Reminder Of New Rate And Data Plans Launching Today, Even More Plus Going Away?!

Update: There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the Even More Plus plans and I thought it would be nice to try and clarify. No official word from T-Mobile indicates these plans are gone. Both customer service and retail store reps are both able to offer them to walk in or calling customers. However, the removal of them from the website and even now at 8:30PM EST the EM+ plans are still unavailable on the T-Mobile website. Amazon Wireless, LetsTalk and Wirefly also don’t have the option for EM+ plans. We aren’t saying and never did say they were completely gone, that was an interpretation based on current information and also from what we have heard might be happening. T-Mobile themselves claim its a website glitch and we have to wonder, why at this hour the website remains unfixed? Fifty percent of the company’s offerings are “unavailable” due to a website glitch. It is within that that our interest peaked and caused the extra portion of this article this morning. We’ll post when we know more and hopefully by morning the plans will be back, but until then, we are just very unsure as to what is going on.

While the new promotional rate plans are certainly worthy of a reminder post today, the news that might peak more interest is the sudden removal of the Even More Plus plans from the T-Mobile website. While our ninjas had started dropping hints, without any “physical” evidence it was hard to understand just why exactly T-Mobile would drop them. We can’t say anything for certain as we haven’t heard anything officially from T-Mobile but with the launch of two new promotional plans, it does seem like a perfect day to quietly remove them. In line with the reminders is also the addition of the new tethering plan for $14.99, 200MB plan for $10/$15 depending on current rate plan the new 4G unlimited plan. Hit the images below for all the goods, reminders and details you could ever wish for!

While we work fast to see if this is a permanent move we’ve included a few extra ninja shots to help showcase the T-Mobile savings against the competition and a little guideline for how much data basic tasks will consume. Further supporting the removal of the Even More Plus plans is their absence from these docs as they might offer the better comparison against the competition based on their lower price points. Instead, the comparison includes Even More pricing, specifically the promotional plans which continues to point to a quiet Even More Plus removal.

Any questions?


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  • Jakestavo

    I just lost me 20 month installment plan guys. 300 dollars is now 0, i’ve been on the phone with them for two hours just screwing with them. I’ve been a customer for 6 years. I’m switching over because there is no longer an incentive to stay with Tmobile. They are doing it to a lot of people!!!

    • CradleOfChaos

      OP, This comment needs to be removed. That is unacceptable. Lets ikeep it friendly everybody.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Removed! Then again, I’m engaging in my own war of words, go figure!

    • remixfa

      the 20 month installment is still there. they reduced it on certain credit classes because there were too many defaults on the equipment plans and it was killing TMO. the EM+ plans are still there, i did one not an hour ago. There are just adjustments going on.. quit freaking out guys.

  • Jakestavo

    Man i am so pissed, is there like a ATTNEWS website or Sprintonews because this is the last straw with them. I’ve already been transfered to three manager’s and they are forcing me in to a more expensive contracted plan buy one phone expand contract on all of them. Tmobile has officially sold out guys. I’m out!! But this website was great.

    • Bobert

      Your not out!
      Another whiner!
      What off to a higher priced carrier?

      • Jay

        Not if he goes to pre-paid which now some of them offer “4G” and Android phones.

        • remixfa

          which prepaid is 4g? lol. Metro is testing 4g, but its not rolled out and wont be for a while. Dont expect it to be 40 a month for LTE either.

          and jake, if they are telling you all the contracts will be extended, it means they are trying to put you on a promotional plan. tell them you just want the regular plans. They dont require contract extensions on any lines.

  • zuben el genubi

    I had to call as somehow my plan got switched. I never had unlimited talk, I did add the text and web while it was on special. The rep even asked what I thought I had. I don’t need unlimited talk! And I don’t want to go back on contract.

  • zuben el genubi

    I had to call as somehow my plan got switched. I never had unlimited talk, I did add the text and web while it was on special. The rep even asked what I thought I had. I don’t need unlimited talk! And I don’t want to go back on contract.

