And The T-Mobile 4G Attack Continues, Do You Like it?

I think it’s safe to say that T-Mobile has officially taken the gloves off and is ready to begin a whole new era in their marketing campaign.  I came across the above picture last night which has likely been up on the myTouch4G website from the day prior, but it serves as yet another reminder that T-Mobile is directly attacking AT&T and more specifically, the iPhone.  So the question I want to pose is what are your thoughts of the marketing plan so far?  Do you agree with the 4G term?  Do you want to see more of Carla, the Catherine Zeta Jones look-alike who I think we will likely see more of anyway?  So I’ve put a little poll up and while I know it’s early in the marketing game for the holiday season, I hope to get some initial thoughts so make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Eric

    Hi I hope this thread finds everyone well.

    I was wondering if someone could help me, even if a ton of people did in the review, to feel better about the Engadget HORRIFIC review of the MT4G. Wow I mean, I would prefer vanilla android, like the Nexus, but I prefer NO KEYBOARD even more, thus the my touch 4g over the g2. anyone know what I mean. I think if the G2 were a person , even he/she would agree, and take it less personal than that guy took all of his suppose downfalls of the mytouch. LOLK

    anyway, if you could help me feel better, it has me really upset. I know…tell me to get a life

    I am switching mine out for a different color tomorrow, I hear that the black looks good too and one worry will be lessened about me scratching the white one I have

    Could anyone tell me about putting Launcher pro on . I hear to do it RIGHT AWAY Is that true??

    I used it on the Vibrant and it was just ok The main thing it did was allow the icons to scroll vertically.. But this phone does this already. What will I gain

    Or do I stick with what I got, since I think I love it already, can simply not use all the overkill widgets

    if anyone could help me on ideas and feeling better, I am a not so good off healtth wise, at home and don’t have much but my phones

    YOu can email me at e r i c at ya h o o thanks a ton
    I spelled that to avoid spam

  • jonathan

    in reality they are showing there strengths while at the same time exposing the competitors weakness, i wouldnt trash talk about sprint if i were tmobile because it seams like they have each others back more than they know, even looks like theryre team mates at times with the prices they put on there plans to compete against at&t & verizon, they do the same thing but instead of lowering the prices they raise it and they would stab each other in the back in an instant.

  • Kyle

    Hey name is Carly. Not Carla :)

  • Lee

    Sales guy at T-Mobile store in Amarillo said that by next year their 4g would be going up to 624megs here in Amarillo. I made sure I heard it right cause nothing I have heard or seen mentions any capability of going anywhere near that fast. I can’t find anything that says it’s capable of more than what we can get max now. Anyone know if there’s any truth to this? If this is true then man am I looking forward to getting rid of a cable bill. Could just use the wifi hotspot from the phone and get much faster with that. I am finding it hard to believe.