Nexus 2/S/Whatever Coming To T-Mobile? We Say Likely.

We admit there is a fair amount of skepticism regarding the fabled Nexus 2/S/Whatever, both from our readers, other members of the blogging community and even ourselves. We can’t say it really exists, and then again I can’t say a 20 million dollars exists because I’ve never seen that much money all at once. So what follows is rumor based, pure rumor and speculation though we, like Androidandme can confirm that T-Mobile (among other carriers) is a likely recipient of this device. Will it be sold in T-Mobile retail stores or another channel is anyone’s guess, as is every other aspect of this report. Taylor has managed to pull together some specs we might see on this device:

  • Stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 1.2 GHz processor (don’t know which model)
  • 4 inch AMOLED display (don’t know resolution)
  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and HD video capture (don’t know about flash), front-facing camera (don’t know resolution)
  • 512 MB RAM, 16 GB internal storage
  • Support for multiple carriers (radios are unknown)
  • All the usuals like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm headset jack, etc.
  • Outer casing is a mix of metal and plastic materials

Keep in mind, while these specs are rumored to be finalized they are NOT confirmed. Until we see a Mr. Blurrycam pic of this device, we can only guess what it might look like. That’s the point of this whole story right now, what the phone really is is anyone’s guess.


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  • LBdaGreat

    I am not going to wait, so im getting the MT4G and when this comes out i’ll get this if it’s worth it.

    • mjN1

      me too

  • Bigmerf

    If it supports Tmo’s 4G! and has all the goodies my current Nexus has plus more IM in!

  • Bigmerf

    I will be your official tester.. cause i will get it day 1.. :)

  • CactusCat

    I own both a Nexus One and the Samsung Vibrant. The melding of these two phones poses some great possibilities. Especially with updated hardware and OS. I’ve seen and experienced both the good and bad in both phones and even considering the “bad” in both, they’re both a ton o’ fun to use. While I have been reading this new “Nexus 2” story/rumor with great anticipation and delight, my mind wanders back to this:

    So…. if indeed we’re getting a Nexus 2, then obviously, the story back in July was dead wrong. An out and out lie? Probably not, but sure makes one wonder doesn’t it? (If we call it a Nexus S, does that mean the “no Nexus 2” story is then true?)

    I see nothing but good that can come from the release of a Nexus 2 by Samsung. There’s plenty of nay-say’ers out there. People squawking about Samsung this and Samsung that. I’ve found my Samsung to be great on virtually everything except battery life and I’ve tweaked it to last much longer. Other than that, it has been tremendous. “Plastic-y” feel or feels cheap? Not IMHO. I like the feel of it. Light, solid, very fast and that super sharp screen. I’ve shown the Samsung to many iPhone users and virtually everyone of them has ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the Samsung display including iPhone 4 users. Rumored specs of this Nexus 2 phone would make an unbelievably fast and fun device. So hold off on the negative comments until something more substantial is known. Once the device is opened up for scrutiny (read – announced to be real, etc), then you can tell everyone how good or bad you think it is. Until then, its all hot air and your comments carry little weight.

    • Jack

      well said sir.
      well said.

      • Jack

        or Miss, whichever it may be. Don’t want to get trolled for being sexist.

    • Edward351

      I agree, a new Nexus would be nice. My only concern is the 4″ AMOLED. It doesn’t seem like a good option versus a super LCD. I haven’t heard anything different so I’m guessing we won’t see SAMOLED on anything but a Samsung branded device. I also haven’t seen an AMOLED I really liked which is why held off on the N1 as well.
      But I’d love an unlocked rootable device I could use however I liked.

    • Edward351

      I agree, a new Nexus would be nice. My only concern is the 4″ AMOLED. It doesn’t seem like a good option versus a super LCD. I haven’t heard anything different so I’m guessing we won’t see SAMOLED on anything but a Samsung branded device. I also haven’t seen an AMOLED I really liked which is why held off on the N1 as well.
      But I’d love an unlocked rootable device I could use however I liked.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      One of the best, most reasoned and well-written comments I have seen on this Site in a long, long time.

      As the owner of a Vibrant (and HD2, Touch Pro2, Slide, etc.) I agree with your comments about the Vibrant.

      And ditto on the display. Everyone who sees my Vibrant on full brightness is amazed, especially if I have the aquarium live wallpaper active.

      Today I visited my local T-Mobile corporate store where I am “friends” with a couple sales reps. They gave me a Defy, G2 and MyTouch 4G to compare side by side.

      While I was uber impressed with every phone, I reminded myself that the Vibrant stands up to any of those phones, the only reason I was drooling over them was because they were something different and new. If I did not own the Vibrant I am sure that today I would have been looking at it and had a difficult time deciding which of the four to buy.

