TmoNews Gives You The TmoNews Mobile Edition

Well it’s definitely been a long long time coming for this day as we haven’t seen a TmoNews mobile edition since the sites inception. While all the kinks haven’t been worked out as you can see by the double calendar above, the mobile edition is live and ready for action. I know a lot of Android users, especially those running flash have had a very hard time visiting the site recently so this should eliminate those troubles and allow you all the access you need to your favorite T-Mobile news site!

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If you are having any trouble viewing or find any other errors please report them in the comments below!



  • Shad

    I don’t know if this is just me. But this only kicks me to the Mobile site about 1/2 the time on my MT3G running CM6. The other 1/2 it stays on the normal site.

  • JOhn

    Same here.

  • TMOprophet

    Which plug in is this?

  • Matchesmalone

    Thought it was fixed but on vibrant, it is going back to where you can not see the desktop version, even after clicking the link

  • Bubkas

    On Vibrant, worked great for a few days. Now all I see is the std. site. PIA. Why no mobile subdomain (e.g. to make it easier and more clear?

  • chris s

    Did something break with the mobile edition? Since the main site redesign the mobile edition hasn’t worked on my G2

    • David

      Yes, it was taken offline temporarily for some bugs! It’ll be back up soon!

  • Ws6driver Js

    any word on the mobile site?

  • Ws6driver Js

    any word on the mobile site?