Samsung Says They Are Working On A Vibrant GPS Fix, In Other News The Sky Is Blue

While I’m almost positive this will incite a mini revolt against Samsung, they have stated that GPS improvements are coming to “other carrier partners” just moments after they released the fix for the AT&T Samsung Captivate. I can’t, for the life of me understand why these updates would not be doled out together but hey, I’m just a lowly blogger with a minimal understanding of these things. However, it’s a little aggravating to see the fix be given to another carrier while T-Mobile users have been significantly louder in their complaints regarding the Samsung Vibrant GPS issue. Did AT&T simply approve the update faster while T-Mobile is focusing on making sure the update actually you know, fixes something? I’m sure there is more the story than you or I know, but I know T-Mobile users have been asking about this for a long time and hopefully it’s coming soon, very soon!

Update: Sounds like  a Samsung issue from what I’m hearing, not a T-Mobile holdup!

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  • HD2/Vibrant User

    Vibrant and Craigslist, it’s time to meet.

    • Carlos

      I already sold my vibrant on craigslist, just waiting for the g2 now :)

      • remister

        How much did you sell it for? Did Yu sell it with an unlocked code?

    • Barry

      @HD2/Vibrant user How much are you tryna sell it for?

      • HD2/Vibrant User


      • Carlos

        I sold it for $330. With no unlock code…but with all accessories .it was the hardest phone to sell..and I have sold many on craigslist lol! My wing sold within a hr of posting it…it took the vibrant a weeks

  • splayer7

    How is it possible that the first US carrier to get the phone will probably be the last to receive the update?

    • LaPhoneUser

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      I really love my Vibrant, and to be honest, I purchased a refurbished Magellan GPS unit for $60 (which I’m very happy with), so I no longer rely on my Vibrant for navigation. But I find it very frustrating to watch the other big providers send out various updates, while T-Mobile is quiet on this issue.

    • Robert Paulson

      The first us carrier to receive the phone is also the smallest install base.

    • David Thomas

      How is it possible that the first US carrier to release an Android phone, falls far behind almost all the other US carriers in terms of high-end Android devices? Droid series, Evo, even the Epic 4G. Let’s face it, T-Mobile is the bastard child in the eyes of pretty much every manufacturer.

      • Acaciastrain

        How is this post even right? How many android devices does tmobile have? 9? 10? How many does AT&T have? 1. We easily have the most.

        Multiple android devices ranging from low (moto charm) to high (vibrant, G2, mytouch hd)


        A few android devices with 2 of them costing $300…

        Ill take the former…

      • tmoemp

        Um who has bought and sold more would be the real question.

  • Mr MN

    I’m not buying it

  • trife

    Prior to the Vibrant release, I read complaints about Samsung’s lack of promptness with updates for known issues. I guess this confirms that.

    • hitch

      why is anyone at all surprised about this?
      where’s my android 2.0 (not even 2.1 or 2.2, *2.0*!) for the behold2?
      if I’d known about the problems the Behold *1* owners had had with their phones (same deal – abandonware all the way) I wouldn’t have picked up a Samsung phone.
      at least I learned my lesson.

  • Trill

    This is the problem with custom interfaces. I have the vibrant, nexus one, and G1 and I’m regretting the vibrant not because of the updates just for the favoritism being played and lack of features always being left out but at least Verizon got the worst galaxy phone and not us. I don’t use GPS a lot and everything else is fine minus scrolling on my home screens with the buddies widget which lags on the specific screen.

  • cp

    My G1 died around the time this phone came out and I wanted it, but I’m starting to think I made a good decision by not getting it. My upgrade is in November, so i’ll just wait for everything to come out and get a phone in January. I’ll stick with this old Samsung flip phone until then.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Wait, they still haven’t fixed the GPS issue? Interesting…

    • Testament

      And they wonder why people root they’re phones….

      • sm101

        They do?

  • monkeyboy311

    WTF? I really would like to know what the explanation is on why its taking FOREVER to get a simple update out. Like others, I read about Samsungs CRAPTACULAR support on previous phones. I thought “No way Samsung would do this with the SGS, its such an important product for their mobile line”. If this fix (whenever the hell it comes out) doesn’t fix the issues 100%, NEVER again Samsung, no product of yours in my house again.

