Android Phone Updates Galore

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the ‘F’ word, that word being fragmentation of course.  How do we keep from saying such a bad word?  Updates of course, and T-Mobile has us covered on that front.  For those G2 users, your update for Wi-Fi calling and HotSpot should be done, and if not, it will be coming very soon.  An update for the myTouch 4G is also expected shortly, which should address some issues with video chat performance and stability.  There is also an update for the myTouch Slide on the horizon (almost forgot about that phone didn’t we?).  It looks like it will be receiving an update to Android 2.2 soon, along with Wi-Fi calling! Oh, and speaking of forgotten phones, the Garminfone update to Android 2.1 can be manually downloaded and installed (yay?).  I’m all for updates on any device, so get prepared and wait.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-mobile Forums – for the Garminfone update

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  • manus

    what about vibrant

    • Kristin

      Expect 2.2 for vibrant first 2 weeks of dec

      • Spencer

        And when it gets 2.2, my Nexus will have Gingerbread, patiently waiting on Honeycomb.

        • 2FR35H

          The Nexus S is a Galaxy S device internally if its coming from that then its likely Galaxy S could get a 2.3 port before Nexus One.

        • thaghost

          2fr35h, if i had a million dollars i would bet that you are wrong.

        • some internet dude

          Agreed the Nexus one is a dev phone it will be the first to get it. Can’t wait.

      • RockTripod

        Or hack in onto the Vibrant now! I know, everyone says that, but the Vibrant is the simplest phone I have ever seen to hack/unhack. Its the best toy ever for a guy like me.

    • axxsooner

      Can you say behold 2? Sure you can, so froyo by June. Samsung never again even their crappy plasma tv died in under 3 years. I geuss they truly are a second tier vendor. No samsucks for me EVER NO MATTER THE PRODUCT THE TECH HELP SAYS O SO SORRY! AND THATS IT SORRY. They think we are all suckers!

      • Vibrant addict

        Can you say behold2 was garbage? Galaxy S are being released worldwide and getting updated here in the states b4 the year is up. Don’t be jealous you went ahead and bought a behold2 which was already in the back seat to begin with.

        Also, look into LED rather than plasma for your tv

        • 2FR35H


      • 2FR35H

        no this isn’t another behold 2 fiasco the behold 2 wasn’t even legitimately promised 2.0 it was through some other crap. Samsung did officially make a 2.2 for the vibrant. If you know XDA then head over there and do it and supposedly kies has it available both options official.

        • RockTripod

          Neither option is official. Eugene373 posted the “Unofficial” 2.2 leak, and that is what the current spate of FroYo ROMs are based off of. If it were official, T-Mo would have released it.

    • oz

      What about Nexus one :-(

    • Tyrone

      Come on Andrew! You’ve said nothing about the source of that apparent text message window, so we have no way to judge you post.

      • David, Managing Editor

        It’s real and it came from a trusted source of mine.

  • Chad

    I agree!!! I want to know were the update to 2.2 is for the Vibrant!!!!

    • ritz426

      2.2 is available through kies… So I hear.

      • Chad

        I can not get Kies to connect to my phone.

        • deraildoax

          I had to disable Launcher Pro to get Kies to connect to my phone. Maybe thats your problem. It didnt seem to work with any of the downloadable launchers.

        • jason

          try settings-applacations-development-then check usb debugging. then connent to kies

  • Rog

    What about the G1… buahahaha….

  • PimpStrong

    Vibrant still gets no love I see.

  • Jazz

    They need to release the myTouch 3G (3.5mm) update already. Yea I know they said until Dec. but come on already.

  • The android creep

    Its samsung, everyone should have known what they were getting themselves into buying the galaxy S.

    • bmg314

      I agree. Im not saying that Sammy phones are horrible, but c’mon. There is no reason whatsoever for the Galaxy S line-up to not have Froyo by now. I love all other things Samsung, but it would take an awful lot to ever get me to buy a phone from them, and the fact that Google is using them for the Nexus S is nowhere near enough.

      I love my G2, and I think that it should have been the new Google/dev phone.

      • 2FR35H

        Every Galaxy S has been getting it except America. I guess Americans are last in regards to priority on the update list :(

        Psh Nexus S is still going to out perform your G2 and have its software handled by google not samsung. Dual-core goodness, G2 will never know it.

        • bmg314

          Yeah, and the fact that it only has a processor clocked at 800 mhz meant it was going to suck.

          Now, when we have dual cores from htc (or even moto) then you can talk to me. until then, my G2 is bad ass.

  • GTwo Addict

    Since i was tired of waiting for 2.1 on my G1 I switched to the G2, lol jk. Glad to see some type of updating for phones.

  • lbdagreat1

    Can someone plz help me? As I read an update of the web 2.0 summit, it is finaly here google released sweet ole gingie but discontinued the nexus s. David, kickstar “HELP” I cant breath!!

  • ISellTMo

    Want 2.2 for the Vibrant? Go over to XDA. They have the OFFICIAL Froyo for the Vibrant released Unofficially if that makes any sense.

    • Chad

      Do they give the step-by-steps on updating to 2.2?

