What OS Are You Thinking About Buying Next?

I expect this to delve in a comment catfight almost immediately but earlier this morning I had a conversation with a friend regarding cell phone operating systems. More to the point, what OS should be he pick up next for himself and his 6 employees. Which made me ponder, what do the TmoNews readers think they themselves will be picking up next? Are those of you still loyal to Blackberry or holding out for early reviews of Windows Phone 7? Perhaps there are those of you desperate to join the Android mafia and see what all the buzz is about. Some of you might have remained loyal to Nokia all these years. So let us know your thoughts and sound off in the poll and the comments below.

Let’s be clear that this isn’t about whether or not one is better, prettier or more colorful, just what you think you will buy next. Rest assured this shall remain a friendly poll, anyone found instigating will be tarred and feathered.


  • Deej

    Have been on board with Android since Day 1 (pre order of android) have no intentions on jumping ship any time soon.

    • Carl

      Me too, but I’m gonna lie, Win 7 looks really sick. And talking with a few developers who are moving from Android to Win 7 I think it will be the next new Amazing OS.

      • Kickstar13

        You mean you’re NOT gonna lie ;)

      • David Thomas

        No, in the context of the sentence, I’d guess that he meant he was gonna lie.


    • jdog
    • Foxeh

      Still have my launch day G1, runnin’ like a champ.

      Well… more like a has-been, but it’s my favorite phone I ever had. I’m going to miss that chin…

      • mrjoeyloke

        More like a has been! LOL! That’s funny! I also think its funny that I’m rocking a vibrant but I have to reach for the old g1 if i want a good GPS fix!

    • sexy nexus

      Me toooooo!

  • cscorbin


  • Galen20K

    Well this will be a Washout heh

  • K-rock

    I like Windows OS and Servers but I can’t stand the black border at the top and right of Windows Phone 7. Do I really have to have and arrow to tell me to swipe to the right?

    I’m on Blackberry for UMA but Android will be next for sure.

  • Andrew Steffy

    I actually just bought a refurbished iPhone 4 from ATT and will be canceling the service as soon as I can. I’m going to be unlocking it for T-Mobile right away

    • Dustin Earley

      *high five*

    • jdog

      I respected you until I read iPhone 4 in your comment then I turned away and shed a tear

  • NiiDiddy

    Android all the way. Though I plan on having at least one WinMo7 device for work.

    • Mr MN

      Same here

  • B Woods

    I’m using the n900 right now, and either the n8 or whatever the meego phone will probably be my last nokia. s60 has driven me crazy and this will probably be the last hurrah for nokia.

  • jose lucha

    i have currenty a windows phone 6.5 and i am not happy, i had the g1 and it was a good phone do o think that it will be an Android OS

  • fujitsujeff

    same here, been on Android since Day 1. I tried Windows OS with the T-mobile Wing, the freezes and force closures are so bad, it scarred my windows experience for live. I’m not a MAC guy so no Iphone for me. Blackberry, and WebOS, and Nokia ventures may be intriguing …

  • http://www.dolphinfree.net tenkely

    Waited in lone for a G1, pre ordered a MT3G, rocking a Nexus One now…
    Totally buying my wife a G2 when I get my pre order email!! Vanilla Android FTW.


    Meego is looking promising. Two big companies joining together, Intel/Nokia, to make it might be good. I saw a tablet already and i love the way they put things together.

    The basic meego wallpapers they have been using on smartphones are not all that nice though but the operating system is looking good. I liked they maemo stuff N900 FTW! lol

    It will be interesting if that would turn the heads of Android, iOS, WinMo7 or RIM but the way i see it is that i think T-Mobile if iPhone also comes on board will have thee most OS’s on the market right? especially when it would come to flagship devices. Just saying.

  • J-Hop2o6

    I have a TP2 (WM6.5.5) right now.. my next phone will be the G2 (Android 2.2).. and i might buy an HTC WP7 phone as a secondary/backup phone.. but i voted for Android.

  • Kloc

    Windows Phone 7 for sure. Looks very slick and as snappy as the iphone but with Windows services and with your own pick of hardware. Can’t go wrong there.

    • George

      “Can’t go wrong” with WinPhone7?

      Those of us who suffered through the horrible OS of Win 6.5 might beg to disagree.

      • David, Managing Editor

        I think they are two very different operating systems and you can’t compare apples and oranges!

