T-Mobile HTC HD3/HD7/Mozart Gets A Release Date

We’ve seen in the wild pics, we’ve seen it on video, and we’ve even seen it with a different name, but now its time for a release date which I’m sure some of you WP7 fans are dying for. But first let’s start off with some specs. Recently, there have been rumors that HTC’s Press Event next Wednesday, September 15th in London is regarding its first Windows Phone 7 handset, the HD3. The HD3 which will be a successor to the HTC HD2 is reported to sport a 4.5″ AMOLED touchscreen, dual core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB storage, an 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording capabilities, all powered by a 1800mah battery. Keep in mind none of these specs have been confirmed as of yet. As far as a release date goes for the T-Mobile USA version, we’ve been hearing November 17th, but as always that’s subject to change. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Cupcake

    Those are great specs but don’t think I will leave Android. Never really cared for WinMo phones. Too bad they didn’t give that screen size to the new G2!

    • CiscoKid

      I too use to HATE!! winMo phones (hermes,tilt) and Loved my G1 but after using the HTC HD2 and WinMo 6.5 it’s gotten ALOT better since previous versions.
      Apps aren’t there yet unless you install the cabs your self.

      • Tito!

        Get your head outta the gutter . Jeeeze
        Winmo isn’t Windows Phone.
        This is a new generation.
        & nobody’ asking you to leave Android.
        Even if you considered,
        Nobody did say you could say you couldn’t go back.
        Seriously, I hate ignorant comment like these.

        Android = Consumerism .
        & If MyTouchHD is the only “high-end” phone we’ll be getting from T-Mobile this year, I’d rather take up on the chance rather then sit in envy at other carriers.
        I’ll stick to my Cliq(;
        Until Sidekick releases next year .
        & if any dual-core phones relase this year (Magenta branding) say, motorola flavoring. I’ll consider(: between WP7 & that phone.
        (Most likely I’ll buy both)
        Not so sure bout LG?

        What I’m saying tho, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it .
        Winmo = Windows Phone? No.
        New Generation.
        Get it Straight(;

      • Tree Frogs

        @Tito!– You’re waiting for a sidekick? You just lost all credibility that you may have had.

      • §ü|»è®mªn

        @Tito, ummm, I was acutally going along with that you were saying till the SK comment…

        Have you read the news?

      • Ryan

        People, there were rumors of a new android-powered Tmobile phone with the “Sidekick” name. I think that’s what Tito was referring to.

      • JBC

        MyTouchHD isnt the only “high-end” phone this year.

        Check out the Galaxy S before making these comments.

        Have fun with your sidekick.

      • Beanz0nToast

        @Tito, you’re blowing Windows Phone 7 up waaaaaay too big! It’s still Windows and it will still flop. May be better (maybe even MUCH BETTER) but it will still be windows and it will not live up to your expectations. Any new version of any software always gets this huge hype of how much of a game changer it will be and then…it’s not that much different than before.

      • Mike Litoris

        @Beanz0nToast You’re quickly forgetting that the winmo OS you’re talking about that will flop held the monopoly for near a decade in the smartphone world. They got a bit lazy after a while, that we know for sure but I don’t think it’s fair to say “it’s winmo so it will fail”. I think we need to be very patient and wait to see what MS brings us. I think Microsoft knows more than anyone else that due to the numerous people that have become fanboys of the Apple iOS and Android, they can’t just release anything Mediocre or else they’ll be finished in the mobile phone OS market. This alone, I think will encourage them to bring something that will wow us all.

    • davwilese

      Well I figured out how to load android onto myHD3.it is 100 times better. Maybe it will be possible to load it on the Hd3.

  • JM77

    Engadget is backing my suspicions. No dual core devices this year, at least not from Qualcomm HTC combo. Hope this keeps expectations from getting out of hand. I hate to see everyone let down when a phone releases just due to wild rumors.


    • FunkmasterC

      haha – we were both typing this at the same time.. Two different sources..

    • jdog

      LG already said they were going to release some 2hgz Tegra 2 phones in the 4th quarter and there is still a LG Android phone coming to T-mobile so don’t give up hope. Also the road map hasn’t been wrong yet and we will find out about the G2 being released tomorrow.


      • JM77

        The press release says 1ghz dual core NOT 2ghz.
        I have read the same articles. No one has a 2 ghz chip in production.
        LG’s vice pres of marketing claims they’ll have a tegra2 chipset in a phone by the end of the year. We’ll wait and see. Its possible yet unlikely.
        CEOs and Vice presidents always want to hype up their company. They rarely take into consideration the time it takes to get these products finished and into consumers’ hands.

