More Revealed About the G2

T-mobile is really going to draw out this whole limited knowledge launch of the G2.  This time, though, we have some confirmation on what you can actually expect.  It is well known that this will be the first HSPA+ phone, and T-mobile is telling you to “brace yourself for blazing-fast downloads, browsing and search” on the “fastest smartphone experience in America.”  Another note, and I do not get sick of posting this, vanilla Android 2.2 out of the box with one-touch quick keys (for quick access to Google shortcuts and applications) and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 ready (which probably means you will have to download it from the market yourself).  T-Mobile is also confirming that that Qualcomm MSM 7230 Scorpion silicone will be clocked at 800 MHz.  I know some of you wish it was clocked up to 1 GHz, but you need to remember that GHz isn’t everything.  Nothing really new there, but some official confirmation is always good.  The rest of the scroll box, from the Scoop page, can be found below.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile SCOOP

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  • Jake

    This is like when Tmobile kept saying their edge network was as fast as 3g lol. I ain’t buying it. I love HTC phones except when they come to Tmobile.

    • jdog

      I get up to 7mbps on my Nexus compared to Sprint’s 4mbps on an EVO and the G2 can get even faster speeds since it is 3G+ ready, so welcome to the new T-mobile I guess :)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I range from 2 to 6 Mbps on my Vibrant here in San Francisco, and that’s on top of a hill with lots of interference. (5 Mbps or 5222 kilobits per second on a test just done).

        Moving around the house I also performed the same speed test while on EDGE. Result 96 kbps (that’s about right since EDGE is supposed to average about 120 kbps, a little bit over double the old 56k modems).

    • Al

      not impressed by this phone. looks like nexus one with a key board. Whats the big deal with 4G speed when they cant even get 3G working

    • rob

      Then the real question is why are you even wasting your time looking at a site that is solely devoted to T-Mobile? Jake you win the prize for biggest idiot to post today. Congratulations!!!

  • cscorbin

    Not putting a 1GHZ CPU in the phone = fail..
    Why? Because VZW Sprint and ATT will all advertise their 1GHZ phones and TMO will be sporting a 800mhz “scorpion”.
    Sure it (might!) be faster at multimedia but the consumer is going to think in numbers only – and scorpion, what the heck is that?
    Dragons will always beat a scorpions.. :-)

    • sino8r

      Another guy who has no idea what they are talking about. The scorpion is the type of processor that is in the snapdragon chipset. Its the same cpu and you can clock it back to 1 GHZ. Besides a snapdragon is a flower, wow! You’re a total moron…

      • telos104

        @sino8r…LOL…we have them planted in our backyard…LOL

      • Aminor

        @sino8r I think cscorbin is speaking in terms of advertising. The individuals that don’t frequent sites such as this one will only see things in terms of numbers. Those people won’t know the difference. There’s no need to call anyone a moron… That’s just unnecessary

      • SurgioArmani

        Not to mention that in the phone world a Hummingbird beats a “dragon” (most of the time.)

        I’ll take a flower with a scorpion on it in a fight any day of the week!

      • Hmmmm?

        LOL, that was awesome! Was going to say something but you beat me too it.

      • Deke218

        Thank you. Now I don’t have to type it.

      • grumpy

        Sino8r I don’t think you get that post at all he was talking about the way the consumer will see the cpu.
        I happen to agree and the same goes for tmobile and their HSPA+ sure it might be faster than sprint 4g but they see it worded as a 4g LIKE connection not that it is 4g. Hey a hyundia is like a bmw but the avg consumer would rather have which one?
        I myself will be waiting for confirmed specs and benchmarks before jumping on this phone to replace my g1.

      • JohnB

        Currently, Android does not utilize GPU power for its regular GUI rendering. Windows Phone 7 does, that’s why it feels so much snappier. I’m sure Google is busy working on this “limitation” right now. :)

        I think GPU is important even on phones for many reasons. cscorbin is downplaying the importance of “multimedia” but it’s more than that. Even the hardware accelerated support for Flash will help millions of users who view YouTube daily. Look at where PC is now. GPUs do help in more ways than you think.

        cscorbin , you should also read up a bit on Adreno 205 GPU found in this phone. This article explains this GPU nicely:

      • tortionist

        Amen to that.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Sino… cscorbin is correct and is not a moron. Moreover he raises an interesting point.

      Public perceptions mean everything in the world of tech. While an 800 MHz chip may outperform a 1 GHz chip, the buying public won’t care. Many prospective buyers focus on numbers and phrases, without knowing what anything means.

      Perceptions are also evident in pricing, that’s why handsets are priced $199.95 instead of $200.

      Product names matter too (as well as names given to components inside and out). That’s why you don’t see cars called “Struggler,” “Pansy” or “SlowLane.”

      How many people see the name “Carl Zeiss” on a camera lens, know that’s supposed to mean something good, but don’t know why that is so (or even if it is in fact a lens worth looking for, on a Nokia N90, for example).