    End of rant.

    Seriously though, I like the phone but Samsung has dropped the ball on this. Sure Tmobile can be holding it back but I put the blame on Samsung since they create the hardware… Hell, give me a link directly from Samsung so I can install the update myself…

    • Acaciastrain

      Who said this was a simple update? I’m assuming you aren’t a samsung software developer.

      Did it ever cross your mind that maybe the update isn’t so easy after all. The Vibrant and the Captivate are two different phones…

      • Landers Montgomery

        Simple update or not the fact is the Samsung Galaxy S phones have been out since early this year beginning with the European model releases with the same GPS issue. All the phones have the same general hardware including the same GPS component. Why not just release a general fix for the gps issue across the board and then work on other issues along with the individual carriers on later.

  • mtnman

    As for me I have a Garmin GPS so the GPS feature on my Vibrant is a non issue for the moment. Granted I don’t keep the Garmin in my car all the time and I do carry my Vibrant, so if I did need it for emergency then I’d like it to be working. I suppose that AT&T is getting the update first is because they have deeper pockets than T-Mobile does. Or it’s just that the squeeky wheel gets the greese.

  • Frigadroid

    I hope the delay is for froyo :-) If we have to wait to long we have 3 nice phones coming soon, but I still love this vibrant just for the entertainment value.

  • Bob

    I thought I should give Vibrant a chance as its being released all over the world. So updates should be quicker. But this is just proving how unreliable Samsung really is. They’ve sold millions of Galaxy-S all over the world and still are taking so long to push minor updates.
    This DEFINITELY was the last Samsung phone I bought.

    • matsayswhat

      Yeah, I’m starting to feel like that too. I haven’t made the decision fully yet, but if I don’t see an update to Froyo by the end up October I’m probably just going to sell mine on CL and get something else.

      • hitch

        froyo by october?
        the behold2 never got its promised update at all.
        you’ll be lucky to see froyo *ever*.

  • Ed

    I will never buy ANYTHING that has the name SAMSUNG on it again. They have horrible quality control and are slower than SH** at acknowledging problems and fixing them. The Vibrant came out on July 15th for god’s sake. Obviously they figured out how to fix it on one Galaxy S phone, why not fix all of them? T-Mobile is getting close to loosing a customer that’s been with them since the VoiceStream days.

  • mikey_

    Should we consider this an extension to Samsung’s initial September deadline?

  • mtnman

    I like Samsung. Compair them to Motorola and your so-called update to Eclair and how long it’s been since they’ve even given us any word as to when that’s going to happen. Samsung has a minor issue with their GPS (major for some) and we’re all over them. I have more anamosity towards Motorola with it’s non-update than I do with Samsung.

  • M.Az

    @ Bob — Word

    I like the phone but why would t-mobile not get the update first we launched it first, I really don’t use GPS all that much and also have a MTS so i’m good, but it is still annoying, wonder when we’ll see Froyo, maybe when pigs fly.

  • john

    I don’t have the gps issue, used xda to rom over to eugene’s froyo, perfection on a phone.

  • Antwain

    It’s a shame the best hardware on the market has second rate software. Samsung may have spread themselves too thin, four phones on all the carriers and then the galaxy tab which they say is supposed to launch I think in october or november and yet they still can’t even get a gps fix which they knew about when the phone launched its ridiculous.

  • Knas

    My vibrant works fine past the gps. As long as I get the upgrade to 2.2 it’ll do just fine. I’ve been on this site since the g1 first came out and I’ve watched people bash every phone that comes out hay in two february the g2 will be out dated. Please just try to tell new people the facts. David and others keep up the good work.

    • David Thomas

      Don’t hold your breath on a 2.2 update, even if they’re on their knees holding up a diamond ring to you. Just ask any Samsung Behold customer. Or read the posts here on TmoNews.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    WOW, pretty cool to know, when did the sky turn blue, i just looked out the window and realized it, maybe i should get out for often.