  • tk421

    Will the update for the mytouch 4g help with speaker phone problem(doesn’t get loud enough), or do we know if there will be a fix for that soon?

  • RedFox

    The Vibrant is a damn good phone. I blame all parties involved. Google, Samsung, and Tmobile. Mostly Samsung and Tmobile though.

    • LSxChevelle

      How do you blame T-Mobile? Found like they will be first with 2.2 on the Galaxy S in the US.

      • PimpStrong

        Because they put the foreskin on 2.2 and that is the sole reason why we don’t have it yet.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Samsung put the BS Touchwiz skin on.. wth do u get Tmo puttin TW on SGS from?

        • Brandon

          umm samsung skinned the phone. Not tmobile. None of the Galaxy S phones on any carrier (in the US) has 2.2. This is all on Samsung. Cant blame google. They released it in June. Sammy has to get it working. This is why i didnt get the Vibrant. I bet the Nexus one and the G2 get gingerbread first. Proud G2 owner. :D

        • PimpStrong

          I failed. Just fed up my bad. Thinkin about how a carrier tweaks TW to make it their own and confused my damn self.

    • 2FR35H

      Well T-Mobile is to blame as well. I mean its not like we EVER get updates on time. I can’t remember any Android that got an update in a timely manner. How is it that sprint and Verizon are able to get timely updates? Cliq series? no. MyTouch series? Not even. Behold 2? you are kidding me right? G1? psh the only good one but that was a series like Nexus One where it was a Developer Phone so it was an inevitability.

      T-Mobile needs to demand timely updates from these manufacturers or drop them and if that means no more androids on T-mobile then fine! Either T-Mobile needs to put pressure on handset makers for support of which android is about or support a different platform like MeeGo or Windows Phone 7 more so leaning towards MeeGo.

      • j

        What, you want crappy updates to brick your phone? I prefer to have them get the bugs out and am willing to wait a reasonable amount of time for it. End of year is OK. T-Mobile also test all updates to make sure are going to work with their network as well so just be patient

  • TK

    Hmmmm… maybe the mytouch 3g (non slide) delay is so they can get wifi calling into the update? It’s really to TMOs advantage to get this in every phone they can: this faux UMA takes a little load of the towers, might keep some people from defecting, gives TMO some positive word of mouth (I rave about UMA to my iphone friends), and keeps users who upgraded within the last year from being totally frustrated about a new offering that they can’t get.

  • Jflaco

    This is directly from the Samsung Galaxy S facebook page.
    UK (All Carriers): 5/11 to 11/11
    Europe (Rest): 15/11 to 30/11
    USA (T-Mobile, AT&T): 11/11 to 29/11
    Here the site!!
    So if u havent received ur update from sammy yet u will in the next few day!!

    • Biased much?

      LMAO!! Not from facebook or any legit source guy!

      • Jflaco

        oh yea then where do u think i got it from idiot!!

      • Jflaco

        Before u open ur mouth go on facebook and look for samsung galaxy s. I just love it when people swear they no it all!!

        • Biased much?

          The link you posted is to you mobiile moron piece of s#@t

    • j

      jflaco, what is 29/11, this is not making sense, who puts days before months. If that is what it is it also says manual update via KIES software

      • Mr. V


        Like as with the continued use of Imperial/non-metric units, the US is one of the special countries that puts month before day. Here in Europe they always write dd/mm/aa.

  • RoscoeP

    Where exactly is this screen grab from?

    • http://tmonew joe papi

      This screen grab is from an HTC email. I received the same email this morning.

  • Jflaco

    My post keep getting deleted idk why just tryin to inform u vibrant owners that the update is coming sooner then expected I had the dates up but i dont think david want me to post.

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      maybe its andrew, not david

  • Matt

    Nice finally official 2.2 is coming for the Slide

  • SlideGuy

    Any timeframe David of when the Slide will see the update? I feel like it had been forever since we had some good slide news. I have no service at home and I am dying to get WiFi calling !

  • Mr Cker

    If it wasn’t for the F word Google would not be doing these updates. It has been used enough on the tech blogs, so now we have the updates coming. Send us the Gingerbread news. My curiosity is peaking.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • bmg314

      Do you realize that with every comment you post, you are cursing us to eternal dehydration? Just sayin’. ;)

  • tron

    Yeah right after I sell my slide. But its ok… 9100 incoming.

  • joeyy

    i still havent got my update for my mytouch argh!!! i might just go out and buy that 4g.

    • B-Nut

      I hear ya dude. I got a text from tmob in mid october, promising me a froyo update within two weeks. Big surprise, it never came. Called tmob and told them I was missing out on the full android experience, in addition to the continuous delays since june that were driving me crazy. I was considering a switch to verizon until tmob offered me the mt4g at a HEAVILY discounted price in order to stay with them. For the mt3g being something of a flagship android device when it was released just over a year ago, theres no damn excuse for not having at least an eclair update by this point!

      • pjs

        They announced that the update was pushed back until Dec 15th. How is it that you were able to use your phone for 12 months on v1.6 but couldn’t wait another month for the update to 2.2?

