MyTouch HD Makes An Appearance

Now, I can’t say that this is a live appearance because sadly it’s not, but it’s a video appearance nonetheless.  Kent German of Cnet was able to grab some video of a (turned off) New T-Mobile MyTouch (MyTouch HD in these parts).  This video will give you a great look at the hardware and give you a feel for the size of this phone.  I, for one, am glad to find out that this phone isn’t entirely plastic.  Now, what can we do about that genius button and (possible) custom UI?  We will have to wait a little while longer for some good live videos of this MyTouch (I can’t wait!).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Rpinazo

    Damn this sucks cause I’m viewing this post thru my phone and can’t see the video. Can’t wait to check it out at home. From the sound of your comments it sounds like good build quality. David, do you think this will be out before Thanksgiving time?

    • ditchmagnet

      On our phone, tap that picture, at the top, then press download. Then you can watch on your phone. Works on my g2 anyways.

    • Barry

      If you have android just grab skyfire browser from the market. You’ll be able to view all videos. without flash.

    • smartphoneguy

      this not the 1st phone to use t mobiles high speed network the G2 is

      • tmobully

        The guy on the video said it’s one of the first phones with hspa+.

  • Eric

    It looks nice. See i was gonna get the G2 but something made me wait :) I actually have my vibrant which is awesome and I think I may sell it because I always want to try newer phones for some reason. #addiction

  • Chris

    I think it’s kind of ugly. But it’ll be a good phone, minus the UI. I do NOT like Kent German….Bonnie Cha is where it’s at…

    • DUB

      I agree.. I don’t like the color choices.. I can see them using 2 colors but they went with 3 here black/white/gray(aluminum) so I’m not a fan of this at all.

      • DavidOhio

        Oh boo hoo!

      • T-Mo Biggie

        Actually 4 colors. Black, White, Red and Purple (plum).

    • Josh

      yea, bonnie cha is the best on cnet.

  • lauren

    This will definitely be my next phone. I think it looks nice, a littttle on the slightly less grown up side, but as I am not nor will I ever be a grown up, I am okay with this! It will be interesting to see how they do the colors though. Thinking of going with Plum, but if it’s going to have a black front and/or the white trim then I’ll just go with basic black.

    Bummer. Kudos to T-Mo for keeping another loyal customer!

  • Which Way is Up?

    curious to see this in all black… i’m definitely interested, shares the Desire HD specs…

  • MizzRabbit

    I’m not so sure about this one. Yeah people are oohing and ahhing about the front facing camera and some of the specs, but coming from the MyTouch Slide has been an awful experience. The Espresso UI isn’t so great and the G button is useless – at least I never used it much. I’m on the replacement and this one has issues too. Ordered my G2 and awaiting it’s arrival. I don’t want to deal with anything else from the MyTouch line even if it is HD.

  • stricken23

    The all black version will look good! So relived that this isn’t all plastic. I was thinking it wouldn’t be since it had “HD” in the name. Hopefully this will replace my N1, the UI is the only deal breaker for me at this point.

  • rickb928

    I’m pretty happy my contracts are up in December. I’m waiting not just for hot phones, but I’m waiting mostly for Gingerbread to come out.

    Is there anything more frustrating than buying a new phone and then seeing the next major release of Android come out the next week? Yes. Finding out your phone won’t do it stock. There is Cyanogen, but even He may not be able to shovel Gingerbread into a Froyo cone…

    I can wait.

  • julian dupree

    I had the slide before my vibrant. The only issue I had was some touch screen whackyness…. But everything else was good…

  • 16309A

    I feel a little better after seeing this video. I bet the black is going to look pretty sharp! Still, I wish it looked like the Desire HD! I know, get over it!

  • HaVoKTek

    Damn, no keyboard……….Hmp, gotta pass….An in-house G2 killer non the less.

    Ok Tmo, NOW we got options/choices to make!


      DONT SAY THAT NOW! They might stop!

  • kershon

    This could definitely be my next phone. I don’t think lack of a keyboard will bother me although I am still rocking a bb 9700. I had a TP2 for about 3 months and I actually preferred using the on screen keyboard. Only problem was the on screen keys were a little small for me. As long as my new phone has wi-fi calling and tethering capability I’m good to go. I still want to check out the new windows phone 7 devices before making up my mind. I know Santa is gonna be good to me. lol lol

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    Call me crazy but I like slcd over samoled

  • http://nurfherder1 bishop

    me want, and thank the stars there is no keyboard. they suck. the metal back is a god sign and will pre-order this.

  • JAY

    nomore love for the vibrant. SMH

    • Steve Jobless

      What does “SMH” stand for?

      • Will

        I’m pretty sure SMH stands for ‘shaking my head’ :)

        @JAY: Do you have the Vibrant? I just ordered mine yesterday.

  • Yyevo

    Tmo has put me off the MyTouch line. I have had tons of problems with my MyTouch 1.2 with no resolution. I’m going to get either the G2 or the HD7.

    For the G2 users out there, how are they so far? Hinge holding up?

  • ken

    G2 hinge is holding up pretty good, it just people do not know how to hold a phone. But that hardware rootkit that is on the g2 really sucks, but this mytouch hd eh…too bad this isn’t the desire hd with the 4.3in screen we expect it to have.

  • alex32

    mytouch hd hands on

    amazing specs..but ugly in my opinion

  • Chad

    The G2 is phenomenal, great weight, excellent keyboard. The hinge thing was blown out of proportion, it won’t affect 90% of people who use the phone. The only time it becomes an issue is if you put excess pressure on back of the sliding half of the phone for some reason. Other than that, no complaints. I miss the video recording performance and audio of my Vibrant, but the custom UI game is a thorn in the side of many great hardware phones, and the myTouch will be no different.

    • Yyevo

      I had a feeling the hinge “issue” was just an ID10T error! I will still wait for the HD7 before I make my purchase.

  • Cassie

    I am LOVING how this phone looks. Thin, and I personally like the colors. WOOOT for the FFC, boo for the lack of a keyboard though. I want the best of all worlds lol. MAYBE one day, but I would totally purchase this phone even still.

  • Midori

    I hope the indicator light is like the one on the G2,I like the way the G2 lights up!

  • MIkeyo

    my only issue is the buttons on the front. wish they went with capacitive buttons and not physical.

    • ssb

      I find the physical buttons useful if not pretty. Allows me to use them with gloves on – a factor where I live.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    This G2 is very fast and responsive. This just might be the perfect marriage of hardware and software for android. Its build is rock solid. The metal around the phone is very high quality. And I can’t tell the difference between the processor in the G2 or the Vib they are both very quick

    • mikeyo

      The hinge just sucks though. Sent mine back, the top half would kind of teeter when i pushed on the left side of the screen. It needs magnets or something.

  • deke218
  • crazythunder

    anyone know how they get the mytouch logo on the device? is it like silk screened? a decal? i’d love to figure out an efficient way to remove it, rather than simply paint over it.

  • miketmo

    =release set for the first week of november! i cant wait!

    • David, Managing Editor

      What day?

      • miketmo

        aiming for the 6th

      • miketmo

        it will defintely be here well before black friday that i can tell you for certain