iPhone Cable Appears In T-Mobile Stores, Why?

David’s Update: I’ve amended the text below since at least a few took some of the wording out of context. This cable absolutely does NOT prove T-Mobile is getting the iPhone, especially tomorrow.  You shouldn’t return a recently purchased device waiting for this and you shouldn’t start camping outside your local T-Mobile.  The arrival of this cable is peculiar and the likely solution is that T-Mobile produced a 99 cent cable it can sell for $14.99.  There are plenty of unlocked iPhone users which T-Mobile supports wholeheartedly so why not try and sell them something too?

Stop.  Breathe.  Calm down.  Let’s not let this get out of hand, but, yes, you did read that title correctly.  It appears that some T-Mobile stores are receiving stock of these iPhone and iPod sync and charging cables, but what does it mean (Don’t click this if you already know where it links to)?  Seriously though, what do we have going on here?  The first answer is easy, and we have tons of rumors that point in that directionbut it is less likely because we can’t imagine the very first leak that could prove it is a data cable.  I’ll pose another 1000% more likely possibility, just to make you think.  T-Mobile has said before that they support unlocked iPhone’s on their network, and a number of customers use them.  So maybe T-Mobile just stocking a product to help those customers and make some more profit.  I’ll let you decide.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    Tj max and Marshalls sell iPhone accessories…………. so are they going to sell the iPhone too????????

    • twitch110

      That is just flat out horrible logic. Period.

  • Mike

    A little of subject here but I spoke to TMO yesterday and they said that the 20 month installment plans are gone. No more making payments to get the newest phones. Anyone else been told this?

    • dan

      i just bought my mytouch 4g like this yesterday

    • protest the hero

      I just bought my G2 on a 20 month installment plan. Its called Even More plus. I’m pretty sure it would have been on this site if Tmo just all of a sudden dropped their alternative phone plan. So don’t worry, you were just misinformed.

    • RockTripod

      Whoever told you that is lying, unless you’re in Arizona. They were trialling getting rid of EvenMorePlus there.

    • Toby

      I work for tmo and its still there… your safe lol :-)

    • IntheKnow

      The Installment plans are not eliminated. They have been reduced in limit but not gone.

    • John

      it has been removed from certain markets for test markets of eip 4 and eip 10 in place of eip 20 :)

  • AreYouSerious?

    Or maybe Apple is moving to sell unlocked iPhones out-of-contract directly from Apple? That could make sense. At this point, they are obviously moving away from At&t. THen they can start raking in some ‘unlocked phone’ money that 3rd part retailers are making.

  • Mike
    • Pimpstrong

      “Apple is widely reported to be introducing a new CDMA-compatible iPhone in early 2011 that can be sold by Verizon Wireless, a move that will put even more pressure on T-Mobile.”

      Dam, T-mobile may go under soon after that. AT&T’s poor service is holding a lot of users from going to get an iPhone AND its making a lot of current subscribers ready to jump ship and ATT knows this. That’s why they let people get full upgrades what a whole SIX months early?

  • joshua

    I bought the MyTouch HD, 4G, whatever the hell it is on the 19 month installment plan? That was on the day it was released so unless they changed it within the last two days, who knows. I didn’t have a problem though.

    As far as this cable, it makes me wonder. Tmobile barely sells anything in their store that caters to devices they don’t offer. Here’s the big question in my mind. Google releases the Nexus One on Tmobiles network and they never sold anything for it. Not even a case. Something is fishy here.

    • http://www.twitter.com/carlos_fontes Carlos Fontes

      Actually, T-Mobile did sell accessories for Nexus One in their corporate stores. Ask my mom and her gel skin.

      • Faqundo

        Your mom has gel skin?

      • Scott B

        (Serve, set…)

        Your mom’s skin didn’t feel like gel last night!

