More Revealed About the G2

T-mobile is really going to draw out this whole limited knowledge launch of the G2.  This time, though, we have some confirmation on what you can actually expect.  It is well known that this will be the first HSPA+ phone, and T-mobile is telling you to “brace yourself for blazing-fast downloads, browsing and search” on the “fastest smartphone experience in America.”  Another note, and I do not get sick of posting this, vanilla Android 2.2 out of the box with one-touch quick keys (for quick access to Google shortcuts and applications) and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 ready (which probably means you will have to download it from the market yourself).  T-Mobile is also confirming that that Qualcomm MSM 7230 Scorpion silicone will be clocked at 800 MHz.  I know some of you wish it was clocked up to 1 GHz, but you need to remember that GHz isn’t everything.  Nothing really new there, but some official confirmation is always good.  The rest of the scroll box, from the Scoop page, can be found below.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile SCOOP

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  • Chrisg

    Has anyone noticed that even do T-mobile has shown of the phone on this page they still haven’t updated the G2 page? What gives?

    • Foxeh

      I know, right? Makes me wonder why I signed up to “stay in the loop” when TmoNews has had more info than they do! :P

  • http://tmonewstmobile Dr C

    T monews is the best and provides for those of us that thirst for info on upcoming phones. There come times that those that serve us well need to be celebrated. Thanks T monews.

  • Robert

    Am I on the right track?

    1. G2 comes with Android 2.2 Froyo.

    2. Next Android iteration is Gingerbread or Android 2.5 and this phone should be able to handle that.

    3. Honeycomb is Android 3.0 and is mainly optimized for Pads or Tabs. Maybe two years away and by that time the G3 will be unveiled.


    • ihatefanboys

      sounds right on the money….besides thats my plan anyways…..retire my G1 for the G2…get all the sweet updates over the next 2yrs ….upgrade to G3.

      let the haters jump from carrier to carrier…losers..

      tmobile got what i want, and right on time too….contracts about to end.

      • Rectal Bleeding

        Your schedule is much like mine.

  • LinaBeana

    I’m realli liking this phone, I went to the tmobile store today and one of the reps there was tellin me stuff about it. I thought it didn’t have flash but I was wrong, he said it indeed has flash and it looks ezactly like the mytouch 3g slides instead its horizontal. He said its heavier than the vibrant, but not too heavy. The only color is grey, the black that we saw wen we first saw da g2 was only a prototype. Ugh I can’t wait ’til the 29th gets here, I’m actually kind of excited for a phone release wow.

    • dwillistyle

      It’s actually being released on the 27th. For sure.

      • Foxeh

        Wait… a Monday? Where did you hear this? They usually release phones on Wednesdays.

  • Jake

    Ok, I’ve been bitching about the G2 being DOA, now let me show you what should have been the G2 but wasn’t. More than likely a 1.2 ghz version of that processor you guys were saying was faster than any of those 1ghz hummingbird snatchdragons etc…. This phone will come out on The Verizon Network at about the same time the very “revolutionary” G2 will. It will have GSM support as well so in theory we can go to Verizon buy it unlock it and use it for Tmobile and laugh at all those wimpy G2’s you guys keep defending!!!

    • A.Minor

      I don’t find your link silly in the least… as opposed to other commenters. Either way, that is a very attractive device… And completely based on conjecture, it probably has to be clocked that way since its most likely going to run Sense. The G2 can probably be overclocked from what I’m hearing… if that’s what some people want to do. After looking at the link I went back to the shots of the G2 in the wild (which I think are more appealing that official renders). I’m not as jealous of the verizon device so much. To each is own :)

  • ihatefanboys

    @jake…ok i read your silly link, now tell me where in there does it say its coming out this month, or for that matter this year ?? the G2 is not wimpy, and people that like “bitching about the G2” are obviously people with too much time on their hands. put your hands back on your dick, its the only hands that will ever touch it.

  • Walter

    OK im sorry,but i have to post this link and state a point. Just as Tmo got the buggy win mo HD2 and Sprint got the evo, Yet again Tmobile gets SHYTED on again by getting the lower end device by manufacturers. You all here is a link from engadget showing what i believe to be the CDMA version of the G2.

    Its a shame because this device is what us Tmo users have been craving, but big red gets it. And yes, it is dual core. I love tmobile dearly, but why would i stay with them and get the G2 when this soon to be released android killer with keyboard is being released under Verizon. Sighs.

    • Walter

      sorry its not dual core, but rather dual mode cdma/gsm. Rumored to to have 1.2 ghz.