      Of course I have still not changed my opinion, that HTC makes the hottest handsets on the planet. The MT4G is a phone I would enjoy just holding in my hand while watching TV, for example. :)

      Too bad for Google that HTC said it would no longer make phones for Google, I am sure a Nexus 2 or S would have been a fantastic device.

      IMHO there’s not going to be a Nexus 2 since Google is still smarting from the N1, that turned out to be the “Edsel” of handsets.

      If Google does come out with another handset IMHO it will be a GSM world phone, unlocked and offered in Europe and Asia, but not the U.S.

      And if Samsung produces that phone, I agree, it will be a great phone because Samsung makes great products.

  • Peace

    There can be only one!!

  • some internet dude

    Gizmodo and eWeek are reporting that Nov 8 mite be a Samsung/Google Nexus 2 announcement.

  • Peace


    How can it be a Nexus? If this so called device is coming out – in order for it to be a real and true Nexus then it must – MUST – be designed and developed and built by Google and HTC – NOT Samsung or some other builder. Thats just common sense people. Thats like the Dodge Challenger being brought back and created by Ford or Chevy and god forbid if its created and brought back by Toyota. What did you want to buy a Toyota Challenger? Now common people – this is ridiculous. I love my Nexus One and I would never change it out for a Samsung Nexus Two. Please!!!

    • David, Managing Editor

      The Nexus name is owned by Google, NOT HTC and Google can provide the name to whomever they wish to manufacturer a phone.

      • CactusCat

        Beat me to it.

    • CactusCat

      While I appreciate your loyalty to your Nexus One phone (I have one as well), your analogy is flawed. Let me explain. I’ll use a very familiar example as well. This took place in the past, but you’ll get my meaning quite easily.

      Intel owns and makes (made) Pentium CPUs. (I know they have newer models now but its an example). That being said, they obviously own the Pentium brand name. So when the first computers (let’s say it was HP) came out with Pentium chips, are the only “Pentium” computers made by HP? Nope. Google IS Nexus. They own the name and the brand. They can choose (just like Intel) who gets and manufactures devices with their name. Intel puts out a decal that says “Intel Pentium Inside” and you know that its a quality product. Google does the same thing. They put their Nexus name on a phone and you know its a quality product. This time it appears they will be putting their Nexus brand name on a Samsung. In our case, there are a limited number of phone manufacturers world wide (Moto, SS, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia…) but simply stating that it must be from HTC or its not a Nexus is incorrect. If I used your method of reasoning, I would have said, it can’t be a Pentium, its not from HP.

      But in all fairness, that’s why both Fords and Chevys are made. Not everyone likes the same thing, so if you prefer not to own a Samsung (for whatever reason), so be it. But to state you would NEVER do something… well, NEVER is a very long time and I would refer you back to my previous comment. “hold off on the negative comments until something more substantial is known. Once the device is opened up for scrutiny (read – announced to be real, etc), then you can tell everyone how good or bad you think it is. Until then, its all hot air and your comments carry little weight.”

      Lastly, as someone who has been around for a long time, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who’ve said “I would never….” and as it eventually turned out, they did!

      From your fellow Nexus owner… a wise person doesn’t say “I’ll never”

      • mjN1


  • Shawn

    If it supports T-Mobile 4G this would be an awesome device. It NEEDS to support their 4G network

  • Peace

    To CactusCat:

    Good Point you made!! Never is the wrong word and your right I should have left that out since thats a very long time. Yes your right on the HP model referring it to the HTC model. Great analogy and reference. Yet – I must say if Google would allow the best phone made (Nexus One – via HTC) and the advanced technology that they put into their existing phone a year ago and to-date still holds as the best phone in the market that no one has beat – then to take on a plastic body and flawed style to look like a vibrant is just wrong. But thats my opinion only which is only worth my acknowledgment. Just like my opinion of Rocky 1 was the best movie in the Rocky Series. So they can do what they want but we all know the best of the best is and always will be the Nexus One!! I know your going to beat me up for what I am saying. But the truth is the truth. Have a nice day and again I do appreciate and respect your opinion above and it does hold water.


    • CactusCat

      Indeed, you certainly have some valid points. We’re not sure the new model will be totally plastic (not sure of much of anything just yet). But we both have our opinions. Since I own both of the two phones that we’ve talked about, I actually like both of them. I purchased both of them outright and am currently using the Vibrant and the wifey has snagged the Nexus. And I’ll sheepishly admit, that both of my phones have clear plastic cases on them, so they actually feel almost identical when I’m holding them. I use the clear plastic cases (and screen protectors) for protection (so they won’t be scratched when I resell them) and it also fits my hand better. So, in a way, it didn’t matter to me what the actual phone felt like. Not everyone will use those type of cases though, so your point about “feel” then has much more merit. I personally thought the Sammy felt great when using it (before I installed the clear plastic case). Light but solid.