  • ogopogo

    I don’t own a Vibrant, but I almost bought one. Obvious questions started running through my head as I listened to the Tmo rep tell me how great it was. I asked about UMA – nope. I asked about HSPA+ – nope. I asked about the GPS issue – nope. I asked about Samsung’s history of lacking support – nope.

    It’s a nice looking unit, but it isn’t worth the price, especially when touted as a “smartphone”.

  • Midori

    It’s time for a Samsung MUTINY! Lol,just kidding,or am I? :)

  • Vibrant Addict

    What the hell, AT&T got it first?! We’ve had the damn phone longest and the OS is pretty much the same across the board. Why do we have to wait longer?!

    We better be getting that fix by October, and having 2.2 before the end of the year like they said. If not, this Vibrant is probably getting dropped and hello myTouch HD.

  • Marcus

    I played with the GPS on my new Vibrant last night and it seems to work perfectly…what exactly is wrong with it?

    I read this blog every day, numerous times per day before I finally broke down and bought a Vibrant yesterday and I don’t know what phones you guys are using prior to this one but this thing is just fine. I came from an iPhone 3G on the T-Mobile network so I was only getting Edge, the GPS was so slow that it was useless, and my internet speeds were painful. I’d click a web page and have to set the phone down to wait on it to load. I dealt with that for 2 years.

    The Vibrant seems fine all the way around so far. I got my music on it easily, the web browser is lightning fast, and the maps loaded before I ever saw a grid. My Vibrant on 3G is faster than my iPhone on Wi-Fi.

    If I didn’t decide to use my own judgement instead of listening to all you complainers where would I be? Who really uses GPS on their phone that often? I sit at a desk 40 – 50 hours a week and when I go somewhere I generally know where the hell I’m going.

    Likewise, what is the big deal with having the latest Android software? What is it really going to change for you? The phone is stil running an overlay or modified version of the OS. Maybe I don’t understand, but I’d like to.

    • Marcus

      Jesus! Everything I post has to await moderation. Am I using a key word that sets this off?

      • David, Managing Editor

        It’s totally random, I have no idea why some posts get through and some don’t!

    • Jrsykind

      I use MyTracks with GPS five – seven times a week. I need a phone with accurate GPS….

    • SEFan

      If the GPS on your Vibrant acquires quickly and locates you where you actually, you know, ARE, we are happy for you. Most of us; some are just envious. However, a lot of people on TMONews have Vibrants that don’t acquire satellites in a useful time and think the individuals are blocks or miles from where they’re standing. Some of these people don’t really need for GPS to work for them and don’t care, but others do need GPS and care a LOT. You can also read some of the reviews of the Vibrant (or Captivate for that matter); the reviewers who actually did a thorough job and tested location services found that the GPS was sketchy at best. You can read about the same GPS probs on the Euro release of the Galaxy S, which happened months ago. So there is a problem, though the cause is still unclear. I’m still voting hardware issue, but no one outside of Samsung knows for sure. The fact that they didn’t fix it after the European release has really put me off Samsung devices. The issue was apparent before the Vibrant ever dropped on T-Mobile US. We should never have seen it. Sammy cared more about their simultaneous rollout on all US carriers than they did about bringing a trouble-free device to market.

      Whatever the problem is, a fix is overdue.

    • Dick Richards

      I agree, I’ve never had an issue with my GPS, bought my Vibrant in mid August. My GPS locks on pretty damn fast. Is this random on certain phones, or is it across the board? I’m wondering if this was an issue with the first releases? My wife has the Vibrant as well, no GPS issues whatsoever.

  • profitkiller

    Oh well, later mr vibrant…G2/MTHD here I come

  • JoshL

    Haaa! That’s what everyone gets for buying scamsung. Should have learned from Behold 2 people! HAHHAAA!

  • Robert

    My Samsung refrigerator is up to date. It has both a freezer and a refrigerator. Both work flawlessly. Oh, this isn’t the Samsung appliance board. Sorry.

