Motorola Cliq Update Coming “Soon”

Lets just get the answer to the obvious first question out of the way here, we DO NOT know exactly what day will mark the beginning of the Motorola Cliq update to Android 2.1 However, as the above image shows T-Mobile employees are set to begin training early next month, November 7th to be exact. The good news from what our source is telling us, is that employers are usually trained a week ahead of any scheduled release putting the update likely sometime in the middle of November. The good news is that the above shot shows that the update itself is real and that it’s coming, definitely not soon enough for Motorola Cliq fans but it’s coming and that has to be good news.

So here is what we do know, the update itself will require 30mb of internal memory available as well as 100mb of available memory on an SD card. The whole process will take about an hour and will be done on a computer rather than the standard OTA update.

Motorola Cliq XT fans should not fear, we hear you aren’t far behind but it looks as though this update is just for the original Cliq owners. Let the comments begin!

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  • 3g

    I’m in the cliq xt, if i get the update before the new mytouch I’ll stay with my xt.

    • mrjoeyloke

      Yeah but the mt3g is getting 2.2 not 1 right?

  • 3g

    Btw 1st!!!
    And 2nd!!!

    • archie

      Seriuosly dude.

    • wack mode

      hahaha yea dude

  • Jed Clamped

    Ugh. It’s too late. I’m getting rid of this piece of crap phone.


    • supergear

      Get the G2 it is a much better phone

  • mikeeeee

    bought a CLIQ on ebay yesterday to cure my ANDROID jones.

    this phone will last me through the xmas season ’til all the new phone dust settles and i can make a more better choice.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Great idea!

  • blah

    Don’t care, by the time this is released I will have sweet MYHD goodness in my hands… The cliq was a temporary replacement for my recently departed G1 2 months ago….Why did they have to stop selling them :( as for you cliq owners (myself included) make sure motorola knows that we appreciate the gesture but its FAR too little too late. HTC here I come (again)

    • supergear

      Why are you waiting for the MyTouch HD? Get yourself the G2. You’ll miss the KB if you’re coming from the G1

    • 3Gsurfer

      No myTouch 4G talk on a Cliq article please. =)

      • sorandkairi

        mytouch mytouch mytouch mytouch…… wait for it…… wait for it….. 4GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, lol just playin… *cough, mytouch4g*

  • supergear

    Get youself the G2 instead of the MyTHD

  • oman222

    I will never get another motorola again after the cliq. Im getting a HTC

    • Jrsykind

      At least on this carrier. They seem to do a better job with updating VZW phones.

      • oman222


      • pantlesspenguin

        It’s because it’s the “Droid” line & is hyped a LOT.

  • grothenberger

    It’s been coming “soon” for at least four months now. I’ll be surprised if this date makes it. Anyway, that’s one day before the expected release of the HD7, which I believe will be my next phone. Also one year to the day from when I got the Cliq.

  • wgdchris

    Good timing – I dropped my Cliq for the G2 already.

  • James

    LMAO!!!!! i wonder what happend to late Q3 early Q4 if i am not mistaken this would be mid Q4

  • Jimx2

    Pshh, too late I already rooted my cliq months ago… and I’m actually happy with it.

    • Snickle

      I did as well and actually love my cliq too. I just want something with a bigger screen and processor. *stares at g2*

  • RWWackoStu

    Im calling BS on this until I see it on my wifes POS Cliq.

  • David Thomas

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Pneumatic

    I already upgraded to the Vibrant (at full price) but I might dig the Cliq out of the drawer and upgrade it to give to my 11 year old.

  • Daniel Calzada

    Well, here in mexico we will never see something like that for the DEXT, as Motorola has left us out of the update plans because considers that we wont undestand the importance of this, even when we paid really more money than the US CLIQ users for the same hardware, No more motorola for Latin America, we will spread that for sure


  • BeachinAndroid

    Its about time… I hope “soon” is SOON cause I help my wife with her Cliq and Ive been telling her, oh, your getting a system update soon. Thats been for a couple of months now.

