T-Mobile G2 Gets Compared To The Rest Of The Competition

We’ve already seen a comparison of the T-Mobile G2 vs the Samsung Vibrant, we’ve even seen a benchmark comparison between the G2 and other Android competitors, and now we present to you a specification comparison between some of the most popular mobile handsets offered by the Big Four. This particular comparison chart, compares the specs of the upcoming T-Mobile G2 against AT&T’s iPhone 4, Verizon’s DROID 2, and Sprint’s EVO 4G. There’s really not much explaining needed as the image speaks for itself. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • mach1030

    My co worker has the evo. Most of time my g1 runs smoother surfing net and watching videos. Sprint service is sorry in miami area.

  • mach1030

    And the video confrence calls horride on 3g. I cuts in and out crappy at best. Even the two way radio app barely works.

  • QuikZilver

    Evo has the screen quality of a flip phone and battery life of a first gen laptop. Once you llok a iphone retina or vibrants Superamoled screen you can go back to crap like whatever screen evo is using.

  • volcanic515

    I’m still torn on the fact that now there’s talks of the MyTouch HD w/ 1Ghz cpu coming out RIGHT AFTER the G2 drops in stores. How can I buy this phone knowing a better one is coming so soon after? However, if the MyTouch HD is like the MyTouch Slide than its not gonna be developer friendly and 800Mhz is a lot. Screw it, I’m getting this phone. I think development for this phone will be better than development for the MyTouch lineup right now.

  • OtherGuy

    Looks fast enough to me

  • Mr MN

    After seeing the detailed pictures and videos of the new HTC Desire Z today, many of the people who were crying about what this phone doesn’t have are now wishing they could take back their words. Hands down, this phone is far superior to the Droid or Droid 2, regardless of what the VZW fanboys say. People are starting to drool over this phone (I’m guilty too)and the complaining has stopped. Too bad I’m still torn between this one and the myTouch HD. I guess I’ll have to wait for videos of it too.

  • Mr. Bertl

    I read yesterday a comparison of HTCs G2 in the US with the launch of HTC Desire HD in Europe, both of them run by T-Mobile. They are virtually the same phone, but interestingly enough, the European part has more stuff on it i.e. 8 megapixel cam with dual flash (instead of 5 with the G2) and the resolution is 800×480. It also has the HTC Sense functionality (www.htcsense.com) incl. inline sync and backups where you can also go online and delete all of your info on the phone if it is stolen or lost.

    What bugs me though is and I don;t understand it, why HTC did not put a second web cam on the front to enable video calling..why not just make it the perfect phone!!!

    I guess, T-mobile will be planning to launch this one at a later date to keep people on their feet.

    Oh, and the Radioshack deal for 149.99/2yr agreement….hmmm if I do the math and just buy the phone for …what..probably 500 bucks and consider a monthly $110 stand alone family plan 750 minutes w unlimtied text/web and limited minutes (can use skype and wifi spots anyway if I need more minutes), that means savings of about 1800 bucks over 2 years (see below) and if I buy two phones (assuming both cost me 1000 bucks, I still would save 1300 bucks….see below

    Plan/mo Cost 24 mo G2
    T-Mobile G2 w 2yr agreement $199.00 $4,776.00 w 2 yr plan $149.99
    T-Mobile G2 w/o 2yr agreement $109.99 $2,639.76 w/o plan $500.00
    Difference $89.01 $2,136.24 $(350.01)
    Savings >2 yrs 1 PHONE $1,786.23
    Savings >2 yrs 2 PHONES $1,286.23

    • MrMiddl

      Desire Z = G2 same specs
      Desire HD = MyTouch HD (possible US name not yet truly confirmed by T-Mo)

      • galos24

        Hey David, could you confirmed this to us please? the G2 being the same Desire Z ?

        • David, Managing Editor

          Its the same physical phone, but it’ll run totally different software, the G2 will run stock Android…NOT, I repeat NOT the new Sense and oh yes, the Desire HD is NOT the myTouch HD!

      • David, Managing Editor

        Good luck getting T-Mobile to confirm that!

  • jay

    both sux

  • MrMiddl

    I read the G2 processor is actually 1GHz but under-clocked to 800MHz. wonder why they would do that? unacceptable battery life possibly? i don’t know.still, everyone complaining about the speed needs to check the architecture behind it. At 800MHz its still more efficient than the others listed, since its using the new 45nm technology. If it truly is 1GHz, the phone can easily be clocked back up which would easily make it faster speed wise to the rest.

  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I was originally going to get the Vibrant but now i think i’m going to get the G2. I think the G2 has a better chance of getting future updates than the Vibrant. Although a Vibrant running 2.2 does seem very tempting. But i might reconsider it if and when the Vibrant gets 2.2. Anybody have any thoughts about which phone is better right now or in the near future?

    • Randomiso

      I recently made the same decision as you. I was about to get the Vibrant for my birthday with my upgrade, but I decided to get the G2 because of a few key factors. It is made by HTC, who I know personally has reliable products. It has a keyboard, which has also been commented as one of the best keyboards engadget, gizmodo, and many others have used. It will fully support T-Mobile’s HSPA+, which means overall faster web speed which will really be useful if you tether. Stock Android + being a Google phone, meaning it will have high support by google and will continue getting upgrades for a long time. Google Voice integration, I use it a lot, so the G2’s new features with google voice are great for me. I may be sacrificing screen quality compared to the Vibrant, but Super TFT is still pretty awesome. The choice is yours, and obviously I gave you my pro-G2 point of view, but I ultimately decided to get the G2.

  • Beasy

    Internal space is wrong on everything except the iphone