      The public does not shop with detailed information in hand. They go by what they hear on the news, from friends and with what the box says ON THE FRONT. (The careful shopper, who thinks he is being wise, will read the back of the box.)

      E.g.: Recall the camcorder wars when the public decided a camcorder’s quality/value based on the zoom factor sticker plastered on the box and on the camcorder body. I remember seeing a JVC with a ridiculous “700x Zoom” sticker on the camcorder. (I’ll dispense with explaining why 700x digital zoom is a come-on to entice morons.)

      E.g.: Many people do not know the difference between swill or a fine wine, so they order from the wine list based on price.

      E.g.: Many people think that the more bubbles a glass of Champagne has the better the bottle. They are totally unaware that bubbles are created from the wine interacting with dust in the glass, YES DUST!

      So when you tell a first date “Look at all the bubbles, this is a great bottle of Champagne, you better hope it’s not Andre you are calling “Champagne” and that she does not know why the bubbles are there. (Note I capitalized Champagne. That means I am talking about real Champagne, from that region in France.)

      I could go on and on, such as that in true Karate the intermediate belts don’t exist, those are an invention for Americans who need motivation and buy based on… you guessed it, perceptions.

      In any event, do you get it now, why cscorbin is not the moron here. ;)

  • Jake

    If the Gingerbread rumors are true and they may be, it will only be able to run on 1ghz and above and the only 1ghz phone tmobile has is the Vibrant, Samsung will take a year to upgrade at least. LOL. Tmobile is so infuriating!!

    • Marcelo L

      I love it when certain people around here jump on my posts because while a long-standing TMo customer, I am it’s biggest ( and if you knew me you’d know why I’m able to make that claim ) critic.

      Yes, all the statements of 800Mhz = Fail, Vibrant = only TMo Gingerbread phone, are DESERVED. Yes, deserved. The TMo USA management continue to treat the company as the “Please Sir, might I have another” orphan child as compared to the other carriers. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, as long as TMo’s management treat TMo as the back of the bus carrier, that’s the kind of mentality they will foster.

      Me ? Neither this, nor the MT HD impress me in the slightest. If they can’t even match a phone the likes of the HTC Incredible, which has been out for 8 months now, and all they have to show for it is HSPA+ support ( which doesn’t guarantee coverage, consider that while my city supposedly has HSPA+ turned on, I haven’t seen ANY marketed increase in network performance, even in places where I KNOW their signal strength is in the -70 dbm ( i.e. on a scale from 0-31, this would be like a 20 ). The tower that has 3G near my home can best muster a 0, even though I’m 6 blocks away. So to the otaku out there, enjoy your fugly G2’s ( Doesn’t it look like a gray lifeless brick to at least some of you ? ).

      • cakesta


      • Heath


      • swehes

        I’m pretty sure the Incredible came out in April. Don’t know how you figured it is 8 months. Let’s see. September = month 9 and April = month 4. That would make 5 months.

      • Robnoxious

        Stop now, troll!! This phone isn’t even out yet. Stop whining when you haven’t even played with it yet. Get lost and don’t bother coming back. Good bye now.

      • Marcelo L

        @noxious: Get real, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I’ve already responded to my mistake of choosing the comparison to the Incredible. Compare the Vibrant to the DroidX, a…what ? 3 week…no 4 week old phone ?

        Get in touch with reality. If you don’t like someone injecting some dose of reality into your “buzz” there are plenty of other threads to read. Move along.

      • Midori

        I think they’d prefer the word “Maniakku” LoL!

      • Matlock

        Honestly what is so special about the Droid Incredible!? you are saying that this phone cant match the Droid Incredible, what are you basing this on!? The Droid Incredible’s specs arent all that impressive. Big deal it has an 8MP camera, doesnt take pictures that look better than my Nexus or HD2. The 800Mhz processor in the G2, is faster and more efficient than the 1GHz Snapdragon, so in terms of speed the G2 will match if not beat the Incredible. Also you are saying that you havent seen any increase in your speeds with your network, so answer this what phone are you using? And how old is your sim card those things can affect your speeds. If you are unable to get the 3G/HSPA+ speeds than just switch carriers.

        Being that the 800Mhz Scorpion processor is better and more efficient than the Snapdragon, that means that when Gingerbread releases it will be able to handle it with no issue. The Incredible will def not be getting Gingerbread seeing as its a Sense enabled phone.

        Ive played with the Droid 2 and the Droid X, and was not swayed by them. The Vibrant is a great phone I dont see why you people keep on bashing it.

        I personally cant wait for the G2 to release, it will be a great sidekick to my Nexus.

        I bet if this phone would have been the Nexus 2, no one would be bitching about it!

      • kc

        The rumor that Gingerbread will only come to atleast 1ghz phones and all the other prereqs was already confirmed false. ……

    • john

      The vibrant kills the incredible, so aside from the fact that you are anti samsung, why is that not acknowledged. This will kill the incredible as well.

