(Updated) T-Mobile G2 Hinges Loose, Memory Problems Abound?

We’re not quite how widespread this problem is but we’ve got both the above video from Engadget who are also receiving handfuls of tips regarding this matter as well as Noah from Phonedog who also showcased his own loose hinge troubles. While the G2 hasn’t even made its way to the hands of all the pre-orders and with the launch date still 5 days away its not exactly what the manufacturer and the carrier are hoping to discover. Still, we’ll keep an eye on this and see how truly widespread the problem is and as always sounds off below with any of your own reports of loose hinges. Shall we call this, hinge-gate? I kid I kid.

Along with the hinge trouble, reports have been pretty consistent regarding the amount of memory included with the device. The G2 comes with 4GB of built in memory, however users are reporting free space amounts to under 2 GB’s. T-Mobile has put out an official statement via their Facebook page:

Thanks for the questions about the G2’s memory. Here’s the scoop: The G2 includes 4GB of internal memory, of which a portion is accessible for downloading applications from the Android Market and a portion is allocated for both the operating system and preloaded applications. You can also store content and some applications on the included 8GB SD card, which is expandable up to 32GB.

Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention!

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  • Stepx88

    has anyone called customer service and complain about the 2g space. I just got mine and i only got 1.23g internal memory.Will tmo actually replace them?

  • iman

    Just bought my phone today. It’s a superb phone but the hinge is loose and 1.23 internal memory. Can I return this phone or exchange it even though I opened it? Does anyone knows?

    • Slide

      yeah i believe you have 30 days.

  • Jmcl987

    Thats not an issue its just the phone’s mechanism!!!

  • jay chang

    If you use the my device program that comes pre loaded on the phone from tmobile you can see that there is 1317 total available, a logical amount for a 1.5 gig internal memory of the desire z’s.

    It says I am using only 172 mb so I have 1144 left total.

    Pathetic. Tmo will give it a week or two and then issue exchanges…

  • GeekyOne

    OK so I got my G2 less than 5 days ago, went out to dinner with my GF tonight, got home and went to check my phone for any messages and the phone was non responsive. I tried plugging in the power cord thinking the battery died – still no response. I then took the back off of the phone, removed the battery, then replaced the battery, plugged in the charger and I finally got the phone to turn on. This was not the first issue Ive had with this phone. Ive got a VERY loose hinge, the internal memory issue, and my phone has rebooted itself TWICE with no prompting. My gf also got a G2 and has had none of these isses – except the internal memory.
    So, I call T-mob tech support – tell them what happened, they tell me I have to ship them back the phone (at my cost – though the young lady was willing to credit my account 10.00 for shipping) and then they can re-order me a new G2. I told her I would then be withoout a phone and I needed to have a G2 sent to me before I could ship mine back, I then get some excuse as to being in the buyers remorse period, they cant do it that way – blah blah – but if I wanted I could pay to use a loaner phone (50.00 deposit). I ask to speak to a supervisor, was placed on hold then the line went dead.
    Bottom line, tomorrow Ill be back on the phone with retentions, so wish me luck guys n gals. Ill keep you posted.

    • Jamie

      The exact same thing happened to me. . .thought that the battery had died. The first time my phone was fine once I attached my car charger. . . the screen just “woke” up. The second time I had to go through the whole battery out…power on. TMobile offered to do a factory restore, but then I would have lost all of my apps. You have 14 days to return the phone to the store.

      Oh and once the screen turned all white with red, blue, green text and three android characters across the bottom. :(

      • Alannn

        @Jamie I think you my friend just go into the recovery screen of the G2, perhaps providing smoke that the G2 can be rooted! =D

  • androidfeen

    Fanboys smh I have a G2 and it has the hinge defect lefts not act like fanboys and accept it was built wrong

  • Jose R.

    yup thats exactly what i am experiencing as well… hinge problem and memory and i just got the phone 2 weeks ago

  • dave

    I called T-mobile tech support not too long ago and the rep said they don’t plan on “addressing” or fixing the issue.

    If any of you would like to do something about it sign this petition:

  • Montez Mmontez

    my g2 doestnt show my pics from the gallery and when it does it does for about 5 minutes then everything in the gallery is blank

  • Montez Mmontez

    my g2 doestnt show my pics from the gallery and when it does it does for about 5 minutes then everything in the gallery is blank

    • Bigmikey88

      Mine does the same thing but my pics are gone from the past couple weeks, they were there one day but that was it, idk what to do

      • Jfinestrican

        That happens to me too. Restart you phone that usually helps