T-Mobile Reveals myTouch HD Fact Sheet, T-Mobile TV Included

In case you missed it, the new upcoming myTouch made a surprise appearance at CTIA and then we even saw others go hands on with the hardware prototype. But that’s not the only thing T-Mobile revealed at Mobile Focus 2010. Apparently Magenta released a fact sheet for the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch HD. Although most of the content on the fact sheet is already known, we noticed one specific item on the sheet that caught our attention. T-Mobile TV. It looks like the myTouch HD will include T-Mobile TV, which according to the fact sheet, offers live and on-demand TV, including always free programming from ABC News Now, Fox Sports, PBS Kids, Disney, Univision, family holiday movie favorites and more. Sounds interesting! We’re looking for more details, so stay tuned! Larger image after the jump!

[Thanks, tk192!]


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  • HelloItsMe

    Nice, Cant Wait. This Or G2?

    • shadowdroid

      this hands down

    • EL

      G2 hands down

    • http://tmonews alexa

      I think this is better than the G2 u was gunna get the G2 cuz my contract with sprint is over but naa better ima wait for this phone cuz it has a front facing camera and t-mobile tv i think its good that t-mobile finally got a tv service other than mobitv cuz mobitv sucks it was about time cuz sprint has sprint tv , verizon has vcast and att has celular video t-mobile was the only one that didnt have a tv service

      • RockTripod

        There isn’t one period in that entire ramble.

      • PimpStrong

        Now breathe

      • grazapin

        I love the fact that you used one solitary comma though, and it was in a correct place!

    • going_home

      Hands down hands down.


    • FILA

      If this can be rooted, then the G2, root the bitch to stock android, then you got yourself a hell of as phone

  • aLb3Rt

    I say both! ;)good find tmonews!

  • dethduck

    Saw this posted on Absolute Android earlier and that caught my eye as well. Although, what else come my eye was what was right below it.

    “Media room integrates music, movies, T-Mobile TV, ==FM RADIO!!!!==, yadda, yadda, blah blah.”

    Live and On-Demand TV PLUS FM Radio. I finally found the phone to replace my year old myTouch 3G.

    • dethduck

      Really? Am I the only one happy about a built in FM radio?

      • somebody

        radio does come in handy

      • midori

        Im happy about it too!!

      • darkknight49

        FM radio in LA sucks donkey b***s. And thats where I am….

    • KJ

      FM Radio FTW!!! It’s definitely one of the most underrated features. I use it all the time on my e73 to listen to Vikings games.

      • Frigadroid

        Go Vikings! I was let down big time when I got my Vibrant and found out along with the ffc the fm radio was missing.

      • Sami

        I’m a huge vikings fan!!!!! Vikings FTW!!!!!!!! Especially now with randy moss!

      • Midori

        Texans FTW!!!

  • Josue

    My sister might get this!

  • DrMonkey

    I’m gonna wait for the myTouch HD Slide

    • KJ

      That would be the ultimate device!

    • phongeek

      ditto i wonder if they are even considering it

  • jazzmanmonty

    hope this rom can get ported to HD2. about time a good tv option came out on android rather than mobitv on winmo. phone specs look way more appealing than the G2..except for missing a keyboard. well then i guess it may be a plus cuz people can’t complain about a loose hinge lol.

  • patrick

    just wanted to say, i ordered my g2! haha yaaayy! i used express shipping. does saturday count as a for shipping UPS? or fedex

    • hondavic

      NO! Mon-Fri…More than likely you will receive it Monday.

  • Surgio Armani

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my G2 but I’m so disappointed that T-Mo didn’t offer these kinds of features on that phone. The G2 was supposed to be revolutionary. First phone with a TMobile TV would have been a start.

    I really hope it will be an app available in the market.

    • jazzmanmonty

      exactly and now that you can’t root the G2 is bunch of b.s. i’m sure xda will make it all work. tmobile really knows how to screw up phones that should be awesome. instead they just spread all the features thin. they’ll never learn.

      • Yyevo

        Once again, that was HTC’s idea, not Tmobile’s. And, since the MyTouch HD will be an HTC phone, it will have the same “problem”.

      • Rilesman

        I am thinking the same thing…goodbye “rooting” or at least the way we use to know it. Challenges spawns innovation

      • Rilesman

        @Yyevo I am thinking the same thing…that this will also have the anti-rooting security feature. But then again, Challenges spawn Innovation.

  • ANG

    anyone know how much internal memory it has? maybe i missed it somewhere…

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 USER

    This the G2 and HD7 will be a nice phone line up for me

  • http://redsteam.blogspot.com Billz

    Second gen 1gz snapdragon….loves it!!

  • Jonathan from Los angeles

    any info of how much internal memory this device will have?

  • David Thomas

    Welp, I was stuck between this or the G2 as an early upgrade. My mind is officially made-up. MyTouch HD all the way!

  • The Observer

    wow really? gonna announce tmobile tv for the mthd right after i buy g2? are you kiddin me?