      • Marcelo L

        You mean the same Vibrant that has GPS issues right out of the gate, and the same battery issues the previous Samsung entry into this slot had ? And let’s not forget the stellar support TMo gave it’s customer in backing them up for their Android 2.x update ( yes, I’m referring to the BH II ).

        Does the Vibrant have a better GPU, yes. My choice of Droid Incredible, probably rhetorical. But is the Vibrant better than either of the other Droid entries ? Nah…beat the graphics ( ) here are deceptive. The speeds obtained were done by devoting 1Gb of internal storage as part of the dalvik cache ( not an apples to apples comparison ) otherwise the stock Vibrant gets an 889 in Quadrant, which is still several hundred below a stock DroidX, 1220. So you’re right, having a 1Ghz processor doesn’t do everything. Apparently neither does having the Hummingbirds PowerVR 540 design either. It’s dependent in great part in how your memory bus is architected.

        So you know what, I’ll hold back some of my criticisms until we get some corroborating information about how much faster the Adreno 205 is than the Adreno 200 in real life. Quoted speed numbers are for processors running flat out, in “best configuration” setups.

        My earlier statement still holds. This phone could be clocked at 1Ghz with very little effects on battery. Who’s willing to bet me $100 that this thing doesn’t get rooted <24hrs after release (if not before), and since the kernel source is already out there floating around, that some enterprising fellow will get this puppy up and running at 1Ghz and show little, if any, wear and tear on the battery life ? Hmm? To get this unit at 1Ghz isn't just about "getting it there" it's about bragging right ( It's a marketing thing ! What else did you think it was ? ).

        Once you have THE phone every geek wants, you get the notice of MSM where the buzz is building. Once you have the buzz, you get mindshare. Once you mindshare, you get CUSTOMERS. Do you really think more customers have signed up because of the $5 add a line ads ? Or the silly "we asked customers what they want" commercials ? Can you really tell me that the vast majority asked for more minutes versus a BETTER phone selection ? GMAB.

        And to the haters who say, "leave". Everyone's entitled to an opinion. That's what we're all expressing here. If you don't like mine, state yours. But state yours with facts, and not just rhetoric, or to be offensive. There is OBVIOUSLY a problem with TMo that they're ignoring. If I didn't like how TMo has generally treated me up to now, I would've left long before the 11 years I've spent with them. I think they can do better, and I'm going to rant about it as long as they continue to make ridiculous choices, like to underclock a processor for no appreciable gains in battery life.

    • ohheelno

      Then leave! Stop complaining.

      • Mahmoud

        yes you idiot only 6.5 million of T-mobile costumers have smartphones so you do the math. so in T-mobiles mind they are the minority so focusing more on $5 free add a line helps expand that because that is what the majority of customers want.

      • Marcelo L

        @ohheelno: I’ll be right behind you out the door. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even an unniformed one as others are touting.

        @Mahmoud: Get real the only real growth in the phone market IS in smartphones, if TMo can’t attract newer customers, or move current customers to smartphones ( with the pricier dataplans ), then it’s stunted state is assured. We’re talking about more than just one phone here, yet this phone could’ve been leveraged to help TMo grow it’s market. If not from the likes of Big Red and the Blue Death Star, then from other smaller carriers like MetroPCS, Cricket or others.

        Considering the number of people in the United States who use their phones more for data than calling isn’t just on the rise, it’s in the majority ( ), a carrier should consider that when making product offerings.

        If you don’t like what I’m saying, there are plenty of other threads to read. I’m not attacking anyone personally, so if you dislike what I’m saying, refute it on content, and veracity. Not because you have some “buzz” you feel like protecting.

    • mikeybot
  • pimpstrong

    I can’t believe everybody is B@#$%ing about the processor clock. We all know that FroYo speeds up any phone first of all and second of all IF YOU F!@#$%G LOOK AT WHAT THE CHIP CAN DO then there is no reason to keep complaining. The down clocking will give you better battery life and still keep up with anything out now.

    The fact that the G2 is skinless Android and is the will be the first Cellphone ever to hit the download speeds that this will hit should be the primary concern.

    This phone is an all around win and its ON T-Mobile!

    • Alankrut

      LOL, you r so true.

      Once again people LOOK the the link from pimpstrong, and you will be like ahhh
      And the scorpion is said to be 4x faster (graphically) than the snapdragon.

      I do agree im not a fan of anything less than 1GHz, but Scorpion isnt that far behind.

      So if you want this phone, cause amazing speeds, then get it, if not then dont ruin it for others, cause if a android noob was reading comments and he saw that you guys said that isnt as fast as the existing devices, wheal he won’t get it

    • tortionist

      @pimpstrong, you’re right on the money….Amen to that! I saw the you tube video on this processor. It totally rocks and will save some on the battery life. People should quit whining and start using their brains instead of being douche bags.

