T-Mobile To Introduce New Data Plan For Smartphone Owners?

Many of you hate the fact that T-Mobile requires a data plan on smartphones purchased with a contract and that the data plan cannot be removed for the life of your contract. Although Magenta won’t be removing the requirement, our trusted sources tell us that T-Mobile will be introducing a new data plan option for smartphone owners. Instead of paying the current $30 Unlimited Data per month, customers will have the option to get 200MB of data for just $9.99 per month. Our ninjas tell us that the plan will be made available starting late November and customers who enroll in the $9.99 data plan and realize they’re using more than 200MB, will be able to upgrade to the Unlimited Data plan if they desire.

Anyone going to take advantage of this once its made available?

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  • fatboy97

    I’m barely using 20MB of data… I’d love to see a $10 data plan.

  • tulane

    How will text messages play into the deal? Also, will data used while on UMA count against the limit?

    • jase5273

      text messages don’t require data, so this data package wouldn’t affect that at all.

    • Ted C.

      TMobile isn’t implementing UMA. They’re implementing a subset that only includes the voice calling capability from UMA (technically GAN know) without transfers. That means their implementation won’t use any part of the UMA/GAN standard for data. But if you’re on a Wifi network you already have data.



    As a TMO employee, I can tell you that text messaging is completely separate from any Data Plan. It is still 10$ for unlimited texting, unless you are on a family plan.. and then it’s 20$ for everyone. Anything done over WiFi will not be deducted from your overall bandwidth allotment.

    • RDL

      I thinl they meant that right now you get 400 Txt msgs included with your data at no additional cost. What will you get with this plan? 0, 100, 200?

      • MattB

        No… you used to get sms bundled with data. These days they are totally seperate.

    • George

      i have one question… off topic tho (kinda) if i get the 200mb internet package and i go over how much is overage?

  • http://www.combatpack.com Combat Pack

    Does anyone know if you can run an unlocked smartphone (ie Nokia e63) that I bought online with the regular dumbphone data plan?

    • iron_c

      @Combat Pack Yep, you can use the $10 Web plan on the e63. I have that for my wife’s unlocked e63 and it is enough for gmail, facebook updates, etc. The speed is not great for browsing though.

  • now_onTMO

    i think this is what i need, coz im always on wifi anyway..

    i think i’ll switch to this data plan.. hehe

  • AndroidN1

    So how much web usage equates to the 200mb? If your surfing ht web most of the day and or using your GPS how much does that eat in to your 200 mb?

  • thaghost

    for everyone dats complaining bout this deal. vzw is offering 150mb for $15.

  • http://death.fm lovelet

    verizon can go to hades. everything about them is a ripoff

  • Susan

    It’s about time, I am tired of buying a smartphone at full price because I didn’t want to pay that much for the data plan. Now I can buy the smartphone at a lower price with the 10.00 data plan.

  • jean

    If you already have the $30 dollar data plan, can you switch to the cheaper version or do you have to wait until your current contract is up?

  • KeepNTouch

    I am on the phone now trying to see how I can take advantage of this. I would ADD two additional linees to my account for my two teenagers for a lower end android instead of a basic phone.

    I don’t think children need unlimited access to the internet and depending on the child, limited access like this will help the person to THINK about how they plan to use the internet before staying on it ALL the time and not getting their homework done.

  • T-mobile IPHONE

    HECK YES IM GETTING THIS IM SICK OF THAT 30$ i dont even use my internet unless im finding a place! plus since 3g doesnt work on my Tmobile iPhone im stuck with edge! soo FINALLY!

  • T

    If u have a required inet feat u will not be able to change it

  • Technosquid

    Please ask your ninjas if this means they’re doing away with the $10 unlimited data plan for non-smart phones.

  • Curt

    The 200MB of data for 9.99 a month isn’t for everyone.
    I had this for the past 2 years with my T-Mobile Shadow.
    I just upgraded to the T-Mobile G2, and now they charge me $15 a month for 200MB.

    If you are on one of the legacy plans like me – they charge you more.

    • Jkd53

      i second that, thats what happened to me as well. The legacy plans have $15. but it doesnt say anywhere that legacy plans will be charged $15.





  • Jkd53

    T-Mobile does not have a $9.99 plan for existing customers

  • Prettynpink09 Km

    hell no 200 mb isnt anything you will most likely go over especially with a droid and then end up paying 30 dollars anyways i see it all the time i worked for verizon wireless