Nexus S Specs Leaked?

The Nexus S leaks continue, with another leaked image from Best Buy internal systems. This particular snapshot shows some specs of the Nexus S and confirms T-Mobile as the designated service provider for the handset. According to the image, the Nexus S, sadly, won’t be 4G capable as the technology details reveal the handset is only able to handle HSUPA 5.76 (uplink)/7.2 (Downlink). The image also confirms that the Nexus S will sport a 5 megapixel camera, and a 1500 mAh battery.

Is the lack of 4G going to be a deal breaker for you?


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  • enjoijams

    According to screenshot:
    Nexus S Dimensions: 63.5 x 124.4 x 12.7mm
    Compared to Vibrant: 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9mm

  • Bimmerz

    Not having HSPA+ is probably a deal breaker for me. *sighs* WTF were they thinking?! Oh well, it is what it is – next?!

    • NokiaN900User

      Its more like the chipset doesnt support HSPA+

    • Carl

      Agreed! Google took a big step when they launched the N1 that had many new features like the 1Ghz processor, so you would think that they would be on top of their game with HSPA+ as well… This will make it tough for me, I do like the AOLED screen a lot and FFC.

    • thaghost

      come on guuuys! join the mt4g team.

      • RockTripod

        I hate my myTouch. I miss my Vibrant every day…

        • Bimmerz

          I feel you, as I miss my Epic – which is why I had such high hopes for this phone, as it would have been a good replacement. But hopefully those aren’t the true specs, and that it will have HSPA+…although, I am not holding my breath.

          Haven’t ruled out the MT4G, just haven’t jumped on it yet. So we’ll see…

  • NokiaN900User

    This is a bestbuy exclusive. Might require new contracts to get it

  • Chet

    Okay, I guess unless something amazing happens, it’ll still be two MY4g’s please.

    I definitely want that HSPA+ service.

  • jaythe01

    looks like mytouch wins out. love htc a little more than sammy. plus now that its rooted we can also now put stock froyo and eventually gingerbread. damn you sammy for ruining my hopes and dreams for NEXUS. Now how about MOTOROLA or SONY ERICSSON get a crack at it?

  • Bigmerf

    No HSPA =’S a no go for me. phuck!

    • mjN1

      Me too

  • JM

    The fact that hardware manufacturers aren’t currently making HSPA+ enabled phones is mind-boggling! 4G is the new 3G, and to dismiss this fact is idiocy! Making phones that aren’t 4G-enabled already makes them dated and obsolete!

  • jmts80

    You were so close Samsung but no HSPA+ means no deal for me. Thanx for playing though…

    • dan

      perfectly stated, sir or madam.

  • amnic

    Wasn’t the original Nexus an HTC phone, and not a Samsung???

    • Farhan

      That is correct.

  • crazyfunky

    No 4G? Really? It seems to me that no one is EVER going to release the phone that has ALL the features. The Evo had everything, bar the super amoled screen. This phone will have everything bar the 4G, not to mention samsung’s infamous inability to update their phones. Thank you tmonews for this. My new mytouch 4G will arrive tomorrow and I have no regrets.

    • thaghost

      great choice. i love my red one. its a great phone.

    • 2FR35H

      Scratch samungs inability to update their phones because one.. Galaxy S is already getting 2.2 around the world including america soon.

      But most importantly because this phone’s software is handled by Google being that it is a Nexus.

  • alex32g2

    hah, sticking with my g2..forget what i said earlier

    • Shawn


  • fish

    The google ceo said they aren’t putting out another phone. What makes you think this phone’s android updates will be managed by google? Just because it’s called a nexus does not make it a nexus 2.

    I asked this in another thread but no replies.

    • thaghost

      and i read it in the other thread. lol. i believe it will get updated before many others because it is stock. all of the hype that made these people wait and want this phone has let some people down. many people are disappointed with the look. it looks like a suped up vibrant (which looks like a iphone 3gs) with stock and ffc. i do believe that it will be a top notch phone however. it just rubs people the wrong way that samsung is behind it after all of the complaints with the galaxy phones.

    • Evan

      If its a Nexus phone, its a Nexus phone….How could it not be a Nexus if its called a Nexus? And also, don’t believe CEO’s, they will say anything for you to buy their present product, instead of holding out for next years phone.