  • jake

    Bober suck my b*lls. The 20 month installment was a major incentive for me. Thankfully there is a cricket store with a fully functioning droid x and evo with no contract. Cheaper monthly plans and I can spend my yearly bonus with aless expensive carrier. Also I made a mess up your moms poopr and out you came.

    • thisguy

      what are we? 5 years old?

  • bob

    to many customer were getting switch to even more plus plans with out know what it really was. customers just saw lower price plans and dont really understand there is no “upgrade”. you dont know how many times i get that at our store. Im here to upgrade! you have a no contract plan. what? i been a customer for years. well you switch the plan. but i didnt know i would lose my upgrade. Hopefully this makes things simple stupid because as a rule of thumb most customers are just that. they dont research what they want and want you to hold their hand. this website and its viewers represent about 2% of the actual customer base. Most people dont have a clue. also the Installment plan backfired because people would get the phones then default months later.

    • BrainlessDrone

      “but i didnt know i would lose my upgrade.”

      While I believe customers are generally dumb as rocks, I’d have to say that statement is indicative of the failures of a Tmobile Sales Rep.

      • thisguy

        wrong man, It is repeated to the customer 500 times that they will loose the upgrade perk in change for a lower monthly cost….and they just nod and say yes and sign away…

        read before signing anything is my suggestion to everyone

      • Magenta Magic

        “failures of a tmobile sales rep” my magenta-loving a$$… Like “thisguy” said, you can repeat it to the average customer until you are blue in the face, but come the next phone release, they act like it’s brand new to them.

        better yet are the ones that come back within a few days just to test you and end up getting free stuff because they know how to work the system and take it to corporate, claiming the rep never explained anything.

        that guy made me question why i’ve gone on a killing spree… :)

        • Zuben

          Sorry, but some of us did read the fine print and opted for plus. Out of contract, have phones that work and not caring about or needing the latest and greatest, Plus was ideal. I like having no contract. I will probably stay with TM, but I sure hated the reps trying to upsell everything that would extend contract. Value and service will keep me, not new phones and services.

  • Santiago

    I’m A Bit Lost. Okay, So No More EM+ Plans. So Therefore It’s Either A 2 Year Contract Or Prepaid…

    I’ve Got All Grandfathered Plans.
    39.99 For 1000 Mins With N&W’s
    19.99 For Sidekick Unlimited (Data & Txt)
    5.99 For Insurance Bundle

    But My Bill Is Always 87. I Cannot Decide Weather I Should Change Plan, Or Not.

    • Jet

      do you still use a sidekick or are you on an android device now? When I switched from sk to android, I had them update me to even more plus and it ended up cheaper for the family plan.

  • TechieChicky

    I’m on the Preferred GM Nts plan and, while I don’t see the EM+ plan available on the t-mobile website, if I log into my account and go to change plans it is an option and it will let me change to it with the $200 contract cancellation fee. I’m looking at it right now. So it is still an option.

    Maybe is doing some updating; there are areas of my account pages that look different. Maybe they aren’t going to advertise the EM+ plans.. I don’t know… but it is still available to me.

  • Beef

    I think they don’t want to offer those plans unless customers specifically ask for them. Some people like myself want to pay full price for a phone and dont want any contract. when like-minded people come in and get all blustery about these issues, then they can just whip out the even more plus.

  • David

    My reply never posted. Shocking.

    • David, Managing Editor

      It posted! Check below because it definitely posted. That being said I agree that the mere presence of a post here can create quite a stir and that is something I am absolutely aware of. I would have NOT posted, had I not had some other reason to believe the EM+ plans were going away today, or at some point in the future. If I could post every email I receive then I would, but I think we both know thats not going to happen. I hope that you will trust I don’t post stuff on this website for the mere sake of pageviews, that is NOT something I am concerned with. I only strive to provide the very best information for the T-Mobile community and sometimes that information comes without “physical” support if you will. I updated the post itself to ensure that people aren’t taking the post out of context as the original post did clearly state this information was unsubstantiated from T-Mobile directly, but I also inserted a line that stated it lined up with information we had heard previously.