    • Tubaking182

      tmo sells cases and screen protectors for the nexus

    • the other joshua

      If by “fishy” you mean “the iPhone 4 sold more units in its first day than the Nexus One has in its entirety so it’d be completely insane for Tmo to overlook building cheap accessories for the iPhone potential revenue stream,” you are completely right. Very fishy indeed.

  • Pimpstrong

    There’s no way in hell that the iPhone 4 is weeks away from T-Mobile and the first info that the internets get about it is a USB cable already appearing in a store.

    It could be possible that we are getting the 3GS? Or maybe since there are currently so many unlocked 3GS’ operating on T-Mobile, they decided to sell those users some accessories.

    Since you can’t even buy an AT&T iPhone 4 without a damn contract I can’t see Tmo catering to the few unlocked iP4 users.

    I’m no AT&T expert nor an iPhone expert. This is just what I’ve gathered.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Absolutely positively agree with this guy!!!

      • joeyf

        Why wouldn’t I return it. Even if the iPhone isn’t coming something is. They are not blowing up there network to be the best for a phone like the g2 and mt4g. They just don’t stack up next to the iPhone4. Its just a fact. They would be stupid to do all this marketing for two let Downs like the g2 and mt4g. T-Mobile needs a quality device like the iPhone in there lineup.

      • Pimpstrong

        joeyf, dude, are you returning your G2 for a Tmo iPhone? Or are you just so envious of the iP4 that you don’t want the G2?

      • keemworld

        Is this guy stupid or dumb how in the world can you say the g2 and mt4g can’t hold a candle to the iphone 4. I know I’m going to regret this but what makes it so much better to you.

      • Pimpstrong

        keemworld – scroll down and his reasoning is posted.

      • Rilesman

        With the AT&T exclusivity ending, perhaps T-Mobile will be advertising a migration to T-Mobile for a faster reliable “4G” network (have to use the quotes). Perhaps a phone trade? One AT&T 3GS for a T-Mobile 3GS for a fee. While 3GS is probably the most likely option as Apple dumps stock the iPAD would seem likely.

        Question, after contract and the ruling by the copyright office, can T-Mobile unlock iPhones for previous AT&T customers? Is there anything that would prevent them legally or technically?

      • Tubaking182

        this might upset me, managers have been saying that we need to be ready for black Friday that something HUGE is going to happen, but I really hope it’s not an iphone

      • James

        Theory: The new iphone vs. MyTouch marketing campaign features an iphone 4 being hampered by the at&t network… not an iphone 4 being hampered by being an iPhone 4. Could the next step in marketing be the alleviation of the (quite literally) back-breaking at&t network from the iPhone 4 and a new duo of ultra-high-end smart phones?

    • JB6464

      T-Mobile will not get the Iphone until after it’s released from AT&T contract and Verizon is line before T-mobile.
      The Iphone 4 will be released in Canada that’s going to have the specs needed for USA 3G service,you can buy it there and use it here in the USA and get 3G data ahead of time.

      • Pimpstrong

        I didnt know anybody else on this continent had the same radio waves as TMO’s 3G. If thats the case then yeah TMO US expects Canadian iP4’s (if can be bought without contract) to bleed down into the states and run rampid.

      • joeyf

        A few things.
        1. Video recording so much clearer
        2.scrolling through web pages is smoother and pinch to zoom is smoother
        3. Greater app selection
        4. Bettersound quality
        5. Better copy and paste feauture and mms views

      • Jeremiah

        @Pimpstrong Are you really that ignorant? Wind and Mobilicity run AWS up in Canada.

      • JB6464

        Vidoetron in Canada will carry the IP4 soon and it will have AWS with all the USA TMO 3G specs needed.

      • Pimpstrong

        Really that ignorant huh? Nah I would just call it the fact that I don’t live in Canada so I don’t know what bands their carriers use. Simply that.

    • 2006mr

      This is a great point and I love your thought process however, with all the current iphone 4 users…keep in mind, jaibreaking is now LEGAL. That said, many of them HATE AT&T and will end up (if not already) purchase the phones outright and then jaibreak/unlock on Tmo. Im just saying…

  • gja1926

    T-Mobile are taking over brace yourself fool

  • timmyjoe42

    for the iPad maybe?

