T-Mobile myTouch 3G Users Receiving Android 2.2 Froyo Beginning Tomorrow

Note: Only original myTouch 3G devices will receive the update at this time. myTouch 3G 3.5mm jack, myTouch Fender Limited Edition, and myTouch 3G Slide devices will receive Froyo at a later date.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything regarding the myTouch3G and future Android updates. A lot of you owners have moved on to bigger and better things but for those of you still holding on, or holding out for something better than I hope I have your attention. Beginning tomorrow, that’s right, TOMORROW T-Mobile and HTC will begin an OTA rollout of Android 2.2

The update includes a number of benefits, including a new home screen experience, Exchange email integration and the addition of the Faves gallery.

The update should run between now and October 25th as a staggered rollout so don’t be upset (yeah I know the comments will show otherwise) if you don’t receive it tomorrow. This is great news for myTouch3G owners and I’m sure this will breathe plenty of new life into your phone!

Primary Improvements Included with This Update

•            New Fully Integrated Exchange Client

?            Improved security: Numeric pin and alpha-numeric password options have been added to unlock the device. Exchange administrators can enforce password policy across devices.

?            Remote wipe: In the event a device is lost or stolen, Exchange administrators can remotely reset the device to factory defaults to secure data.

?            Exchange calendars: Exchange calendars are now supported in the Calendar application.

?            Auto-discovery: With just a user name and password users can easily set up and/or sync an Exchange account (available for Exchange 2007 and higher).

?            Global Address Lists look-up: This functionality is now available in the E-mail application, enabling users to auto-complete recipient names from an entire directory.

•            Faves ?            Faves Gallery gives customers quick access to the 20 people who matter most.

?            Customers can scroll through their Faves Gallery and instantly see the most recent communication from their top 20 Faves – calls, texts, emails, instant messaging, and social networking updates – and respond in a flash.

•            New Home Screen Features

?            Home screen Tips widget provides tips on how to configure the home screen with shortcuts and widgets and how to make use of multiple home screens.

?            Market widget lets you keep on top what’s hot on Android Market, showing featured apps right on the home screen.

?            Live wallpapers are available on Android Market, such as Aquarium, Google Maps and many others.

?            Phone, All Apps and Browser now have dedicated shortcuts on the home screen, making it easy to access them from any of the five home screen


•            Improved Communication Features

?            Gmail app enhancements:

? ? ? ?

Include quoted text from the body of an e-mail message Navigate quickly using on-screen previous/next buttons Identify e-mails using colored labels See inline images in messages

?            Calendar app now supports multiple Google and Exchange accounts

?            Google Talk app lets users search for buddies from the Search key

?            Google Voice app now uses Inbox Synchronization so new messages are received in a matter of seconds

?            Quickcontact is now available in Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Voice, right from your device. Users tap on a contact image to access various ways to reach that person, such as call, SMS, e-mail, etc.

• Other: Improvements to the camera and camcorder, ability to add multiple languages to the keyboard, enhancements to Google Maps, YouTube app, Facebook app, and Twitter app.

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  • merlottouch

    Froyo took away the option to send annoying contacts straight to voicemail…….whyyyy

    • TH

      does the update have the swype keyboard? I have the beta version on my 1.6 but don’t want to lose it. Still waiting on the update, hope it comes soon

  • merlottouch

    Never mind I found it!

  • http://none mrcoffeegreg

    After getting my upgrade in two parts early this morning I noticed the android market was I called Tmobile and they wanted me to format the phone, deleting the upgrade, I asked it would restore to 1.6 and they said yes but guess what 2 OO android came back ALL FUNCTIONS working perfectly. I also noticed that google kept a list of my applications i had before on their servers. And it 12:35 lunch time they are getting downloaded into phone.
    THANKS T MOBILE ITS got just about all the programs the G2 has and have noticed no slow down in downloads on 3g

  • gman

    Would I be able to get the update over WiFi if I do not have the data plan active?