      • AM123

        Walter is on point! And Verizon ALSO has the Evo looking sexy beast coming out before years end also! Tmo dropped the ball BIG TIME!!!! Verizon also offers 1 year contracts, unlike tmobile. I’m pissed but now I see the light and it’s time to move on to Verizon!

  • TangoPapa

    Woww, if that CDMA version G2 actually comes out w/ better specs than Tmobiles G2 then I’m definitely leaving Tmobile. I think I can deal with not as great customer service in exchange for so much other perks. This feels like a nail in the coffin for me even though its not technically official yet but if these rumors persist, I will take my 5 account line else where…. theres just no point anymore outside of customer service. HSPA+ is in theory the best right now but the usability will be no different since our phones are limited on Tmo. THis sucks but it doesn’t at the same time, feels like I’m breaking up with my long term high school girlfriend over years of fighting when we both know we’re better off separate but always end up back together again.

  • coolMANDINGO

    another variant of something weve already seen(nexus one ) . now on engadget i see tht verizon will have their version of this same phone. when the hel will tmobile get their OWN device that doesnt have a variant on another carrier?

  • SurgioArmani

    I’m still hoping that TMo’s been so silent about this phone because of some secret feature that’s going to blow us all away. No doubt in my mind that all these “leaks” have happened intentionally.

    • Marc

      Doing that will only lead to disappointment, don’t do that to yourself.

    • Foxeh

      I wouldn’t count on it, Surgio. Pretty much the only thing they can surprise us with is a lower price than expected, but I’m not even hoping for that much. Still, $200 on contract does look a bit steep since even Qualcomm introduced the MSM7x30 as the cheaper “mainstream” sibling compared to the high-end “Snapdragon” series. That doesn’t mean it’s not up there with the current superphones.

      There are a LOT of comment posts showing up here linking to that ugly Verizon phone even though a few comments over there say they prefer the G2 despite the MHz. Vanilla Android, optical mouse, better pocketability and potential battery life still seems to matter to some people, I guess. If you are in an area where T-Mobile actually has coverage, it’s kind of hard to justify the extra cost from a pragmatic point of view… unless your eyesight is going and you really need the larger screen.

  • Original G1er

    My only gripe about the G2’s body design is, it looks too broken up. Too many seams….

    It has too many divided parts all over it, which leads to dirty secretions in the spacings overtime.

    Too help fix this… I think they should have had one single black-backgrounded glass plate on the front like iPhone 4. A little thicker glass plate. Perhaps with the highly durable Gorilla glass.

    This would not only look a lot better and more uniformed but would be cleaner too.

    Despite fingerprint smudges. iPhone 4 did it, vibrant, and any 4.3″ screen that dominants the front of the phone has an dominant glass screen front.

    Coming in a rumored grey color only, only brings out these seams even more.

    But nonetheless, it’s an appealing looking phone and sets itself apart from others.

    • Original G1er

      Seeing as the glass screen dominates the top half of G2, and still has the hinge mechanism behind it… It’s still possible to have my purposed front glass design extend down over the edge and corners….

      Downers are

      1. It would probably cost more to manufacture a molded gorilla glass front top half body.

      2. Concerns about it breaking on a fall. Corners spider webbing over the screen etc.

      I’m sure with extensive research and thought this front glass body design could have been done.

  • Walter

    first off, the verizon version of the G2 is not ugly. secondly that’s not the point. the point is tmobile still does not have a real flagship phone. The G2 and Vibrant are both variants. HTC strikes again just like with the HD2. The verizon G2 will have better specs. It is a confirmed to be dual mode phone gsm/cdma. It is rumored to be dual core 1.2 ghz. Engadget was able to confirm that it is a 4 inch screen, so it already does the G2 one better. Tmobile is supposed to be striving for the best and try to go foward not backwards. Yes, I can live with these processor speed of the G2 but tmo should have landed the higher quality version of this phone. a processor that is clocked with MHZ is no excuse in this day in age, I just can’t take up for that. The problem is that manufacturers do not take tmo seriously and neither does its parent company. I don’t see tmo being here by 2015.

    • Original G1er

      Man I hope not. I hate seeing sprint/verizon logos on front of my phones.

      Something about the verizon/sprint logos being placed on the front annoy me and makes it seem cheap.

      iPhone 4, and the first G1 didn’t have AT&T and tmobile logos on the bodys…which I love.

      Tmobile placing it on front of vibrant and G2 = thumbs down. But still not as annoying looking as verizon/sprint.

      But verizon and sprint whore their logo on their phones like no other. It’s an eye sore personally.

      • SurgioArmani

        I don’t know about the iPhone 4 but the G1 clearly says “TMobile” on the front above the screen.

    • Original G1er

      Verizon now has it’s version of the G2 that’s made by HTC? Is it something new that’s been leaked out recently?

