather?).

    I was thinking a bit about things it could be other than big sale. If it were a device, I think it’s probably supposed to be the Nexus Two. However, another possibility could be the Palm Pre 2, I think. It will be launching in Europe very soon…

    • j

      palm is dead for one and t-mobile hasn’t carried a plam device in 5 years or so

      • Hamster

        I see no reason why that prevents them from doing so now…

        And Palm is certainly not dead, having just come under the arm of HP.

        • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

          PALM is dead AND buried at T-Mobile THANK the cellphone gods for that bc OMG PALM SUCKS :)

  • Lbdagreat1

    Noooo! Why must you lead us into temptation and toy with our emotions. Only one thing comes to mind ” SILLY TMO CUSTOMERS IPHONE ARE FOR KIDS” LOL

  • myn15

    so they didn’t fix the serious problems yet on the hardware on nexus S huh.. OR they hasn’t closed the deal with steve jobs?

  • ADZ

    All that was told to me was that something “big” was happening that day..VERY long shifts, all managers will be present in the store and NOT ONE PERSON OFF that whole day, extremely weird to say the least. Understood it’s the day before the thanksgiving and two before black friday, but I HIGHLY doubt they’d do this for a “small” event. Like i said, it might be a way to get in gear for the holidays and get people excited for the the direction Tmo is heading. Regardless, it should be big, hopefully it will be something we’d all be proud of and thank our beloved magenta for.

  • Scott

    It’s really tough to get excited about products with associated multi-year contracts. What they need is a major upgrade of the network. Iphone would be no great excitement for me. I think they are okay and maybe I would consider one, but with the updates, the G2 does everything I want. Wifi calling is the “killer app” for T-Mobile. Android is not as slick as UMA phones, but it is works.

    The Samsung Tab is a disappointment to me. I bought a couple iPads instead.

    In the past, I think I remember T-mobile having a sale on smart phones. That might be okay.

    If something could be kept secret, I think it is possible with the iPhone. AT&T is GSM and though the highspeed data frequencies differ, it is possible that is addressable in firmware with the iPhone 4 chip set. The supplier orders would not necessarily tip off something like this.

    Whatever it is, I am holding on to my money and I will not extend my contracts another two years to get the discount.

    • Trollface.jpg

      The iPhone 4 will NOT run on TMo’s 3G. Frequencies are not firmware unlockable.

  • Tmoled

    Lay off 5!N7 just because he doesn’t agree with you. It could possibly be the iphone, how can you just tell someone that they’re not entitled to an opinion, not very professional. The postponment could be to let the tab, mt4g and new windows phone get some sales before they introduce something that takes sales away feom them. Tmobile just stacked their line up in the past week. Whether it’s a sales event or new device, I think it’s too soon.

  • Kusgan

    One item on the ticket is “memory card”. There is no such thing in an Iphone. Sorry to spoil the excitement. my wife wanted an Iphone (even if I thought it is not the best phone). My hope for the Iphone sinks here.

  • Tmo rep at south shepherd houston

    The iPhone cable cords is the same as the galaxy tab’s charger… I seriously seriously doubt it will be the iPhone. I would even say definatly not the iPhone. Plus we haven’t recieved any micro sim cards.. Just saying…

    • 2FR35H

      You haven’t but there is documented proof of t-mobile micro sim cards that are completely undeniable. Also it makes no sense for the galaxy tab charger to be labeled for the iPhone/iPod… Just saying.

    • Ali

      This is absolutely incorrect. In fact, you couldn’t be more incorrect. There is a reason it’s called proprietary, they are both proprietary. Just because they look the same doesn’t mean they are the same and you should know this having dealt with two separate types of mini usb cables with the mytouch and other mini usb phones.

  • GeeToo

    I am sure a lot of folks will disagree with me, but I feel that the iPhone is not that great of a phone. Screen after screen of icons. Ironic because OS X has widgets built in. Their UI really needs updated to allow the user to customize the screens to include more than just apps. Sure there are tons of apps, but Android is evolving at such an alarming rate, I really think Apple has lost its edge. Think about it for a second.

    1) Your only choice of hardware involves the amount of storage
    2) They have not fixed the problem with their antenna
    3) No hope of ever having a physical keyboard
    4) Swype is not available
    5) Their phone consists of a tiny metal band surrounded by GLASS! Nobody wants to drop their phone, but it happens. They are not durable.
    6) No Widgets!
    7) Very difficult to replace the battery

    1) Huge app store with tons of really cool apps.
    2) Beautiful screen (although it is a little small)
    3) Outside of the deal with all of the icons, their UI is very polished.
    4) Facetime

    Apple used to be hip – they were innovative and rebels. Now they are Big Brother. I just bought an iPod Touch and dont even use it. Eventually I will get facetime set up, but it is just not that important to me..

