Is T-Mobile Preparing Another Big Sale For November 20th?

We’ve been hearing quite a few whispers from our ninjas that T-Mobile reps are being prepped for something “big” on November 20th. We don’t know what it is, we just know that we’re hearing far too much in the way of whispers to ignore any longer. The chosen date is of course quite interesting with Black Friday only a few days after. Our guess is that T-Mobile wants to get out in front of the holiday deals and pull down another amazing single sales day like the Fathers Day special did a few months back. For now, we’re just hearing whispers but trust me when I say, we’re digging for info trying to learn more. Stay tuned!

P.S. It’s not the iPhone, if you say that in the comments you risk electrocution from your keyboard.

P.P.S. Ok so I was kidding when I said I didn’t have at least some idea what this is about, we believe it is in fact a repeat of the Fathers Day Sale, though this time allowing upgrades as well as new activations. We can’t insist enough that this information is unconfirmed and subject to change and/or deletion.

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  • Cellphone Chris

    No T-Mobile iPhone launch without FCC approval. Hence, no way it would launch 10 days from now without anything hitting the FCC website; the tech blogs would be all over it as soon as a report is filed.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Hey Chris, that’s not accurate, if you think back to AT&T iPhone launches they don’t pass through the FCC until the day of the launch announcement so it’s entirely possible any new iPhone would remain secret until the day it launches.

  • Joelsky

    I hope for an iPhone period…

    • john

      *electrocutes you in the balls*

      You were warned.

      • Dave


        • titopuente

          Electrocuted in his vagina….

      • Jed Clamped

        I don’t think the balls were specified. I think you just made that up.

        • BeerBellyBilly

          Ummm…Why is it always the SEX PARTS that get it?

        • Yyevo

          Because those are the parts you remember.

    • Petey

      Same here, If there isn’t any iPhone coming out… then it’s no deal. lol jk.

      I just hope it’s the iPhone & also they come out with 200mb for $10 on all phones (including smart phone) I don’t really use data on my phone anyways, but if it’s a requirement, I rather pay $10 than $20-30 since I would only use it when it’s needed.

      • deemota

        So let me get this straight, you want an iPhone but don’t use data. Hmmmm, iPhone is solely centered around data my friend.

        • g_willi

          iPhones are status symbols for the technologically challenged more than anything else. So Petey’s comment makes perfect sense… if you’re that shallow.

      • Tony

        Why even get a smartphone if you don’t use the data? That’s like buying a Ferrari and always driving the speed limit. A pointless waste of money. But then again it’s your money so do what you please.

  • Mr Tibbs

    iphone iphone iphone I know it will not happen but one can wish!!!!!

  • Henry

    if T-mobile does get the iphone should i get the iphone or keep the mytouch 4G?!

    • JB6464


      • JB6464

        Everyone can love their favorite OS/phone brand but the sales of the Iphone Blows away the others even on a crappy network like AT&T.
        If the Iphone 4 does release on T-Mobile,you will see a ungodly rush of sales that will make the others look like broken toys rejected from Christmas blowout sales.

    • Tony

      No wait until next year and get a dual proccesor phone. Unless you’re dying to buy more paid apps. What is the iphone going to do for you that the mt4g can’t? It will definately not help you get the ladies or a better job.

      • holiday


    • g_willi

      Depends… are you a self-centric, douche-bag? If so, get an iPhone, you’ll be in good company.

  • Mikey-Key

    I’m a rep and we have not heard about any sale from our higher ups… All we know is that we have a large amount of open hours for that day when compared to others.

    • Meego

      yeah, usually reps are the last to know

  • Brent

    Will not be Iphone … It seems Tmobile has position themselves with alternatives to Ipad /Iphone … to me meaning they were not able to land a deal with Apple ; who has Ipad now Verizon , I perdict that Verizon will be the next carrier of the Iphone; so with this sale coming up they should be excellent since they are trying to get a bigger subscriber base to and combat iphone /ipad users and whats coming in the near future( Jan-Feb 2011 ? ) to Verizon … have them under contract for two years till Tmobile gets Iphone ??????

    • JB6464

      Perdict , it’s already old published news that Verizon is getting a CDMA version of the Iphone in Q1 / 2011 .
      And you can buy the Ipad without AT&T contract as well. Next they will jailbreak/unlock it and people will be using it on T-Mobile service as well.
      Verizon may get the CDMA Iphone , but maybe after the GSM AWS version is released.
      We’ll see.

