How Much Data Do You REALLY Use?

So last week saw a story run regarding T-Mobile and data caps and it was of course, a hot button topic. So I wanted to pose the question to you, our dear readers…exactly how much data do you really use in a given month. Assuming you aren’t downloading the latest movie via torrents, what does your data usage look like? In the last seven days, I’ve used 47 MB’s on my phone in case anyone wanted to know. So what say you, where do you fall? Is there an option here I’m missing and should include?


  • Hammeedo

    I’m going to benefit from the lower price, over the last 3 months I have averaged around 1GB. However my wife averages less than 50MB a month, thats a savings of $15 a month :D

    • justaphoneuser

      I use less then 5gb, but I have been paying for 10b for years now. If when I finally get a phone that supports netflix, etc. I am suddenly down to 5 I will be pissed. I WILL go to sprint. This is bad customer service from the very top. I have loved t-moble, but f’ this…

      • Peter

        Am gonna have to agree with you on that one. Sprint or VZ is looking pretty good right now.

      • z

        hell no guys they about to introduce some BS plan, that charge you an arm and a leg if you go over, rather i stay with a lil slower speed than to pay overages… trust me

      • hammeedo

        I would stay away from anything that is CDMA, no simultaneous voice and data is a no go for me. I occasionally tether, and the fact that I can still use the phone at the same time is a must. Maybe a tiered approach is what they need, unlimited, < 5GB, < 2GB and < 500MB. I do think that 200 is a low number however as long as we are near a wifi connection we are fine.

        The truth is that Tmobile should be targeting home users who might consider replacing their Cable or DSL, this of course would be the unlimited option check this out as an option:

        My brother, overseas, uses a similar device for home internet access. Of course as an add on to my phone I don't see myself going over 5GB in the foreseeable future.

  • NokiaN900User

    Average of 2273MB

  • Paul

    i use my phone a lot for work, from browsing the web, to navigation, streaming music, e-mail, and facebook. this is the 3rd month i’ve gone over 5GB. I don’t tether and i don’t download movies, just the occassional song here and there. It seems very counter productive that t-mobile would cap their data plans when every phone they’re coming out with is more and more data intensive. Its ridiculous in my opinion. I’m seriously getting fed up with this. Im on my way out T-Mobile!

    • Shawn

      Your on your way out? To where? To pay up the arse for any more that 2GB?

      • felix

        maybe me out tmo to sprint

    • Howie_in_AZ

      Exactly. I don’t understand how TMobile could tout their HSPA+ network with massive data speeds and then limit downloads. It’s the equivalent of taking a Yugo to a racetrack.

  • Thierry

    250 Mo, as more is factured around 5$/Mo.
    Yay for Europe, where mobile bandwith is more precious than gold…
    The 1Gb plan is 150$ per month (but including unlimited voice calls) talk about a ripoff.

  • Matt

    10 GB…i watch porn at school and on the bus though.

    • somebody

      you better hope every house your bus drives by has wifi

      gona have to switch real fast and maybe steal some passwords

  • Matt

    The past 4 months I’ve hit the 10GB cap. Why? My phone Vibrant pulls in podcasts from TWiT, as well as that’s the only content I really consume as if it were TV. Also watch YouTube videos. That and being in an HSPA+ coverage area doesn’t help me. July I had 23-24GBs of usage. August more like 17GB, September 13GB. So far into this month I’ve used 9GB and have 4 more days in my billing cycle. It’s hard to keep myself from actually using my internet when it’s faster than my home broadband (cheapest Comcast option, 1.5 megabit). I understand why T-Mobile is doing it, but the speed they throttle to is first off slow. 80KB/s according to my numerous speed tests. And it’s forced, at that. Even forcing my phone into EDGE it is stuck at 80KB/s, and FYI, EDGE speeds are NOT that slow under normal conditions. I’m used to 200-300KB/s on EDGE when I lose 3G. They really need to fix their throttle if it’s going to be “EDGE-like” speeds. More like GPRS times 2 speeds are what I see.

    • TimmyT

      Cripes, how many spare batteries do you have?