      But as both you and I have read in the forums, I’ve seen many people who’ve said they’d never get this or ever use that and then they saw the actual device and held it and many have changed their minds. I remember many ppl talking about how bad the G2 or the MT4G looked, then saw them in person and admitted that they were much better after seeing them up close. I’m only suggesting to take a wait and see approach. It wouldn’t take much for them to modify the cover on the Galaxy phone to give it a better feel, so it might happen. Who knows? But we’ll have a very good idea of what to expect in just a little over a week (or so the in-the-know folks are saying). I just know that it would not take much to persuade me to purchase this particular model. I probably won’t be doing anything until Q1 2011 as I’ve got two great phones and would like to see all the upcoming goodies from everyone. HTC, Moto, Sammy… they’re all supposed to have new dual core cpus, more ram, Gingerbread is becoming a reality, and if I remember correctly, back when Project Emerald rumors were first starting up, the HTC rep told the reporter that a new resolution (1280×768 – is that right?)… was in the works. All I know is that there is some really good stuff coming and I’m as giddy as a kid in a candy store. This new phone might be crap or it might be the best thing since sliced bread. We’ll see….

      and lastly, thank you very much for a respectful and informative response. I see so many people resorting to name calling, etc. Your reply was to the point and I re-read it several times to make sure I was understanding you correctly. Great job. (and yes, Rocky 1 WAS the best hahah)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I disagree with people (not you) who criticize the Vibrant as being a cheap plastic phone. Besides, as the owner of many “high end” smart and super phones, I can confirm that all of them, up until recently, had all plastic cases. (It was HTC, starting with the HD2’s battery cover, for example, who started adding some metal to the case. But until then even my $500 to $550 HTC phones were all plastic.)

        The reason critics diss the Vibrant as a cheap plastic phone is because it’s so light. Somewhat accurately (from the “old days”) people associated light weight electronics as being cheap junk.

        But that’s a bum rap for the Vibrant.

        The Vibrant weighs little because, for example, the highly advanced SAMOLED display “sandwich” eliminated one of four layers that make up the typical smartphone display.

        The Vibrant also has lighter electrical components. The end result, compared to other phones the Vibrant does not “feel expensive” because of its lack of heft.

        Compare other $500+ all plastic phones with the Vibrant. Consider the Touch Pro2 that debuted in August 2009. I remember when that came out we all wondered if a $550 phone had a metal back. Spy pics of the back of the phone sure looked like brushed metal. But when we got our Touch Pro2s we discovered the entire back of the phone was “cheap” plastic made to look like brushed metal. The battery cover was so “cheap” that it was actually cheap to replace on eBay, for $10 shipped!

        The Touch Pro2 was a heavy phone, however. And the brushed metal plastic back had a quality feel to it. So the Touch Pro2 felt like a quality device and no one ever said it felt like a cheap plastic phone. Quite the contrary, reviewers consistently said it had a quality, hefty feel to it.

        People can also compare the Vibrant to the MyTouch Slide (a phone I also have). The Slide is an all plastic phone. But again, because of it’s a heavy phone, it feels like a quality device.

        I have to wonder if HTC started something, where all superphones now must have metal backs, otherwise the buying public (and critics) will declare the phones having a cheap plastic feel.

  • Anthony

    Ya know with the n1 tethering is free the g2 doesn’t have that. The n2 wont either I thought I heard tmobile was planning to charge for this. I see no point in trading in my n1 for a n2 and receive less

  • juan

    yes excellent, more rumored specs from TMONEWS…just like the rumored specs for the HD7, which we all know were so accurate. 1.2Ghz dual core processor, 4.5″ amoled screen, HDMI out, yadda yadda yadda!

  • jonlove

    Speculation was rife, Gizmodo had sources that had handled the “new” device, others had contacts within Samsung that had confirmed existence of the handset. It was suggested the device would be one of the first handsets to feature the Gingerbread Android firmware and could possibly be a refresh of the Galaxy S smartphone.

    Today, all of those rumors have seemingly been put to an end after Samsung confirmed to Korean website Damawa that the Nexus Two rumors were “simply not true”.

    This almost certainly paves the way for the launch of the new Samsung Continuum, an Android smartphone that will be available in the US via Verizon. Early specifications hint that the Continuum will be powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, featture 336MB RAM and will have a Super AMOLED display.

  • jonlove

    as we can see… 2 was bs :(
    sorry guys

    • 16309A

      We can’t see, or at least I can’t! How do we see that it was bs???? What did I miss?

  • peter