  • mtnman

    Well for someone that has high blood presure, I just try to stay calm all the time. I try my best to not let things get to me as they used to. So for the Vibrant not getting the fix before AT&T does, I figure “oh well at least we’re still getting it, and besides AT&T probablly wanted it first no matter if the fix was ready or not”. So if it comes out latter that AT&T has bug issues and needs another fix for their fix that’s okay with me. Let AT&T have their update first. Being frist is not always the best. You can yell and scream saying that you want it first and when they say it’s not ready and you tell them you don’t care you just want it. Well okay, that’s fine with me.

    • ogopogo

      Wow! I guess that waiting for the G2 has finally sent you over the edge! You seem so mellow. Hey, is that Kool-Aid that you’re drinking??


    • http://None Navixo

      I completely agree, other high end phones have received updates that have completely broken the phone I won’t name any names *cough* hd2 *cough* excuse me. So yes, please test the update with other carriers first.

      Also to Samsung, don’t delay too long or your phone will be off the bandwagon phones come out WAY to fast for you to be behind the times and people will move to different devices before the Media Hub even has a chance to show us what its got. With the “Vanilla” phones being released in the next few weeks / months I would think someone would think about that.. Can’t make any money on the media hub if people switch to the G2 or MyTouch HD.

      And please for the sake of your brand, do it justice do not make this another Behold or Memoir, this is your first REAL smart phone that has a chance to be a real contender in the market your even releasing a Tablet, don’t screw us or we will not buy your product.

  • tony

    First the behold II fiasco, now this. Really Samsung, really.

  • mtnman

    AT&T gets the update first and everyone is ready to trow the Vibrant in the gabage. Just yesterday you’d be praising the Vibrant and today you hear that AT&T get the GPS update first and now we’re all crying foul. I’m 47 and I don’t get upset as easily as others do. I take things in stride and let it roll off. Yes I do get upset and angry at things like we all do, but I tend to take things more in stride and not let the little things upset me as much as more major things do.

    The Vibrant not getting a GPS before AT&T does for me isn’t major issue. I know we all want T-Mobile to be 1st, but remember no one else got it either besides AT&T and if it don’t work on their phone then we’ll all go nanny nanny poo poo. lol

  • nameless

    I wish they would do something about the crappy battery life on this phone. I have to charge my phone at night and atleast one more time in the middle of the day. Better battery life my butt!!!

  • Knas

    Hay it’s a phone and that’s it. Tomorrow the g2 and what ever else that comes out will have some problem to. Hay the vibrant is fast and my gps works over half the time. Half of you buy a new phone every time one comes out. Lets be real if you don’t like it don’t talk about it.

  • lettinyaknow

    T-Mobile is just slow to update or fix anything. Their webconnect service has had a known issue for months now but I never have seen this blog talk about that taking forever, WHY?

    David is your name? Why always praising T-Mobile? How about point out some of the BS they pull on their customers? I’m sure users would like to know the other stuff too other than just the new phone coming out that YOU think is cool!

  • drmd

    Simply SHAME…………….I never post anything bad about android or T Mobile…But this vibrant GPS thing sucks….sucks big time……

  • drmd

    I loved my G1 more than vibrant. Never had any issue with google navigation(best in business)

  • rickb928

    “I can’t, for the life of me understand why these updates would not be doled out together…”

    Um, let’s consider one. If the update fails, only one carrier is affected.

    Samsung does not have its act grouped together very well yet. Be happy you are not taking another arrow in the chest.

  • itsthatguy!!!

    If you call into customer care or stop in a store, there is a fix that has circulated internally. I’ve used it and it works wonders. Seriously.

    • ScratchSF

      And that fix is?????

    • Me

      Can anyone confirm this? I have to call tmo anyway due to them denying my rebate(think people won’t notice? Anyway I don’t see how they could do it internally since it would have been posted already for everyone complaining on the official forum. I’m happy with my rooted vibrant with wifi tether/mobile ap with 5 mb/s down though. But battery life is just disgusting on this thing. I really don’t mind that the g2 is bring down clocked if it saves battery. if someone wanted to trade I would probably do it:/. Come on samsung! I’m feeling like a fool for defending you when people with the behold said I was going to regret it

      • JustMike

        The XDA GPS workaround worked great for me.. I can only guess this is the same fix they would apply in the store.