      • jordanjay29

        I wish people wouldn’t use that idiom. Apples and Oranges are very similar. They’re both fruits (they contain seeds on the inside), they are both grown on trees, they’re edible for humans, both about the same size (baseball/softball size, depending on the variety of apple and how the fruits grow), similar shape, common in juices and fruit salads and many other dishes, etc. Apples and Oranges are actually quite similar, probably in far more ways than they are alike.

      • Steve Jobless

        I guess so, I’ll have to update that comment to oil and water!

        • David, Managing Editor

          By who??

  • Vibrant Guy

    Android forever!!!!!!!! Will never leave it…

  • The Sleeve

    I voted Android, but I am curious what WP7 has in store.

    • Vibrant Guy

      I would like to see something from WebOS..I think it has the best multitasking features.

  • TMOprophet


    OK, just kidding, I’m an Android guy :)

  • RWWackoStu

    SWMBO and I are coming up for upgrade and had this discussion. We are both staying pat. She wants to keep the Android, and i’ll only change from Blackberry when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

    • tortionist

      Or they stop making them and yours eventually dies.

  • telos104

    Bada baby…

  • Akulamenuri

    If I had to buy…
    Today: Android
    In a few months: WP7
    In June: iOS

  • acb

    Meego plox

  • Maritza

    I voted Android becasue I really REALLY want to try it. But I HAVE to stick to BB for the wifi calling. :( I’ll be ALL over Android with UMA tho! holding onto hope!

  • En2mente

    Im getting both windows7 and android since I use 2 lines.

  • Robert

    Sticking with Android.

  • Bryan

    I am currently rocking Android, and have no plans to switch to another O.S.

    I am curious to see how Windows Phone 7 turns out, if Microsoft continues to develop it well then it could be an interesting platform. At launch it has too many missing features and too much unknown about future development to lure me away from Android.

  • Razzmatazz

    I did’t see an option for Netscape Navigator.

  • pimpstrong

    One OS to rule them all… Wait how the hell is Nokia still the United States of smartphones when they seem so unpopular now?

    • B Woods

      now when you say the united states you mean?

      They’re unpopular in the U.S. because we always get the cheap subsidized phones, and not too many non diehard consumers will shell out 500 dollars for a cell phone that hasn’t been picked up by a carrier. (see nexus one as a point of reference on that. solid phone, but the price point and the lack of a carrier’s support cut those sales.) Overseas though, nokia is still doing well. Most nokia users are growing tired of s60, so that’s why the next batch of phones coming out are very important to maintaining of their brand identity. From what I hear, this is nokia’s last shot with a lot of consumers who choose to spend the big bucks in the us to buy their phones. (as i stare at my failure of a n97, and my e71 and n900 boxes.) Nokia still pushes out a very high number of phones, it’s just that when you look at western based publications (here’s looking at you gizmodo/engadget) they seem to forget that the united states isn’t representative of the world.

    • tortionist

      That’s right, and Android does rule them all….

  • Rilesman

    I felt abandoned by Microsoft….so would have to wait to see about WP7. Perhaps MeeGo might draw some attention….otherwise Android is it for me right now.

  • ManoloDF

    I will jump to whichever one (Android, Win7, iOS) allows UMA calling on.

  • going_home

    T-Mobile Dash was the last non Android phone I had.
    I wouldnt have another Windows phone after that.
    It locked up like Windows 95 and routinely had to pull the battery several times a day. No thanks Microsoft, no more Windows phones for me.
    If a phone doesnt have Android I wont even look at it.


    • http://www.stephencondra.com zephyr757

      My experience exactly. I had the Dash, then the G1, then the CLIQ, now the Nexus One. Thinking G2 will be next! I seriously doubt I’ll stray from Android for the foreseeable future.

  • Which Way is Up?

    Great question! I am so uncertain at this point with all of the leaks featured on this site, I am having a tough time deciding between Android and Windows 7. The HD7 definitely has my attention based on the fact that it will be the successor of the HD2. However, I am only willing to continue with Windows if HTC can pull off Sense (my preference).

    With that being said, Android is really catching up. I’m not so crazy about the G2, I’m a leaning towards the MyTouch HD hoping it will look more like the Desire HD as the current shell does nothing for me (kind of like T Mobile’s TP2 when compared to the European version).