  • Ace

    Here is how i feel about the whole thing:
    1. For all those who are complaining about this phone isn’t better than what the other carriers have, leave, that’s all I can say on that.
    2. For the ppl, like myself, who still has a stock G1, the G2 blows my phone out the water.
    3. After looking at these phone for the past 4 months that T-Mobile is coming out with this is one of the better ones because of what I feel is the major selling point: Vanilla Android.
    4. People who are disappointed at the specs should realize that T-Mobile is geared more to the general consumers. If you have a problem with that, go back to my first statement.
    5. I have three choices of what I can do: a) get this phone as my added line and when my contract is up, get the MTHD or whatever sleek sexy phone is out there by May. b) buy the phone at a lower price and not the full discounted I can get when I hit my end of my contract. OR c) wait it out like I have been doing.

    This is my third time with T-Mobile since 2003, and you know what, I have no ill feelings against them, because, overall, it’s not a bad phone company. T-Mobile is the lesser of the evils in my book.

    Some of y’all actually need to chill with that buzz killing, but yet again, we are entitle to an opinion

    • Marc

      Tmobile is geared toward the general consumer? What does that mean? If that’s the case, it’s not working out too well for them, since most general consumers shy away from them.

      • Ace

        I say that because a good percentage of my family has T-Mobile and has been with them for about the same amount of time i have been with. But one point I forgot to mention that I know ppl what have phone the other major companies and the main complaint: pricing

    • Marcelo L

      @Ace: “…we are all entitled to an opinion”. I’ll agree with you there.

  • GreenTea

    If Tmobile is trying to get more customers this won’t do it. The specs r fine to me but I’m holding on my G1 until I see what they have for the rest of 2010.

    To the avg smartphone consumer who doesn’t flash roms or stalk cell phone blogs and just like flashiness

    No FFC=fail
    4G "like" speeds= fail

    When Sprint..our main competitor in terms of price is bringing out phones with all of these…what are they on #3 now?

    • GreenTea

      Oh yea

      One dam tweet and No ads yet= marketing fail if it comes out on 9/29

      I love Tmo and this phone is decent. Ill get it if nothing comes out by Dec. G1 upgrade long overdue

      • kc

        looks like your judging the phone by the cover.
        -even though it’s 800mhz it’s still going to be faster and more battery effecient than 1ghz.
        -No FFC i agree on that one!
        -but 4g like speeds? it sounds bad, but it’s faster than current 4g speeds anyways. but in a few years 4g’s potential will most likely get much faster than hspa+.

    • pimpstrong

      they are on #2 now.

      To the avg smartphone user

      a 1ghz cpu slowed down to 800mhz is A) more than enough speed for your cellphone and B) better on your battery

      No FFC… no big deal really, its more of a gimmick anyway unless you are hearing impared

      4G “like” speeds is an understatement because T-Mobiles 3G on the new HSPA+ network is actually faster than Sprints “4G”. And Sprints “4G” is actually not really 4G at all and yet they call it that. This is why T-Mobile says 4G “Like” speeds because they do not want to mislead people into thinking it is.

      GreenTea you !@#$ on Tmo and this phone and then call it decent and say you’ll get one…?

    • cakesta

      Agreed! I consider myself the average consumer, I’m not up on rooting and all that other technical stuff. My friends and I buy phones based on our basic needs and of course if its cute. We are not “geeked” about the g2. I agree with the brick look alike comment. It may be current in some areas but they failed as far as appearances go. I’d take an 8 month old sexy incredible over this any day.

  • that’s crazy

    i Want this Phone but too bad my upgrade is not until april and i have the chance to pick the g2 or the mytouch hd or more. but coming from a 3.2 screen the g1 im looking forword for a 3.7 or a 4. a 4.3 is big so big that it wont fit in my jean pockets hahaha. scorpion procssor that act like a snapdragon and save power sign me up hahaha i love my g1 but the power isnt that great. but over all scorpin is the better choice.

  • Pete

    So Samsung just confirmed the Galaxy Tab running Gingerbread here

    This G2 running pure vanilla will definitely be ahead of the game for awhile even with this 800Mhz clocked Scorpion; which has better GPU capabilities than the Snapdragon. I’m just disappointed with T-Mobile because they COULD have put a 1Ghz in there. Oh well. It could be worse.

  • VeggieBurgerGuy

    I must admit, the 800 mhz thing is a big letdown. It’s like Tmo is only concerned with hanging around, not leading the pack. Why must we deal with this “either or” choosing game? I am officially indifferent for the rest of 2010. Scorpion is right, ’cause this news stings.

  • ikillwhinybabies

    sounds like the first 3 or 4 posts were written by whiny b*tches.. if any of u were actually technologically savvy rather than poseurs who base everything on Ghz’s and the likes, u might actually make a bit of sense rather than sounding like crying baby b*tches. Droid Incredible= Junk. Evo= Junk. Blog trolls= fagggsssss

  • jazzmanmonty

    cscorbin brought up a really good point in his post above! not the part where the scorpion=fail, but the fact that the general unknowing public will simply look st 800mhz vz 1 ghz and say oh 1 ghz must be better. this might hurt sales a bit for the G2 coming from the average consumer (not ppl like us who know better i think lol) if tmo was smart they’d add a processor comparison page on the g2 site to show that this processor is just as good/better than the snapdragon.

