Preview The myTouch HD/myTouch 4G Whatever It Will Be Called Colors, Pick Your Favorite

So while we’re busy playing the name game with the myTouch HD/myTouch4G we wanted to let you know you can have the phone in any color you want, so long as it’s white, black, red or plum. Personally, I dig the white, as I just love the clean lines that come from a white device. Of course, if you think I’m totally weird for liking a white phone than you can take comfort in knowing three other color choices await you.

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  • andrew

    Touch decision. I love white phones to match my skin color, but the red one is pretty hawt. (jk about the skin color thing).

    Anyway, I will have this phone. I’ve been waiting ever since I got my G1 nearly 2 years ago for a upgrade. This is so overdue for me.

    p.s. Hey TmoNews–obviously you’ll tell us when you get it–but I’m super curious about the release date for this guy. :) Can’t wait to hear THAT news. Homeboy.

    • Quiana

      Touch decision. I love white phones to match my skin color -LOL!

    • sorandkairi

      home home homeboy…. he meant to say!


      I have been told November 8th, by a friend of mine and he is usually never wrong when it comes to release dates. I believe its going to be $199 with 2 yr contract also

      • Justin

        I believe this guy! :eyeroll:

    • nathaniel brinklevoss

      So run and tell THAT!

  • telos104

    I just love the clean lines that come from a white device.
    – that’s what she said LOL

  • Deke218

    No matter what color it is, that is one ugly phone!

    • Drew


  • C-FU

    They need to give us a release date already!!!!

  • sungmurai7

    If the red is anything like the myTouch Slide’s Metallic Red then red is a good choice.

  • http://www.techguysmartbuy.blogspot Rod Scott

    You know how T-Mobile loves their Plum-colored devices.

  • Insider

    For those of you waiting on the HTC Glacier…wait no more. The myTouch HD is the Glacier. This is the last major phone release T-Mobile will be making before the holiday season.

    So now, you have three stacked Android devices to choose from — Vibrant, G2 and MyTouch HD. It all depends on your needs and taste. Some have certain benefits over the other. It’s all personal choice. Within the end of the year, all three will be on Froyo. So no worries there.

    I know people are hating on the HD7 because it’s WP7, but think about those of you who are serious business people. The HD7 has full Exchange ActiveSync, full Sharepoint support and full Office support right out of the gate. You can’t say that about any other device out there.

    My $0.02

    • ColoradoGray

      “This is the last major phone release T-Mobile will be making before the holiday season.”
      Except for that HD7 you were talking about. There are other phones of course, but then the only thing major about the Moto Devour is Oprah…

  • Nads

    The “Plum” looks blue.

    • MrX

      lol yeah thats what i thought till i read the “Plum” subtitle

  • George

    why can’t the backplate just match the color of the phone???

    • myfatboy01

      I agree..Match them up….. Is the back cover plastic or the tin/metal? Be nice if it was the tin/metal….anyone know? Cheers!

      • mytouchmyself

        yeah its metal

  • alt-mobile

    What I don’t understand is why make a dark blue and a black phone? It seems like a waste of money because those are two very similar colors (probably should have stuck to just making the black one).

  • matt

    ugly phone. for its great specs, it looks juvenile. DELL THUNDER – now THAT is a phone! hope to comes to Tmobile …. soon !!

  • Kevin

    Riddle me this T-MO nerds (said in the most humbling way possible)
    G2 or MyTouchG4?
    Do I take the plunge on this tomorrow or do I wait 4 weeks for this?

    • John

      Wait the 4 weeks. It will be worth it.

      I know I am.

    • big iz

      i’m pondering the same.. i love the look of the G2.. but i am an i-hater, so i need the specs on my phone to kill whatever the i-crap has.. and without the front facing camera, i feel like i’d be falling just short.. tho i’m not sure i’d get much use of it, as no one else i know will be using a video phone.. but android has the ability to video conference with computer as well (take that i-crap)..
      but the mytouch is very childish looking phone.. tough one.. (htc desire z for usa, where r u?)

      • Cybersedan

        @big iz: +1

    • flannery

      I returned my G2 because I decided this one was way better.

      BTW – with Swype, I no longer wanted the keyboard (and I have been a blackberry person for 4 years until trying the G2!)

    • JackMatt

      wait for the MyTouch, it’s kinda a childish looking phone but thats TMo for you. Its got the specs so it gets my vote

  • flipazian02

    just got one…

  • paulie E still rockin G1

    So everyone wants to know the release date. Well my boy got the g2 (which he returned) but he pre order it. The 1st official pre order date was 14days before the official release. So 1st I heard it was coming out the 3rd then I heard the 9th now I hear its the 17th which makes sense because T-Mobile wont wanna mess up hd7 sales but if I comes out the 17th pre order should be available the 3rd. So if that’s the case I will have the black one on the Friday the 5th or Monday the 8th. Once u preorder it, it will come fast 3to4 days. I just also wanna say I love this site its amazing u ever need some to wipe ur ass I m ur man u guys make work so much better. But just so everyone’s know its gonna be hard to get ride of my white g1 running cm6 its so smooth. But I can’t play angry birds. I brought my girl the evolution its okay not so smooth and it kills me that she does nothing on it. Her favorite thing on her phone is shazam that should say enough. I just wanna video chat with here so I can lay my butts rite on her and have her thinking wtf is that just think about it people. Keep it coming tmonews

  • my touch hd sux

    oh come on really this phone is going to suck it reminds me of the hd2 with tmobile putting all the hype on it. lets see how fast gingerbread gets put on it

    • JackMatt

      what? How fast will Gingerbread get put on it? What phone do you know of from Tmo got a Froyo up date right away…. ohh wait the only one that did get a froyo up date was the MyTouch 3g.

      They are very slow to roll out any update to any handset. I can tell you the this one will get it before the G2 does.

  • nr hax

    just got one good luck going root

  • Deff

    Maybe I shouldn’t make this mistake again. Last time I went for an upgrade, it was from my good old Sidekick Slide :P to a brand new fancy android phone… I had the main choice of the Mytouch, or the Cliq. Now apparently the Cliq was going to be the best thing EVER (plus I wasn’t ready to lose my QWERTY keyboard) so I went for it. Yeah it was cool… for two weeks until Droid came rolling out with 2.1. After that my friends were shooting HD videos, messing with live wallpapers, and I was stuck with a few cool news feeds and a facebook sync. Of course, they all got that too after the 2.2 update… Now this begs the question, do I wait it out ANOTHER YEAR to get an upgrade? Or do I upgrade early for this WONDERFUL mytouch… -_- IMO:Wait it out.. don’t go right in for the NEWEST HOTTEST thing.. wait for the reviews and then get the GOOD phone. After all, not everyone was too happy with the mytouch 3G either. So either way I went, i was going to end up with a laggy paperweight… hardly a smartphone. PS: My mom and sis got the Vibrant… every time they pull it out im drooling.. truly a nice lag free smartphone. Go with that if you CAN’T wait any longer for the mytouch.

    • Chris

      G2 vanilla android, and it will have permanent root, mytouch 4g has the same root issue as the G2 so not relevant