myTouch HD Internal Doc Hints Toward FFC And America’s Largest “4G” Network

While most of the Android attention at T-Mobile these days is focused on the T-Mobile G2, the myTouch HD waits in the wings. We just received, via one of our ninjas, the above document showing off some early details on the myTouch HD. While there are still a lot of questions to be answered about this phone, like a true breakdown of specs, pricing and of course the release date, this document gives us a glimpse of what to expect. If truly a legitimate document, and we certainly don’t question our source, this will put to rest the matter of the front facing camera coming in the myTouch HD. Though, we do take note and wish to point out the claim that T-mobile has “America’s largest 4G network,” a claim Sprint might wish to question. With a 5.0 megapixel camera and a VGA (why??) front facing camera this phone is definitely going to be a welcome addition. Even more welcome? The verbiage here states that video chat will be allowed over 3G, HSPA+ and Wi-Fi networks. Take that AT&T! A screen-sharing feature for HDTV’s? Count me in; I’ll take two please. Oh, and a 1 GHz Dual Processor? Make that three, please. We’re certainly going to be pressing for more info on this phone but from what we see here, all signs point to a very welcome addition to the T-Mobile Android lineup.

The only previously known image of the myTouch HD follows below along with a larger version of the above document. You guys know what to do, dissect away.

(let it be known that Andrew won :-P, I beat you kick! – Andrew)

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  • eYe

    I really like this phone. I always like MTS’s looks but the moment I opened that awful keyboard was the moment I decided to not get it. This one has it all: MyTouch look, big enough screen, nice stuff under the hood. The only thing that I’m not sure about is that Espresso skin. Original Sense is very nice, Tmo kinda effed up this one. We’ll see… too many choices now!

    • Phonegeek

      I’m not an espresso fan myself but to eachs own I wish this had sense therm I wouldn’t think twice

    • Reece

      If the specs on this phone is real then I’m taking it with all the crapware they can throw on it since it’s something that would probably be rooted with ease by the modding crew @ XDA

    • JohnB

      It is strange that they call this “dual-process” instead of “dual-core”. Qualcomm has 3 models that possibly uses 1GHz clock:

      QSD8x50 – this would blow. Its the current generation Snapdragon that blows in GPU performance.
      MSM8x55 – this one is rated at 1GHz but it looks to be a 1GHz version of MSM7x30 (found in HTC G2), which means its a single core.
      MSM8x60 – this is a 3rd gen Snapdragon. It is a dual-core and it does run up to 1.2GHz. But I feel this one is not market-ready yet.

      Lets hope for the sake of us, it is MSM8x60. Based on what’s written here, it would be pretty good. :)

      But more likely it is MSM8x55 with some marketing ploy as MSM8x60 should not be ready for the market yet. :(

      • TMOprophet

        It will likely be the MSM8x55. As you mentioned.

  • mtnman

    I really don’t understand it. People have been complaining that Tmo doesn’t have a phone that has a FFC and now they have one that you don’t need be on WiFi to make a video call and their still complaining. Cell phones are like cars, as soon as you drive your car off the lot it depreciates and loses value. Just like a computer as well, as soon as you buy it, it’s already obsolete with in month. I’d like to hear from someone on EXACTLY what kind of phone you’d like T-Mobile to relese and tell me why you think that that kind of phone will make T-Mobile the #1 cell phone carrier. And after all if it’s a phone YOU want, then shouldn’t everyone want the same exact phone as you?

    • Jeff

      I want an Android device with a 4.3″ screen. Is that asking too much?

      • pimpstrong

        I hear you dude. I have been chomping at the bit for a EVO screen sized phone since like March and it appears that it may be NEXT March before we get one if ever.

        BUT even if TMO picked up the an EVO I still wouldnt get it unless it had a SuperAMOLED and thats just not gonna happen.

        Galaxy S2 please.

      • RockTripod

        So you want a 4.3″ screen, but even if T-Mo had the EVO, you wouldn’t buy it. Wow. You just want to gripe, just admit it.

      • drew

        Me too! at least 4+ screen and an 8mp cam with flash, more internal memory, and updates out the wazoo! 5mp is so played out.. pretty much every high-end device that I’ve wanted has come with an 8mp camera.

      • Ron

        get an hd2, and put android on it. that’s what i did

      • mike

        hey Ron, i’ve been trying to get Android on my HD2 for a minute bro but i cant do it without it being all buggy does yours work good and operate smoothly?