  • FunkmasterC

    No 1.5Ghz until end of 2011. You can erase that thought from your mind… These specs are bogus.


    I wonder how these would perform in a laptop – you would get sick battery life!

    • JM77

      Nice! People (myself included) have unreasonable expectations due to rumors. Then everyone feels let down when specs come out even though it may be a great piece of hardware. Ex – G2 and Mytouch HD. They will both be top phones but many will be disappointed.

      • FunkmasterC

        They will be nice as the Vibrant was. Some people will want to argue, trashing T-Mobile regardless of what they release. I think T-Mobile has done a fine job of taking a conservative, yet aggressive approach to updating their product line. I appreciate this attempt to keeping costs under control – they let Verizon spend crazy amounts of money promoting Android that they introduced.

        They could do a better job at releasing their phones and controlling the ‘leaks’. If they were smart, they could time all of this to create a buzz. After a while though – people like myself just want to say – release the phone already! I will buy a G2, but my excitement is waning due to poor marketing. As Apple has proven, it is all how you present, promote and position and deliver your product.

        I am not really interested in a WM phone again, but I know MS has spent a ton of money and wish them the best with their new OS. No amount of advertising can save them now, it will have to be word of mouth. Best of luck MS!

        T-mo – I am still waiting for my email from you to pre-order the G2! I need a new toy.

  • joel

    You’ve got to be kidding. Since when has it been okay to talk out your ass about “reported” stats and then just say “Keep in mind this is just a rumor” at the end? You disappoint me, tmonews. Now when our Windows Phone 7 comes out and doesn’t resemble these stats in any way, everyone’s going to say “OMG wut happned to our 1.5jigahurts sexy gudness! T-Mobul FAIL! durrrrrrrrp”

    I thought you guys had some standards on what you reported :(

    • thaghost


    • FunkmasterC


    • JM77

      I would not be too hard on them. They do a lot of good reporting. Most rumors prove false in the end but thats part of the risk. Besides EVERYONE has been playing the dual core guessing game all year long.

    • Kickstar13

      Was I telling a joke? No I’m not kidding. Blogs are meant to provide on information that is REPORTED (yes that word) by other bloggers and most of which can’t ever be confirmed 100% and we maintain that integrity by letting our viewers know what info is confirmed and what is rumored. A bit of advice useful for life (and here), you shouldn’t count your eggs before they hatch. The mobile phone industry builds on hype in the media, but as with any new bit of technology and leaked device information, initial specs that are rumored are reported BEFORE the official info is released. TmoNews is not here catering to your fantasies, we’re reporting on info that is circulated. Sorry to burst your bubble, this is a blog not porn.

      • vHatch

        Sorry but this article is very fail reporting. Not only did you not deliver an actual release date as the title promises (other than the already rumored Nov 17) but you sported obviously fake specs as fact.

        Here is the source of those specs by the way : http://nak-design.over-blog.fr/pages/HTC_HD3_by_NAK_-2727167.html

        It was a dream-phone mockup design buy some random guy. You are even using the picture from it, lmao. I am started to regret browsing tmonews more and more every time.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Comments like “I am started to regret…” are just annoying and frustrating. You don’t like it, don’t browse but comments like that are totally unnecessary and don’t take into account the number of times you love coming here. You guys succeed brilliantly at pointing out faults but fail to ever point out the successes.

        • joel

          Just because I don’t like reading the obviously false story you guys have posted here doesn’t mean I don’t like reading tmonews. I just misunderstood what your blog is- I’ve always thought of it as kind of a place where I can come to read either “official” T-Mobile info before it’s “official,” or substantial rumors that have a pretty good chance of being true.

          I enjoy coming here, David. I really like your blog, even if it’s not what I thought it is. But you can’t expect everyone to like everything you post all the time. Might I suggest that if you run a blog, you should be a little more thick-skinned? I really mean no offense, but if you let negative comments upset you, then the more popular your blog becomes the more upset you’ll be as more people come here to comment.

          Just to reiterate, I love your blog and USUALLY love the reporting you do. Thanks for the cool place to discuss T-Mobile.

        • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

          I have a few blogs myself. My rule of thumb is, don’t read the comment. It’s not worth it

        • just some dude

          Hilton your a Smart man, life is too short.

        • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

          I for one have gone from die hard WinMo with the T-mo MDA, to die hard Android since the G1. That said, I was reading the specs off the site at work today with all the Android owners and I wanted that phone that moment. It was definitely gadget porn to me. That said, because it’s new I’ll play with it in the stores and wait to see how many apps it gets. If it does better than palm and RIM did by say Feb, I’m all in with this phone and I’ll sell my Vibrant. That said, if the phone doesn’t meet the stats here, I’ll be let down a little, but I still have the best phone (next to the Nexus) that T-mo has and I’ll continue to wait til T-mo gets something better which I’ll buy. Just like the G2 and Mytouch HD, I won’t bash them like everyone else because we were expecting/hoping for more. I’ll just wait for the phone to come out that does meet my standards.

          Oh and thanks Tmonews for the info. Even when it’s not right, it’s better than not having this blog and say buying a Mytouch right before the Mytouch HD comes out, or buying a Mytouch3gs before the Vibrant comes out.

        • VirtualAss

          We followed a parallel path man… what I appreciate about what you’re saying is that you actually owned and used WinMo phones. I had an MDA and Shadow before going to the G1, then back to the HD2.

          People who have really and truly used these phones know whats up… the criticisms are typically ignorant, or biased fanboy hate, or sheep repeating somethign they read somewhere else.

          People who have tried other phones and have legit hate for them… so be it. But look at me: I grew to hate my G1. THE G1, NOT ANDROID! I still love and appreciate Android, but that hardware licked dirty balls. I’m not going to discount any future Android phones based on my G1 experience, that’s just outright stupid.

          But let’s face it… if MS can truly bring an Xbox Live experience to the WP7, then they got it. Will they ‘overthrow’ the iphone and Android? Heck no, and no one’s trying to say that. But give me that Xbox and Windows Live interconnectivity, and thats a winner for me.

          Forget MS for a minute… look at Sony Ericsson and their plans to do a PSP Android phone… PURE GENIUS. Sony could be a REAL player in the smartphone game if they go this route. They should have thought of it maybe a year or 2 ago, but its NEVER too little too late.

          Just saying… all the negativity from fanboys is so ignorant and hypocritical.

      • justaphoneuser

        1.5ghz duel core and 1gb ram? Seriously, phones of these specs are 2 years away. Would you quote me if I REPORTED that the phone had 1 terabyte of solid state storage in raid 5 configuration? We probably will see something like that in 5 years, but lets not get ahead of ourselves…

        Maybe 1.5ghz single core? 1gb ram is possible, but not affordable for manufacturers. In any case the ram is easier to swallow.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Joel, I have to say your comment disappoints me as much as our supposed reporting does to you. For someone to make such “extreme” statements you should have more knowledge on how the industry works and how reporting takes place. A lot of what is done in this biz is based on reporting facts found from the other sources. You should know that. You should have recognized that from the get go.

      • joel

        Hey, don’t make me out to be some kind of bad guy/ignorant of “how the industry works” just because I criticized an obviously poorly researched article. “Facts found from other sources?” What sources, pray tell? The article you linked to made no mention of the HD3 being released on T-Mobile USA(or even T-Mobile ANYWHERE), and I can’t find a shred of evidence to even link the HD3 to the other T-Mobile US HTC device being released in November(by other, I mean the second HTC device seen on the leaked T-Mobile roadmap- the one that’s not the Emerald). If you’re going to report obviously false rumored specs for a phone, then fine. But linking those specs to the HTC device we’re getting in November is a pretty big leap, and looks to me to be an editorial choice on YOUR part, not something from “other sources.”

        Sorry if your feelings were hurt by my criticisms. But hey, a blogging industry bigwig like you surely knows how these things work, right? You post something obviously false, you get called on it, regardless of the source.

        Oh, and Kickstar, your whole remark about my thinking your blog is porn and that I shouldn’t “count my eggs before they hatch …” I’m sorry, but what do you even mean by that? I call you out on a poorly sourced story, and you accuse me of living in a fantasy world? Are you saying that just because a story is obviously false is no reason for you not to post it?

        There’s a difference between substantial rumors and over-the-top nonsense. I seriously thought you guys knew the difference, and it was one of the reasons I respected this blog. I came here because I thought you guys tried to provide reliable info as opposed to unsubstantiated hearsay. Judging from your responses here, I was obviously wrong. Sorry I misunderstood what tmonews.com is. I’ll still come here, but I feel sorry for the people that come here expecting what I did.

        p.s. I’ve said my peace, I don’t wanna start a flame war. You won’t see me criticizing your “industry” again. Agree to disagree, and all that.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Those specs are quite interesting. If Windows can pump the hardware to the next level with their OS, they’ll have a powerful market. Gotta wait and see though how it clocks once we have the actual phone, vs my Vibrant once it gets 2.2.

