Is This The T-Mobile HTC HD7?

With only a day left until the Windows Phone 7 Launch Party and the HTC HD7 all but confirmed for Magenta, one of our ninjas dropped something interesting in our inbox. Above you will see what seem to be the very first T-Mobile branded HTC HD7/Schubert images. The handset is virtually identical to the HTC HD7 images that had been leaked a couple of weeks ago. Our ninja also sent a specifications sheet which confirms most of what we already know and some stuff we didn’t know, such as the on-board memory. While the European version is expected to ship with 8GB of internal storage, T-Mobile’s variant will ship with 16GB of on-board storage and 576MB of RAM. The sheet also confirms that the HD7 will only be able to handle HSPA 7.2Mbps speeds. As for pricing, our tipster tells us that the T-Mobile HTC HD7 will run you $199.99 after a 2-year agreement. Sound off in the comments!

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  • Osvaldo

    I love how people are bitching about front faced cameras. Just because the iPhone got one, now ALL phones “must” have one all of a sudden? Um, no.

    Yes, this phone will be able to handle HSPA speeds. This very article says so.

    • ogopogo

      Only difference is that HSDPA allows a max downlink speed of 14.4Mbps. HSPA+ allows up to 42Mbps.

  • Enrique

    I would love to see a HTC phone with Android on there that would be awesome maybe Tmobile will get one I don’t know also heard a rumor that a new samsung galaxy phone will be coming around xmas time not sure how true is that anybody know????

    • Fullmetal

      “I would love to see a HTC phone with Android on there that would be awesome maybe Tmobile will get one” ummm… who makes the myTouch? I’ll answer that, HTC.

  • Blacksheep427

    Nice bit of info, Kickstar.

    Less RAM than HD2 US? Looks nice, though.

  • Damian


    • deke218

      I wonder why life bothered with you. What a loser.

  • M@dajaz

    What happend with the other carriers? I’m from Mexico and unfortunally I must wait for the AT&T or Telstra version to use it in Telcel.

    • guest

      lol loser.. and it will probably cost triple the price over there

  • TweetMo

    Whatever phone is pictured obviously isn’t the HD7, but could this be the Mozart fell out of reports? If it wasn’t a WindowsPhone I would’ve thought the pictured phone was the rumored HTC Pyramid.

    • TweetMo

      Nevermind above post…whoa, my bad. Thinking HD2 and writing about HD7.
      Wish I had an edit button right about now.