(UPDATED, Again) T-Mobile Confirms MyTouch HD?

Want to see something interesting?  Well, of course you do!  If you have the time, you should search “HSPA” on the T-Mobile site.  If you don’t have the time, just look above.  What comes up is a nifty image of the MyTouch HD (well that looks familiar), or whatever the final name ends up being (since it only says MyTouch above).  It looks like Android, the Genius Button, HSPA+ connectivity and Video Chat capabilities are confirmed for the low low price of free (that’s what it says at least)?.  Pretty nifty, eh?  I think we need to wait and see how this phone’s story unfolds.  We will make sure to keep you posted.


UPDATE: Someone dug a little deeper and found some pictures of the MyTouch HD.  It looks like you’ll find some pretty standard stuff on this phone (3.5 mm headphone jack up top, dedicated camera key on the right, micro-USB port on the left, along with a speaker and camera with LED flash around back).  Something tells me that this story is over yet.  Keep an eye out folks!


UPDATE!: And the MyTouch HD page is now live on T-Mobile!  Only a coming soon sign though….  Oh well, scroll down (or go to this page) to look at the features and specs! Just F.Y.I. It’s what we thought it was

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  • shadowdroid

    the 1 ghz processor that is in this is actually faster than the humming bird processor if people did there research.. it has the same processor as the desire HD and has amazing 3D graphics too with the adreno 205 gpu and i think this phone is sexy


      Good thing that I didn’t get the Vibrant. This phone is mah new dream phone! Gotta love the 768MB of RAM and the QSD8255 + Adreno 205!

  • John Elliot

    T-Mobile has the worst coverage and most of their customers and reps are just ghetto.

    • Aqua

      Dude what a rude statement…. show the love.

    • kathi17

      If you don’t like the phone or T-Mo, then why comment? I find their reps and CS way better than any other company.

      • itsthatguy!!!

        I’m about as far from “ghetto” as you can get, man.

    • j-man

      No. We T-Mobile customers are not ghetto, well at least I am not. And the coverage thing, I get pretty good coverage around where I am, Chicago, so I am not complaining about it. If you do like T-Mobile than why are you reading this blog?

    • http://www.google.com Luixanderton

      Thats not actually true i am a TMobile Customer for over 3 years and they are the best.

    • Nieves Diaz III

      John ur a fukkin idiot. how rude is it for u to say that most of the customers and reps are ghetto? do u even know what the word ghetto means? its not a personality trait, its a freakin living condition thats referred the the area of impoverished people. ur so stupid and insensitive. I just happen to be a t-mobile customer, and their coverage trumps that of sprints 4g network which has been out longer than t-mobiles HSPA network. and the 3g coverage is actually very good. why dont u think before u say something so that u dont make an azz of urself. ur prolly a racist prick n e way. dumbazz. u dont even know wtf ur talkin about, ur prolly a sprint att or verizon faggy fanboy. grow the fukk up loser. ur so lame.

  • kathi17

    It looks like this phone is getting UMA calling, which is really great for those of us who live in the boonies!

  • Wolfy

    Is it just me or do the 3 dots on the left side look like metal contacts for a charging dock?

  • julian dupree

    Hmmmmm this just made me mad…. Stupid vibrant still doesn’t have 2.2

  • itz me

    I’m soooo glad i didnt get the Vibrant or the G2, i still have my first gen mytouch as my daily phone. i can still do way more stuff on it simultaniously than my sister and brother in law’s iphone 4s :)…cant wait for this mytouch to come out..

  • J-man

    and to think that i was going to get the original mytouch 3g. Good thing that i didn’t and that i waited.

  • john doe

    man is this phone gonna have froyo 2.2 like the g2? shoot hopefully it’ll have the same features like the desire hd and its special extra features for this model. i would consider buying this phone guarantee. practically the phone will satisfy my needs. who cares about the hard keyboard, on screen is good enough for me. i have my nexus one. soon will retire it for the mytouch. i wonder, is there going to be a g3 by next october???? remember guys, when the g series seems like a copyrighted brand and always try to spark the android world, but seems like big brother model mytouch seems to look better and come out right after the g series. just like the g1 when it first launched. the mytouch came out a few months after that. that’s weird. you ppl who wasted your money on the g2, isn’t worth buying it, should have waited for the mytouch.

  • Luv

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    This version of WP7 may work better than what Microsoft and T-Mobile USA are coming out with on Oct. 11, 2010, because you will still have the HTC Sense on board, plus you can install just about any Android build with this ROM ….

  • http://tmonews.com jesse

    i have a g1, and i waited and waited and waited and it paid off!!! i am so happy and exicited, kind of wish it had a keyboard and the screen to be a bit bigger but you cant have everything, cant wait, AWESOME PHONE, bring on the war with sprint, i-phone and verizon, my-touch will WIN

  • http://tmonews.com jesse

    what will 2.2 do for me? how different is 1.6 to 2.2. can anyone answer/help mr

  • http://tmonews.com jesse

    what will 2.2 do for me? my g1 has 1.6, what are the pros to having 2.2? can anyone answer/help me?

    • Nieves Diaz III

      r u serious???u have an android phone and dont even know its capabilities??? weird…just weird. google cupcake 1.6 vs froyo 2.2…then ull see!

  • Joe

    I’m happy I got my Vibrant. :)

  • blah

    The link to tmoble myTouch is now gone, PLEASE HELP??! I what to see the full detailed specs PLEASE???

  • JimmyD

    Just an fyi for all the tmo haters out there, i was at a bar with a group of friends the other night, and my buddy had an iphone and one had a verizon droid, while i had my bberry 9700. We did 4 side by side tests with you tube, needless to say, I was first loaded by at least 5 seconds and did not buffer one time, followed by att and last with its terrrrrribbllle quality of chop was verizon. And that was 3g. we have HSPA here as well, results dont lie!!

  • http://koowie.com Koowie

    T-Mobile has the best prices but their coverage is lacking.