  • LarryH

    @paul what is you talking bout every mobile company data useage is 5GBs now only diffrence is that T-Mobile throttles while everyone else cut you off

  • i have a question

    I dont want to sound dumb on this, but is there any way that i can check how much data i use? im under my dads account so on mytmobile i cant see anything cuz he blocked me from everything. is there any other way/

    • somebody

      pretty sure most t mobil phones now a days come with an app that tells you all your usage / billing info

      i dont know if it works if you’re blocked but worth a try

  • Ricky Olivarez

    When I had my BB I would average 100mb-200mb a month, I just bought a G2 so I wonder how much I’ll use now.

  • That Guy

    Doesn’t Matter ’cause I have unlimited data on T-Mobile! B-)

    • Garet

      unlimited unlit you hit that 5GBs mark and then your speeds are throttled still allowed to use as much as you want but just slower speeds

      • Garet

        until not unlit LOL

  • anthonyabsolute

    how do you check how much you use ..?

  • …..really?

    Anyone who says they use more than 5gbs in a non-abusive situation is lying. Don’t believe their hype. I was using 3g tethering as my sole internet connection (including steaming video for hours) for a week or so and only reached 830 MBs. This is a good limit, as we don’t want some to ruin it for the rest of us. It is a limit that you will never reach if you go on a vacation for 2 weeks, without a dedicated internet connection, and use your phone to tether you to the internet the entire duration. Don’t be dishonest or abusive, people…..

    • notme

      I dont think it is lying. My wife has a Moto Cliq. She doesnt stream, doesnt even know what tethering means, and doesnt have a facebook account, so no picture uploads, etc.

      She uses 2GB / month. ONLY websites and maybe 20 emails a day tops.

      • somebody

        pretty sure thats the magic of motoblur at work

      • popartist

        I dunno, she must have some processes going all the time, I had the Cliq for 10 months (until a couple of weeks ago), and never went over 600MBs and that was with MotoBlur updating Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, news feeds, web browsing and the occasional YouTube video.

      • notme

        she is disabled and can not use a regular computer… uses this for everything.

      • Steve Jobless

        Probably lying to you about the whole “Facebook” thing. I would run her e-mail through the search. Then again, she could have 2 e-mails…

    • 2FR35H


      Shut it, you can’t compare yourself to others, its incorrect.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Sheesh… you sound like you work for a carrier, calling customers liars. Does your label include the disabled spouse described in here?

      LOL… when did anyone say that YOUR lifestyle is against which reasonable behavior should be measured?

      Thanks but no thanks, especially since your lifestyle is not one that any of us wants to live. ;)

  • cp

    U use about 1.5 gigs a month on my G1, but I only use my G1 at home. Im probably gonna get a Windaws 7 Phone in January so it might go up but probably not much.

    • cp

      Correction: “I” use…

  • anthonyabsolute

    how do you check how much gbs i use

  • anthonyabsolute

    how can i check how much i use

  • todor

    OK i was capped on 512 kbit/s because i get over 10gb ,BUT a few days ago i experienced hspa+ speeds on my g1 even though my billing cycle ends tomorrow.So maybe there will be no cap at hspa+(only for 5days i have 10gb(4mbit/s) + 10gb from 3g(1mbit/s) – before i get “capped”

  • Broke

    Using way under 1gb and movie times and sports scores don’t cut it. I do A LOT over the course of a day and throughout the month. But, I think the fact that I stream, download, and tether very little is the key point here.

    That said, I think people should be able to use whatever they please as it is “unlimited.” If the technology can’t handle it, then improve on it or charge less for incremental caps and stop punishing the consumer for it.

  • deceptivesmiles

    I use less than 400MB per month unlike my wife who uses it more when checkin MTO and Facebook. I feel if they made that cheaper data 1gb, we would be comfortable w/ the usage and could switch. Right now I def wouldn’t risk it

  • Duck Dodgers

    I have never gone over 1GB with my old MDA or TP2 and now my HD2. I have come close, but never have gone over. Tether some when out of town, but rarely when home. I usually surf the web and email on the 30 min bus ride to work and home and 30-40 min during lunch.

  • jennifer

    im paying $35 for data but that includes unlimited text messages

    ive read reports of some people paying $10-$20/$30 for data

    so am I paying $5 more for unlimited texting? or $10 more for unlimited texting?

  • edaddy

    347MB. Plenty of room to spare for me. Light weight I guess.