      • fish

        I don’t believe the motorola or samsung ceo’s…but if it was going to be the google nexus 2, rather than the samsung nexus, wouldn’t the google ceo say something to the effect of “yes, we are going to use this samsung phone as the nexus 2 development phone”?

        • Evan

          The CEO doesn’t have to say anything technically, and especially since this phone doesn’t actually exist “yet”.

        • Hamster

          Well, there was an engadget article yesterday showing pictures that were uploaded to flickr and whatever that were taken with a device called a Nexus S. They reported that the users who did this were either connected to Google or family members of those connected to Google. Certainly sounds like dev phone practice to me there.

          Besides I don’t think the Google CEO said they wouldn’t “put out another phone”, just that *they* wouldn’t sell it directly.

  • somebody

    no hspa mean no buy for me

    whats the difference between this and the vibrant ?

    • Nexus S

      The difference is this one will have a Front Facing Camera (you can modify the vibrant to do that) will have Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and a 1.2 Ghz processor. It’s a little bit wider too and I think it looks more like an all black MT4G.

    • 2FR35H

      This is what the Vibrant should have been. But they still forgot HSPA+ which assuming thats the only thing bad is really not that bad. If you have the Vibrant though its not much of a step up. FFC, Stock Android 2.3 supported by Google for future development, Flash 5mp Camera…. Possibly a better processor other than those not really much else. Its like pretty much asking HD2 or HD7, HD2 has already been hacked to do everything including WP7 but HD7 just looks a lot nicer I bet it will have the same hacks as HD2 with due time.. Same in this situation with Vibrant.

  • Robert

    Any chance this phone is going to have a working GPS or compass?

  • samoled

    Why is Tmobile releasing top of the range phones that are absolete? The windows phone comes after G2 and does not have 4g capabillity. Now they’re going to ruin the Nexus name. Why would anyone purposely buy a phone that runs on a slower network?

    Btw I played with a mt4g today and it was super laggy, got stuck on home screen twice. The touch screen was not all that responsive either. I just wish the GPS worked on the Vibrant and I would be set. Why can’t a manufacturer step up and give us a phone that does everything it’s supposed to and is not with ATT

    • IDS07 has several fixes for the GPS, its easy to fix and you can always return to stock…

    • bbman911

      I don’t believe the my4g is laggy at all, I can use this and my vibrant side by side and always have to wait for the Sammy to catch up, you had a bad demo unit…

    • Will

      then you must have been playing with an ubber defective device. Mine has NOT a single instant of lag, the screen is very responsive and it has never got stuck on me at all. Not saying the one you messed with didn’t obviously I’m just saying that mine is not like that. One phone out of thousands/millions doesn’t mean it holds true for the rest. In every batch of phones you’re gonna get a bad apple.

      Oh well just one more MyTouch 4G left for someone that will appreciate it’s amazingness!

      Sorry you had to experience this beast like that =(

      I agree with you though about stepping up and giving us a phone that does everything all in one device. Fingers crossed it may some day happen lol….who am I kidding.

      • Tmoled

        I agree that it must have been defective, i couldn’t imagine that all of them are that bad. It just sucks, I was excited to see what it could do. I got 4.5mbps out of it and around 3 from my vibrant side by side. I didnt want to argue with sales people, but it’s very irresponsible of them to have a lemon on the floor. The average person walks in and walks away from this phone. I’m going to try a different store and give it another shot. Tried quadrant score, but it kept freezing. Really wanted to be dazzled, little disappointed.

        • pdxmatts

          Demo units are constricted and not running at full potential. The MT4G is amazingly fast with no lag. It’s the best phone on TMO’s line up.

  • wrekerxx

    wtf? why would they not make this hspa+

  • wrekerxx

    maybe the delay is to put a hspa+ chipset in it?

    • Bimmerz

      One can only hope! But doubtful.

    • axxsooner

      People please remember this is the same company that brought you the behold 2. i for one will never let that stray far from my mind no matter the specs or promises of a real google experience. Just say sucker and your in!!

  • redman12

    It doesn’t make any sense to not include HSPA+ =( ridiccccccc

  • Galen20K

    Heart my brand new Plum myTouch 4G!! altho this looks nice also but lack of 4G on a new Nexus sucks.!

