Now This Is Just Getting Weird, Micro-sim Cards Arriving At T-Mobile Stores

Update: There seems to be a pretty mixed opinion on this but it sounds like these are for the Galaxy Tab.

Ok so now this is just getting weird, first the iPhone cable arrives and now Micro-sim cards arrive. Need we remind anyone that Micro-sim cards are what powers the Apple iPad and iPhone 4. As of yet, no other devices in the United States work with this sim card so it begs the question, why is T-Mobile receiving them? Boygenius pinged T-Mobile earlier today and received word back the cables themselves are for customers who are using unlocked iPhone handsets, just like we thought would be the logical reason. Ok fine, we’ll give them that, it does indeed make a lot of sense that T-Mobile would carry accessories for ALL their customers as many of you pointed out, they did carry accessories for the Nexus One in store, a phone that wasn’t sold at any of their retail outlets.

Yet, the sim card images push the issue a little further away from the logical and into the “just what is going on” realm. We can’t say anything at this point as simply do not know and we would urge that there are no present indicators T-Mobile is set to receive the iPhone any time in the near future. So we might wonder if T-Mobile is making a transitional shift to Micro-sim cards? Are they more functional or do they have more memory? Just what is going on!

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  • xfooyen

    IT’S NOT UH TOOMAH…it’s not…it’s not uh toomah.

  • josh

    the microsim is for the HSPA+ Voltron fighting giant robots due out next week


    Omg now I am going to have to get the Nexus 2 and the Iphone 4g.. this is going to give me a hard on.. Lol

  • NokiaN900User

    Its not the iPad. Ipad doesnt have the AWS band frequency. As stated above, galaxy Tab uses this.

    • Josh M.

      tab doesnt use a microsim…it uses standard size sim

    • redman12

      TABS uses regular sim… go look at the first page comment for videos..

  • Bimmerz

    Well let’s see… New in Tmobile’s inventory… iPhone cable (check), iPhone micro-sim card (check)! So I guess the only accessory missing now is the bumper case…? ;)

  • tipsofme

    T-Mobile is now allowed to sell supporting products for unlocked iphones thanks to it NOW being legal as of this summer. The new CEO is doing this to ramp up for X-Mas sales. Don’t read into it. Move along please, move along.

    • Josh M.

      its legal, but carriers still can prevent users from jailbreaking or rooting…
      i.e. G2

    • ambrosia

      jailbreaking is legal. unlocking has not been dubbed legal. just jailbreaking.

      • GenesisDH


        The exemption ruling that allowed for jailbreaking/rooting to be legal ALSO allows for unlocking a device by the end user.

        From the U.S. Copyright Office website regarding DMCA exemptions:
        (3) Computer programs, in the form of firmware or software, that enable used wireless telephone handsets to connect to a wireless telecommunications network, when circumvention is initiated by the owner of the copy of the computer program solely in order to connect to a wireless telecommunications network and access to the network is authorized by the operator of the network.

        This includes unlocking, as that allows an end user to ‘connect to a wireless telecommunications network.’ But, it also requires that the network being used (in this case being T-Mobile) allows for them to work. These items, the MicroSIM and the USB sync cable, seem to indicate T-Mobile as more-or-less allowing such iPhone use.

        Hence, YES, unlocking is legal. You can’t be prosecuted criminally (or to an extent civilly) for jailbreaking/rooting your device or unlocking it to be used on a certain carrier as long as such use isn’t done for commercial purposes and is started by the end user (which makes these unlocking classified ads and ‘unlocking stores’ illegal according to the DMCA).

        As far as forcing a carrier or manufacturer to willing allow a phone to be jailbroken/rooted/easily unlocked is a different matter. We all know Apple works hard to keep jailbreaking and unlocking from happening, and recently so has some other OEMs and carriers (hence the ‘rooting a G2’ comment above).

  • patrickhuey

    I’m not sure why tmobile would be bashing on the iphone and such with the mytouch 4G and then carry the phone.

    • Bimmerz

      Tmo is not bashing the iPhone, they are bashing AT&T. Tmobile is not stupid, they don’t want to lose their iPhone in the UK – or any possible future US iPhone. :)

  • steve-o

    ummm, dude, clean your nails before taking a picture with your fingers in it next time….. seriously

    • Joe

      Uggh! Thanks a LOT for pointing that out… friggin gross!

    • Brandon

      :shrug: Some of us have REAL jobs not pushing papers, you know, where we actually get our hands dirty. Don’t get a papercut in that cubicle of yours, might have to rush you off to the hospital and make a workers comp claim :rolleyes:.

  • trini_pirate

    LOL seems they’re for iPhone 4’s once they get unlocked in the back of the store

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    But there is an AWS Prototype of the iPhone 4 & that uses a Micro-SIM.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Ummm you do know that they are under NDA especially for Apple they will NOT disclose anything when it comes to Apple. Im just saying.