  • tande04

    The HD3 specs are rumors and rumors only.

    They started way back when WP7 was first announced. Problem is they don’t even meet the specs for the platform.

  • Dilla

    no front cam?

    • http://tmonews bigtittyho

      i agree with u this phone better have a front facing camera. most likely only the european version will have a front facing camera , if t-mobile ever does get this phone most likely they will cripple it and take out the front facing camera ..

  • SKA

    I am sorry but I have been burnt by WM phones so many times, I am scarred and scared of WM phones.

    Thank You


    Da Bears

    Cubs….next year

    • Manny

      Oh, sorry about that. May I recommend you try Windows Phone 7, a whole different experience from Windows Mobile?

      • SKA

        I say I am scarred and scared but I will try it out. I like to try out phones no matter what. I have owned 5 WM phones and for some reason I go back to them even though I have numerous problems with them. So I will try it even though I am a lil hesitant.

      • justaphoneuser

        This is not windows mobile we are talking about, it is a whole new beast, WP7. I have had first hand experience with a device running a version of this OS, and let me tell you it is quite an upgraded experience. Very consistent throughout, fast sleek and fun to use. It’s interface is a little more like the Zune HD then the old Windows Mobile, and as a developer I can tell you it is actually fun writing apps for this OS. Writing apps for Android and Iphone is just a chore…

  • David

    Sounds like bogus specs to me. And 4.5″ screen is a total fail. Remember that the point of a phone is its ability to fit in a pocket!

    P.S. Doubt I’ll go the WM7 route. I don’t mind webOS or Android 2.2, iOS hesitantly, but WM7 is too little too late.

  • ke4yqd

    And anyone who says that WM is not a better os than android or webOS is a fool that has never set up a WM device. I walked into the Verizon store the other day and they sales clerk mentioned not liking my phone, because it’s screen had a lack of responsiveness. So I showed her my phone and where the driver that controls the responsiveness. Then I showed her the ability to watch flash media off of a web site instead of out of an App (which is important when multitasking as it reduces the amount of ram necessary).

    That being said, I think the biggest problem with the previous WM devices was that the manufacturing companies tried to squeeze their own stuff on top of WM. For example, the WM6.5 os is quite a smooth operating system, if you can get past all the HTC Imagio’s embedded copycat pages. Like the settings page for WM6.5 is very intuitive, it is hard to get to, as HTC has hijacked it’s location, and replaced it with their own dulled down menu.

    I think the best option is to only buy the nice devices, not the cheap ones that were mentioned above. Price doesn’t = Quality. You really have to play with the phones before buying them. Do the functions you want to do. And for those who have a WM device and don’t like it, do some research. There is probably a fix for all your problems out there that will make you love your phone!

    • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

      People hate without actually trying something. What’s the word…petty

      • VirtualAss

        What kills me are the people who hate based on other comments they read.

        If 10 people post the criticism ‘Too Little Too Late’, at least 8 of them never thought that until they read it. Sheep.

  • ke4yqd

    Oh yeah, I will be buying the first WP device that rolls out of verizion…

  • Mike

    I’ve been waiting for this phone! Windows Mobile kicks butt! If you know what you’re doing with a WM phone then there’s nothing more powerful. This is going to be one solid device and the specs are off the chart!

    • tcky

      Agree…, if these are the real specs i’d definitly. pass on the G2

  • just some dude

    Dead OS, no multitasking, no flash, crappy UI. It will go away like the KIN in about a year or less.

  • just some dude

    It’s called survival of the fittest Dave. MS cant get a handle on the mobile market and it shows. One of my jobs is to push them away from the mobile market and by that have them make a better windows. Its pretty easy to fault them they kind of suck at it.

    Android rules.

  • derrickps3

    omg i been waiting for this phone, it looks sexy as hell. i think i’m in love

  • Technogen

    Even if this has the 1.5 ghz duel it wont be out until end of next year because the chips arent coming out.


  • Tmoled

    misleading headline, just another rumor. Please don’t get too upset david,i know tmonews writers can’t handle criticism and have to attack posters at least once per blog, very professional!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Hmmm… no time to read the article and comments. But isn’t this a phone from some concept phone guy in France? Not sure, but it looks like his work. He did concepts for the iPhone and the HD2.