      • Hmmmm?

        Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a 4″ or bigger. I mean, they are releasing the G2 with a 3.7″, and that’s fine for some people, they could have thrown a bone to the other people that wanted a larger screen. It’s just a preference, will it stop me from buying it, no, but it would have been nice. Was kind of hoping for the Desire HD, so it’s not unheard of for T-Mobile to have a phone with a screen this size, albeit T-Mobile UK.


      Phones alone, can’t make a carrier #1.

      • TMOprophet


    • Reece

      Dual-core is already corny & played out, plus I need a 13 inch screen !! With Verizon releasing the Droid XXL it’s time you up the ante with this!! C’mon T-Mobile get wit the program dammit!!

      • Steve Jobless

        Well said compadre. Although even the 13.3″ screens are rolling out shortly after. By that time you might have heard of the 14″. So, if I were you I would hold off until then. Hopefully by then Android will have rolled out “Parfait” version.

      • j

        First off, that is absurd, that is not a phone but a laptop! Secondly, who cares! noone will carry phone with that big of a screen.

      • Patrick B

        13 inch phone is not absurd. Two Words: Boom Box!
        Zoolander had the small phone now the trend will be BIG!

      • Hmmmm?

        When you write these comments you just sound stupid, no one expects phones with 13in screens (if they are, they’re also idiots). It’s not unreasonable for people to anticipate a new phone to have a screen size of 4″ to 4.3″, there are already several of them available and have been for a while, the trend is continuing in this direction, and T-Mobile already had the HTC HD2 with a 4.3″ screen. Is it enough to leave T-Mobile or bitch about constantly, I don’t think so really, but whatever you want to do. However, just because someone writes a simple comment like “I was kinda hoping for a 4″ screen”, it doesn’t warrant some idiotic comeback that spouts off ridiculous fictitious facts about phones that don’t exist

      • Patrick B

        Hmmm! I think that you missed the point.

    • Mr. MN

      Front facing camera with facial recognition
      Trackpad with fingerprint scanner
      20MP camera with xenon flash bright enough to light up a scene for a video shoot, thermal imaging technology, night vision,and x-ray
      9.9 inch super xhd super, master AMOLED/SLCD hybrid
      9billion pixels per square inch (too many for the most powerful microscope to process)
      9×9.99GHZ WARP SPEED processor
      Light from the screen enough to give me a tan because I’m tired of paying for my girl to get a tan
      Battery that recharges itself so I never have to charge it because I’m too lazy
      Batter powerful enough to jump start my car
      Phone smart enough to do my assignment
      Capable of connecting to every 3G or 4G network on this planet

      My point is people will never be satisfied regardless of how great the phone is. I know some people are not satisfied with my specs only available on Star Treck. Just let them complain. Oh feel free to add to my list :-)

  • jake

    Ok I’m getting this, this is what I wanted. Thank you T-mobile!!! This is gonna be a sweet phone!!

  • Joshua

    I just noticed a misprint in the ad. If you look at the blurb on the bottom that Tmonews watermark is covering up, it says, “Connect with family and friend” instead of “friends”. I also think the ad is a little bit cocky talking about an “unparalleled video chat”. It just doesn’t seem to be something tmobile ever was prepared to go to press with. Like others, i think this is probably an old mockup that has since been scrapped.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I don’t disagree with you Josh and not to defend it per se, but documents like these are never meant for public eyes, thats why typos are often common on leaked docs because they aren’t groomed meticulously by legal or marketing for public use.

      • JM77

        Well some of us seem to agree that this is an old version of an internal mock up. It gives a look at the planning stages for this phone, very interesting. Thanks for finding this, but you should make a statement about how this may not be a description of the Mytouch in its final form. Otherwise there will be VERY PO’d people around here.

        The statements about 4g network, instead of 4g like speeds, and dual processors, rather than dual core processors, make this look like an internal doc used for concepts. This doesn’t look like a post on a website or a press release.

      • TimmyT

        Yep, Grab and Go’s are for internal training use only and not for customer distribution.

    • davidohio

      I have to question the authenticity of this document. There is a typo and the wording is not right in places. For instance “spontaneous HD”? That does not make sense. That and the fact that it claims the largest 4g network leads me to believe this is photoshopped. We are no where close to a 4g network even when this device is released.