    So, yeah, Windows or Android…

  • http://blog.dotnetcoderaz.com DotNetCoderAZ

    As a proud HD2 owner, I can do both Android and WM… Who needs to choose? ;-)

  • Antoine

    android but wouldnt mind seeing what meego is about

  • CovetsDroid

    BB user now, but plan to switch to Android. Just waiting for the Vibrant to get the 2.2 update. Other option is WP7 if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

  • http://magicbluesmoke.org Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?

    I’ll buy the white iPhone 4 for T-mobile. Thanks!

    • Eddie Android

      Aren’t you special.

  • Barry

    I think my next device will be the HD7 unless T-MOBILE plans on launching a DHD type device or a concrete rumors would help but it doesn’t look too likely so the HD 7 is sounding really good right now

    • BrianR

      I currently have Android and love every bit of it. I will buy the G2 because it can replace my old G1 I had. Now I have played with iphones before and they were meh, but I haven’t touched an iphone 4 yet. Don’t know if I would switch to it, but I think I wouldn’t mind it.

  • MikeyLikey

    I had a chance to play with a Win7 phone at a Microsoft event…not impressed enough to leave Android

  • Brad

    if it ain’t android I ain’t buying

  • Homer

    Seriously this poll makes about as much sense as a whore in church! It’s tmobile……… of course android is gonna win! Every sixteen year old kid who has tmobile has an android phone and thinks it’s the best. Give me some new hardware with WebOS and I will be a happy man! If they make a webOS phone like the mockups That people over at pre central have been showing I will sell my nexus in a second!!!!

  • Gunsing

    I been tmi since my first sidekick. And got my g1 till now n I’m looking upwards g2 but I really like the winpho7 but at the sometime I don’t. But yeah Android all the way! N boo to iphones

  • David Thomas

    Until WP7, Gingerbread, and whatever the hell WebOS releases are out on the consumer marketplace, I can’t really say for sure. (I hate anything Nokia, so I’m immediately disregarding them).

    My heart is set on Gingerbread being the redeeming release that Google desperately needs, but at the same time, I think my iOS friends are starting to affect me. I already plan on buying an iPad, now I’m slightly considering an iPhone! :o

  • Brian

    im going to get the 9780 because i want to keep my 9.99 unlimited email plan (with a subsidized phone of course). if that doesnt pan out, then im getting an android.

  • 30014

    Android, enough said.

  • Harry longjohnson

    I just got a vibrant and i actually like it, i came from an unlocked iphone3gs which i loved but edge only 90% of the time was killing me, after a year i managed to somehow
    4uck up the wifi detector which brought me over to android and so far so good!

  • tortionist

    I left Android for the LG Sentio (savings of over 5,000$ without Android). I miss Android too much, so i’m getting the MTHD and either the Samsung Tablet or the LG tablet. I gotta have Android. “And on the 8th day god created Android and said, my work here is done. And all the other OS’s stood at Attention, saluting….”

    • Steve Jobless

      Tunnel vision killed the cat.

  • Khan

    I just got the mytouch slide a few days ago and it is my first android phone. It is an awesome phone but I miss using nokia os whitch I used for a while. I might try out meego when my contract ends

  • mtnman

    I’ll stick with my Android. I like the fact that it’s an Open Source for developers to have a shot at app’s to release on the market. Yes it don’t go through the process of haveing it reviewed and approved by higher up’s but it has the approval/disapproval of the public. Same as with Apple OS, but this way with Apple you have to buy it and if you don’t like it then you get your money back. On Android you can get it, if you don’t like it, same, but then you can get a lot of free apps, and if you like them the developer can improve on it and make it better and then start charging money for it. It just gives an opertunity to those that would have never made it any other way.

  • TheDude

    WP7 seems fairly sleek and professional so I’m definitely interested in that. Also liking Android, hmmmmm. If WP7 fails to impress, I’ll be joining the [fairly obvious] preference of most TmoNews’ readers.

  • David

    I’ll probably get Android, unless WebOS becomes available on T-Mobile sometime soon. I have several friends with Palm Pre Pluses and they’re very nice phones!

  • Mr MN

    Oh but I’ve been faithfully married to Android for more than a year now. What happened to that option?

  • mtnman

    I love Android because it gives compitition to Window’s and Apple. You have Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and now you have Eric Schmidt. I love to see them putting on the gloves and dukeing it out. I read today on CNET that Facebook is looking into getting a phone. I love Facebook, but a phone?

    Ohh in unrelated news, has nothing to do with cell phones, but if any of you reading this has a PS3, the OTA updated of the 3D movie/gamming came out today. I just did mine.