    Was off on both, but still cool.

    In any event, I have not heard of such specs and have to leave. So I’ll leave it to the experts to say what is what. If it’s real … cool. If it’s a compendium of concepts and dreams, cool too. We all have em, eh?

    No time to spell check or grammar either. Forgive me in advance.

  • San Diegan

    How does one leave a comment about the web site or content? The CONTACT US is a useless link.

    I do like the site, that is why I check it out frequently.

    Mainly, I want to tell you that for my T Mobile Samsung Memoir, the pages scale down to fit my phone but they are very long and take lots of time to load.

    Yes, I know that you work hard and I don’t pay but I thought that I would pass this along.

    Thanks for the site and all the news. I like T Mobile.

    • Andrew

      The Samsung Memoir is a feature rich featurephone, so it won’t give the same internet experience as smartphone. I would, however, suggest visiting the samsung memoir and behold sections in our forums ( http://forums.tmonews.com/index.php?board=14.0). You can find ways to install Opera mini, which will give you a better and quicker internet experience on your memoir. Good luck!

    • Andrew

      PS. site comments and suggestions can be found in the forums as well

  • Jose Medina

    I want one I been waiting for something to move me and i think this is it

  • Albert Wang

    I love the HD2 since it can dual boot WM6.5 and Android. I wonder whether Windows Phone 7 will allow .cab installation as well as dual boot of OS. For me, those would be important.

    Interface looks good otherwise.

  • maxvolfan

    Ill just wait for the Mytouch HD. In the mean time ill enjoy my HD2 with Froyo 2.2 . Love it

  • Pat

    Finally, a screen with a small border…almost the entire device face is screen. This design change was inevitable. At 640 x 480 my Eten X800 with 2.8″ diagonal screen the resolution was lost on someone with less than 20-20 vision. At this resolution the screen had to get bigger without making the device massive. It looks like they’ve accomplished that much.

    I’m just hoping that they listened regarding the ergonomics. I’ve always longed for voice control that would let me specify the name of the contact to navigate to using GPS and mapping. This had not been perfected…at least using windows mobile 6, my Eten and Tom-Tom nagravator.

    I’ve always detested the stylus. There should be no need for one.

  • chebus

    i have an hd2 and if these specs are right im definatly getting the hd3 but hopefully the battery life wont suck and it better hav a front facing camera.

  • Sgt. cell

    Android is the future and present, Windows mobile has lost. I love my HD2, wish it was running Android out of the box.

  • http://tmonews rico

    tell you what, I would rather be with Tmobile than ATT or Verizon. their prices as a rip off” and they still have some of the same phones and the same apps, I totally agree with win apps they are way over priced and am not sure why” can you imagine a million people paying just One dollar” that is lots of monye, now imagine $30. then again Apple keeps ripping people off with they average Iphone” and you do not hear people sayng anything so go figure
    anyway hope that T-mobile gets this bad boy it should be an excellent addition to theyr arsenal same as the samsung vibrant”
    top of the line phones”

  • http://yngpimpin.com truth

    this phone looks good and for all you android’ers there is always a way to get android on a windows phone like right now i have a fully function android 2.2 froyo rom running on my hd2 sweet with the dual boot no crashing no freezing and does more than the samsung vibrant as far as live wallpapers, app and just general functionality so im sure it can happen on this device as well i look forward to the release

  • Low IQ

    Android people don’t like Windows Mobile, iPhone people don’t like Android and Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile people could not care less because if I want Android on my HTC HD2 I already have it!, and there are a few people who managed to put OS4 on and HD2 also! but I have never seen the reverse done on an Android or iPhone?

    It reminds me of Ford versus Chevy versus Dodge versus….

  • damian

    wow, stop crying over slow vibrant, my htc hd2 with android froyo 2.2 gets a quadrant scoreof 1850+

  • Echuta

    If I handed you two phones with a 1ghz chip and a 1.5ghz chip you wouldn’t know the difference. Android is what Winmo was…fractured and too many differnet versions that no one controlled. And now there are some fun Android viruses hitting the phones. And Apple locked themselves into a 5 year deal with ATT that is now causing them to panic because Android is on every carrier and eating their pretty screens/app market lunch. No matter the chip sppeed or front facing camera or multitasking ability of the phone, Windows Phone 7 is going to be a strong competitor for Android and iPhone. Xbox? Only on Microsoft. Office? Only on Microsoft. Zune? Only on Microsoft. Cloud based computing for your phone? Only on Microsoft. Apple changed the cellphone world and it took Microsoft a while but they are finally seeing the light and spending the money. I’m excited to have an adult business phone, from multiple carriers and in multiple forms yet tightly controlled in terms of content and specs that can also deliver games, music and apps via one of the most beautiful interfaces I have seen yet.
    I’ll be in the stores on release day trying them out.