        Regarding the battery life, are you using a task killer? Sure, Google says they’re not needed, but once I downloaded Advanced Task Killer from the market and set it up to auto-kill all the T-mobile bloatware, my battery would suddenly (and consistently) last twice as long. Coincidence? I think not!

        (Yes, Mobile AP is the bomb. Gotta love those guys at XDA!)

    • http://None Navixo

      That is not true.

  • kosherpork

    So what if tmobile didnt get the update first? Big deal. People really need to chill out and not get bent out of shape about who gets what and when they get it. The ota’s, including froyo will be available when they are ready. Bottomline. Im enjoying my vibrant as it is now and like some people I dont have the money to go buy a phone and then have a hissy-fit about an update and in turn go sell it on craigslist and whatnot to go buy anither phone. Look, samsung will dish thier goods out in good time, until then…enjoy the phone and the features it has that do work instead of getting your blood pressure level up over something that will happen but is not happening quick enough to your liking.

  • chrisrj28

    Speaking of updates, this may be off topic here but I couldn’t email the admin. It looks like there is a T-mo US update coming for the HD2 with some updated packages and the new HTC messaging client. Anyone with an HD2 should check out this link:

    Sorry Tmonews for posting off topic but for some reason your contact us link doesn’t work for me on my work cpu

  • amac

    This is so annoying! I bought this phone on release day, and it hasn’t worked since. FIX IT ALREADY. How hard is it? I am so frustrated with this thing. I don’t particularly care who gets it first, but I want it fixed period. It has been more than three months. THREE. On a two year contract that is 1/8 of a two year contract. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but for three months of my contract a large chunk of the functionality of this phone has been inoperable. Ridiculous.

    • SEFan

      Why didn’t you just take the phone back?

      • amac

        I did, and received another unit with the same problem. At that time I was informed that there is a known issue and a fix would be forthcoming. I just didn’t quite realize that it would take forever.

  • hohoeyo

    It’s probably got to do something with a negotiation … considering that AT&T is going to be the first to launch the upcoming Galaxy Tab, it’s quite possible that they negotiated this fix out of Samsung to beat the other carriers.

    AT&T is grabbing at everything they can that will help raise their perception in customers’ minds since they’re about to lose their exclusivity on the iPhone soon.

  • Bigmerf

    so sad, TMO always slacks vs the heavy weights



  • Belcher

    People… OCLF in the market… Download, Root, lag fix, love your life again!

    • Dick Richards

      I second that. I did it and am not looking back!

  • Anon

    We should get 4chan involved, we might get some productivity from T-Mo and Samsung.. >.>

  • Belcher

    @tmo-news,was rumored 2.2 w/ gps fix was coming this month to us galaxy phones

  • funkmasterC

    The sky is blue, watchu gonna do?

  • phongeek

    so yeah.. i figured they would mess this up well im glad i passed on getting one now onto the slew of phones coming in the Christmas season impatiently but i am waiting

  • Dale Murphy

    i was really apprehensive about the vibrant because i wanted to ensure the 2.2 update rolled plus i wanted wifi hotspot without having to root. i bought a nexus one on craiglist and i am pleased overall. granted, i still want a 4 inch+ screen and a physical keyboard…but i can wait until november. maybe.

  • vibfix

    If you go to CyanogenMod’s forum, there’s a sticky thread for the Galaxy S that tells you how to fix the GPS. It takes 2 minutes, and it worked for me.

    • Anthony

      Good for you that it “worked”, but that isn’t a real fix and hasn’t worked at all on the majority of handsets…hence them still working on real fixes.

      Regardless, I highly doubt the “fix” will “fix” anything anymore after reading about the Captivate update that apparently did NOTHING for the GPS. Awesomeness.

  • MarkV10

    It would be nice if Samsung, T-mo and the others would actually like, you know, level with their customers. Giving vague promises with squishy dates (many broekn) followed by lots of silence pretty much guarantees this lack of trust and anger. How about some community relations love – what are the problems, how hard is the fix, why do schedules slip, when is approval by the carrier the delay, why do old promises carry such little weight. sheesh – why is it so hard to level with the folks that pay for your kids braces. To paraphrase Balmer, its “CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS” (I’d throw a chair for emphasis but I’m at work.