  • terryjohnson16

    Looks nice. Watch them promote this phone instead of the G2

    • Foxeh

      They should promote both to different markets.

      MyTouch HD: T-Mo does market the MyTouch brand and have loads of accessories for it. It’s fun for the whole family with their video chatting and special moments and all that.

      G2: Just like the G1 it’s simply a no nonsense device with just about every input method possible and no custom UI’s. G series shouts “I. AM. ANDROID! …so eff you all!” :P

      … or something like that.

  • la_resistance28

    Hey David,

    Did you notice the file name for the MyTouch HD picture?


    What does that mean? Please tell us this isn’t the long-awaited Project Emerald! No matter to me, I’m going for the Vanilla Froyo awesomeness of the G2. Just wondering if you or your crazy ninjas have insight as to why they might be internally labeling the MyTouch HD as “Emerald”…

    • David, Managing Editor

      I believe I wrote an article a few weeks ago stating that “Emerald” was the internal codename for the myTouch HD, following the path of Sapphire for the myTouch3G. Both gems. So yeah, I think this and the Emerald are one and the same. Is this Project Emerald, no way to say 100% for sure, but it sounds like it could be.

      • j

        Maybe it is multiple devices< thus the confusion over what it is, maybe by design???

      • Hmmmm?

        I agree with you that this is most likely the Project Emerald. I don’t think that Emerald would refer to multiple devices as it shows on the leaked roadmap as a single launch date, leading me to think it is one phone only.

        • David, Managing Editor

          You sir, are correct.

    • la_resistance28

      Thanks for the reply and for clearing things up! I just went back to read your “Project Emerald” post, looks like this photo’s file name is pretty much confirming your earlier scoop. Great job, keep the good news coming!

  • Usman

    So it’ll be an HSPA+ handset!? Sweet!

  • gunsing

    which is better g2 or mytouch hd?
    i been wanting the g2 but this 1 seems better cuz it has more stuff

    • Foxeh

      G2: Physical keyboard, stock Android, fancypants build quality
      MyTouch HD: FFC, probably slimmer/lighter

      I don’t suspect one to blow away the other, it all depends on what you want in a phone.

      • gunsing

        o aight i figured, thnks.

    • Patrick B

      I second the question!

  • geniuz

    I would love to get my hands on this phone but my biggest issue is that this screen isn’t 4″ or bigger. After using the Vibrant I will never go back to a 3.7 or a 3.8 for that matter.

    • Manny

      My issue is with the UI. espresso…yuck

  • _illmatic_

    I love the G2, but hot damn!!! The MyTouch HD is everything I wanted in a smart phone! The rumored dual core, FFC, HSPA+, plus I prefer a 3.7/.8 screen to the 4.0 inch. Heres hoping its dropping soon and that it will have that good ole’ GPU :D BTW I’ll pick this over the G2 because I don’t “need” a hardware keyboard, and I know Cyanogen will release a version of his custom ROM to take that “Genius” ROM off. Vanilla Android FTW!

    • JM77

      Don’t get too worked up before there is more evidence. This is a little fishy…

      • _illmatic_

        I feel ya. Hope its all true don’t see any reason why not tho. FFC, shouldn’t be a prob, neither should the HD, just gotta keep my fingers crossed for the Dual Core CPU.


        Dual core 1ghz aren’t supposed to ship until late next year. Maybe dual core 800mhz. But it’s still fishy..

    • UX-Guy

      +1 on a Cyanogen release… I’m hoping that CM will support this and all of it’s features. I can’t stand the Espresso UI on my wife’s MT Slide.

    • Michael

      i thought cyanogen was getting g2 on release date. And if this is anything like the mytouch slide I’ll doubt he’ll spend more time on this then the g2 because alot of devs don’t like the slide

  • Vibrant Addict

    I’m a bit ashamed to say I might sell my Vibrant and get this instead. I will be there first day it’s in the store to compare it to my Vibrant and then make my decision. :)

  • mtnman

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for over 5 years now, and in that time I can tell you i’ve had ups and downs with them. But I stay, I stay because like a lot of other people in here we know that Tmo has been slow. Slow in getting 3G, slow in getting the lattest and greatest phones. We’ve watched as others like Sprint and Verizon take the Android market and run with it while we at Magenta introduced it to the world.