  • Mike

    They have cried wolf too many times now. I will never buy a Motorola phone ever again. This will be the second delay for the Cliq XT from a published timeline. This garbage phone is still on Android 1.5. Only 10% of Android phones are still on this old OS version. Next time I will look around on forums to see what people think of a phone before buying it.

  • gary

    I don’t even know where my cliq is…

  • Orison

    Does anyone know what all is in the update? The screenshot seems to suggest more home screens (why?) And from what I’ve seen on Youtube, it may be getting the Cliq XT media player. Will it enable the FM radio? Also, some mods enable live wallpapers, but I doubt this update will have it.

  • james p.

    u wont regret this update… believe… new blur will bring SOOOOO MANY NEW FEATUREEESS!! you are going to be drooling all over the place… BELIEVE!
    It’ll be like buying a new phone…. BELIEVE!


  • james p.


    it’ll bring 7 home screens, and yes… it will include the Connected Music Player available in the XT…. About LWP, I wouldn’t get my hopes up…!!

  • DatNizzle

    Yeah, right.
    Somehow T-Mobile gives me an upgrade every year. Getting a G2 next month if the Mytouch doesn’t change my mind. I’ll give the Cliq away, I can’t bring myself to charge someone for this thing.

  • DavidOhio


  • FRank

    I rather like my clique, it is rooted and now has a blurless version of 2.1 Android and works fine,

  • http://Tmonews Dabe

    F*ck motorola….. them stupid motherfu*kers will never get another dime out of me again… htc here i come

  • http://Tmonews Dabe

    Damn… can’t even get a decent comment on here without it getting pulled

    • David, Managing Editor

      I’m sorry, what comment of yours was pulled? I don’t recall pulling anything lately?!

      • Knas

        Can you make tmo news an android app?

    • 3Gsurfer

      Cussing like you on a Too Short album isn’t a decent comment.
      Go finish reading your “Green Eggs and Ham” book, or better yet, finsih 3rd grade.

  • rooster

    yeah!! after the update, ebay here I come!!! anybody want to place an early bid??

    • mikeeeee

      @rooster, bought one on ebay yesterday for $112.50.

      in excellent shape no dings or scratches.

      sold a cliqXT in 44 minutes 2 weeks ago for %125.00.

      the market is there.

      2.1 in a cliq is good enough to last ’til next year sometime when the prices begin dropping on the ‘holidays’ devices.

      you’ll still get your money out of it next year, just don’t beat it up.

  • Jacob

    This wpuld ne nice if I hadn’t already dumped my cliq for a Galaxy S phone. Too little too late.

  • mp

    Too little, too late. Motorola is on my ‘recommend against’ list.

  • chuck

    if what is written here is true they will miss the late 3rd Quarter early 4th by 2 or 3 weeks depending on when in NOV it comes. early q4 ends OCT 31st. That said if they miss the Oct 31 deadline, This will be my last moto phone ever. I have been waiting since I got this phone for the update I’ve had it a year now.

  • Pneumatic

    That is good news for some people, neutral to me, but good to see they at least get one good update. Still not sure how droid 1 gets 2.2 and isn’t that much better quality phone, but w/e

  • Pneumatic

    Whoa, put a comment in, and I ended up with pneumatic’s avatar instead of the real me.

  • john

    Whoa, put in a comment and ended up with pneumatic’s email address and avatar…lol

  • Zack

    So glad I can type this comment with my g2!!!! I am loving this new phone. Cliq, you will always have a place in my heart, just like there is for my g1.

  • Frustrated INC.

    It’s about frickin time. So we supposedly have a month now.well my experience with this phone has completly turned me off from moto.they won’t another penny of my money,or anyone i know.gonna have to stick with htc i friend has had the same problem with the behold 2,though he did get an update to 1.6.

