T-Mobile G2 First Impressions

It’s hard to believe that its already been two years since the first Android handset was released, the T-Mobile G1. And now we have the G1’s successor, the new T-Mobile G2. We were fortunate enough to get some first impressions after stopping by our local T-Mobile store:

Weighing in at 6.5 onces, the G2 felt a lot heavier than we had thought it would be. While heavy, it felt  very solid in the hand compared to the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant which presented a cheap plasticy feel to it. The 3.7 inch Super LCD  touch screen, although not as vivid as the Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen, the display on the G2 was vibrant.  The hinge mechanism also felt solid and was slick and smooth when sliding the keyboard in and out. As for the physical QWERTY on this bad boy, its one of the best we’ve seen to date. The separated keys made the keyboard a pleasure to use and offered increased typing speed with little to no errors. The T-Mobile G2’s Qualcomm MSM7230 processor which is clocked at 800MHz seemed a lot faster than the 1GHz SnapDragon on the Nexus One. Opening and closing applications was almost instant and we didn’t notice any lag at all. In short, the G2 was very snappy and definitely as good as the 1GHz processors out there, if not better. If we had to describe this handset in three words we’d say, SEXY, FAST, and SEXY. Stay tuned, as we hope to have a full review for you guys in the coming weeks!

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  • patrick

    im glad everyone is posting information about the g2, it really is helping everyone out! keep it coming! the desire z only ships with 2 gb of storage, so maybe thats what its suppost to come with. maybe tmobile made a fatal flaw on accident. anyone have the full 4 gb? or myabe there WAS 4 gb and the phone software and such just took most of it.

  • faiz

    idk about the g2 yet. i like the desire z but its not the g2. the g2 lacks the sense ui that the desire z has. it seems more cooler and helpful but if stock can track your phone like the sense (because thats what i really want from the sense) then its all good (for me at least).
    check out this cool vid

  • Mrs. H

    I got my G2 in today and I love it!!!

  • bps

    Just got mine.
    Phone is nice. Much faster than the G1.

    Tethering and hotspot have been striped out.
    I was hoping for better from T-Mobile

    • z

      u know devs will put it back on there

  • now_onTMO

    it looks nice!

  • Mr2Rich

    I talked to T mobile customer service last night …the lady told me these are’nt out until the 6th .She said anyone who has one, are people testing or reviewing . Funny

  • SAO

    The phone is not out yet officially…I actually work for an indirect Tmobile partner and we got our shipment and were selling them already. You can get them now at certain places

  • patrick

    its so funny how naive tmo reps are sometimes..

  • Mr. Barrow

    has any1 found a way to tether the g2 yet. if so please please please please post.

  • Lee

    I received the G2 yesterday in the mail. I’m Tethering already. Just download the app PDANet. Then download the drivers from the PDANet website to your laptop and follow the instructions. It’s a fast connection since it’s on the 4G network.

    • Mr. Barrow

      do the tethering disregardes the warrenty on the phone?

  • Original G1er

    I love my G2!

    But it feels fraaaagile! In the sense it’s aluminum/plastic housing could get scratched easily.

    Not to mention there’s a lot of gaps where the metal materials meets the plastic. In the those little gaps and crevices, dust crumbs etc will build up in no time. A lot of caring and up keeping in this phone. A lot of details/not unibodied…

    And the hinge, just like any keyboard phone freaks me out sticking it in my Jean pocket etc, it worries me if I’m putting too much pressure/weaking it!

    Well that’s what I thought on the G1and that hinge stayed rock solid.

    Great phone

  • tmorob

    I got my G2. Pulled 19 mbps out of it through the network. This feels like I switch screens before I press button. One word. Fast. Quadrant runs 1600 plus all the time.

    • tmorob

      That’s supposed to be 10 mbps. Not 19.

  • funkmasterC

    How are people getting shipping so fast???? I preordered mine on the first day and I still don’t even have a tracking number. Man that ticks me off.

    • ChadL

      Hey I saw one video where the guy got his G2 and set it up and then got his tracking number e-mail on the G2! LOL! So maybe that will happen for you too.

  • Shawn

    Has anyone else noticed the earpiece speaker being very quiet? With the “in call volume” to the max, it is difficult to hear sometimes, especially when driving.