    We’ve had that pit in our stomach as others have left us in the dust, laughing at us and telling us what “Losers” we were and we’ll never beat them. But now things have started to change. T-Mobile is not only haveing it’s 3G service out, it’s got HSPA+ that’s faster than Sprints 4G. We have the Superphons that everyone wants. We have a phone that has a FFC that can make calls over 3G/HSPA+ without the need to be tethered to a WiFi connection. We’re getting a dual core phone. We’re doing the new Family Network and AAL promo.

    T-Mobile won J.D. Powers best CC service (again) and we have the lowest prices of any major carrier. Yet, we’re still not satisfied. Maybe like the red-headed-stepchild we’ve been abused for so long, no one needs to kick us when we’re down, we do it ourselves. I love my beloved Magenta, even with all their faults. I mean name a perfect carrier out there. What gets me and lot of others is that we feel like no one knows about all the great things about T-Mobile because of there lack of advertising. Oh sure they do advertise, but it’s so sparce, unlike all the others were you see one of there commercials every 5 mins. Plus they advertise so heavly on Football, Basketball, and everything else. The only thing Tmo dose is have TNT’s Basketball. Tmo if you read this, it’s our time to shine, unless you like being #4 you need to step up and tell the world who you are and what why your the best. That way Mailman can go to the Sprint website and cry over their asking why does T-Mobile have all the great phones?

    • slimnoodle

      That’s why I call it T-Sluggish

      • Jono

        And it is because of Tmo Customer Service that I stay with them..

    • Patrick B

      Good piece mtnman, but ad campaigns come at a cost. If they increase the ads, we can kiss goodbye our “lowest prices”. Good news does travel fast. Lets hope that gets some traction here.

  • deceptivesmiles

    Well, after finally seeing this. It made my decision a little easier to get the G2. Only other phone standing in the way of the G2 is the HD7. However, I might just do away w/ WinMo all together, their app market is terrible and nobody seems to support their OS for their apps either


      Here we go again, with someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The HD7 with have WINDOWS PHONE 7. Windows mobile is literally a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT operation system. The only similarity is the creator.

    • Reece DO know that this go around is a COMPLETE DO OVER of windows mobile right? Like, EVERYTHING THEY DID over the past several years with mobile phones is COMPLETELY DONE OVER… right?


        Good. Someone who knows the truth.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I want to like this phone but im seriously just thinking about getting a Nexus One and calling it a day. At least I’ll be rocking a sexy high quality benchmark phone that T-Mo should’ve carried. Thats their problem…they let HTC and Google walk all over them like a dingy door mat. Not cool. But I love magenta to the death of it

    • J-Hop2o6

      then get the G2 then.. its better than the Nexus One


        In what way is the G2 better than the Nexus One.

      • slimnoodle

        It has a keyboard freak , its an HSPA + running device, n some other things as well

      • z6

        G2 is better than the Nexus One in various ways. Mainly CPU (newer tech more efficient) and GPU (about 5X better.. this is really the main reason hardware wise), bigger internal storage, and hopefully better touchpad hardware. Also it supports HSPA+. Of course, if you want the thinnest phone and don’t care for a hardware keyboard, the G2 isn’t for you.


        Ok. I just wanted to see what people would say. I agree.

      • J-Hop2o6

        ^^ what they said PHONE FREAK.. lol

  • Ben

    So I just have one question and that is what is the resolution of this phone? I kind of thought the HD might refer to the phone itself and it’s screen, not the fact that you could shoot and share stuff. Even the trifecta would be great, shoot, share, and compare on your HD screen.

    Either way it seems like a fantastic possibility, if this ad isn’t a fake. Hooray! I’ve been waiting a long time to get a phone, the Vibrant and G2 are tempting, this one may be the kicker for me.

  • jj

    wow i have a hd2 and was happy about the hd3 but now the my touch hd has my eye

  • jj

    o yeah i phone who ?????????????

  • Tdo

    No thanks. Why cant we get something that looks like an EVO or the G2 with the keyboard? This thing looks like a kiddy phone with too much plastic. The specs are nice, but I am sadly done with Tmo.

    • Reece

      lol @ a dual-core phone that eats the Evo for lunch being “kiddie”

      • shawn1224

        What he means is that can we get a phone that looks like it’s for a grown up. Which I agree wholeheartedly. Regardless of specs this thing looks like a teeny bopper phone. Why can’t they house the same specs in something similar to the Desire HD with a 4.3 inch screen. Yea I like the dual-core but everything else about the Mytouch HD is a big turnoff.