    • twbradio

      Also, assuming that the batter is conserved on the 800 Mhz proc, do a battery comparison as well showing faster page loads, better CPU performance, and then top it off with longer battery life. That would definitely sell to the second generation smart-phone crowd.

  • Howie_in_AZ

    This all but cinches it — I’m moving to Sprint; TMobile is allergic to quality phones. This should have been a 1.2-1.5GHz powerhouse with a front-facing camera, gobs of onboard storage, etc etc.

    • WXman

      We did this week, and we are loving it. I actually have 3G everywhere now! My phone is actually enjoyable! And the EVO is amazing. Did I mention that for all this and more our bill actually dropped $10 lower than the TMo EM+ plan? Yeah, Sprint’s customer service may blow, but the value and performance is THERE.

      • WinkyDinkyDogg

        Same for me. Tmobile will always have a soft spot for me, still have one line, but everything has “improved” since my move.

        My wife will be getting a G2 cause her G1 is on its death bed.

    • Dustin

      Um who are you going to talk to on a FFC? Most phones aren’t even coming out with them, nor have most people integrated FFCs… a 1.2-1.5ghz phone lol, you’re going above and beyond industry standard. Dual Core phone is rumored for the end of the year release but what other phones are really pushing a 1.2-1.5ghz powerhouse. Power house is exactly what it would be too, sucking up all the battery life and power in your house to charge it.

      • Marcelo L

        You can use Fring to make video calls, if you hadn’d noticed….without a forward facing camera it makes a little hard to do and still see the other person, but face the camera at you, and then put a mirror in front of your screen, and you can have a video call. Tested it out with a buddy at work who had fring, just to see if my theory was right. And it is.

        As for other phones, video calling will be the S__T, especially now that the iPod touch supports it. One of my kids already asked for it for the holidays because all their friends are going to do the same. Now, think 6 months ahead and ask yourself how many people will EXPECT FFC’s on their smartphones.

  • twbradio

    I only have one question … if this is the G2, where is the chin. They got rid of the chin and the funky keyboard slide. The only thing that really makes this the G2 is the marketing name and the vanilla 2.2. Not that I wouldn’t love to have it, but I would have liked to see at least a little shout back to the G1. Hmmm – they could offer it in a bronze color that really isn’t a bronze color and that would help make the link as well. Just saying – and trying to lighten the mood.

  • Alex

    I will happily take this brick and its battery consuming device looking like a brick, and enabling me to get gingerbread update and beyond. This phone is sexy. Honestly, what constitutes a good looking phone for those complaining so much?

    • Ace

      I agree, all you that would rather sacrifice performance over cosmetics might need to think bout that. You may have a sexy phone but it may only work for 4 hours before another charge. Which cost money, and we all know that saving money isn’t a bad thing


    i think what people are concerned about is if it will be qualified for gingerbread if rumors are true…..because we all know speed wise this phone will kick a$$


    i think what people are concerned about is if it will be qualified for gingerbread if rumors are true…..because we all know speed wise this phone will beat anything out there

  • ddrum2000

    “T-Mobile is also confirming that that Qualcomm MSM 7230 Scorpion silicone will be clocked at 800 MHz”

    Since when did Qualcomm start making breast implants…

  • TangoPapa

    Why does everyone already assume it will have great battery life? Take it from me who is an avid smart phone user but not geekishly technologically savvy and loves Tmobile’s service. I bought the G1 because at the time I knew it was going to be ground breaking…. it was! The G2 disappoints me from multiple angles. As a Tmobile loyalist, I can’t help but want a phone that beats all other phones in the market, even if its just for a few months. This phone doesn’t do that for me.

    I know many of you believe 200mhz isn’t that much of a difference but by that same train of thought the battery life shouldn’t be expected to improve that much either because at the end of the day….. its only 200mhz.

    As a consumer, I don’t see this phone excelling at any 1 category… it has lower processor, no bells and whistles, and really only Android 2.2 as a nice feature however one would think most other Android devices will be upgraded to 2.2 soon as well. It’s like trying to get excited about the Honda Civic, it does nothing great but has decent features all around and is a good deal…. No thanks! call me a dumb consumer but I want my flagship vehicle…. other flagships are selling for the same price as our Civic at $499??? what gives? T-Mobile’s buyer sucks and his or her negotiating skills sucks beyond reasonable doubt. Thats just the truth…. they didn’t negotiate a lower processor to save us battery life…. they shop off the shelf at whats left over from what other carriers have left behind, occasionally they get to be the test dummy for new technology that other carriers are reluctant to buy in until it’s proven acceptable by the market.

    The only thing that could possibly save this phone is if the battery life is remarkably better than other comparable devices…. otherwise this phone has no niche and will be just what it has….. Vanilla.

  • http://nurfherder1 bishop

    the people who get it=failures

    • badbob001

      You made me laugh.