      In fact, I haven’t posted that information because I had no support to provide, other than the word of trusted sources. However, given todays happenings I felt it warranted to raise the question so I apologize if anyone mistook it as absolute fact but I tried to make it clear in the post that the evidence was circumstantial but believable. That being said, I still have to wonder what is going on, its really very odd for all of those sites to have the EM+ missing, for T-Mobile to have their website “glitch” since the morning, 50% of their rate plan offerings are missing and nary a word about it from their social media channels? I just find all of that odd and maybe I am connecting dots that don’t exist but its my take, not the site but my own personal opinion that something is going on.

      • David

        Fair enough, thanks for clarifying your point. I appreciate it.

      • SublimeDavid

        It’s fair to saw from what im seeing on the company perspective is that EMP is going away, with the test trial in phoenix on just em plans.

      • remixfa

        your just connecting 1 too many dots. like my post at the top of the thread said, if you go into a store, EM+ is still alive and well. I activated one today. Maybe they are just getting out of promoting it online. They were having many issues with people putting it on the 20 month payment plan and defaulting and running off with a $500 G2 for 25 bux. They have lowered the credit amount availible to most credit classes to offset the defaulting rate. Unfortunatly for those with lower credit, they had their billing availiblity taken from a small amount to zero.
        they were having other issues relating to new features on the EM+ plans so maybe they just removed them from online until they could get it situated.

  • TMoFan

    Wow if it’s true that TMo is doing away with EM+ then that’s too bad. It seems like a lot of people here took advantage of those plans and if the customer is paying for the phone why do away with it? It was an advantage to TMo that you could get a good rate plan without a contract; it really set them apart from the competition. WTF TMo?

    • Kayleetay86

      Okay to everyone that has the questions about the EM+ plans yes they are still avaliable, not on the web site today with the launch of the new plans they system kinda went haywire and knocked them off. They are still avaliable they are just making some changes to them where as to if you switched to the EM+ you couldn’t switch back to a contract plan without canceling servies and re-activating a new one. Customers have spoke and with the miss understanding on paying a cheaper rate plan and not getting a discount on a phone Pissed people off because they didn’t look at the term. SO the changes they are making it is letting reps change the account plan back to a contract plan NOW so that the customer will be able to upgrade. SO they are still avaliable it is just something that you have to look more into and call us because people didn’t understand what they were really getting into when they changed it online. Sorry about the web site today it was a crazy day at the call center as well, things should be resolved no later then WED this week

      • Magenta Magic

        To switch from EM+ to EM you have to perform a qualifying upgrade at the very least. Can’t just switch because you wanna…

  • http://tmonews dcb

    Relax people! EM+ has not been taken away…..there have been some system issues with the launch of the new plans and I have no idea why they are not available on the website but there has no communication to us whatsoever that these plans are discontinued and they are still available in our systems to activate for people if they choose…..there us no way that these would be discontinued without a communication about it so as of now there is no need to

  • down…. website has been down for me for most of the day

  • danbutter

    Wow. I hope that it comes back…I had planned on getting the EM+ in just a couple weeks from now. Won’t do contract with them again…well not two years anyway.
    Do they still have a one year contract option??

  • Fabian

    Ya, I called and they were able to instil it, if I wanted. I was uber upset Ithought that it was gone,.

  • Russ

    Yeah, they dropped account credit lines across the board (EM and EM+ plans) like a week ago. I’ve had some irritated customers.

    It would actually make a LOT of sense if they dropped the EM+ plans, they really suck for retail reps, and they’re stupid and confusing for customers. With the new Prepaid plans it would REALLY make a lot of sense to drop EM+, then you have a prepaid alternative if contracts aren’t for you.

    Assuming they give customers the ability to convert back to EM plans.

    • g8351427

      I think the EM+ are pure genius. I do realize that most people are stupid and do not get their value, but don’t make the rest of us suffer.