      • Brent

        Yes perdict , as stated above “Verizon will be Next Carrier of the Iphone; not Tmobile

        • Petey


      • kendrix_myrealname

        You dont have to jailbreak/unlock the iPad. Apple already relinquished the need to do that by factory unlocking it for you genius. You just get EDGE though. Though it would be a perfect paring with the $10 200 mb plan. Any extra data would be used from my Clear mobile Hotspot

  • Will

    Oh great, I just got my myTouch 4G delivered to me Friday the 5th (ordered the 3rd. I got it for 181 w tax which was better than others but sheesh if it’s free phones I think I might return it and wait lol

  • T-Mobile Rep

    The 20th is free phone giveaway with new acts I dont believe theres rebates that day.. Black friday is free phone giveaway after mail in rebate everything will be $50 – $100..

  • Yyevo

    My sources are telling me it will be a special tie-in with Radio Shack for a re-release of the TRS-80 Model III now with the Wi-Fi’s!

    Steve Jobs can suck it!

  • karlc

    doesnt AT&T have a website forum? get over the iphone, hipsters. TMO has a great line up of smartphones: MT4G, G2, HD7, and the vibrant, with im sure more to come. if you are so hard up for another type of phone, its been out for years, go to AT&T and get it!
    lets review: T-Mo forums….hmmm….Tmobile phones……I dont know, probably Tmobile customers????
    some you sound like that annoying little girl in Willy Wonka, Vuruka or Buroka or…whatever, who says, “i want it now, Daddy!”

    • Robert

      I thought a Veruca was a type of wart that you got on your foot….


    From what Ive heard there will not be anything happening…

  • RWWackoStu

    What ever it is I hope it will include those of us with a one year discount coming, and not just be for new customers. Us long timers like new devices too.

  • FunkyJenkins

    *Cough Cough* All Android Phones=FREE *Cough Cough*

  • TMoFan

    I’m not sure what deals they’ll have on the budget smartphones, but I’m going to wait to get my Optimus T. As far as the iPhone, it would be great if it came to T-Mobile. What’s sad is that there will be a CDMA iPhone before one that just needs T-Mobile bands.



  • Kevin Groen

    The iPhone is crap.
    Android all of the way.
    When I use my iTouch, I think to myself, “Why isn’t this more like my Android phone?” I never think, “I wish my Android phone was more like my iTouch”

    • David, Managing Editor

      Sigh…to each their own Kevin, I don’t think the iPhone is crap so let’s just agree we like different things?

      • somebody7

        I’m going to have to agree with Kevin here. I have the iphone 4 and were it not for the fact that my company pays for it, Id have gone with an android or Windows 7 phone. First off, you need a case for it otherwise you will lose signal. The biggest complaint for me is not the dropped calls, but the proximity sensor. That is annoying as crap to always put the caller on hold, mute, or just flat out hang up on them. The previous iphones were a step above this one.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Sidekick Twist…

  • Now_onTMO

    And the guessing begins.. lol..

    i think this will be another sale of some sort.. when the vibrant came out, there was a special propromotion, father’s day sale? So maymaybe this will be another sale since there are new phones that have just gotten launched.. idk.. i dont think it’s the iphone, it may be on tmo next year right after verizon gets it.. but if ever it comes out on tmo this month, ththen that’s good, but I doubt it though..

  • jigsaw918

    good god you guys have a boner for the iPhone… too bad they’re the most overrated phones,i can’t wait to get rid of my unlocked iPhone for the MyTouch 4G!!!!!

  • ulysses





  • holiday

    I am very content with my mytouch 4g, I have yet to bite the forbidden Apple, but believe me it is tempting…

  • 2006mr

    I can 100% agree to the PS issue! Ive exchange my iphone 4 three times bc of this or static on the lines. The PS was moved to the other side on the top so they can make room for the FFC but Apple?? Come on now…this is nonsense (just my opinion)

    • 2006mr

      this comment was meant for >>somebody7 <<

  • MrFlorida

    Soo any chance i’d be able to get a MT4G for cheaper than $449 on the 20th?

  • RainCaster

    HTC Desire HD- with front camera, T-mo and Euro radio!

  • Shewrote41

    I heard that its all about new rate plans, T-mobile’s Prepaid service is cheaper than their post paid plans. 1500 minutes or messages and 30GB data for $30, thats crazy. So a little birdy said they are launching new minute plan deals. I have MyTouch Slide and love Android OS, cant beat it. T-Mobile needs to step it up though.

  • somebod dee

    word is promotion has been cancelled