  • terryjohnson16

    I usually don’t go past 1.5GB a month. But when I started streaming music using Pandora, I jumped to like 2GB. Then once I started using my Slingbox, I hit 5.4GB.

  • fish

    i think mototurd increases my download. stupid mototurd

  • Inuyasha

    I usually use around 1GB/mo on my HD2, and anywhere between 2.5-5GB/mo on my webconnect Rocket.

  • Will

    i use like 400mb a month… GO WIFI

  • DCTransplant

    I would use more if I had a phone with a browser that took less time than my lawn requires to grow an inch. My HTC-Google phone contract is now complete and I’m in the market for a new phone. Limiting my data isn’t a problem now but likely will be very soon. Phooey on that idea.

  • Nate

    Usually around 500 mb a month. Last month a little over 2 GB.

  • mtnman

    Just checked my bill to see how much data I’m using and it comes up to 1.37GB’s of data. Now I do a lot of streaming of talk radio at work and that’s from about 10-5pm. I still have 3 days left on my billing cycle, so no worries about going over.

  • hector

    ive used 2gigs to 3 gigs per month stearming videos on youtube or skyfire or spb tv also alot of slacker radio or pandora but ive never gone over 5GB’s

  • Spokker

    With two days left in the billing cycle, I’m at roughly 3 gigs.

    I use Zumo Drive, Pandora, YouTube and occasional tethering, among other things.

  • Noel

    I just like to have unlimited everything even though i don’t use that much of voice, text or data. I like to have the option just incase i wonna use more. I dont wonna be charged extra for going over minutes, text or data. For instance even though i have unlimited everyth i seldomly go above 1000 txt msgs or over 1000 peak hr minutes…

  • derrickps3

    i have unlimited blackberry web…..which comes included with my plan, talk+text+web

  • Trill

    Is this really a big deal? You still get unlimited data however if you go over the cap they slow your speed down so same thing as before but not with such a huge cap.

    I admit I averaged 13 to 15GB in a month but I also to a bit of testing on android and one is a streaming app

  • Nhat

    5328 last month, but we were watching football at one point.

  • blogginpig

    This month, 703MB for ~2 weeks, so about 1.4GB this month if I don’t do anything more with the phone. Pretty light 2 weeks actually since I haven’t been watching much streaming video/TV.

    That doesn’t include tethering – just whatever I’m doing on the phone itself.

    Tether and stream, or d/l, or watch more TV and I easily exceed 5GB / month.


    In the end, it’s the limitation of their build-out – insufficient bandwidth on TMo’s end to handle unlimited 24/7 connectivity. Guess they’ll have to add WiMax or LTE before we get true mobile broadband ala cable/dsl.

    Not to mention poor coverage, still. Raining hard today, and guess what in LA? Poof! My streaming 3G TV goes down. sigh…. Verizon/Sprint is gonna kill Tmo long-term if they can’t get their system built-out to handle heavy usage.

  • Markus

    I used on average about 7GB month till you published the cap story then T-mobile started throttling me, I got myself a clear hot-spot and now I use mobile 4G for my data and dropped t-mo data since I am on NO contract.

  • tmorep

    emails with attachments are what take up a ton of data… honestly the only reason why tmo is doing the caps is because 2% of customers are abusing data which is why tmo had to adjust and make this change. People that are doing over 5gb just need to get a data card or web connect cuz thats a ridiculous amount of data to be used on a phone… pretty much tmo changed cuz those 2% ruined it for everyone else, dont hate tmo, blame the other people that ruined it for you

  • Vibrant Addict

    Wow after seeing this I appreciate the new 5GB data cap. A lot of people are data hogs. The majority seem to have no problem with 5GB.

    • Rabobank

      It has nothing to do with as you say “data hogs”. When I signed up it was for unlimited, then there was the 10gb cap, now it is 5gb cap. My point is with all these new apps for our phones we will all see Bandwith problems. If these phone were just for making calls there would not any discussion on this, but they are selling us smartphones with these cool features… now let us use them.

  • Stupid 4 business

    Probably the stupiest thing I have ever heard…. Sooner or later customers are going to realize the rather pay for cable (unlimited) Internet than 30 bucks a month for 5gb. There goes thier data sales!

  • Yezz

    I use around 300mb/month but most of time I just use the wifi connection from school or home.