  • Magenta Magic

    I’ve not seen either of these in my Columbus OH store (yet)… but with the exclusivity ending soon (?), why not? Also, with jailbreaking legal… why not? With so many iPhones on T-Mobile… why not?

    Doesn’t mean the phone is coming.

    However… when a phone does launch, what’s the first thing to arrive in stores?

    (waits for it…)


  • doooshty

    This makes perfect sense. Why just single AT&T out..why not Verizon or Sprint? Simple, ATT has the iphone, but if every one knows that it’s not going to be exclusive for long, then why use money on a series of ads that will be useless soon. The simple answer is because they are getting the iPhone. The ads are serving two purposes. Right now, They are using the ad to drive customers to the MyTouch 4G ans they are educating customers about how the iPhone is limited by AT&T’s network. So when iPhone is release on T-mobile they will have already laid the ground work as far as letting customers know why the should choose and iPhone on THEIR network.

    I imagine any Facetime will get a “face lift” for use on t-mobile’s “4G” network. I would go as far to say, that if Apple is interested in providing face time over a provider’s network there isn’t really one better equipped to handle the bandwidth requirements than Magenta’s

  • alex

    And to fan the flames more, remember att changed the unlm data plans to 150mb for 20 bucks All because of the data hogging slowing the network down. Tmo stated months ago they can sustain the iphone.

  • kebanyo

    it all makes sense! T-Mo is bashing AT&T about our 4G/HSPA+, the iPhone usb cables and now the microSIMs. it’s t-mo’s way of telling at&t to give it up, we are taking your one and only reason you are a cellular company. It starts with an “i” and ends in a “phone.” ;)

  • LarryV

    So T-Mobile is blasting the iPhone4 & AT&T big time in their recent commercials but you all think that T-Mobile will get the iPhone4 even though the iPhone4 is not a HSDPA+ device… riiiight….

    • JB6464

      Not everybody cares about HSPA+ .
      Some are just lucky to get 3G signal throughout their city.
      Plus the iphone is still in very high demand no matter who sells the phone.

    • VibrantOwnr

      they could get another version of the iphone which supports tmobile 3g/4g

    • k-mack

      Uh, I think everyone is talking about an iPhone that could come out, not one that is out already!… it doesn’t even work on the tmobile frequencies so it would be a new one made to work for tmobile. If that were true, I think you would know that it would of course support the hspa+ network. Right?…ok, good. I like the idea, that’s for sure! It is strange to call out a specific network with a specific phone…who knows….

    • doooshty

      They aren’t bashing the iPhone 4, they are saying that a cool phone is CRIPPLED because out the crappy network it is on. Look how the portray the iPhone…young/hip/cool. Now look at the way they show AT&T, old lethargic man. Id the recent online only add, they show the iPhone trying to ESCAPE from AT&T’s network…hmm. They have never attacked the iPhone, just the network holding it back.

  • davidohio

    Maybe, just maybe, the cable is for current I phone users on the network and the micro sim card is for a new device that t-mobile will be launching for the holidays? Maybe the new sidekick hspa+ device. Who knows at this point but just because the I phone 4 is not hspa+ now does not mean that it can’t be made that way. Just maybe?

  • 007

    please tmobile will never get iphone….
    it all hype…

    • jesse

      Iphone 4 already sold by tmobile uk they also had the hd2 months before it launched in the us tmobile is selling it all over europe and online just saying hd2 was tested in uk for tmobile possibly iphone4 being tested aswell

  • hater

    I’m not interested in an iPhone but this comment from engadget makes too much sense to me…..”It’s important to note that T-Mobile has carried Nexus One accessories this year, too, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think that they’re just trying to cater to the unlockers who are already using iPhones on T-Mobile — but then again, we’d argue that the people savvy enough to do that probably aren’t shopping for overpriced cables in carrier stores.”

  • kebanyo

    If people took the time to look at the commercial and read between the lines you would realize that T-Mobile isn’t bashing on the iPhone 4. They are bashing on AT&T. So stop hating on the iPhone and stop being a fanboy because all you have is your motorola razr from 2005.

    • hater

      Haha! I’m using a Samsung SGH-T139 flip phone. But that’s only because I can ony use my G1 when its connected to the charger and I don’t want to use my upgrade just yet.

  • some internet dude

    mmmmmm first Tmo is getting the iPhone charger cable, now the micro Sims. thats two thing the iPhone uses. Interesting.

    Still Android Rules

  • JuniorJunior

    “The” store started getting iphone/ipod cable chargers yesterday… we couldnt figure out why,unless iphone is coming our way too.

  • Jay Badman

    Clean them Dirty NAILS LOL!!