      • Daniel

        I feel the same way. I’ve been up for an upgrade right now, and I there still isn’t a phone that I think is worth using an upgrade for. If I were on any of the other networks, I would have definitely already used it up (and I’m on a family plan, so switching is, unfortunately, not an option). All the other networks have a “flagship” phone, but we can’t get one. This phone would be at least adequate, but the design is really lame. I have a MT3G right now and I’m really tired of using a flimsy, plasticy little thing. I want something more substantial.

        What really irks me about T-Mobile is that they can get part of the recipe for a good phone correct, but not all of it. The MyTouch HD has the specs but the quality and design are (or at least seem to be) lacking. The G2 has a decent design, runs vanilla Android, and seems to be sturdy and not plasticy, but the 800mhz processor isn’t what I want (yeah, it’ll probably be as fast as the older 1ghz Snapdragons, but why not just go ahead and put the new 1ghz Snapdragon in?).

  • mtnman

    Don’t cha just love to rub it in sometimes. Walk up to someone that has an iPhone and tell them “Oh you have to make a Video call useing Wi-Fi and only to someone that has another iPhone, while I can make a call to anyone that has phone with a FFC on 3G! Well except those that have an iPhone cuse they can only call each other and complain that they can’t call useing AT&T’s crappy service. lol

    • Reece

      lol I look forward to coming across someone with a iPhone 4 that needs a WiFi connection and me providing it to them like “oh sure, my phone has Wi-Fi built right into it let me help you!”

      • manus

        nice!! my brother has an i phone 4 and i make fun of him for it all the time.

        • David, Managing Editor

          For some reason your comment really struck a nerve…recognize that not everyone wants to feel up Android the way that you do.

  • LSxChevelle

    Almost it won’t be dual core…dual processor could mean something else. Keep that in mind. Will be getting it myself after selling the G2.

  • MJ

    *Waits on ATT to throw a fit about the 4G network claim*

    Phone looks nice, just hope the video calling wont incure another fee.

    Would be great if it included H@H UMA calling

  • Brian

    im glad they are calling it a 4g network

    most idiots dont know the diff between 3g and 4g. this will help their image alot imo


      Very true. They think that 4G is better than 3G because 4 is greater than 3.

  • keemworld

    guys dont expect any flagship android phone from t-mobile to not have 2 things the mytouch name and expresso sense. the reason being is that t-mobile has put alot of money into both things and want them to be successful. any phone that comes out without the mytouch name will have nothing more than above average specs like the g2 because they’re pushing for the mytouch brand to sell more than anything with googles stock android even if its on their own line up. don’t get me wrong i love stock android like many of you do but its too bad t-mobile doesn’t feel the same.

    • Hmmmm?

      I don’t see really why everyone gets so upset by the custom UI skins, the G2 will be stock and that is great. But I think that for Android to continue to be successful that manufacturers should be able to customize their handsets, whats the point of having a hundred different Android phones if they are all the same. They should be able to appeal to different niches and differentiate themselves from one another, otherwise it just as well be another iPhone, with no freedom of expression.

  • masterpfa

    I think this will be a great release. Unfortunately one phone cannot be all things to all people. It has some great features and let’s not forget the myTouch has never been a “TOP END” phone so will not be competing with the likes of the Droid X or Samsung Galaxy S etc.
    Let’s be thankful that TMob are trying the up the game with the myTouch HD and G2 neither of which have been mentioned for us in Europe yet :-(

  • watbetch

    This doesn’t look like anything T-Mobile would put out internal or otherwise. That thing looks like a $20 cordless phone from Uniden. I’m hoping this isn’t it. It barely makes any sense.

    HTC has used a 1.3MP front camera in the HTC Evo.

    The wording, is not T-Mobile-like at all. It’s a nice try but a failure overall. If you look at everything with a magnifier it sounds and looks fake.

    • http://tmonews Dr C

      I am concerned where you get your thinking from watbetch. but the items are real. get with it.

  • MakrV10

    Oh snap, just when I had decided to quit waiting for the next shiny thing and just bogo the vibrant this comes along. video calling, genius button, froyo, and maybe even a GPS that won’t need a bug fix. Darn you t-mo I may have to wait on this one.

    • firebird

      The BOGO on the Vibrant is good until at least November. The phone release season goes through the beginning of December so I’m waiting till everything comes out.