      I went into a retail store, looked at the difference in price between a MT4G w/contract and without. It is a choice of $200 today and $20 increase in monthly cost for the 24 month contract or $50 today and $22 a month for 19 months. Hmmm, I wonder which is more affordable.

      There is no such thing as a free phone or even a heavily discounted one. The carrier will get you to pay for the phone either up front or over the life of the contract. And then keep collecting from you even after you have paid off the cost of the phone in higher monthly rates. Your choice.

    • remixfa

      nah russ,
      it would be better if they just dropped the lowest class of flexpay no contract since they have the new prepaid plans that circumvent them. that would be less confusion. no contract is great for most people… most just dont realize it at

  • NiteWalker

    When I spoke to t-mobile earlier I asked specifically if they were doing away with EM+. The rep I spoke to (very knowledgeable since she helped me with a phone problem I was having we were on the phone for a long while talking) said they’re not getting rid of it; just changing the name.

    As of 10:10 est I can still go into my account and change to a different EM+ plan. I’m on the 3000 talk+unlimited text family plan for $99 and 2 additional lines for $0 (kids are free promo).

  • going_home

    I am on the original “Android” / loyalty plan when I did the pre-buy on the G1.
    $49.99 unlimited minutes in the US and $24.99 unlimited data, 400 texts.
    My contract ran out last month so currently no contract (dont really want another one either).

    A while back I bought a Nexus One on Craigslist and my bills have not changed.
    I use the wifi hotspot a lot at work.

    So heres my questions TMO people :

    1) Will I be charged for wifi hotspot useage now ?

    2) If I buy a G2 on Craigslist, will using a 4G phone make my charges go up ?

    I dont want my grandfathered plan to change….its about $92.00 a month with taxes and insurance.
    Hopefully a TMO employee can shed some light.


    • 2FR35H

      1) I wouldn’t think so

      2) No

    • Magenta Magic

      If you tether, you will have to add the $15/mo tether feature, otherwise nothing should change. Data network speed doesn’t change your billing. (Imagine if it did… “Sorry, the 4G towers are wonky today and only offering EDGE… so you get 50% today’s prorated data charges…” ugh, nevermind, confusing…)

  • shadowdawg

    Hmm.. Maby it’s removed for marketing purpose, to boost sales for 24
    Em+ plans are still available under the add a line tab so not sure, what’s also weird is the upgrade option is now removed for me:(

  • hector

    as far as i know the use of wi-fi on any phone has notting to do with tmobile so no worries there ever,as for the 4g phone if you dont have data connection no worries there also but then you wont have the use of 4g without data, now if your saying if you can still use your data that you ready have with the 4g phone am sure you can ,

    • going_home

      I am asking about using the wifi hotspot feature on my Nexus, not using a wifi connection for internet. They started charging today for tethering and wifi hotspot features.

  • Pig Vomit

    I’ve got an Even More 1000 Min plan with unlimited web and a grandfathered $5/month for 300 texts, paying $85/mo. Tried to switch over to the promotional plan for Even More 1500 unlimited text and web, they told me I couldn’t do it. I didn’t really understand it, and asked for clarification. The person I spoke with said it was because they consider the promotional plan to include $20/month for the web, where I’m currently considered to be paying $30/month for the web. As such, they won’t let me “downgrade” my Vibrant to this plan.

    Anyone else had a similar problem, or did I just get a salesperson who didn’t know what she was doing?

    • SublimeDavid

      You can move to it so I would try calling Cust Care again. Some are not as inclined to do it and others will gladly do it, I can tell you it is an option you have just be nice to the rep you talk to.

  • Sunny

    If you’re still wanting the no-contract plans, the magic word may be “FlexPay.” Link:

    • colinnwn

      I see that page says Flexpay at the top, and EM+ on the itemized lines. I’m not sure what T-Mo is up to, doing stupid, or just has a messed up website.