    So many software companies and hardware manufacturers are developing for Android – it just seems that sheer numbers will drive the innovation. I hope TMO doesn’t get the iPhone – it will just congest their network.

    • JB6464

      Ah, my HD2 is just a fragile with it’s No Bezzel design and huge flat 4.3 screen. Drop it and your doomed as well.

      Maybe some don’t care for Swipe,physical keyboard,and cluttered screen of widgets.

      And my friends iphone 4 on AT&T crappy service has no issues with it’s antenna and need to remove the battery if it’s designed properly works like it should.

      And a lot of people have the choice you talk about that other phones provide but they don’t use a third of it’s potential use.

      Sometimes people just want a phone that’s well built phone that gets the job done without spending hours pretending a little 4″ screen is going to give you an internet experience of a lifetime like a real computer will.

      Get real,it’s a phone with internet capabilities , not a full blown laptop or home computer.

      • veronica

        HD2…ha don’t make me laugh on saying being dropped once your doomed. Thats a load of BS. I have the hd2 and has been thrown numerous times by my child and I have dropped it numerous times hell it even skidded across the street when I was in a hurry and it fell out of my pocket. Guess what? It still works…thats right it is still functioning.
        Another thing why the heck would you get an expensive phone yet only use if for a phone. Most people that buy those phones use it for its full advantage, if they know what they are doing. I am sorry that you don’t do that and that you are missing out. By the way you should not speak for others…however I can since I dealt with this on a daily basis but people hate the Iphone once they try out the android. Thats why people switch to T-Mobile.

  • jonathan from los angeles

    everyone hope for the nexus 2. once that phone comes out it will put the iphone4 to shame. just like the mt4g, the iphone4 won’t have nothing any phone.

    i do hope its a nexus 2

    • redman12

      I totally agree, when I saw the Vibrant in person I fell in love with the SUPER AMOLED display, its just missing front facing camera and HSPA+

      • jonathan from los angeles

        i agree too. the screen is just spectacular. when the nexus 2 comes out i just hope that it is hspa+ and has a camera flash. and i also hope that it has the wifi calling feature.

        so the rumored specs better true

  • Kold

    It was the Dell Venue Pro.

  • GeeToo

    Well that makes it official. I guess I am not allowed to post on your 3rd rate comment board. I have tried several times – under different IP addresses and user names. I don’t think I have ever posted anything offensive or abusive. I guess my input is just not worth your time or you don’t agree with my viewpoint, so you omit my comments.. Any managing editor worth their weight doesn’t leave comments on their own blog. Maybe if you spent your time doing some research and staying out of the ‘pits’ so to speak, your site would be a better one.

    Seeing how my comments are not welcome here, I will not be back. Good riddance.

    • Claude

      I don’t know where you get it from, but managing editors of most websites I know of do leave comments.

      I come to TMONews daily because I am a TMO customer and want to know the latest. Good bye and good riddance to you. Hope you find a board that makes you happier elsewhere.

    • Nate

      This is due to a WordPress issue which seems to happen at random. Don’t get all riled up!

    • XfooYen

      Hahahahahahahaha! GeeToo. Oh my God, let me catch my breath from laughing. I friggin choked on my coffee when I read your suicide note. My rib hurts. Thank you.

    • http://www.ronjohnsonisanassclown.com KevinCG

      If you take a website about cell phones this seriously, I hate to see what your day-to-day life is like. I am sad for you.

  • jason

    Alltel (the least anyones worries) is coming out with “Free Fridays” Maybe TM is planning on a bunch of stuff on Nov 20… BOGO for all devices (including laptop devices)… myFaves coming back (which was mentioned by a executive a few months back. He mentioned myFaves will be going to 10 contacts instead of 5)… maybe the “Three Day Weekend” plan will come back… never know. What I do know is that there has been too much hype around Nov 20 to say “cancelled” or “nothings going to happen.”

  • Mr Manson

    It has nothing to do with any new phones, remember the fathers day special? Run with it…

  • T Mo Rep

    magenta Saturday cancelled :(

  • techy2010

    New Tmobile rate plans that are not much better than the competition.

    Snore… Wake me when Tmobile gets an iPhone, even if its not the best mobile.

  • shhhh

    Was supposed to be like before all phones free including upgrades this time but it has been cancelled due to the fact sales are down very bad for the company nation wide

    • marc

      Don’t companies have sales because sales are down?