  • z6

    Not bad, I guess. I like the core hardware specs if they’re accurate. I really like the hardware-dedicated buttons and the trackpad, one thing many newer android phones lack. Thankfully it also has a LED flash and FFC, which the vibrant sadly lacked.

    IMO this phone only has 2 major downsides. 1) the espresso UI, 2) the design. It just looks terrible ugly. As of right now, I still favor the G2 due to stock android and a much nicer design.

  • alex32

    for the people waiting on a 4.3 inch screen device, to me it looks like tmobile will release the HD7, and thatll be the only 4.3 device (besides the HD2). i guys want android with a 4.3 inch screen..but it doesnt look like thats happening any time soon. tmobile had a chance to pull it off with the mytouch hd..but its 3.8 inches.. a .1 inch difference compared to the G2.
    if you guys plan on waiting for a 4.3 inch screen..then thatll have to be the HD7. I know..winmo, but oh well

    • mtnman

      When the HD7 comes out, they’ll have to wait till XDA gets a hold of it like they did with the HD2 and put Froyo on this one. Then you’ll have an Android phone with a 4.3″ screen.


        If you have an HD2 then you can already have android with a 4.3 inch screen.

    • alex32

      is it hard to do that? I mean is it hard to for example get an hd2 and put froyo 2.2 on it?
      i have no idea how to do that, but id like to know though
      does it also take a while to do that sorta thing?


        its pretty painless. I have it on mine and its nice. everything works like its supposed to.

      • J-Hop2o6

        all u do is set the Android files on your SD card, then run haret.exe.. voila.. running Android 2.2 on my TP2.

      • Edward351

        Does the Android Market work? Do Bluetooth and WiFi work correctly? These are two features that I really need for my phone to work correctly. I have a G1, and if the Android experience on the HD2 worked well and had those two features then the HD2 might be an option for me.

    • TMOprophet

      If it is gonna take that long for TMO to launch a 4.3in Android, then I say FAIL and I will switch to a carrier that is more in touch with what customers want..simple as that

  • ecdy

    Yeah, I’m sure to believe these leaked “internal web shots,” especially after the one last June that promised 2.2 for the MyTouch 3g. Anybody heard anything about the MyTouch 3g lately, except that it’s going to be dropped in October?

    • phonegeek

      and mine is dying smh ill make it last atleast till THIS phone becomes an option then i can pick between the 2 the “G2” and this little beauty … whatever it really looks like i just dont like espresso much but thats only due to live wallpapers petty yes i kno ( i dont care about my punctuation errors either, this is not english class nor literature)SN# thats for anyone who was going to mention it

  • pimpstrong

    I’m impressed with TMO’s year end line up. Once the G2, myTouch HD, and our first WP7 phone comes out, we’ve pretty much got all the bases covered except for a gynormous screened phone. We will definently have phones worth talking about before we all sit down to some dry @$$ turkey.

    I don’t know what the other 3 carriers have lined up for the end of the year or early next year but I really hope TMO has already completed the work on these phones and has already started planning for QTR 1,2.

    Next year is gonna be CRAZY!

  • coolMANDINGO

    does it really say does it realy say vga for the front? which means FFC!!! F the nexu 1 with the keyboard i mean g2. im going o wait for this device . i dont like the spart button crap. i hope its a lot faster than the g2 !

  • Lissa

    Looking forward to playing with one of these at the store!

  • cyd

    shut up just shut up

  • thereugo

    Does anyone think the GLACIER will be a great phone? If so what will it be running Android or Windows? Can someone give me a clue? Also what about the 15th when HTC announces something NEW in London. What is it?

    • Barry

      supposedly they’re announcing the descried HD which T-Mobile seems they’re going to miss out on another desire device. There were rumors that the desire HD=mytouch HD but that seems to be false. Also a windows 7 device and possibly a tablet which seems to be all the rage now.

    • Barry

      Desire HD*

  • Knowledge

    NOT a real document people!!

    • David, Managing Editor

      And why not?? Tell me…if you have reasons why its not, tell us.

      • firebird

        I haven’t seen any Grab And Go’s for this phone…usually they aren’t posted till well after the phone is announced, usually the week of release. It could be that this is a mockup of the planned Grab and Go, considering surely they have to be written well before they are released to the rank and file. I will say the color scheme is off for Grab and Go’s. (They are usually blue, and have tables.) Also the language seems off, addressing “you” instead of talking about your customers.