  • ClickMe

    t-mobile introduced micro sim cards to tech support about 10 months ago. it is not for the iphone. it will be for future data cards.

    • JB6464

      ^ Yeah right!

  • Joseph Singer

    The business part of the SIM i.e. the gold bits are the same size as a mini-SIM.

  • Domingo Ramos

    the micro sim is for the unlocked iphone 4… i ask t-mobile and they say that its because ppl are asking how to make the sim work on the iphone 4 or ipad so they carry the sim card now too.. 25.00

  • pseagraves

    i heard that the mytouch 4g actually uses the micro sim. But im not 100% sure on that, Aaron never popped the sim card out in his review of the the mytouch 4g.

    • pseagraves

      i went back and watched the mytouch 4g unboxing and it does appear that the MyTouch 4g DOES have a micro sim

      • pseagraves

        nvm went back and rewatched it. regular sim, thats what i get for listening to my gf

  • Edgar Tenorio

    I got a replacement sim card about a year or maybe a bit longer ago and the size of the sim itself was normal size but the gold chip was the size of a micro sim card so T-Mobile has used micro sim chips for a while now. I think I’ll post a picture of it later. Anyways random story, I still hope it’s for an official iPhone! ;D

  • Frank thomas

    As is shown on numerous YouTube videos, the samsung galaxy tab uses regular sim cards. Do your research some more tmonews. Sent from iPad 3G on tmobile ;-)

  • Frank thomas

    Engadget did report back in June that the iphone 4 was pentaband hspa capable. Maybe the iPhone 3.2 reference everyone has been talking about is actually a software edit to realize the full potential of the hardware as opposed to a verizon version.

  • henry

    so how available are these? i’d love to get my hands on one. im using an iphone 4 on tMo now with a “cut” sim and it isnt the best cut… i have to reseat it probably once a week. i’d love to get one that actually has a proper fit…

  • Petey

    Hope to see the iPhone w/ TMobile, and hope tmo don’t jack up their price or do anything like AT&T (trying to ripping people off and all). I’ll pick up 3 if T-Mobile decides to carry them.

  • The android creep

    Well, keep in mind how greedy apple is and how much control they will want. Also, i am sure they might be talking with tmo about those unlocked iphones on their network now-if they are even discussing some sort of deal to carry the idrone. I think this will get ugly real quick for those customers with unlocked zombie phones…

    • Petey

      I agreed about how apple is too controlling on their products (which i hates), In this situation, I don’t think Apple would let T-mobile sells any of apple products without having a deal and an agreement of some sort (the iPhone or iPad?).

      I hear a lot of stuff about the new CEO, how he’s aggressive and all… so we’ll gotta wait and see what’s really up their sleeves lol. I think if the iPhone was available at T-Mo, I think it will really help T-Mo.

  • TmoFOSho

    between this and the data cable, im just wondering when we will add unlocking as a official process…lol

  • Lizzy

    Select T-Mobile stores will soon begin carrying iPod/iPhone charge and Sync cables to support customers who may be using an unlocked iPhone or are traveling from outside the United States and using an iPhone while roaming on our network. T-Mobile carries the iPhone in Europe, so many people traveling to the U.S. roam on our network with their iPhones. The iPod/iPhone cable also makes a great companion product for our line of MicroUSB charging solutions. The cable can be plugged into the USB port of the universal MicroUSB car, wall or two-in-one chargers to provide customers with a charging solution for their iPod when they are on the go.

  • Doak Winston


  • PowerMove

    I thought there is no way we were getting the iPhone but the coincidences are really starting to add up. The cables, the microsims and my schedule has been changed for next week for a some new dark project that we are rolling out. Add all of that with the new CEO Phillip Humm being the one who brought the iPhone to T-Mo Germany and I’m starting to think it might actually happen. I don’t know how they would be able to keep this one under wraps but man at&t would be hit with a torpedo if that’s the case!

  • Frank thomas

    Yes, something is defiantly afloat with t-mobile. It may not be iphone related, and I am surprised that has not caught on to this yet, but employees were told they could not take Saturday the 20th off and many stores were given extra employee hour allotments for the week. If not iPhone, maybe another free phone day? We will know soon.

  • Charles

    does tmobile sell micro sims?

    • Santi Go

      No, They Do Not. 

    • Santi Go

      No, They Do Not. 

  • Anonymous

    Whoops.. Double Post.

  • Anonymous

    Whoops.. Double Post.

  • Anonymous

    Upon request our customer care reps can send you a micro sim card for iPhone 4’s and iPads.

  • Anonymous

    Upon request our customer care reps can send you a micro sim card for iPhone 4’s and iPads.

  • Mark

    Does that mean there is a HIGH chance that the N9 Meego phone will be coming to T-Mo?… Interesting…