  • KrispyKreamher

    Looks like im keeping my HD2.

  • Marcelo L

    @TangoPapa: ” As a Tmobile loyalist, I can’t help but want a phone that beats all other phones in the market, even if its just for a few months. This phone doesn’t do that for me.”

    You see, the difference here is you’ve very nicely understated, what I’ve been saying.

    But then again, seems like no one here will listen to this anyway. They’re happy with the status quo with TMo, rather than speaking out and stating the obvious, as you and I have. Perhaps in different ways, but both very clearly detailing PRECISELY how TMo is blowing every possible opportunity given to it.

    Saving money IS important, getting quality and VALUE for that money is even more important. This phone doesn’t speak either of those.

  • cwalker

    I think this is a nice add on for t mobile collection.. and as far as the vibrant goes.. u people have yet to see the true power of this bad boy.. just wait

  • swoosh042507

    im on the fence with the 800mhz processor situation but im going to give it a chance ..besides vibrant owners should not even talk if you havent noticed the benchmark shows that the current frequency used on the vibrant is set at 800 mhz i own a vibrant my self and the battery is not soo great.. i love the phone overall but the battery is a deal breaker . also a keyboard on a device would be nice and i wouldnt mind a 3.7 inch screen.


    i think what people are concerned about is if it will be qualified for gingerbread if rumors are true…..because we all know speed wise this phone will beat anything out there

  • ThreeFourSeven

    Why “some” tech savy people are so ignorant? I’m tech savy and I know normal consumers will just look at numbers. They don’t care if one is snapdragon and the other is scorpion. That’s why verizon market is great. They specially say, with a 1ghz processor. So when T-Mobile has a commercial that says 800mhz. Which one is going to be better to an average joe?

    • Marcelo L

      @ThreeFourSeven: Finally someone who got the jist of what I was trying to come across with. Precisely……TMo after all, has to MARKET this thing against the iPhone’s, the EVO’s, the DRoid’s, even against it’s own Galaxy S variant phone. How do you get your FLAGSHIP ( and make no mistake, this is SUPPOSED to be it’s flagship smart(super?)phone ) phone noticed ? Stats…..numbers, something that catches the attention of the public and makes them think not just twice, but long enough that that second thought makes them look at the overall package.

      If you can’t capture a customer’s interest in the first place, you’re not going to be able to sell them on the whole package. Another N O T H I N G about this phone screams ( or says ) that. This phone doesn’t carry the same sort of buzz about it that the EVO did. Yes it was the first 4G ( level ) phone, but it also had a 4.3 screen, a forward facing camera and could boast that it would support video calling through 3G. So it had more than the “first HSPA+” talking point that the G2 has. Who cares if it has ends up really having 4x graphics performance of the Snapdragon ( even though we know that that number is only in theory and subject to myriad different other hardware constraints ). That’s not a statement they can cleanly make. Making that sort of statement is usually ancillary and supportive to some other primary attention getter.

      Consider “The G2, successor to the ORIGINAL Android G1, an evo-lution in the species. With a Gigahertz-level processor, and graphics power up to 4 times that of others. The G2, supporting TMobile HSPA+ network with speeds some 4G networks only wished they could match. The G2, the Next Generation of Android. Find the Next Generation of Android, only at your local TMobile store or reseller, and at”.

      That is a marketing statement. But only if they actually made a phone like that. This is not that phone. At least I haven’t seen anything yet to corroborate that it is.

  • Ace

    Here’s’ what I’m trying to figure out, why get mad at what phones come out, what specs they have and everything like that, when you know that something better is going to come down the line, that technology for you, I mean let’s break it down for phones with just keyboards:
    G1 comes out, people(some) gripped when the cliq came out
    Cliq came out, people wanted the Droid(even me)
    Droid came out, ppl wanted the Moment
    Moment comes out, ppl wanted the Droid2
    Droid2 come out, ppl wanted the Epic

    Any way you look at it there are going to be phones that are better than the next phone. When they come out with a phone that has a front facing camera, then one with a better camera comes out. When one comes out that is thin, so does another one that is thinner, anyway you look at it, you can’t win

    One of the best phones I have seen it the Nokia N8, but I’m not paying 600 for that, even though, let it had an android os and a better processor, ppl might go ape s#!t.

    I tell you what, for what it does, I like the G2, it’s a true upgrade to the G1, just like the MTHD is an upgrade to the MT3G. Is there things, I wish it had, of course, but its not that big of a deal to me, let me have a phone that does what it is made to do, be a phone. It not settling when you realize that you can’t win in the phone world, unless you have money to blow like that. This is how it is with computers, when intel comes out with a processor, amd comes out with something better, and so on, and so on, and so on.

    Like I stated before, for the money, I’m sticking with t-mobile, the most I’m willing to spend is like 105 for my plan, which is the best plan I can think of for me right now. I know ppl who spend 20-50 more than me with the other companies. I’ve talked to ppl who have Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, there is not a one who doesn’t complain about one thing or another.