  • kevin

    Is this going to be a 4.0 or 4.3 oled? So far it just sounds like a vibrant without the wiz. The other issue is samsung seems to have problems with updating the OS
    think I will stick with HTC

  • jason

    It says HSUPA, isnt that the same?

    • terryjohnson16

      No. Hsupa is the upload speed.

      It needs to say hspa+ which is either 14.4 or 21 download at this time.

  • bbman911

    so glad I didn’t buy into the hype…instead, I’ve been cruising on 4G the past few weeks on my G2 and a MT4G…Sammy hardware sucks anyway, except the screen

  • George

    afterall, it’s still a SAMSUNG….nah…if it’s HTC then it will be a whole different story

  • Billy

    Newbie here, with this phone not having HSPA what won’t the phone be able to do? My biggest concern is video calling, will you be able to make video calls on this phone?

    • Vibrant Addict

      You should be able to make video calls on the phone over 3G. The key difference is limited to only 7.2mbps download speed compared to the current HSPA+ of 21? That’s all it is.

      It all depends on where you live. Personally, I’m fine with my 7.2 limit on my phone, as I average around 3’s max in my area.

  • Evan

    Why would they have a FFC and not support HSPA+?

  • Jmc87

    The 5 megapixel camera its also a deal breaker . (wish it had an 8 mp camera with dual led flash)

  • Lance

    No HSPA+, no sale. I already have a MT4G and was considering taking it back pending more news on THIS phone. Oh well. I’d prefer OTA vanilla updates, but looks like I’ll just have to keep and root my phone. The display on the MT4G isn’t bad and that’s the ONLY think the Samsung built phones have over the MT4G.

    • Galen20K

      Actually although the display on the myTouch 4G is Super LCD and although its not as vivid as an Super AMOLED screen, its pretty damn impressive! the colors are still very deep the Blacks are BLack and the colors have depth.

  • thereugo

    Well it looked promising but with no HSPA+ that makes no sense, come on Tmobile blast the other carriers like they have been doing you all these years. Anyway, the Mythouch4G for the wife, the G2 for that other person in the family. I’m kinda caught in the middle, either the G2 or the Mytouch4G. They both have permanent roots and the G2 has the Sense that’s running on the Desire Z and it looks sweet. Check out the video from Blackprince310 on youtube or on Phandroid. I also have heard of a phone running dual processors from motorola called the Terminator and is to run on all 4 carriers. Anybody out really think the Mytouch4G is better than the G2?

  • John M

    What!! Really!! No 4g!! C’mon!! Why do the other carriers get the cool phones? I’ll go for a rooted phone.

  • hi

    sorry…has to be said…..FAIL

    • Galen20K

      that’s what myTouch 4G and G2 owners said. ; D

    • XfooYen

      +1 but then again, this phone was fail already. No HSPA+ is the final coffin nail. Too bad. SAMOLED sure is a purdy screen. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing the Galaxy S phones have over the others.

  • Barry

    Yea that would be a deal breaker for me. I don’t see the logic. This is also the reason I fell outta love with the HD7 when the specs were released.

  • cryix

    I’m sure this has been suggested before but upon seeing the lack of hspa+ support, i’m guessing that the S in Nexus S stands for suck. or maybe slow.

    I don’t understand the use of the nexus brand like this. They had an opportunity to have a cool brand reserved for paradigm shifting handsets. Instead we’re getting reheated hardware. What gives?

  • David Thomas

    Thought I’d be a proud Nexus S owner. Hello, MyTouch 4G!!!

  • Anthony

    OK! Im over this phone. I wanted it to have T-Mobile’s 4G but now it will just be like my Nexus One. Why upgrade?… Shame on you Samsung or T-Mobile or who ever!! :/

  • Vibrant Guy

    Calm down people. Its not even out yet, ya never know what it like until you get it in your hands. Everyone complained about the G2, but you got it anyway. It has 800mhz processor, but its fast. The vibrant is no hspa+ but its just as fast on the internet as the G2. The phone wil sell, so give it a chance.

  • shackk

    no 4g, no sale…..i have a 3g Vibrant and dont need another….