    • Foxeh

      I really wish people would use the “Reply” button, but I assume you’re talking to me. ;)

      To be honest with you, what I hate most about the American cellular business is that devices are artificially tied to carriers. If anything the Galaxy S is a step in the right direction. I like T-Mobile because they take good care of me and they don’t charge me up the tail so they can bribe manufacturers for exclusives.

      Also, this MHz race was silly when it was Athlon vs Pentium IV (which were literally clock for clock slower than Pentium III) and it’s silly now. For example, the iPhone 3GS contains a 600MHz CPU and a PowerVR SGX535 – same GPU as in the 1Ghz iPad and 800Mhz iPhone 4 – and yet it handles Epic Citadel just fine. That’s cold hard proof that everyone is obsessing over the wrong number.

      Will the G2 be as fast as this mysterious new Verizon device? Not likely. Is it going to be so much better that I’ll be willing to pay over a thousand more dollars for that slight bump in specs? Not likely. It’ll be cheaper for me to buy a new phone from T-mobile every eight months than it would be to switch to Verizon just to get a phone that I wouldn’t even like as much (as I have my preferences).

  • Original G1er

    I just saw on engadget verizon’s version of the G2 by HTC. lol

    2 things..

    1. They better get rid of that red exposing keyboard. IF they don’t, I would be embarrassed sliding that thing out personally. It’s horrible. Gotta go.

    2. No track pad mouse? On android? On a keyboard phone?

    Until Android has a clever touch screen implementation (like what apple did with the magnifying glass in iOS) on highlighting text for correcting/spacing… A track ball/ pad mouse is needed on android. Or it’s a pain. No matter screen size.

    Look at iPad, apples touch screen magnifying glass to highlight/select text and spacing is a BEAUTIFUL and a must.

    Screen size doesn’t matter son. Need track pad or other touch screen implementation to space/correct text.

    • Foxeh

      I know! I’m surprised Android still hasn’t come up with something like this for touchscreen only phones. Still, the only way I know of to copy and past naked text from a web page or an email is the method from all the way back to the G1’s release: Shift+Trackball/pad. No physical keyboard OR pad means that you cannot select text outside an input field. Perhaps some of the custom UI’s addressed that, but I’d have to look into it.

  • http://tmonews dcb

    So you people are worried that this phone on Verizon MAY have a slightly faster processor. ……why??? Do you have to compensate for something or just want to say “my phone has a 1.2 ghz dual core processor”. Truth is you guys that worry about these insignificant differences between phones probably make up about 2% of the population that buy cell phones and if you want to pay more just to say that your phone has a slightly faster processor shows how truly pathetic you are……go to the carrier that has a phone that makes you happy but in the end you will have less money in your walllet with a phone that does the same things as 10 other phones that are available……get a clue people!

    • Original G1er

      I’m happy

      For me….

      Android/full packed keyboard phone = G2

      Apple/touchscreen only phone = iPhone 4

      Baby baaabyyy

      • Foxeh

        Both of which are cocked at 800MHz. ;)

        I think one of the things I like most about the G2 is that it looks NOTHING like an iPhone, hehe. Still, the iPhone 4 is nice, I’ll give it that.

        The G2 can do Flash, though. Not just any Flash, but GPU accelerated vector Flash.

  • Want2CBetter

    Personally, I can’t wait for the G2 – I check every morning to see if Tmo is doing a pre-sale yet. :)
    I will not go with any other carrier because 1)AT&T and Verizon are just too damn expensive – I refuse to pay hundreds more a month for my 10 lines just for slightly better coverage and possibly better phones (which is an arguable point) and 2) Sprint has comparable rates (although they are changing that with all of the Evo 4G add ons) but their coverage is horrible where I live.
    So, with that said – I will get a G2 on the 29th (before if they let me) and replace my HD2 with it. I love the HD2 but just can’t get used to the lack of a physical keyboard.

  • russellg

    What is the size of the screen? I am hoping at least 4 inches. Does it state it anywhere? Is there any info on the resolution? I really like the super oem led’s that the galaxy line up is rolling out. Everything else seems to fall short. Am I the only one that feels that way?

    • Want2CBetter

      3.7″; wvga res (at least 400×800); OLED

  • zim

    I would just like a touch screen I don’t have to charge every 6 hours…

  • Isaac

    I’m getting more and more interested in the G2. When this comes out maybe i will have the money to get it.

  • somebody

    well since there might be a hd7 coming out i already forgot about this phone.

    the trick with t-mobil is to buy phones that are on all the carriers that way the phone wont suck. Just look at the vibrant its on every carriers and its the only good phone we have. Im sure if it was exclusively for tmobil it would suck donky ball.