    Just remember this: When one thing comes out, something come out better, that the way a lot of things work in life
    -But that’s my opinion

    • bige2k9

      i agree with ace.


      i have an hd2 and i was honestly excited about this phone, but after reading what u guys said i just dont know, listen we all have a problem and we all need help, were all obssesed with being #1, especially me, i always want to have the best phone out of my friends, i have an hd2 and my friend has a droid, i like his phone better, honestly i juss wanna know if im making a mistake in getting this, should i stay with my hd2 or get the G2 or wait honestly

      me and magenta ride together and die together, tmo for life

    • tortionist

      It’s an accurate opinion. I wish more people would realize this.

  • K. Ray

    I want to see the benchmark on this puppy. The thing that concerns me is 800mhz processor. If Gingerbread is coming soon this phone will not have the requirements to get the upgrade. I wonder why they did that. They may be responding to critics who ask for vanilla froyo out of the box.

    • Marcelo L

      @K.Ray. but it HAS been benchmarked. On GLBenchmark,this phone has been compared ( look up HTC Vision ) to others at ( ). Scroll down to the “HTC Vision”. Yes, this is probably engineering prototype hardware ( and possibly running Eclair and not Froyo ), but if you click on the “HTC Vision” label, you’ll get the “HTC Vision Performance” page presented. Then click on the “GL Environment” tab and you’ll see IMMEDIDATELY see that it is in fact the G2, because it’s showing up as the what ? Adreno 205, precisely the GPU supposed to be in the Scorpion 7×30 processors. Another interesting benchmark is if you select CPU Float performance. For that, you’d have to find the HTC Vision on the 3rd ( yes, 3rd page ) of the results and is rated at 1 Star.

      So yeah, here’s hoping that the DUT ( Device Under Test ) from “tmotech2” ( already previously identified as a TMobile employee, was really a device with a whole lotta debugging code thrown in slowing it way down.

      People, I’m sorry if you don’t like what I’m saying, but I’m not brandishing around unsubstantiated information. All this stuff is READILY available for anyone who cares to do the looking.

      If you don’t speak up about what you expect from a business provider, they may not “get it”. If they don’t, then ….then you can decide where to go from there.

  • Rilesman

    Can I have a switch that allows me to decide if I want 800MHz or 1GHz. That would make me happy.

    • kc

      im sure someone will Root it and provide an overclock for it that will get it over 1ghz easy.

      • Rilesman

        I meant without rooting. Rooting should have to be the answer to everything. Same thing with all these UIs….I just want the “Vanilla” please…don’t make me root.

  • daniel

    So Gingerbread will require a minimum 1Ghz processor? Or is the 800Mhz G2 still upgradeable?

  • Bonanza

    Once Robert Dotson is completely out of TMO. Come March, big changes.


    again we don’t even know if gingerbread is true or not or maybe its just for the tablets ……and not android phones did you guys think of that?

  • thaghost

    I cant wait to see how ppl react when the speed and graphics on this phone outperforms most of all the phones that r out right now.


    i mean people are so concerned about gingerbread when we really know nothing ….

  • Adam

    I just spoke with an “upper-level” tech guy at Tmobile about an issue and asked him about the G2 and UMA. He confirmed that the G2 will not have UMA. Suck!

  • Moose

    I don’t want to come off as whiny, I still think this looks like a solid phone which will do well in the market. For sure, it would be a great upgrade from my G1. That said, they just seem to be aiming for 90% of greatness, instead of going all the way there. With a 4″ screen and 5-row keyboard, this thing would rumble with the Epic 4G and come out looking pretty good.

    • Dale Murphy

      Agree with you, Moose.

    • eYe

      More like 80%, lol

      80% of CPU
      80% of the screen
      80% of keyboard

      The list continues….

      And I still probably going to get it

  • Relikk2


    The specs on the Scorpion that I’ve seen say that it runs at a minimum of 800 and a max of 1ghtz ( I assume this means it can be overclocked). Also that it has an awesome GPU that compare with the Galaxy S line. In reality phone’s typicly don’t run at their full potential. Cpu’s run scaled to save on battery life. I have a Vibrant. Depending on what App i’m using it runs inbetween 200 and 1 gig htz. I bet it spends most of it’s time between 400 and 600.

    I haven’t done any research on Gingerbread but I can’t imagine that running at typical phone resolutions with a linux based kernal that it would require 1ghtz. When people say 1 ghtz maybe they just mean a newer CPU, as all the new one till now have been clocked at 1.

  • bige2k9

    does anyone know for sure what the requirements for gingerbread are??

  • Jose Medina

    Screw the 1ghz I want a nice camera with a nice battery power. My hd2 Dies in 8 hr and I carry two batteries thats 16hr not even a full day :(


    gingerbread is for tabs only …………………..