      Flexpay used to be prepaid – see this fAQ

      EM+ used to be postpaid. I know, I’ve had it since month 1.

      If they are combining the 2 different products, and switching me to prepaid, with all its problems and CSR issues, I’m history.

  • samoled

    If I buy a Mytouch 4g from craigslist, do I have to switch my plan to a 4g plan? or can I keep my current plan. Since the network is the same and only the phone’s capabilities change the speed, the plan I have shouldn’t be an issue, right? It’s recieving the same signal on the same network.

  • jinishans

    I too saw EM+ today morning, when I was trying to find HD7 aka Windows Phone 7 wihtout contract. I’m from ATT, iPhone 3G, planning to move to TMo. But, these forceful movement to different plans, make me scary not to move to TMo. What’s happening to existing TMo customers is really not a good sign for someone from other carriers panning to move to TMo. :(

    • colinnwn

      I’ve been with T-Mo for more than 5 years, had several of my plans no longer marketed, but every time they grandfathered me. I’ve never been forcefully moved. I’ve only chosen to upgrade when I wanted a new feature, or a newer plan was better.

  • terryjohnson16

    The problem lately is that sincere TMobile removed the get more plans with the myfaves options, TMobile has been losing customers sharply.

    Tmobile has been adding more prepaid customers than post paid in the past 2 years. Em+ is kinda hurting them.

    • colinnwn

      “adding more prepaid customers than post paid in the past 2 years. Em+ is kinda hurting them.”

      EM+ was postpaid. They may be changing that now given what is currently on the website, but it never used to be prepaid. I’ve been on EM+ for about a year.

  • km

    if i plan on getting a venue pro, is there an additional data charge? this is what’ll determine which of these new plans i choose.

  • cj

    I hate it when a company calls itself a value leader. They forget what made them a value leader, in the first place. T-mobile is now cashing in on their 4G network. Rather than offering real value for our money,they just started matching the status quo. They say we are offer the best deal, because of our 4G, but they are only fooling themselves. What I believe they should have done, was to offer 4G as cheap as 3G. Beat Sprint’s Everything Plan by about at least 20 dollars, with 4G. All they are going to do is alienate their curtain customers, who will drop them as soon possible. Many of us are loyal T-Mobile users, our affiliation to this website shows that. But we are the exception to the average phone buyer, people don’t keep allegiances any more. They go with who offers them the best deal, and phone(especially when they are all $199.99).

    • UzukiC

      Do More is very clearly competitive and offers more bang for the buck when it comes to whenever minutes, especially for 3+ lines. (Family network, remember?) It seems fair to me to call them a value leader – as much as Tmo is keeping up with the jones’ on the rate plan costs, they also need the funds to take care of long term costs to stay competitive too, so asking for $20 less from everyone on their bill may not be the best choice if Tmo still wants to value lead in the future. Price may be important, but data speeds are king, and every company needs to invest huge into it right now.

  • michael

    i pay only 144 for 5 lines and 1 ulmd web. i also have a mt4g am using my wifi hotspot right now no extra charge.

  • DylonCorp

    If EM+ goes away, I guarantee you that it will not be popularity or the low cost of the plans themselves that killed them but instead the amount of fraud going on. Soooo many 4 or 5 line smartphones open and get closed out and somehow the 19 payments left never quite get taken care of.

    • Miro

      wait, i thought only EM plans could stretch over 20 months. WHen I attempt buying a handset online it only gives me 3 months max. Although in i get $500 credit per line but we’ve been with T-Mobile for 4+ years

      not surprised that people can’t leave good enough alone

      • Viper Matrix Wireless

        EM does 3 & EM+ does 19 total.

      • colinnwn

        EM was the plan that allowed cheaper phone purchases but higher monthly cost. You could spread the lower phone purchase over 3 months. EM+ gave you cheaper monthly service, but you had to purchase the phone at full cost. To make up for this, T-Mo optionally allowed customers with qualified credit to spread the larger cost over 20 months with no interest.