    • BlackHawk


      • michael

        is that a yes for the wifi or data

  • Lioness

    Did the same prompted update this morning… Anroid Market APP is gone.. will see whats good b4 I call T-mobile… Aside from missing APP this update is great AND ‘remote wiping’ wish it had that when my phone was stolen last month :(

  • Jay

    Still waiting for my update…

  • Andrew

    A friend at work got hers earlier. I played around with it some, it seems a lot faster. I was going to record some video of it with my G2 but I got busy. Had her download a live wallpaper just to see if it worked but she never let me know. Were in KC.

    • Adam

      someone in KC got the update?! YAY!
      hopefully im next

  • bkgenesis

    Did anyone from New York get the update yet?

  • Oct

    Has anyone In Florida get the update yet?

    • J-man

      Nope… still waiting in J-ville…

      • TH

        still waiting in Tucson, AZ

      • J-man

        Nevermind, got it on Thursday 10.21.10

  • http://tmonews ben

    Daly city still waiting. …… hello. ….hello anybody out there. Were that little bit of land covered in fog.

  • Whiner

    I still don’t understand why people think it has to do with the city they’re from. Hilarious

    • MishkaGreen

      What’s the pattern or method of the rollout?

      • Whiner

        They are rolling out by imei number on your phone. I’m assuming they’re going in order

      • BlackHawk

        I heard it was based on the serial number of your phone, which is the 9th-14th numbers of your IMEI. My serial number is low(003364), and I havent gotten my update.

      • impatient

        i hope not…mine starts with 099 in the 9th 10th 11th spot :( does anyone have official word on how they determine who gets it when? and based on what?

      • TH

        I got the text this morning with instructions but still no update. It says the phone has to be fully charged and plugged. Power outlet or computer?

  • merlottouch

    New York got mine this morning when I woke up around 6:15 I had the first part got the second part maybe a half hour later

  • Jay

    For everyone that got the update, did battery life improve?

  • Dodanafoneium

    The bigger waves of the update start tomorrow!

  • MikeyD

    Did anyone from Minnesota get the update?

  • Dubya504

    6 days left and still No update!!!

    • Camille

      The deadline for the OTA update has been moved to Oct 31. Sorry, but it’s more than 6 days left.

  • BeachinAndroid

    Chomping at the bit right now…

  • carl

    Is there a site where people are posting that they have received the update. It’s interesting that there are only a few people here and there that have verified they received it. It’s clear that it does exist and that it is going out but, very VERY slowing.

    • Camille

      You can check the T-Mobile Mytouch 3g forum. The guys at the XDA site have already hacked the update and made a rooted version.

  • 16309A


    My wife dropped her mytouch a month ago, broke the screen, bought a Vibrant (which she loves!) I still have a mytouch.

    Last night I plug her phone in for the first time since then to charge the battery so I can have a spare while I travel. That damn thing isn’t plugged in for 5 minutes and she gets the update!! I still have nothing!!! :(

  • Marisleysis

    I’m curious as to what improves with the camera after this update. I don’t expect HD video, but I hope it can now take smoother videos at higher frame rates!

  • ChrisK

    Settle down people! Geez. You will all get the update, complaining about on a website doesn’t make it come to your phone any quicker. Hang in there, its coming and you’ll be bored of it in a month.

    • 16309A

      Misery loves company…

      • Adam

        no where else to go but the forums…

  • KCK

    Kansas City,Kansas has not recieved an update yet.

    • Adam

      you also? damn… tmobile always forgets us… our 3g sucks too

  • http://www.theaero.net Toxa

    456: Free T-Mobile MSG: Over the next two weeks, a 2 part Froyo Android OS upgrade will be sent to your myTouch 3G. Details: http://www.t-mobile.com/myTouch-MR

    I am highly disappointed.

    • BlackHawk

      At what? thats old news…..lol

      • http://theaero.net Toxa

        i expected it in the next 5 days, not two weeks. dude i even purchased data plan for that :)

    • http://www.bangboomcrash.com Stefan Hartman

      I just got the same text! Patiently waiting…

      • Dytboy

        same here

  • Panda

    Waiting for Froyot!

  • Ui10

    I’m currently residing in Europe, will I still be able to receive this update?

  • Dubya504

    10 days from the Deadline till No Froyo! Still Waiting!