  • http://TMO Claude’s Boss

    ClAUDE…..quit crying over a rediculously childish message board. Maybe if you devoted your life to something more productive things rather than weeping over a Tmobile blog you might be a happier customer. Get a life and Get back to work!


  • http://TMO Claude’s Boss

    Techy2010 Tmobile offers much more than the iphone ever will. Maybe if you decided to do some research before you open your mouth you wouldnt make all of us dumber for reading your comments

  • http://www.ronjohnsonisanassclown.com KevinCG

    This is the most serious I can be about a sentence, “WHAT THE H*LL DO YOU PEOPLE SEE IN THE iPHONE?”

    • http://google.com 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      all iphones upgrade. don’t they?

      not all androids do except the nexus

    • JB6464

      “What the H**ll do you people see in Android ?”
      They are slow as H**ll to give you any updates through t-mobile,almost always give you small screens on their phones,and Google G-Mail sucks.
      And Android is not such an open source as everyone claims it to be.

    • andysebastain

      I’m an android specialist for tmobile and i think that the iphone is an excellent phone. It’s extremely user friendly, apps feel well polished(most android apps feel unfinished to me for some reason), it syncs to itunes and overall just feels like a really cohesive user interface. I find that most people who diss the iphone are just contrarians who have to be against whatever the general population likes. Now, i do agree that some stuff sucks on it, ie app approval process, but you can’t discount the phone just for that reason. It is not a horrible phone by any means and i plan to buy one on contract with at&t because i’m tired of unlocking the iphone to work with at&t.

  • K-rock

    If the event is cancelled that’s fine, but T-Mobile has to setup a holiday deal. How about the buy one get one free on the HD7 and MT4G?
    My contract is up. I need a rebel deal or I’m turning to the dark side.

  • Frank thomas

    Event cancelled the same day that apple pushes back the ios4.2 release date by one week. Coincidence?

    • Petey

      I just hope iPhone does come to T-Mo… w/ the $10 data plan… I think it sounds very good.

  • tmo

    the mini were shipped to some stores because customers are cutting thier sim cards to fit the i phone 4 and they have reception issues. but then again there is a secret that was told to managers when they went to vegas but i have to leave you in suspense lol. Black friday has always been an all hands day and every employee is required to work on that day every year. nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Dommy

    My update for today is…the event is officially cancelled..but there will be a black friday eveny with a “revamped” BOGO offer..sorry guys, tmobile blows sometimes..excites us for no reason..

    • diva37

      So my bf and I can hold out and purchase one mytouch 4g and get one free, as to paying almost $900 bucks?

      • Jamie

        They don’t normally do BOGO for plans not on a contract. You might be able to get both for $200 after $100 mail in and a two year contract.

      • Young Brezzie

        Seriously your are ignorant if you think you are gonna get a buy one get one free at retail price with no contract. Only way you get a BOGO is if you activate two lines with a contract.

        • Allantoss

          lol.. ur funny man. I agree with u tho.

        • Allantoss

          lol.. ur funny man. I agree with u tho.

  • Fixxer56

    Dommy, will we see any updates about the Black Friday event/sale this comming week?

  • The android creep

    I hope something happens..I rather see android 2.3 with the new nexus..i will not the deny apple has many enthralled by their app drawer..cough phone cough..still will aid tmobile in sales

  • Joe

    The last tmonews update notes the event will be ‘rescheduled’. Is this within a short timeframe, or are we talking next year?

    The T-mobile device lineup is hurting, and the buy-one-get-one-free promos are great for ‘new’ customers or those out of contract terms..doesn’t really do much to maintain existing…

    Offering more/better devices could help with this. Granted the cost may be higher, but it at least attempts to address existing customers.

    Just my 2 cents..

    • http://twitter.com/raitchison raitchison

      I’d like to know this myself, we’re off contract so our options are pretty open right now, we had originally planned on switching to Even More+ which would allow us to get two smartphone data plans for only $10 more per month than we are paying now for one.

      The new $10 data plan complicates things somewhat, an offering like this would be enough to get us to go back on contract.

  • Allantoss

    I’m hoping for something special for EM+ account holders on Black Friday Sales Event.

  • Allantoss

    I’m hoping for something special for EM+ account holders on Black Friday Sales Event.

  • Ducky

    It’s one of the new changes from the CEO… when T-Mobile employees leak things, events will be canceled… Eventually sales associates will learn it only hurts themselves…

  • Guest

    So no update? Nothing out of the ordinary happening tomorrow?

  • Troyag1

    Kinda looks like “red herring” but only the date maybe one week off 27th puts it right on for post-turkey shopping spree.

  • Swpest

    They have increased staffing at all call centers for Saturday due to a big promotion