  • AndroidRRR

    Hmm i have until the 19th to return my G2 it may go back for this :) i still wonder what the internal memory is though…

    • Robert

      That’s an easy one. Just take the advertised internal memory and divide it in half.

    • hondavic

      you may be out of your 14 day return policy due to the fact that MTHD maybe released Nov. 3rd

      • http://www.doublegeni.us doublegeni.us

        Simple fix. Take the G2 back, buy a $20 prepaid phone to substitute until the MyTouch is released and then keep as back up. And seriously, whats up with everyone still calling it MyTouch HD, T-Mobile has clearly released the name as just MyTouch.

  • jake

    I’m in the same boat man. Anyone have a suggestion?

  • jake

    I mean g2 or mthd?

    • Vibrant addict

      If you need a keyboard and ‘limited’ vanilla Android get G2. Everything else, my touch HD WINS.

  • Ansel

    Once again, MyTouch HD for the win…now, when can I bring my baby home huh?? =) Any word on a release date yet??

    • hondavic


  • Gary

    I thinks its supposed to be around 4GB but after seeing what they did to the G2, I’m sure it’ll be around 1GB or less by the time they’re done with it.

    • sorandkairi

      haha… below

  • sorandkairi

    I wonder just how much memory that this phone actually has built in…. maybe they already said it and I just missed it or something… does anyone know!?

    • mjN1

      If i remember it right its an 8GB internal and what ever micro SD you got.

  • SnakeEyez

    Will anybody seriously use this Tmobile TV on the regular?

    • somebody

      depends on the network

      Nfl on = hell yea

    • http://tmonews ginagelatingaa

      I kno i will when im bored in my lunch break ..

    • kershon

      Hell ya! Hockey addict.

    • ctk

      if there was some way i could get it on the vibrant, absolutely.

  • Will

    This is way off topic so please excuse me but I figured I’d get a better chance at a response in a newer topic. So here it is.

    I am a noob at this whole updating of the Android OS thing so my question is this…I have the Vibrant and I personally love my application drawer look so when/if 2.2 comes to the Vibrant will it change the look of it or what? I’m praying no cause I am one of the few that LOVE the way it looks (even though its very iPhone wannabe). Thanks guys!!!!

    • Will

      I mean the look is very iPhoneish. And again, sorry but I figured I’d get a better change at a response here. Thx again.

      • somebody

        probably not some small differences maybe but it will be the same basic idea

      • Will

        @Somebody Thank you for your response :) I hope it doesn’t change much at all in that manner. I figured it might not seeing as that is the work of TouchWiz.

  • roland

    What is the board members?

  • kershon

    I have now found the replacement to my blackberry. Everything I could ever want. I have been not so patiently waiting and almost jumped on the G2. Now how about a release date. I will be first in line even if I gotta camp out over night.

  • stream

    I have the G2 and I know all of you love vanilla android but its just too plain for me. I wanted to get this because of the ffc and expresso but I can honestly not live without a keyboard. Sorry MyTouch line, update your slide and MAYBE we have a deal.

    • Eddie Android

      Your G2 wont be so “plain” when it gets Gingerbread and Vibrant and MyTouch HD users are still stuck on 2.1/2.2 . I want to compare both the G2 and the Mytouch before dumping my Nexus One.

      • crazy ed

        Enjoy your stock g2! No root!

      • 30014

        Crazy Ed what makes you think that everyone cares about rooting? My g2 is awesome straight out of the box. As far as keeping the os updated based on the mytouch slide not getting updated yet I would say don’t hold your breath. No one bother with “its tmobiles flagship they will keep it up to date.” Just remember the mts and the original mytouch. Neither has been updated. But its your decision to make.

  • http://TmoNews Buck

    This phone will be simply AMAZING! Cant wait!

  • http://twitter.com/mghtyred @mghtyred

    Wonder if this will have the new “HTC Security Measure”

  • jake

    I wonder how the mthd and g2 processors will stack up against each other.

    • Flyingrequin

      The are the same family of processors.

      The MyTouch is 1GHz while the G2 is 800 Mhz. I think everything else on the processor is the same.

      I actually wonder if from a manufacturing perspective it is not the same chip, just clocked differently.

      See this http://www.qualcomm.com/products_services/chipsets/snapdragon.html

      look for 2nd Gen Chips (MSM 8255 for the MyTouch and MSM 7230 for G2)

  • Yemi

    I dont care what people say about the lackluster of t-mobile phones!!!!!
    T-mobile is coming out throwing punches. Im sure T-mobile has a knockout punch hidden. Im digging for details of this heavy/knockout punch.

  • gettinmoneeyy

    i hope they bring tmobile tv to the g2 they can keep the other stuff

    • Brigini

      I’m with u on that one. The phone sounds pretty sweet but I’ll still pass on that espresso stuff. I’m loving my G2, just want that tmobile tv tho…

  • DavidOhio

    Wow. What a powerhouse! Might have to use my upgrade.

  • NiiDiddy

    I’m excited about our current Android selections and upcoming selections. T-Mobile is on fire. I LOVE T-MOBILE!!! Looking forward to owning another device soon, but will wait and see what rumors come out for Q1 2011. I have to admit, I love this myTouch!!!