  • SIBO

    Is it just me? Why is the CLIQ image still featuring the old 1.5 OS? Come on, many of you DO KNOW how MOTOBLURP 2.1 UI should look like……

  • tehandroid

    The CLiq is by far the worst phone I have ever used. Constantly doing fantom presses, slow and horrible battery life. I ended up going back to my G1 because I hated the Cliq so much. And its just now getting 2.1? Way to put out date software on there Motorola.

  • pug_ster

    I already upgraded to a vibrant a month ago. By the time we get the official update from Motorola you can probably get the T-mobile coment with android 2.2 for less than $200 without a contract. Probably give coment for free with a contract.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    Bought and sold my cliq in the same day months ago, and that’s saying something considering I keep my phones atleast six months.

  • 3Gsurfer

    1. Blah, get off of here. I don’t want to get into the myTouch 4G [yes 4G] debate again on a Cliq article.

    2. I have the Cliq XT, and I have to say it was my first Android and at first I loved it. This was back in August, but i was told i would get an 2.1 upgrade. As time went on, more and more phones got 2.2. So this article give us XT’s some hope of 2.1!

    3. The Cliq 2 is coming out in November with 2.2, Motorola has alot of hearts to fix from the first Cliq.

    4. Feel bad for BackFlip owners, have not heard any news for 2.1 for them…..

  • QuikZilver

    I updated my cliq to 2.1 a month ago or two ago. Super slow when typing online but no longer do I have to delete messages to speed up typing text messages.

  • baker271974

    OK, according to the article, it refers to the pic showing training to start around Nov 7th, yet from what I can see, there is no date in the photo anywhere. Also, one would assume that training has already started, if TMo employees are receiving this notice. Why would employees be notified 3 weeks in advance that training will start? It makes better business sense to begin training once the notification has rolled out. It seems to me, that this is the beginning stages of said training. It seems to me that since training has started, Moto is still on target for their early Q4 deadline.

    • Jester

      I wondered the same thing myself, especially since I know some TMO employees who already took this training.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Soon = When the cows come home or When pigs fly.

    oh and 52ND!!! WOOHOO!!!

  • jmts80

    I just don’t care anymore. I hate you Motorola. Yes I am bitter!!!

  • currator

    true rollout 2.1 for cliq and then a month later cliq2 with 2.2 im lost that makes no sense. andbody else feel this is lake slaming you dcik in the door just to get a week off work. its re tar ded. i know roll the update out then release a 10 times better version of the cliq the cliq2 im am so saded by moto bad bad bad moto it just peed on my rug anybody got a rolled up newspaper i can beat moto with. this update which has been ready since june is just now getting to us so moto can say we update out phones. nice an update a whole 300 people will do nice

  • George


    • 3Gsurfer

      It called the “myTouch 4G”

      Read a few articles down on the tmonews website.

  • Chris

    I took the training and customers are given the option of downgrading the software back to 1.5. Apparantly, this release is not stable and freezes a lot according to the training.

    • lettinyaknow

      Need I say more??? LOL

  • mrjoeyloke

    They need to bypass 2.1 an go straight to froyo! I feel for you loyal cliq owners!

  • Tito!

    I still love this phone. I settled with it for a reason
    And I still will. I will use it until all resources are squeezed out of it.
    All you complainers(: boohoo.
    You’re nowhere near techonological smarts, and just complain because its what you know.
    I’ll just say: I won’t settle for some stupid mytouch(ever) .
    I’ll consider buying some new phone next month only because t-mobile is coming out with plenty. By that I mean, maybe HD7.
    But CLIQ will remain mine .
    Until next year, the actual HSPA+ year. :)
    Bring on the HSPA+!
    (Sidekick anyone.)

  • lettinyaknow

    Stop buying Moto phones people…they haven’t been able to produce a reliable, good selling phone since the Razr. They’re done! Only thing keeping them afloat is buyers like yourself that keep having faith in them.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      rephrase, they haven’t been able to produce a reliable, good selling phone ON TMOBILE since the razr. The Droid series on VZW is great.