        I’m not saying I think that it’s fake, just that it’s probably an early mockup.

    • cirrob

      Actually you said very clearly that it is a fake.

  • Barry

    Like I said I’m reserving my judgment on this but it says “put up pics of you and elvis on a big screen” or something to that effect but this screen isn’t big. There’s also no dimensions idk if it’s possible or not to give a screen size without the actual dimensions of the phone. So is it possible this is an early prototype of the MTHD or is this it ?

    • TJ

      It’s talking about connecting it to an HDTV.

      • Barry

        Ok gotcha

  • immadroid

    i hope this is real, throw on Cyan mod 6 and we’re ready to go!

  • andriodman

    this is good,but they need something to compete with HTC Evo and The Droid X,they 4.3 screen, 8 megapixel camera,front facing camera,with tmobile’s hspa network and android as the os,i know it sounds alot like the Evo but this would help tmobile compete with the competition

  • fidget

    Looks promising. Does anyone know if a) this will support UMA calls, b) is world phone that will work in Europe as well as US. I heard G2 is not a world phone.

    • http://tmonews anna

      @ fidget im pretty sure this phone will work in europe i have da samsung memoir(old phone) and my boyfriend has the my touch slide and on a recent trip to norway and spain we took our phones we just activated international roaming and both our phones worked good in europe we even got 3G in spain and norway and we were roaming so im sure the this phone will work in europe , and u will get 3G roaming . o and idk if this phone will support uma sorry …

      • fidget

        thanks anna. i would hope that would be the case. My mytouch slide also works when traveling in Europe but I was just reading an article comparing the Vibrant and the G2 and it stated that the G2 unlike the Vibrant was not a world phone. I guess it depends on if its a quad band phone. I was a bit surprised that G2 won’t be. Got me thinking about mytouch HD. Looks nice and now that I’m addicted to Swype I can ditch my qwerty keyboard. However, I plan on waiting for UMA phone (loved that when I had my blackberry). I heard one or more Android UMA phones are coming….just not sure when. Maybe this will be one of the first. We’ll need to wait for full specs.

  • swoosh042507

    Im grabbin the g2 and if the mytouch hd specs are better ill get that. …Whats really grabbing my attention is the ffc because i have 2 daughters and although im arounf there are times i miss them and the front cam is a nice way to communicate

  • hunny

    To Mr. MN hahahahhaah that was pretty funny on what u wrotd there. Your post caught my attention, True that people are never satisfied. What the heck!?! They want miracles on their phones. Lol

    Ohh well, the moment I saw this phone and read the feature im inlove with it. I have the iphone now jailbroken with tmobile. I just love the iphone cos its sexier for girl. im not a fan of physical keyboard so i have been waiting for tmobile to come out like the iphone all touch, better cam with flash, FFC and android phone seems like better than the verizon incredible although incrediblr has 8mp i mean 5mp is not bad though since i wanna try something diffrent and from what i see android has more features than iphone. So tmobile came out with a samsung vibrant but didn’t really like it it looks like a fakr iphone and why would i wanna get that doesnt have a flash i already have iphone with no flash. I wanna upgrade my phone So, now tmobile is coming out with this Mytouch HD i just can’t wait for it, i think this phone has all the features im lookin for a phone. (all touch, have its own original look and style, 5mp with flash, expandable memory, and FFC. Woooohooo cmon november!!

  • phil mccrakin

    why in the hell couldnt they make this a much sexier looking phone…its ugly…im falling in love with the motorola defy just announced but its specs are not even close to the mthd….i hope these pics are all wrong cause has a different picture of the mthd. that one is alot sexier…all i want is all of the mthd specs on a phone that looks like the motorola defy…why cant any of the moron companies get it effing right…apple got it right the first time…damn it!!!!

  • phil mccrakin


    • FlyingRequin

      I actually prefer the physical launch buttons to the soft touch ones.

    • Hmmmm?

      That is the HTC Desire HD, most likely for T-Mobile UK, probably going to be unveiled tomorrow sometime. I like it much more as well, but the myTouch line has always had a distinct look, personally not my favorite, but I might give this one a try. On the other hand, does anyone know what the possibility of unlocking a UK (European) phone such as the Desire HD to work on T-Mobile’s American network, they are both T-Mobile phones, so I would think it would be possible, I wonder about the HSPA + though.

  • Fish

    Option to remove espresso without rooting?

    “Make it so numer one”

  • Hmmmm?