    • g1 to g2

      Hi Shawn,
      I had the same trouble… for me it was keeping the factory screen saver on the phone! (the rep used a box cutter and cut the plastic off the Silver bar at the top near the words T-Mobile and it was like someone had cleaned the wax out of my ear. All of a sudden it was very loud! the speaker seems to work well also.

  • Curious george

    Anybody know if the phone comes stocked with wifi calling??

  • angarma

    Cheap plastiky feeling, the new mantra!! look for performance, that’s better than having to buy a “plastiky” bumper for faulty design affecting PERFORMANCE in the iPhone 4

  • Aznrob

    Just got my g2 ordered through loyalty. The rep told me that once I get the phone. I need to switch to the new sim card since it is designed for tmobile new network. Has any one heard of this?

  • AndroidAnnie

    I bought one for my boyfriends birthday (pre-ordered online) — thought it would be out on the 6th, and received it on Friday, October 1st). Took into the T-Mobile store on Saturday and the first thing they said was, “we aren’t supposed to be selling those yet, where did you get that?”. Was very cool (and they were super cool by hooking us up with screen protector and case/cover).

    The phone is AWESOME! I have a Nexus One and seriously for about 2 mins I almost thought about switching sim cards with him ;-). It seems fast (though the Nexus One is slightly faster when moving between screens), screen is nice, the keyboard is sweet. This phone is definitely going to be a hot seller, has everything (including Android 2.2 — although I currently have 2.2.1).

    • brad

      Don’t give him the phone! He told me he was going to leave you. Give it to someone that desrves it.

  • http://TmoNews Buck

    Does anyone know how much the 4G internet package cost. (If there are any changes to the current price of the internet) Also how are the speeds?

    • http://tmonews.com terryjohnson16

      If you have a data plan already, there is no price increase to receive the faster speeds. All you need is compatible hardware with T-Mobile’s 3G, and a data plan.

      We aren’t charging you $10 extra to experience “4G-like” speeds.

  • Mr. Barrow

    does tmo have a front facing cam phone like the iphone4

    • David, Managing Editor

      Might want to check some of the recent articles on the blog!

  • six41

    mine also arrived without the 4gb storage. argh!

  • KautiousNupe

    Charcoal colored rubberized casing…with a titanium metal rim around the screen and a geometric block of manly, hardcore stainless steel like titanium on the back of the phone. This phone is f*cking sexy! There is no glossy black or blue plastic on it anywhere. It does feel heavy, but for some reason..I like that! I am an avid weight lifter and I’m not a feminised, metrosexual lame..and I regularly lift women in the air while doing the wild monkey dance, so weight doesnt bother me.

    ( I know, I know..the metal isnt titanium..but its still super sexy anyway, lol.)


    I have had my phone since Thursday. Its much better than the G1 but its nothing knocking my socks off… Nothing really “NEW” but fast as all get out!! Feels great definitely not cheap….. definitely an upgrade but lacking innovation…..

  • patrick

    the reason the phone has less than 4GB of storage is because the memory was partioned for memory for future updates. ( gingerbread)

  • Nextgen

    The phone is really nice. The only problem I have is the earpiece. The sound is a little tinny, and when I turn up the volume, it distorts.. Anyone else with this problem??

  • Tony

    stopped by a tmo store today to hold it and play with it… was very impressed with the speed of transitions and the app tray and general responsiveness, BUT was equally disappointed with the slider… if you hold the phone and turn it upside down the weight of the screen just falls open…. im not sure if i like that!! it might be something i can get over.. im upgrading from the cliq which had a very solid build and slider mechanics.. but of course moto has left us out in the cold, cold, non eclair/froyo limbo world.. . so what do you guys think who already have it… are you worried about the screen falling open all the time?? and while it’s cool, the rising motion of the “sliding” creates this big gap and scares me about it breaking off in my pocket or something… maybe im just trying to talk myself into waiting for something better around the holidays… although i do love the stock android htc phones.. not a big fan of sense at all….

  • thorax1

    Can you stream movies on it? I would think that with flash 10.1, you can stream videos/movies. However, I’m hearing you can’t. If true, bummer…

    Just curious.