  • http://gmail Rick

    this phone sounds impressive to me , there,s a choice for consumers , not everyone has to have android or apple, i started with iphone 3g and after researching i wanted more, i knew nothing about smartphones when i started, for me it was the nexus one, beautifull phone and the snapdragon was certainly a plus, but i didnt want to order it on line and take chance , and couldnt afford unlocked , anyway i went through about 5 defferent phones, droid original , droid eris, mytouch, behold 2, i traded up to the 3gs before i left at and t, i went back when iphone 4 came out but there was ten day wait , so i went back with 3gs, the at and to got greedy with no unlimited plan for data, pissed me off cause by that time id gotten the iphone 4, i took it back , bored with it any way, i do miss it, but i like youtube and like to surf , and they charged me 4 extra charcges for data within 3 weeks, 40 dollars extra , and would have been 50 , if i hadnt took the phone back, anyway , i liked the droid original as well as anything, just didnt like and dont like keyboard, the mytouch conked out on me and i went through 4 replacements, then i said to heck with it, the behold 2 wouldnt come on when i needed it sometimes, the eris was good , just small, i like big screen no. 1, i really liked the looks and feel of htd hd2, just a beautifull phone, i might have stuck with it even with the winmo, but tmobile wouldnt let me work out deal with them and return mytouch, anyway, i got evo 4 g , which is like nexus one,s big brother, liking it so far, i cant believe a t and t and now verizon is going with that data charge, theyr going to lose customers , im through with them , i dont care if the phone drives me to work and back , the heck with them, il go to a pay as you go cheap phone if i have to , dont care if its with mickey mouse, thanks for letting me spill guts, its getting to be a circus, but still interesting to see what they come out with next , right now im fine with evo, thanks

  • Jae

    I feel it may be better as with each device the specs improve but the crashing/freezing remains can we fix that please and it would be a overall great device!!!

  • Jay

    Your blog is still giving me security errors – adding your RSS into my google reader makes a red scull and cross bones appear before https

  • Wilma Flintstone

    if This has a FFC, I may have to Buckle Down and get it. I REALLY don’t want to because after all the problems I’ve had with WinMo, I don’t want to try another Windows phone software and I’m not liking the Windows Phone 7 look but the specs are great if correct, and I know Xda will slap Android on it soon enough.

    I’m not a major Android fan, in fact I like Symbian/Maemo/Meego as my main OS but from my experience, Android is much more stable than WinMo and is more User Friendly. It seems like Tmo are steering clear of the 4.3 inch Super Androids though and are leaning toward 4.3+ Super WinMo which is fine if you like WinMo.

    So it seems like Nivember is still on for me. Who knows, maybe after I demo WP7, I may actually like it. We shall see.

  • thereugo

    I heard that this Phone wont have EA games on it. I have never tried a Windows phone, so I can’t say if it’s good or bad. One thing I do know if it’s anything like that windows7 for the PC, I’m not touching it.

  • Deke218

    I can’t wait to get this sucker and put WinMobile 6.5.2 on it!

  • Andyinc91

    Don’t speak ill of Sidekicks. I still love mine :)

  • san


    You are being way too stupid to have the opinion LOL. Thats what people said about Win 7! Then why are they selling so many win 7s?

    Like or dislike MS I don’t care but your statement is just plain stupid. You msut be only 10 lol.

  • David

    I was pretty excited about getting one, but since they are taking so long to release it and or release the specs of the phones I think I will go with a Galaxy S. If its such a secret then I guess they dont want my business.

  • http://T-monews rico

    I say yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh top of the line…….. about time Tmobile gets these bad boys in their arsenal… can wait for this phone to come out, I also use to have a bad experience with window but when I bought the HD2 it change my mind about it, and now that this new OS comes out specially with my boys at HTC ….. mannnn I can wait for the release date

  • Christovercame

    Jesus Christ is Lord! T Mobile 4g is garbage so far, maybe the HD.3 will make t mobile look reputable again