        They’ve had a big problem with people not finishing their 20 monthly payments and canceling their account without paying the remaining on their phone. To combat this, they are offering less available credit to certain customers.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    I think they actually removed them to promote Even More at this time & will re-add them later when the promotion has ended.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    OK upgrading is fixed & I still have my line of credit.

    BTW the tethering plans still have not launched. So I see an issue with that.

  • Rrrush

    The EM Plus plans were a BAD IDEA from the start. Why is a non contracted rate plan CHEAPER than a contracted one? Theoretically it is based on the handset subsidy, but it is just confusing the customers. You can see this because so many customers that switched to the EM+ come in to the stores for an upgrade. Tmo tried the EM+ as a “game changer” to attempt to use a business model that does not involve subsidies. Did it change the game? Did T-Mobile add nearly as many subscribers as they would have hoped to? Apparently not. The quarterly results speak for themselves. I hope the EM+ plans are going away for good.

    That being said, I applaud T-Mobile’s efforts of late. The new promo plans that are only available on EM are great. The prepay offer is also much better. Much more aggressive advertising, and great products. This is the direction they need to continue to take.

    • mingkee

      What the HELL are you talking about?
      How much do you pay behind the phone discount?
      EM+ 3 in 1 is 20 dollars cheaper than EM, which is $480 after 2 years. It’s enough to buy a decent unlocked phone!!!
      EM+ may not be for you, but it’s a great deal if you bring in unlocked phones!!!

    • Miro

      um duh?
      EM+ is cheaper because you’re bringing your own phone OR you’re getting a phone from Tmobile without a subsidy. The EM+ plans are cheaper AND data is cheaper, at least the unlimited $30 on contract vs $25 without contract, per month.

      It makes perfect sense

      Just because there are idiots who can’t, don’t or won’t read doesn’t mean something’s bad

    • colinnwn

      EM+ wasn’t confusing to this customer. And I know T-Mo usually grandfathers the no longer offered rate plans, but if they took EM+ away from me, I’d be a new Creedo or Sprint customer.

  • mikes

    Iwas going to switch to Tmo from AT&T. I was going to get an Android phone and two feature phones. That was $79.99 for 1500 minutes, $20 for unlimited texting and $30 Android and 2X $10 for unlimited data on the feature phones. Now, if go to T-mopbile and reconfigure I have to get a $30+ data plan on all three lines! No way!

    • EstoyLoco

      So you were looking at:
      $79.99 for 1500 minutes, $20 for unlimited texting and $30 Android and 2X $10 for unlimited data.
      80+20+30+20 = $150 for 1500 mins+txt+unlimited data for 1 android and 2 featurephones.

      If you can afford an extra $20/mo. Just get the $149.99 3000 min promo plan and get 3 full fledge Androids/BB/WM7 whatever.
      $149.99 + $20 unlimited data for 3rd phone.
      $170 for 3000 mins+txt+unlimited data for 3 full fledged smartphones.

  • Edward Mullens

    You think they will ever be able to figure out that changing rate plans and promotions ALL the time, adding in new “areas of importance” and then dropping them shortly, and having a system of plans and prices that noone ever understands is BAD FOR BUSINESS and BAD FOR CUSTIMERS? Seriously do they not understand what simplicity and being consistant are?

  • mingkee
    • zuben

      So if those plans are now flexpay, are those of us who were postpaid going to have to use flexpay rules? Especially if we have always paid our bills on time?
      Also, about the 4G. My phone can’t use it. It’s unlocked European. So they can’t throttle me back to edge since that’s all I can use. I can’t check usage as website is still buggered. I’m not sure what the other phone on the account used as we only added web in September.

    • zuben

      That link still works, however, if you try to find it from the main page, you get a page that tells you how to get a phone, and says to check at your local store for a flexpay plan. To even find that, had to use the site map link.

  • aagvain

    i needed to move a line off of a family and was able to get an EM+ plan yesterday. wouldnt let me login until this morning and my plan shows up as even more plus

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    I have not seen one EM+ account that was actually Postpaid. Dont you gotta pay to get your services before the new billing cycle?