  • PrisonerOfDoom

    Really want this phone, but might pick up a Vibrant instead. Am I crazy??

    • Danny Perez


    • rolo

      no flash, no hspa+ means no Vibrant to me

    • Vibrant Addict

      Naa, you’re not crazy.

      Vibrant still beats any other phone out there for screen. It’s amazing. The processor/GPU of the Vibrant is better once you perform a lagfix, so that’s another win.

      BUT, this phone does already have 2.2, a flash, FFC, and HSPA+. I am actually considering selling my Vibrant and getting this instead. (pending side by side comparison for screens, and pending root lock by HTC). Happy shopping.

    • Bimmerz

      Get the Vibrant 10-12 days before this comes out, and try it out. If you don’t like the Vibrant, take it back and get this – otherwise keep the Vibrant.

  • alex32 (g2)

    i really hope tmobile tv comes to my g2 as an update/or It should be one of those tmobile apps like my account so you can download it in the market.
    i was told an update to the g2 was coming soon to have the memory fixed.

    loving my g2 by the way, surprised me with battery. took it off the charger at 7:15am its 11 pm and still has 25% (with heavy use) bunch of calls, texts, emails, and 3 hours of pandora.
    the hinge issue is an issue..but not a deal breaker.

  • m.az

    This over G2, it looks stunning, and hopefully it does not have the chip the g2 was endowed with, so eventually it’s root able. but I really like the design I just wish the my touch part was not so obnoxious.

  • TMOprophet

    Pass for me, but may this or the G2 for the wife

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    I finally found a replacement for my g2!!!

  • Ann

    Nice and all but when are you going to come out with a phone that can act like a mobile hotspot. I am waiting for that

  • Fanandualum

    OMG!!! Did they just say it’ll come with Univision!?!?!?!? If so I think I just found the perfect phone!!!

  • thereugo

    Is it this or the G2???? Answers, answers, answers. This looks nice very nice, but will it have sense runnng on it? The G2 is a good phone also. What about the Glacier? What is that going to be packing? Any ideas ou there?

  • phone capo

    4.3 inches please

    • rolo

      especially with tv service!

    • tmoOWNED!

      If you want a 4.3 inch you have to wait the samsung galaxy s2! Just like I am go check it out on google its a beast phone and it will run dual core..

      • Bimmerz

        The GS2 interest me too, but it’s not due out until Q2 2011 – may have to get t this until that comes out. Although I am also interested in the Glacier, which is rumored to come in Q1 2011. I think 2011 is THE year for great phones (well at least until 2012 *grin*).

  • eYe

    Got G2, not too impressed with it. Too many bugs and obvious hardware flaws. This may be what I’m looking for. Just a little scared about HTC updating this phone,since it’s running skin over Android.

  • thereugo

    I was just on a website called IT PRO PORTAL and it says that the Desire HD is coming to Tmobile in a couple of weeks, to good to be true, check out the site and see what it says below…

    HTC Desire HD Coming To T-Mobile In ‘Next Few Weeks’

    08 October, 2010, by Staff Writer
    HTC’s upcoming Desire HD Android-based smartphone is heading to T-Mobile in the next few weeks, with Vodafone also set to be launching the phone on October 14th.

    According to tech news site T3, a source within the company has confirmed that T-Mobile has already begun piling-up the highly awaited smartphone and will launch it in the “next few weeks”.

    Vodafone, on the other hand, has already opened its doors for pre-orders of the smartphone, which will be available to its customers for free on monthly contracts ranging from £35 to £55.

    Users willing to pay to own the smartphone will have to pay anything between £25-£30 for a monthly contract with Vodafone.

    The new HTC Desire HD smartphone, which was showcased during a recent HTC conference in London, will come with Android 2.2 OS, a 8 MP camera with support for HD video recording, 1 GHz processor and a 4.3 inch LCD screen.

    Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/portal/news/article/2010/10/8/htc-desire-hd-coming-t-mobile-next-few-weeks/#ixzz11penhTYA

    • David, Managing Editor

      It’s not T-Mobile USA, it’s T-Mobile overseas.

  • thereugo

    Do you think it will come here? It only talks about Vodophone overseas.

  • jaythe01

    This hands down is our answer to the EVO and Droid X. Yes it may not have the big screen but what it lacks in size it most certainly makes up in power. I heard nothing but good things from folks in Vegas about this device. This will certainly put TMO in contention this yr….

  • Nerd lust

    Tmob Is really impressing me with the line up. I’m still holding on to my 8900, but these new androids are tempting!

  • alex

    I really hope we have the option for full white, it’s won’t be fair to be forced to have a black front, but I’ll still get this phone

  • kershon

    I like the white. But I want to see the plum before I dig for the bucks. Hmmm Decisions, decisions. Might pull in some ATT customers. I just read on Phonedog that the deathstar upped their early upgrade fee $200.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    I hope the TV service is available on the G2, i loveeee my G2


    What an ugly POS. I’ll upgrade to the G2 instead!

    • alex32 (g2)