    • VibrantOwnr

      or maybe even ipods?? lol

      • Pimpstrong

        lol hopefully the iPhone as well.

      • joeyf

        A little off topic but I’m going to bring back my g2 but I droped it lst night and it got two little nicks on the body. Do you think they are going to give me a hard time or does the restocking fee cove that.

      • Pimpstrong

        I’ve never returned a phone in the 14 or whatever day period so I couldnt help u. GL tho.

  • joeyf

    I have 4 days left to return my g2 and its going back today. I have a feeling this is really gong to happen. I feel that android is a great phone but there is just no denying that the iPhone is a far superior device. Just holding it in your hand you know its better. The HD video recording and camera are way better on the iPhone 4 and the apps are way better. And not to mention the display. I font undrstsnd why android couldn’t put a good display on this g2. Well I’ll be doing a lot of praying.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Don’t pray and don’t return your device, this is just a cable.

    • Pimpstrong

      lol @ “Just holding it in your hand you know its better”

      • Yyevo

        JoeyF just showed us why Apple is the #1 handset maker… marketing.

        You can have my G2 when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    • Sasquatch

      What if the G2 could grant you 3 wishes?

  • Noel

    Stevie & co have decided to take the fight to Android home tuffs. Apple knows there are many ppl who want the iPhone but don’t want to leave their carriers. They see the unstopable match of Android…the only way is to fight them from within. I think u may see the iPhone come to Magenta either thru unlocked sales or instore. So we maybe seeing the iphone on At&t, Verizon and most likely Tmobile. Apple is thinking u have Android on all major carriers so why not the iphone. Besides the goal is to move as many of these devices as possible…so let the battle roayal begin. It is the only way for apple bcz there is no stopping of the Android march to world domination..

  • Skeptical

    Tmonews you guys better be right. Seriously that is a BOLD statement to say “we are getting the iphone” just based off rumors and a data cable. You’ve been saying that forever now and I’m surprised people aren’t just sick of it by now. I hope you’re right because that would so great for tmobile and its customers. That means more $$ coming in to build and build that glorious 4G network.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Who said that in such a statement? We didn’t say that…we didn’t even remotely close to saying that. We posed a question as to why T-Mobile is carrying a cable and laid out the possibilities. We NEVER said “we are getting the iPhone.” Good try though.

    • Pimpstrong

      “we are getting the iphone” was stated as a possible answer to the question of why is there a Tmo labeled iPhone/Pod connector cable. na mean?

      • Pimpstrong

        I’m late

      • David, Managing Editor

        I really didn’t think anyone would take that out of context and I know Andrew didn’t when he wrote it. It was as Pimpstrong noticed, merely a possibility and shouldn’t be taken out of context. Nevertheless, I’ve amended the post with an update to try and quell the fires.

  • s

    I went to the tmobile store yesterday and purchased a new tmobile comet. The sales person said that there was to be a all hands on deck meeting on the 20th of Nov. He was expecting changes, but he didn’t know what the were. I Phone maybe?

  • Skeptical

    Thats cool if you wanna pretend you didn’t write that. I understand you meant that was a theoretical statement but you did say “the first answer is easy, we are getting the iphone”

    • David, Managing Editor

      I didn’t pretend anything, you obviously can’t read between the lines or inside the context of the quote. You are thus far, the ONLY person to have read that improperly. Obviously that quote by itself comes off totally different than it does in the context of the entire paragraph. Basic reading 101.

      • Skeptical

        Jesus christ dude you take things way too personally. Obviously you don’t see my point so fine you win mr managing editor. Nobody said anything about getting the iphone and you made it perfectly clear that is a rumor. Is tmorumors.com taken? Maybe I should become managing editor of that site and say whatever I want to and get pissed off when people point out things. Boo to you sir. Boo to you.