    • sirphunkee

      You can have EM+ plans that are prepaid (flexpay) or postpaid. I used to have a flexpay EM+ plan, up until about 6 months ago, when I got “upgraded” to a post-paid account, but retained the same EM+ pricing plan.

      • Viper Matrix Wireless

        But do they not run your credit?

    • Tim

      EM+ plans are regular post-paid plans, the only difference being you don’t sign a contract… I had a post-paid plan with TMO for 4 years before switching to EM+.

  • Innuendo

    “Even More Plus Going Away!”

    Right, you guys *never* said EM+ was for sure going away, it was just speculation based off of current information.

    How about if you are just speculating maybe not put a declartive statement in the title of an article. Or at least end it with a Question mark and not an exclamation point?

    Don’t kid yourselves here tmonews, you jumped and now you look silly. When you say something and everyone interprets your words as meaning on thing, you, as decent, honest, journalists, are at fault. That title alone is an afront on calculated journalism. In other words, “Tmonews doing away with trying to vet information!”

    I was just going off of current information…it is a bid odd they make such a blanket title :)

  • WXman

    Show me one state in the entire contiguous 48 where TMo has 3G in more than half of it’s coverage area. Just one. You can’t. Most people will NEVER see 3G pop up on their phones, much less this “4G” they keep falsely advertising about. TMo has many good qualities… their network isn’t one of them. They suck. And I’m sick of the misleading ads they are putting on TV. With TMo.. it’s GPRS or EDGE almost everywhere. The ONLY good thing about that new commercial I saw is that they poke fun at the iPhone.

    • DatNizzle

      What are you talking about? I live in Raliegh, NC. Nowhere near a big city, and have 3g everywhere I go. If you live in the suburbs or in a rural area forget 4g, it’s not for you. My phone used to always say 3g, now it just always says H.
      I work in a smaller town and have no problem getting 3g, even better signal in the warehouse than everyone else. T-mobile’s signal is great for me.
      I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, the problem is you live in a hole-in-the-wall, that’s your choice, not T-mobile’s fault.

    • Who2Host

      I live 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA and I never get 3g or hspa in my town. We only get edge with T-Mobile and sometimes still gprs in some cases. It’s a small town, but Verizon and Sprint both have very fast internet speeds. I have been patient with T-Mobile in waiting for them to upgrade, but my contract is up and I can get Verizon’s family plan with superior data coverage more minutes and 10 numbers to call for free for the same price I’m paying for EDGE with T-Mobile.

      • DatNizzle

        I said it once I’ll say it again. If you describe the city you live in by telling me how close it is to a real city, your data will suck. Period. I’m sure Pittsburgh has 3 even 4g, because of population density. Some random suburb is not going to have fast data. As i said the problem is your choice of location.
        When we travel to the boondocks to see my girl’s family we don’t get a signal, no one but US cellular does. It’s because there are not enough people for a big company to worry about. That’s the way it is.

        • Who2Host

          Did you read my post? VERIZON AND SPRINT HAVE 3G HERE, Just not T-Mobile. AT&T has 3G here in some spots, but t-mobile has absolutely no 3G anywhere in my town, all EDGE.

          So to say that they have the best network or anywhere even close is total crap.

  • MIke

    I’ll tell you whats going going. T Mobile just came out with their “limited time” pricing on some of their rate plans with a little more minutes for contract plans, and I would bet T Mobile took away EM+ to get people to sign up for those contract plans until their limited time pricing expires.

    I also find it odd though that other social media sites haven’t reported the EM+ plans as “missing” from the plan pricing page.

    I expected Engadget and others to have had a story up by now but I guess I’m wrong on that.

  • Who2Host

    The comparison chart is kind of deceptive. For instance, Verizon gives you 10 numbers to call for free, therefore, I wouldn’t need as many minutes. I could get the 1500 minute family plan with Verizon and get 10 numbers to call. That would eliminate the need for the extra minutes.

