How Much Data Do You REALLY Use?

So last week saw a story run regarding T-Mobile and data caps and it was of course, a hot button topic. So I wanted to pose the question to you, our dear readers…exactly how much data do you really use in a given month. Assuming you aren’t downloading the latest movie via torrents, what does your data usage look like? In the last seven days, I’ve used 47 MB’s on my phone in case anyone wanted to know. So what say you, where do you fall? Is there an option here I’m missing and should include?


  • rickb928

    Using my G1 and Cyanogenmod 5.0.8, I’m using 650MB/mo. My most common use is browsing, Maps, News & Weather, 20-100 emails a day, and maybe an hour or two of tethering via WiFI Tether.

    I used to average 500MB, but using Eclair seems to have increased that – most likely the News & Weather app.

    My wife uses a BB Curve, and reads a lot of website news and blogs, and she cracks 300MB some months.

  • Patrick

    got throttled last month for going over my 10gb max lol

  • CLIQuid Damage

    I average 2.5GB/month over the network, obviously not including wifi use.

  • Andy

    I stream MSNBC on the drive home after work, and at work sometimes at work when the web filters cut me off. I ran over 10 gigs last billing cycle and just before the end of this one. I got the throttling text last night, and e-mailed the court in Norcal today to try and jump on the class action suit today. Sorry T-Mobile, but this one doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s what I used to use MobiTV for, watching MSNBC that was one of the few live TV channels it has (because MSNBC provides a net version of its broadcast).

      I too would listen to MSNBC in the car while driving. Fantastic way to pass the time in bumper to bumper.

      I did a test one time, two hours of TV viewing used about 280MB (or thereabouts) of data.

      With 30 days in the billing cycle, just watching an hour of TV a day (quite reasonable IMHO) puts one in danger of going over a 5GB limit, assuming one uses other bandwidth-sucking features, such as uploading or viewing YouTube videos, watching a streamed movie once a week, or listening on Pandora.

      As much as I love my Vibrant and the concept of using it for all my “remote online needs,” I am rethinking the concept and may go to a prepaid carrier, use my phone to simply check e-mails and continue to use office and home net connections for net access.

  • what?

    How do you figure out how much you are using, and what do these numbers really mean? How much do you use for each level of usage? How many emails, downloads, and videos can watch? It would nice if you guys at TMONEWS broke it down, for the survey.

  • Sulu600

    <200 Meg's per month. Stuck here in KY with mostly GPRS, so usage on the network is limited to google map+navigation, facebook posts, gmail, twitter, news. Usage on My T-Mobile scares me, over 20+ pages of data usage, however usually only .002Kb per item. GPRS sucks. This area has had a large influx of people moving from St. Louis, D.C. area and Indianoplis. They live outside of Louisville's limited 3G coverage and drop to GPRS speeds…most are switching to AT&T or Sprint, both of which have good 3G coverage in the Ft. Knox area.

    The other thing that sucks is that I have a MT3G phone, which is a "Premium Smart Phone" under TMO's new data rules and not eligible for the 10 dollar, 200 Mb data plan. If it wasn't for WiFi, would go back to my RAZR 3. Paying $25 for Andriod data plan + $5 for 300 text.

  • Tmo csr

    10. * Data Plans and Other Features. You will be charged for data usage on a pay per use basis unless you are required to maintain a data plan (“Data Plan”) as part of your Service, or as otherwise provided by your Rate Plan or prepaid data pass. Permissible and Prohibited Uses: Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your Device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, using your Device as a modem or tethering your Device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted. Other examples of prohibited uses can be found in Section 17. Protective Measures: To provide a good experience for the majority of our customers and minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance, we may take measures including temporarily reducing data throughput for a subset of customers who use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth. If your total usage exceeds 5GB (amount is subject to change without notice; please check T-Mobile’s T&Cs on for updates) during a billing cycle, we may reduce your data speed for the remainder of that billing cycle. If you use your Data Plan in a manner that could interfere with other customers’ service, affect our ability to allocate network capacity among customers, or degrade service quality for other customers, we may suspend, terminate, or restrict your data session, or switch you to a more appropriate Data Plan.

    clause #10 of all tmobile contracts

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    For those of you who keep asking how to access info on data use:

    Log on to your T-Mobile account, “My T-Mobile….com”

    Click “Manage Account” that’s in the middle of the page.

    Click “Account Use” that’s in the top left of the next screen.

    Click “Data” that’s one of five tabs that will appear on the next page.

    Your current billing cycle usage will show up. Note it says to say past billing cycle use, click where it says: “Go to billed usage.”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Also note that you can download your monthly usage as Microsoft Excel files.

    If you don’t have Excel you can download a free Excel viewer/reader from Microsoft.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, my usage last month was 2.8GB. I used my Slingbox maybe ten times, YouTube maybe 10 times, downloaded a lot of Android apps, and watched a few news streams.

    But it’s my Slingbox “cable TV on my phone” that used the most bandwidth.

    Test: I recall the time and date I went on a ferry boat ride to conduct some business. Since T-Mobile’s usage chart too shows the exact date and time when data use took place I can tell you exactly what Slingbox uses (which again, is watching cable TV on my Vibrant).

    For about 20 minutes watching in HD mode, T-Mobile usage shows 54MB use. So that’s a bit more than watching MobiTV, that uses less bandwidth than Slingbox.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I suggest people do a “bandwidth sucking” test, note the date and time, then log on to your T-Mobile account and note the usage.

    Since T-Mobile provides current usage numbers seems it would be easy enough conduct the test and look up the results right after.

    It would be useful if people would provide the numbers on here:

    Your Connection: 3G, EDGE (or HSPA+)

    Use: (TV, net, YouTube, Pandora, movie)

    Total time used: (according to your clock)

    T-Mobile Use: (total that shows up on your account).

    I’ll watch an hour of cable TV (Slingbox) and report back in here.

  • Budjones

    Talk to your friends with the new 4G without WiFi, oh, but by the way, don’t use it more than a few minutes a day because we will cut you off.