        • David, Managing Editor

          I didn’t take it personally, but you made a point that was in fact, incorrect. This is a very difficult subject issue and if even a single line goes out of context it could be a big deal so I have to make sure that doesn’t happen. Sorry if you felt my responses were to strong for your liking but I don’t understand why you said what you said. I apologize if you felt like it was to strong of a response on my part.

      • Pimpstrong

        LOL admit defeat Skeptikal you simply are the weakest link here.

  • tipsofme

    Now I do not agree these current adds have doomed us from getting the iPhone but I do know they are much to current for you to see this device this quarter or even q1 2011. Maybe it will be a summer release device to drive mid year sales? Even though it would damn smart to launch it q1 because that is by far the slowest quarter… then again people will still be paying off their Xmas bills so no. Q2-q3 for sure if ever.

    • Rilesman

      Perhaps Apple will let T-Mobile have the iPhone with the condition of stopping the ads…LOL…just joking around.

      • cincha

        I don’t think those ads are poking fun at the iphone just at ATT’s network…

  • patrickhuey

    yeah, it is most likely sold to unlocked iPhones for T-Mobile. I was in a T-Mobile store the other day getting a screen protector for my G2 and there were stuff for the nexus one..same difference pretty much

  • Androidless

    If (and this is a big IF) T-Mobile gets the iPhone, my wife would be extremely excited. She LOVES her iPod Touch and would jump to get an iPhone. I think it would be pretty cool if T-Mobile got an iPhone, personally. I wouldn’t necessarily want it, but a lot of people would. It’s all good.

  • Kane

    I hope starting next year (or by the end of this year) T-Mobile gets the iPhone. but I have a feeling that t-mobile might be getting the iPad, which would be good with their new data plan price.
    on the picture it says ipod and iphone connector, so its kind of clear that t-mobile is not giving away what they might have coming out.

  • Homey

    I saw it mentioned once in the comments and I keep hearing rumors about it also… what is the deal with the all hands on deck for all the tmo stores on Nov 20??

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    I cant believe how everyone has forgotten what has happened the last few months.

    First of all as you see the packaging has been T-Mobile spiffed up. Apple sure in hell wouldnt allow this unless they had some agreement to carry the accessory. Verizon & Sprint sells this? No. I dont think so.

    Heres the most important piece. Videotron in Canada is getting the iPhone 4 anytime now. They said that there is an AWS prototype & that they were getting it. Since Videotron is getting it in Canada, T-Mobile as well could have finally signed up for it too.

    I know no one ever believes anything when it comes to Apple actually coming to another carrier in the USA because it never happens. But the iPhone was preparing to go in more places in 2011 anyhow.

  • Carlos

    Why is that my comments are not getting posted???

  • Lee

    To David and the rest of the tmo army: This isn’t about the iphone coming to tmo. Imo I believe that is making an unabashed statement that if you have a jailbroken iphone, try tmo and relish in the service that is meant for the phone. More and more ppl will jump on the bandwagon and request for the iphone to come tmo. In any case, its a win for tmo, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. It brings competition, ingenuity, larger consumer base, and notoriety for being America’s place for choice. Subtle but effective.

  • firebird

    We have all hands on deck meetings every few months. They aren’t unusual. The last one was about switching up our sales strategy to make it a bit simpler. Last year this time they rolled out the Even More/Even More Plus plans (no contract option and getting rid of My Faves). Sometimes they roll out huge changes and sometimes it’s just a refresher on what’s going on in our world. We talk about new phones and our current season’s marketing focus. They are just sales meetings basically.

  • SublimeDavid

    All hands on deck i heard about that but prob refers to a sale similar to what we saw in June this year, no word on an iPhone for tmo and we do carry accessories for other popular phones sometimes like we had one for iPhones and iPods in the form of gorilla pouches but did we get the iPhone? No..