  • Hilton

    Not sure what my usage is since flex play accounts don’t show it on your page but I have about 2.3 GB of podcasts that update weekly and download over 3G. Also, mucho corporate email, facebooking, image uploading and sharing, text and video mms, youtube uploads. If it uses data, I do it.

  • Kris

    The last three months, my average usage was 645 MB a month. The new plans of 200MB for 9.99 would not work. But I wouldn’t hit 5GB a month… I did just get a G2 and have been using the hell out of streaming music. For the past 6 days I have used 400MB but I still don’t think I would hit 5GB… 30/6 =5 * 400 = 2000

    I would be able to use 3GB for tethering if I wanted (since I have the temp root solution working right now). Only times I use wifi tethering is when I am at an airport (I fly 3 times a year) 1GB each time would be very high if I even decide to use my laptop to browse the internet instead of the phone itself.

  • Speculation

    As more and more streaming content becomes available to cell phone users I predict that the 5GB cap is going to prove too low for most users by this time next year.

    With the introduction of tmobile tv, they are offering a service that alone will chew through 5GB a month easily even if you only stream a couple hours of tv a day, which I can easily see the “average” user doing.

  • izzyskywalker

    For the love of god people! Tmo doesn’t set their policies according to your individual needs. So what if you use 5GB consistently? The fact is, the majority of people don’t reach that limit.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    For what it’s worth, if T-Mobile ever throttles my connection I will cancel my accounts, keep my home broadband connection, and get some prepaid phones.

    Even though I have the latest phones and enjoy them, I am not so in love with smartphones that I can’t do without. Besides, prepaid carriers now have data and also Android phones.

    So I’d rather just cut back on cell and save $720 yearly on the plan and go back to using a phone for calls and checking e-mails (since e-mail is a low band width use, prepaids offer really cheap e-mail only packages.

    • Barry

      Exactly. Me personally I can’t pay $30 plus an additional $50+ a month for home internet. I will gladly suspend my services with T-Mobile and move elsewhere. The other thing that pisses me off about this is why offer all these new services knowing its going to boost data usage. But the price stays the same they need to cut the price down since they’re cutting the cap in half.

  • Brad C

    On my G2 i’ve used ~3gb this mo, but it’s because i let slacker do it’s cache on WiFi since Cox has destroyed my internet (500k at best on a 12Mbps connection since my node is overloaded), and my data card that i’ve been using as my regular connection on HSPA+ while im out on vaca with family (still reg usage at night since im use to Phoenix time and everyone’s asleep here since it’s 3hrs ahead) i’ve managed to use 1/2 a gig in a week on my Rocket and that includes my slacker and pandora, a few itunes, a few youtube videos, and my normal web surfing.

    The fact is that normal web surfing does not take up *that* much bandwidth, it’s when you get into the streaming stuff that you have issues.

    It may also help that i have a mac and dont have the gb’s of windows updates to download what seems like every other day as well, as when i use my Dell with Windows 7, it seems to download a couple of hundred of megs of windows updates every few days to a week

  • mingkee

    I use 7-8 GB (EM+ 3 in 1 and webconnect combined).
    My data usage ratio:
    phone 6 : tethered 1

  • deckrider

    According to my bill, I’m using 80-90 MB per month, but am a heavy wifi user … lots of podcasts (Google Listen) and YouTube.

  • terry

    since i dropped RCN internet(20mb dl, 2mb ul), my network usage has doubled from an average of 3gb per month, has gone to 6gb. so far this month, 10 days of my billing cycle, i’ve used 597mb. think i need to get my home internet reconnected, even the low end will match the supposed hspa+ that is available here with 3mb dl

  • Greg

    I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 2.5G and most months are closer to 500MB. I don’t do a lot of gaming or video and I don’t rely on tethering on a regular basis but I don’t like the idea of locking in limits as phone capabilities continue to grow. We keep adding features and functionality to the phones – streaming video and even TV, etc., then they start to clamp down on the bandwidth. That’s a mixed message. Rates are already at the upper limit of what the functionality is worth, I’d just get a tablet PC with WiFi and a non smartphone rather than pay through the nose.

    Boost now offers an Android phone, others will follow. The major carriers need to compete or they will be losing business.