  • funkmasterC

    To all of the whiny little bitches. We don’t care about your rants and why you hate or love T-Mobile. Talk about the article and please keep you childish rants to yourself. Jeez. If you don’t like T-Mobile, shut your f-ing mouthes, man up and say it with your money and go to another carrier. Freaking trolls. You can make your case without revealing your personal rants.

    • Marcelo L

      @funkmasterC: To all the deniers…..reasons why this phone is not a big deal have been posted. If you took the time to read the information provided in several places, you’d see this isn’t a run-of-the-mill rant. Get informed, and then comment back, dude.

      • funkmasterC

        Do you feel like I was pointing my comments towards you? Are you really that insecure?

        I am very well informed, however I don’t call myself an authority. This site is about leaks and speculation. If you think you are an authority you, sir are an idiot as these are RUMORS! These folks posting here are acting like a bunch of whiney high school girls. Seriously, punk – NOBOBY wants to listen to your bitchy little whining sessions. Get a f-ing clue. If you dont like it – leave. We don’t mind opposing viewpoints, but your rants against T-mobile are nothing short of pathetic. Do you really expect them to listen to a teenager on a blog? You really think you are going to change anything??? HAHAHAHAHA!

        I come to this site to look for upcoming technology, not to look at someone who thinks they are an authority because they might have graduated high school, visited a T-Mobile store and read a few blogs. You are not an authority and I DON”T CARE ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL GRIEVANCES – DEAL WITH IT, dude.

        Tmonews needs to moderate the comments and control who has the right to comment or else seriously interested parties will go elsewhere for news.

  • Jake

    This goes back to my DIK comparison, do you wanna have a 6 inch (800mhz)fast DIK or do you wanna have an 8 inch (1ghz) almost as fast DIK? Were americans, Bigger is better!!!


    jake your a moron

  • Jake

    This is why Tmobile bleeds customer’s, EVO or underclocked G2 to save a few minutes of battery? If you really want to save batterry get a phone that’s clocked in at 500mhz, lol.

    • Relikk2


      EVO will be slower. EVO with a higer clocked CPU doesn’t equal faster if the rest of the CPU is rubbish. The EVO GPU sucks nuts in compairson to what the G2 will do. Most of the time they will be running at the same clock speed anyway, the diffrence is that the G2 has a current GPU and the EVO has the same old tired GPU from 2 years ago.

  • Eddie

    Wow – a bloat free phone, if true…

    I wonder if it can Swype…

  • Angelicious

    Does anyone know if it will use micro sd cards, like the G1 did?

    • Reece

      only smartphone to not do micro sd is iPhone 4

  • ceas

    Why cant people understand that this is a 1 ghz processor.. just underclocked to 800 mhz?? so if the rumors of gingerbread requiring a 1ghz processor are true, the G2 will still get it… IT HAS A 1ghz PROCESSOR!!!!!

    • grumpy

      So everyone here probably understands that but for everyone else out there they will see 800mhz and that’s it.
      Plus why would I buy a new phone just to root it day one so I can do said overclock? I only rooted my g1 to take atvantage of updated software and features that are not supported on stock 1.6

      • ceas

        And what makes you think that you would have to root it to get it to 1 ghz.. clock speed can be changed later with os upgrades….

  • Jake

    Last Time verizon got a phone with less than a 1ghz processor was the original droid. SO maybe T-mobile is getting back to the basics, lol. They are getting a phone to compete with the original Droid. But Tmobile has worked with HTC in the past, that still means something in the buisness world. As an ex-tmobile employee it was hard to tell people why they should get a phone with our edge network that was almost as fast as 3g, it’ll be the same thing, the G2’s processor is almost as fast as a 1ghz, the screen is almost as big as the evo, well i’m tired of almost. And while I value the price and the customer service, Sprint is a much smaller monster than Tmobile worldwide and their plans are comparable to TMobile, same as their base numbers. For them to get the EVO and us to get this POS it’s infuriating.

    • Relikk2


      LOL, the EVO could barely break 30FPS in its GPU test. I dare someone to get Aspual 5 for there EVO and see if it’s even playable.

      • Relikk2

        SORRY PERRY,

        Should be Asphalt 5

  • Red

    Does this mean it can’t handle live wallpapers?

    • ceas

      yes it can handle live wallpapers… live wallpapers were included in the g2 dump laked a while back..

  • Jake

    Probably took them out because it would waste battery!!!

  • Fresh

    Scorpion is in the Snapdragon family. Its actually a Snapdragon processor. Its just being used @ 800mhz. now im sure it will be rooted and then u can max it at 1 ghz. It can still decode 720 P video. Its still a new technology. Its also a work horse. Besides 1ghz aint all its cracked up to be. I have a HD2 and it has issues running HTC Sense (You actually aren’t using all 1ghz of the processor). Smh! I maybe going back to the android devices when this comes out. Sure I can run android using linux (Which I do) But its a on going process that ends up fudging with the windows side of the phone. (Time reset, re entering WEP keys, Facebook not storing passwords) Its kind of a pain. But yeah relax live wallpapers are a staple when running Froyo. The Processor is really good.