  • SublimeDavid

    MattB answering your question sprint sells the iPad case in their stores to promo their mifi devices which has a secondary pouch built into it just for that little devices so other carriers do it as well, if tmi gets anything apple it’ll probably be an iPad first

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    There is no AWS 3GS prototype. Verizon got the iPad to sell & there wasnt any info till days before it sold. Most likely as of this time period things wont leak till a lil before its release.

  • Perry

    Seems like Joey didn’t sip the kool-aid he downed the whole damn tub!! It reminds me of the hilarious youtube video of the EVO4G vs the iPhone. Video can be seen here:

    I love the fact that he states iPhone is a superior device based on “how it feels in your hand” LOL!!!! Too bad how it feels in your hand also kills your ability to make a call due to the reception issue.

    He also says
    1. Video recording so much clearer – really? The HD video on the iPhone looks better than on the Vibrant which has a much better screen?
    2.scrolling through web pages is smoother and pinch to zoom is smoother – really? Even if some of the other android phones have more powerful processors and GPUs?
    3. Greater app selection – Ya got me on that one. Android only has 100K apps while apple has 300K. Too bad we only have 600 “concert lighter” apps compared to the 6000 apple has.
    4. Bettersound quality – unless that sound happens to be a call right Joey?
    5. Better copy and paste feauture and mms views – really? copy and paste? That’s what you’re pinning your hopes on?

    How about expandable memory Joey? A battery you can replace yourself? tethering maybe? Ever hear of a widget or wallpaper? Ever want to customize YOUR property? Create your own wifi hotspot? Ever hear of Flash?

    I could go on and on but it would be pointless. Once you join the cult you’re stuck for life.

    Good luck Joey and enjoy the best “feeling in my hand” device on the market.

    • Joezz

      I have an unlocked IP4 and I have NO reception issues at all

  • #of iPhone Users on TMO

    we have about 3 million unlocked iPhone users out of around 33.8 million total customers. accessories for unlocked users for sure. but a MT4G looks a lot better than that cable…

  • Osandy

    If I’m not mistaken the Samsung Galaxy Tab uses the same 30pin connector as all iOS products Although it does say iPod and iPhone on that package. Look at the specs and the pics in this link: http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/02/samsung-galaxy-tab-preview/

  • Joezz

    Get yourself an unlocked iPhone 4… Problem solved lol

    • JB6464

      ^ And get it from Videotron in Canada and get 3G data as well on TMO in the USA.

  • Thinkaboutit

    Samsung TAB uses this cable?

  • LongtimeTmoUser

    Tmobile in UK and Germany have had the iPhone for years.
    Would love to buy a Tmo UK iPhone and use it in USA.
    But it would cost about $800. Not including shipping/insurance.

    I’d be first in line to get a Tmobile USA iPhone4.
    Love the apps and integration of all the software/apps.

    Well one good thing, when Tmobile USA finally gets the iPhone, it’ll be a better model than what AT&T has had to put up with during the growing years.

    • stricken23

      Correct me if i’m wrong, but I though T-Mobile UK bands were different than America’s?

  • titopuente

    Im a tmobile sales rep and we also started selling Nexus One accessories and we all speculated “Oh we’re going to be getting the Nexus in the store” and The Nexus One never arrived. I wouldn’t be surprised if we carry a couple more accessories for iphones/ ipods.

  • ronthegentleman

    as far as the iphone goes, we know apple has got the superior device so far. but when i think of iphone and android the “Great but do it our way *VS.* Good and do it your own way” comes to mind. i will be stickin with my way, android, cuz of the choices/freedom

  • Chris

    Another theory:

    TMO has an add comparing the myTouch 4G to the iPhone but really they aren’t attacking the iPhone, they are attacking the network. 1 person (TMO) vs. 2 (iphone and ATT). So what they are saying is the iPhone is good but it is in need of a better network. So how do you solve it? You have the iphone guy drop the ATT network and walk over to the TMO side and have him be in relief to have that monkey (network) off his back.