  • Craig

    Hate that the vibrant didn’t get the update, but customer service told me it was and told me to hold on to my Vibrant for that reason

  • Grundy

    Going to try this tonight, These guys make great roms!

  • Craig

    My post was deleted also, but I thought this was the place to come for all your info you needed.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Nothing was deleted, a few posts got caught in the spam filter, I just kicked them out…check again!

  • Bigmerf

    I feel bad for those with the 3.5 mt3g

    • axxsooner

      ahh the wonders of no more em+

  • Dave

    Yup, just got my G2 today & I already received the update. Didn’t have to force or push it there. It just came directly by itself. Glad the MyTouch Slide users are getting Froyo now.

  • Felicia

    I just got the mytouch slide when it was released this summer and now the mytouch 4 just came out. Is it too soon to upgrade?? Lol. Well I’m looking forward to the 2.2 update whenever it happens :)

  • Craig

    You were right David my post wasn’t deleted so would you forgive me.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Sorry, I’ve been having a WHOLE LOT of trouble with comments getting caught in spam lately so I go back throughout the day and catch as many as I can find. Disqus should go active at some point tonight to try and help alleviate this problem!

      • 2FR35H

        Finally you decide to go with Disqus! but I hope these icons are still available though, they are pretty cool.

  • Scott

    what is this a picture of?

  • happydance

    I wish they would finish the 2.2 rollout to MT3g first then start the others. Don’t think I am gonna ever get it.

    • 16309A

      I’m with you there….waiting….waiting….waiting….

  • chris

    i gave up on my cliq xt ever getting updated. i upgraded to the HD7 last week and i dont think i will ever look back to android.

  • Trollface.jpg

    How about my Cliq XT? :(

  • Whorok305

    Wow nothing on the Cliq Xt. Im so glad I got the mt4g.

  • adrianxt

    I am and was a proud owner of a cliq xt on 1.5 but I should have my MT3GS tomorrow!

  • alex32g2

    i have a g2, and i only got wifi calling with the update..not i alone in this one?

    • Myles

      It’s there, it’s just not an actual app in your tray. To activate your portable hot spot, go menu-settings-wireless-then check on portable hot spot. You should be good from there.

  • dave

    Samsung gives Android such a bad name. I’m so sad they’re producing the Nexus S.

  • SlideGuy

    Where is this screen grab from?????

  • Diana

    And there is the MT3g 3.5mm jack and we are WHEN? I’m sorry but the SLIDE should and can wait.

  • mike a

    I wonder if the mytouch 4g update is the second update or if its the first one that many of us got in the first few days of owning the device. Any one know?

  • yup

    I can’t wait (mts) bring on 2.2

  • Matt Miller

    So Now The Whole myTouch Line except for the mytouch fender and headphone jack ones got the update bud news for me i have the headphone jack looks like i will still be chomping on donuts for awhile

  • Mandrew

    For everyone bashing on Samsung and T-Mobile for not releasing 2.2 on the vibrant, go check xda, there has been a leak of 2.2 for the vibrant, which means they’re at least in testing phases, so we should see a release sometime soon…

  • Tyrone

    T-Mobile has been very negligent in updating Android phones in a timely manner. They really need to raise the priority of this issue. The lack of WiFi calling, which many of their LG, Nokia & RIM offerings have sported for years, is appalling, especially to those of us who understand how profitable it is due to the offloading of infrastructure costs.

  • Ryan

    My original myTouch 3G just got an update to 2.2.1 this morning as well. Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere in the article. Pretty sweet considering they just gave us original myTouch 3G owners an update like a month ago to 2.1.

    • S. G.

      Dang! Still waiting at 1.6 …

      … and waiting and waiting and waiting ….

      • Ryan

        You should be able to call T-mobile support to push 2.1 since it’s past the window they would send it OTA. Or at least point you to a manual install process someplace.

        • 67_390_coupe

          The MyTouch 3G never had 2.1. It went straight from 1.6 to 2.2.

        • Ryan

          Well it is now 2.2.1. My bad if I got the step in between incorrect.

  • SlideGuy

    Please investigate this further and find us some dates ! :-)

  • seth

    i don’t see anything for my behold2.. oh wait… sad face

  • cemal

    It’s sad that andriod makes people go through so much just to get a dang update.

  • Sean

    Wait, MyTouch Slide & got the original myTouch 3G, but what about the Mt3G 1.2 with 3.5mm jack?!?!?!?!? I’m dying here on Android 1.6 … really missing my WM6.5!!!

  • droid king

    i already have froyo on my vibrant, just root the damn thing

  • George

    got MT4G and the update yesterday morning…wahoooo i love this phone….the best phone i have ever owned…..

  • Kimberlee

    I just got off the phone with Tmobile for another issue…but asked about the update for the MyTouch Slide. He said that I will have the update by December 15th. If I don’t have it by December 15th to call back. I confirmed with him six ways from Sunday that this was for the MyTouch Slide and he said yes. So it looks like we are F-I-N-A-L-L-Y getting the update! I’ve only been waiting since June! LOL! Thanks for all the updates TmoNews!