  • 16309A

    This sucks, but at least my week long flip floping is over. I am going with the MT4G. Knowing 4G is out there, why go 3G? My wife has the Vibrant and it drops too many calls. So, TMO, get one of those black MT4G’s ready, I’ll be there for it Saturday. (Unless, of course, the nexus is 4G or it can make me dinner or something like that)

  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    No 4g next please

  • XfooYen

    Waaah waaah. :(

  • That guy

    FYI our hspa+ is backwards compatiable. Even tho the phone doesn’t have 4g built in it can still take advantage of the speed

  • Alex

    I will wait until Google holds the conference and releases the complete specs of this device. Holding out with the wifey if its HSPA, we will buy, if not mytouch 4g for her, G2 for me… Common Goog, don’t let us down!!!!

  • Serotheo

    I don’t know if I want this.. I mean HTC set the bar for design on the Nexus One.. this really does look plasticky, IMO more then the Vibrant, and no HSPA+ is a deal breaker.

  • osmany

    no 4g then no nexus s for me

  • Lbdagreat1

    Wtf ? Thats it samsung you’re fired! Tmobile should reject this paper weight, and let HTC true mutha f-ing g’s when it come to cell phones show samsung how it’s done.

    • Vibrant Addict

      I’ve never read HTC and true G’s on the same line. Thanks. :D

  • Lbdagreat1

    Although, I have a white MT4G and it’s great I was looking to purchasing this phone. Oh well life goes on

  • trife

    No HSPA+ and Samsung = EASY PASS for me.

    I was just in a TMO store today and messed around with the Vibrant for the millionth time. I was again put off by how fragile it felt.

    If this was a built-like-a-tank HTC device I MAY have considered it without the “4G” speeds. But Samsung? No sir, I don’t like it.

  • Lbdagreat1

    On phandroid,one of the guys commenting says he’s a manager for best buy he said that screen shot is fake. Check out derek comment on phandroid and tell me what you think

  • Hilton

    Not a deal breaker for me. My city still doesn’t even have 4G. So while I have it at work where I don’t get to enjoy it, when I’m at home I’m still on edge. This phone to me just represents an upgrade over my vibrant. Stock Gingerbread, plus 7.2 down plus FFC = Huge upgrade over Eclair Vibrant at only 2-3 down on HSPA+ and no FFC. I’ll find a sucker who can’t afford a phone and sell him my vibrant on payments and buy the Nexus S day 1

  • Vibrant Addict

    This phone has me salivating. As long as the specs are up to par, or better, than the Vibrant I am IN. Selling my Vibrant as soon as a release date is announced and getting this bad boy is my current game plan.

  • Bimmerz
    • Bimmerz

      One thing I am not seeing (so far) is FFC, which would surprise me if this didn’t have it. Needless to say, 2011 is going to be a kick-a$$ year for phones I think!

      • redman12

        It’s photoshopped, if you look under “Google C2dM service” on the picture. You can see techcrunch on there. And those icons, looks like some kid made it on paint.

        • Bimmerz

          lol thx! I didn’t look that closely, just figured Engadget leaked something new for us to drool over (since I am losing my drool for the N/S, with no HSPA+, or so it’s looking to be the case).

      • blah

        Yea saw that too, also I suspect it will still be the cortex A8 just slightly overclocked. Have the mt4g so this just confirms that my next phone will be dual core.

    • David Thomas

      What we have there is a shopped. I’d know, I’ve seen lots of ‘shops in my time.

      • Bimmerz

        Yeah, that looks to be the case David (unfortunately). Oh well, next!

    • mtnman

      Well if Endgadget is right on this one, it’ll blow all other phones away. But one thing is funny to me is that it’s say’n 14 megs download but without HSPA+. So it has to be the 1.2 Ghz processor doing all the work. If it was an HSPA+ device as well, then it would smoke anything out there.

      • blah

        14 down IS hspa+, they don’t have to say it. It’s implied assuming its real….

      • bmg314

        Yeah, sorry to say that doesn’t make much sense. A phone could have quad core 4ghz processors, but if the network only allows for, say, 7.2mb down, the hardware isn’t going to make up the difference and allow you to get more than 7.2 down.

        Or I just misunderstood you.

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      lol I just found that out and posted it on the next page.