    As the whole FFC thing is kinda new, I was wondering. When you are using video chat, does that count as a phone call, or use your minutes. Or is this part of the data plan, I could see if you were on WI-FI that it would not count against you, just curious. How does the Evo handle this on Sprint, I know the iPhone 4 only allows on WI-FI so it wouldn’t really be an issue there.

  • mjN1

    I have a feeling that the features are going to be true. But it will have a DUAL CORE. And NO it wont look like that. ITs going to be like the Desire HD or maybe it is the Desire HD. Will see what happens on Sept. 15. If you guys read the past articles here, then you’ll know what I mean. Please tmo not the picture above!!!

    • Hmmm?

      I only hope that you are right, all though I’m afraid you are not. As someone earlier pointed out, T-Mobile’s flagship phones are always myTouch phones, and they always look like this. Guess we’ll find out soon though.

    • TMOprophet

      I wish you were right, but you’re not….This site has traditionally been correct when they make predictions. They called the Vibrant out, and the G2, I have no suspicion at this point to believe otherwise.

      There are a few people on here that could enlighten us on whats gonna happen, but they won’t..perhaps out of sheer arrogance, or fear of getting caught leaking information…anyway, jaythe01 is one such individual, or at least seems think he is very informed. However his comments are typically not very revealing.

  • daniel

    Does this thing have flash? I mean, does it have a camera flash. There’s no mention of any kind of flash for the camera.

  • TMOprophet

    “Blows the competition out of the water”…….LMFAO

    While this will be the most advanced device to enter the Mytouch lineup, the screen size alone will keep me from getting it.

    Why does T-mobile think we need a multiple phones with nearly the same screen size? And why the hell won’t they even put out one..I repeat just “one” Android phone with a 4.3in display?

    And no I didn’t say 13.8in or 43.2in or 40Ghz…so don’t even start.

    • shawn1224


      TMO, will be surprised how many people will pass on this device simply because the screen size is inadequate. They have catered to everybody else except the 4.3 inch screen lovers.

      If they had any sense they would have followed the Motorola Droid 2/droid x replica.

    • shawn1224

      … and I’m referring to android not that HD2 crap

      • TMOprophet

        I wanted the HD2 to have Android so bad, if it would have, that would be my phone today, I would have been first in line to get it on launch day.

        And I know the Android ports are coming along, but I want factory Android setup out of the box, I really don’t want to have to mess with porting it.

        Right now TMO is currently ignoring a large demographic of customers who want a 4.3in Android that will compete with what Sprint and Verizon offer. And it doesn’t have to be a bunch of phones, like I said before, I think one would do.

      • TMOprophet

        And now with the unveiling of the Desire HD in London, its like another slap in the face for us T-Mobile USA customers. I would be all over that Desire HD..if available.

  • quadbaby

    Actually after watching the Desire Z and HD videos the Desire Z aka the G2 will be my choice…the Desire HD aka MyTouch HD almost looks like the Evo

  • Midori

    Why does the does the Desire Z look like the G2 and the Desire HD doesnt look like the MTHD? What’s so special about the UK that we all dont get the same release?

    • TMOprophet

      No crap..for real, we should be getting a US version of the Desire HD too.

      • Hmmmm?

        I hope T-Mobile reads these comments honestly, it’s obvious that there are a substantial portion of potential customers, both new and repeat that want a 4.3 Android phone on T-Mobile. Why “it appears) we don’t get a version of the Desire HD, I will not figure out. I say appear because all we have at the moment are rumors of course, but most rumors usually contain a fair amount of truth. The Desire Z & G2 – Same, the Windows Phone 7 HTC phone & Shubert – same (according to T-Mobile road map), the Desire HD & MyTouch HD – completely different. Why design a completely different phone, when it would make more sense to use one that’s already been designed, already has people hyped, and obviously people are interested in.

      • TMOprophet

        I say they shouldn’t even need to read them to know. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Sprint and Verizon still can’t keep up with the demand for the Evo and Droid X. The Evo has been out for a long time now and still is in short supply, and the X has been on back order for some time now.

        It’s clear that the 4.3in Android class is a big hit with consumers, so what the hell is T-Mobile waiting for? Are they waiting to see how many customers leave to Verizon? I mean come on, this should be very simple for them..just launch a darn phone in this class.

        I for one might leave once my phone is paid off, if there isn’t a 4.3in class Android yet.