    TMO is doing a lot of advertising for a reason. Could the iPhone be the device that warrants this much advertising spending.

    Maybe so, but I don’t care b/c I got my myTouch 4G and would have bought that over the iPhone anyway.

    • Cybersedan

      +1 Love my Mytouch 4G, the iphone is eye candy in hardware and has some nice dazzling animation and effects, but it’s like a shiny porch 911 Turbo with a Volks Wagon engine (AT&T network), running software that limits your speed and where / when you can go fast, and which streets you can ride on (can’t ride on streets with flash).

      The Android experience is much more to my taste, I have the option to use flash if I want, I don’t need the company making my phone telling me what content I’m free to use.

      Now to those that are in love with the shiny “giggly brat vanity” they call an iPhone, to each his own.

  • Gavin

    I have not read all the responses but I believe this is a cable for the Samsung Galaxy TAB. They use the same proprietary connector! The TAB comes next week, right?

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Not according to the market share. Apple is in 3rd while Android is #1 @ 44%

  • G2


  • canUrollwithtTHIS

    I used to work for the company. People would walk in all the time asking for different cables for some weird reason. The most popular was an iphone/ipod cable. Thats why they sell it. It’s probablly not cause their getting the phone.

  • nerd lust

    Not sure why all this fuss over the iphone! In 2008 I could understand but now there so many better phones. Don’t get me wrong the iphone4 is a great device, but not the greatest anymore. No sd card, no flash software, multitask lite… , no hspa+ ….

  • maria

    well its true that this doesn’t exactly mean we are getting Iphone…. but you gotta wonder why on earth tmobile would now sell the accessory. The Iphone has been used on tmobile unlocked for about as long as its been out, and now they’re starting to sell it… Does any other carrier (other than at&t of course) sell just this accessory? The new CEO isn’t screwing around hes trying to put some fight in T-mobile. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • nerd lust

    Btw I’m not an android fanboy I’m a blackberry user that happens to feel android is far superior then the iphone4.

  • Bigmerf

    OOOO boy this is going to get interesting…

  • Noel

    If it does happen then it was just a matter of time…remember Tmobile in Europe carry the the iPhone…not sure if in stores or just sold unlocked. Apple will eventually have to do this…they’ve seen the signs..they have to do smth to counter the Android march

  • JordanStar

    IPAD GSM is a possibility , Apple is trying to sell as many as they can before the maket floods with other PADS.

  • No more g2

    no more g2, just returned it. Im going to wait my six months out and if tmo Doesn’t make the iphone happen im outta here.

  • J. Edgar Hoover

    Anyone know what the European packaging looks like for iPhone accessories for T-Mobile Europe? Could this be it possibly?


    The cable is for the Samsung pad….

  • NokiaN900User

    I pity the fool who thinks iPhone 4 is coming to T-Mobile this year. Non existing Gingerbread Nexus 2 made supposedly by Samsung has a better chance lol.

    Earliest time for iphone to work on T-Mobile’s frequency will be next year and it will be iPhone 5 with a similar pentaband that nokia has.

    • JB6464

      If you want one that bad just get one fron Videotron in Canada and it has AWS and all the 3G specs for TMO USA service.

  • Tmobile guy

    The Tab uses the same 30 pin connector.

  • onlypinky

    People i don’t Know if you this but T-mobile actually sell’s the iPhone 3Gs and 4G. in UK. if you don’t believe this go to this link http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/iphone/ . so there’s you mistery about tmobile iPhone Cable and long-timer rumors i have been watching this page for Months and i don’t know why no want ever mention this. REMEMBER THERES ANOTHER WORLD OTHER THAN THE USA and the Cloud (WEB) is the way to it… have fun suffering for something that is just miss comunication.

    Plus i have the MyTouch 4G since Wednesday 8:30am and it just RULES!!!! the only thing i hate is the damn Android Market is a Cluster-F)^%….