  • http://tmonews Ben

    I just got a txt from tmobile saying i should be getting the update soon. Did anybody else get this txt, and if so how long after did you get the update?

    • http://twitter.com/tjcass T.J. Cass

      Got the txt did morning too.

  • jeeper82

    Will I have to be on dmd64 to get this update?? My phone didn’t update when i un rooted it. Still on drc92.

  • Dubya504

    I just received a 456 Tmobile MSG. Over the next 2 weeks, a 2 part Froyo Android OS upgrade will be sent to your MyTouch 3G. Can’t wait, I don’t know why, but I can’t wait.

  • Whiner

    Sick of looking at my screen to notice no update yet.

  • Whiner

    PS, I haven’t gotten a text saying there was an update

    • SpandexPants

      Just recieved text message momenst ago:

      “I just received a 456 Tmobile MSG. Over the next 2 weeks, a 2 part Froyo Android OS upgrade will be sent to your MyTouch 3G”


  • MikeyD

    I finally got the update txt. Although I am still very anxious anticipating this update since my attempt at originally rooting failed :(.

  • Dennis

    I got a text message from T-Mobile this morning.


    It told me that T-Mobile was sending out the updates starting October 13. Nothing else.


  • tom

    just got the text
    waiting for the update

  • http://www.theaero.net Toxa

    I get some weird error about java TimeOut

    PS: I sear, I start getting visions of my phone getting a notice in my sleep :) And the next second I notice I try to click buttons on my pillow ;)

    • BeachinAndroid

      I have random moments that I fell like I got the update and rush to phone to check it… Its pretty sad really…

  • rubixxcube00

    Just got update about 30 mins ago — Riverside/Los Angeles region (got text this morning)..update came in 2 parts one right after another. Whoot!

  • whiner

    FINALLY have FROYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Taylor

      did u ever get the text message??

  • http://www.bangboomcrash.com Stefan Hartman

    I was served some FroYo this morning (in York, PA). Delicious! Diggin’ it.

  • Dodanafoneium


  • Dubya504

    FINALLY GOT IT, But my wife is still waiting

  • Evelyn

    Where is the app tab and drawer that used to be at the bottom of the screen? How do I get to my apps???? I’m not liking this!!!

    • http://www.bangboomcrash.com Stefan Hartman

      it seems the “Drawer” is gone (I kinda dug it though, sliding up to open it and all that). Now you tap where the “Drawer” handle was and it displays your apps.

  • jay2011

    I got the update but I don’t have live wallowed I downloaded one and everything am I the only one someone help me with an answer

  • rushdamian

    Who got his FroYo 2.2 update this morning???
    <—- This Guy, Right There!!!

  • Jay

    I got my update. All my apps are gone. Email isn’t working either. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Josh

    Got the update in KC at 7:45 am 10/21/2010. No Swype..:(

  • Sk817Lakai

    If you have any knowledge on how to flash the update I recommend heading over to XDA-Developers.com and checking out downloading the update and flashing the SPL first and then the Froyo OTA second. I’ll explain how to flash: Take the .zip file and transfer it to your SD card. Rename it to “update.zip” If your running windows just name it “update” the .zip is already added on for windows. Then while your SD card is in your phone turn it off and after its off hold down the power and home button until you see a triangle and a phone. CLICK the home and power button and it’ll give you a list of options click on the one that says “flash: update.zip” and then it’ll do the work from there. Do the SPL update first then repeat the process all over again for the Froyo update. Ta-Da!

  • Whiner

    No live wallpapers? No swype? WTF? Figures T-Mobile wouldn’t give us everything. LOL

  • Ghost57

    I modded my mytouch to cyanogenmod about a month ago beacuase i thought the new update would never arrive. Does anyone kno if there is a difference between cyanogenmod and the new froyo update?

    • http://www.theaero.net Toxa

      New Froyo works faster than Cyanogen mod, according to the users.

  • Happy Panda

    I have Froyo! Yeeeah!

  • http://www.theaero.net Toxa

    Still waiting. I’m being tempted to try flashing it myself, from XDA :D but I don’t know what should I do