    IMHO, T-Mo is not competitive on the family plans. They only give you nights and weekends and tmo to tmo. Other carriers give you either unlimited wireless calling no matter the network or extra numbers that are unlimited.

    Step your game up T-Mo!

    • http://tmonews dc

      So you think that verizon is competitive on family plans??? Their 1400 minute family plan with the 10 friends and family and texting is the same price as T-Mobile’s unlimited family plan with unlimited texting…..if you have unlimited minutes then “freinds and family” or “my faves” doesn’t matter…. research please.

      • Who2Host

        For me, having 10 numbers to share along with 1400 minutes is virtually unlimited. Also, if you get a Google number and use GV callback and set your google number as one of your fave numbers it is unlimited….research please.

        • Who2Host

          I don’t really use text so I’m looking at the their $89 plan for 1400 minutes and the 10 numbers + data.

        • http://tmonews dcb

          but the price is the same…. with unlimited minutes you dont have to worry about minutes or who is in your friends and family….what research would you suggest?? my point was more to the “value” of t-mobile related to verizon not whether 1400 minutes is enough for some people

  • http://none wannabe

    Any one has any ideas When are retailers like wirefly, amazon and costco wireless are going to start offering this $10 data plan ? want to move to tmobile with 2 lines but dont want unlimited web on both lines…

  • RJ

    So has anyone received a definitive answer on if you are already an EM+ customer, if you can keep your plan and price? I’m concerned because those plans were non-contract and I assume they could change at anytime.

    • http://tmonews dcb

      even if em+ were to be discontinued you will be able to keep it as long as you want….em+ is still alive and well so nothing to worry about right now…it mat be phased out eventually as rate plans continue to evolve with all carriers….I have worked for t-mobile for several years and i have never seen us force anyone to change.

  • rhomaion
    • http://tmonews dcb


  • Mike

    I’m a current customer of t-mo on the unlimited family plan for $180. I just tried logging into my account and switching to the even more 3000 for $150 with unlimited web and it doesn’t give me that plan option. However when I log out of my account and review the available plans its right there! Is this plan only for new customers?

  • Craigers

    I love this site, I really do but sometimes the comments on here remind me of South Park… “rabble! rabble! rabble!” 8)

    “Lovingly” Sent from my iPad

  • Mustang8918

    I just logged into my account and it showed and allowed me to change my EM+ account to one with more minutes.

  • carlos


    after years of contemplating, i am finally ready to jump on the smartphone bandwagon (i’ve never had a smartphone). my intitial intentions were to buy the cell (HD7) upfront and committ to EM+ plans, but it appears as though this form of service is on a shaky edge. going through the t-mobile website, though, i was intrigued by the 500-min, unlimited text, 200mb web contract service for 59.99 a month; the monthly price definitely suits me. for those of you out there with smartphones and web/data services, is 200mb too little a limit? i plan to integrate my email and facebook accounts to the phone, and of course will be doing some web browsing when my day is slow and a computer isn’t near by. any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

    • colinnwn

      It seems most people who don’t stream internet music (from something like Pandora) and don’t stream videos, use less than 200mb/mo, perhaps 100-150. So I think you’d be fine with that plan.

      However EM+ postpaid plans are still available by calling, or going into a T-Mo store, and perhaps the website will be fixed to where you can order EM+ (not prepaid). If one of those plans suits your fancy more, I’d call or go in. I’ve never had T-Mo force me off a plan because they quit offering it. And usually most add-ons and upgrades for that plan series continue to be available.

      There’s really no reason to worry they’ll quit offering a specific plan, unless you want that plan and haven’t signed up yet.


    So now EM+ Customers cant upgrade there phones??
    I had 1051 Line of Credit and Prior to a week, I was going to get the MT4G and the Purchase Option was there. Now the Option to purchase is Gone!!! along with my credit line wrf??

    • DREAMA

      Never mind…It has returned. But 4days ago it was gone!