HTC HD3/HD7 In The Wild

Just this morning we were graced with some design sketches of the HTC HD7 and now we’ve finally got some in the wild pics. Courtesy of the Taiwanese forum Mobile01, we’ve got what seem to be the first live shots of the HTC HD3/HD7. As pictured above, the handset has an HD3 label across the bottom half. Interestingly enough, as pictured in the image below, the metal surrounding the camera flips out  to act as a kickstand for the device, which in my opinion is a welcome addition to the handset. Additionally, Mobile01 claims that the back of the handset is fully metal compared to its predecessor the HD2, which included only a  metal battery cover. Specs for the handset include a 4.3-inch WVGA screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor (QSD8250),  a 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, 720p video recording, and 8GB of built-in storage. More images of the handset after the break!


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  • Spencer

    No android = no buy. Didn’t they look at the poll on this site? no one cares about the rest…

    • mojo-HD

      screw android..the only thing im mad about its the fact there is no hdmi port, no ffc, no 8 megapex, no super screen (4.5 or higher resolution) is this suppose to be an upgrade or next level of the HD2 when the hardware is not better than the EVO’S. the os don’t always sell the phone..not the biggest fan of android but the evo and its hdmi port, ffc, 8 megapixel cam is what made me want it, this is what this hd3 should have with the new wp7 os and that metal body, that would be an upgrade. 1ghz process is just fine but change or upgrade the other least a 8 megapex cam, was that to hard? everyone else has’s like tmobile can’t get 8 megapex phones or something, i had a memoir and i really miss that cam almost didn’t want the hd2 due to that. please tmobile give us something to brag about. this is going to come out and the evo 2 will pop out with a 4.5 inch screen and a better process plus all the stuff this phone is missing. if this is going to be a public test phone for wp7 for tmobile, they should have used something else and saved the hd series for a major change like when tmobile gets its first ffc, hdmi port phone..damn i thought the os would be the disappointment on the hd3, but its the phone it self, they better not call it the hd7 cuz jumping all those #’s is like going to the future and this phone actually in the past, is this the reason y we couldn’t upgrade to wp7 on our HD2? all the specs are the same other then the 3 button hardware. give me an evo capability phone with windows, this is not an upgrade.

      • wack mode

        r u stupid u think it all about the megapixels on a camera it also depends how they make the camera memoir has a 8mp camera and the vibrant has a 5mp but it looks more clear on the vibrant then the memoir cuz of how they made the camera!!

      • Steve Jobless

        Would you like a Coke with those French Cries?

      • Isaac

        Not the first time T-mobile killed a great phone with a crappy new modle. Though the HD2 didnt have Android it still was a greate phone. I do wish Microsoft would leave the mobile business alone. Dont go where your not wanted.

      • mojo-HD

        @wack mode, STFU i know how the camera’s are built and i know the pixels is not all that matters…the main point is the average population don’t understand that. To them I tell them my 5 megapixels takes better pictures then your 8 megapixels and they don’t give a flying monkey a**. to them they got more pixels. I tell them i can watch movies really clear on my phone and they say i can too and I have an hdmi port that can make it go to the tv. On my HD2, i don’t even want to rent movies cuz i can’t watch them on my 55 inch led tv, EVO & Vibrant can and so should the HD3(suppose to be next level) but its no better than my HD2 and i love my HD2, but i was thinking my HD3 would have been our EVO so all the android people could shut up about having android on all great phones. WP7, I really want it, but if it sucks and on top of that the phone is not next generations what the hell would i have then. Like i said we get this and they find out how people are liking WP7 and then all the other carriers get the great phones with WP7. Then we have to wait a whole nother year or two for the next HD phone that will always be the test dummy of something new but will never match all the other carriers version. HD2 was really the first 4.3 inch, 1 ghz processer that came out this year, but because how great the EVO parts and commercials were everyone thought it had the 4.3 first. I’m telling you tmobile gets it first we buy it and then all the other carriers get it plus more. Like I said this is not an upgrade other than the OS. Hopefully by the time it has to come out they make more changes. I was the first one in line to get my HD2, but trust i will not be first for this phone not ground breaking enough for me, I’ll wait like the other carriers and see how it goes first and than wait for the next great and true version of a WP7 phone. (and for my memoir i used it everywhere especially in the club, cuz i party hard and loved taking picture of girls that i pull after getting their #s (clear pic’s)..I don’t even bother taking pic in the club with my HD2 it takes to many tries to get a good clear pic. Like I said love my HD2, love windows and how i can customize it, but this HD3 is not an upgrade form my HD2 as of now) p.s. if this HD3 was the HD2 it would be great and that is what it should have been with the way these spec’s are. I can buy phones with no problems, but not going to get it when its not a complete upgrade.

      • David Thomas

        You mad, bro?


        Show me where you see t-mobile on this device. Show me CONFIRMED information on the camera(s) or other specs. Then you can complain.

    • Deke218

      Android is for failed iCrap fans. When it grows up, call me.


        Calling Deke218 Android has grown up! In fact it has been grown up for almost TWO YEARS NOW! You seem to be outdated!

  • nain77

    all android does is frustrate me with its force closing and lagging =/

    • vinny

      What Android are using? My Nexus One hasn’t forced closed on my but maybe once when I didn’t know what I was doing. Best device I ever owned. Coming from a life long blackberry owner. Nexus One rooted and loaded, love it.

      • Patrick

        I have to admit….my Vibrant doesn’t force close very often….not like my G1 did. However….my HD2 didn’t lock up very often….but people always complained about it locking up on them

    • Nelly

      I totally agree with you. I get so frustrated sometimes that i want to smash my smartphone….

    • nyuhsuk

      I’m not saying you’re an inexperienced user but too many people out there do not know about resource management. Being multitasking OSes, both Android and WinMo need some TLC to make sure they’re as smooth as butter.

      Advanced App Killer for Android. Just your standard Task Manager in WinMo.

      LEARN TO USE THEM. These puppies ain’t no iPhone. They’re made more for the power user.

      • Deke218

        HD2 not so much. I’ve had 15 programs open at the same time on my HD2 with not slow down what so ever.

      • David Thomas

        That’s the problem, though. Power users are a fine group to cater to, but Android is not just for power users. If the average Joe is expected to learn about process management, how resources work, and using task killers, they’re not going to buy the phone. There are more Joe Blows than Power Pats, so if they aren’t gobbling up Android, then we’ll be stuck with hacking Android onto non-Android phones, since manufacturers and carriers will start flocking to other OSes.

        Android needs to become more stable for it to be a true iOS contender.

    • Yellow Nigro

      I’d rather it force close on ANDROID than FREEZE UP on WINDOWS. WINDOWS SUCKS ASS! IDGAF WHAT U SAY…

  • patty

    wow, this is magnificent.

  • MJ

    Please T-Mobile, get Android on this instead of Windows mobile…….


      Besides the fact the t-mobile doesn’t read this, making your comment worthless, This is NOT windows mobile. I guess you can’t read because it CLEARLY says Windows Phone. Different operating system bud.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Oh Phone Freak I can assure you, absolutely 10000000% assure you that T-Mobile people, no person but people meaning multiple that read the comment section of this here website every single day. Trust me, they read it…and frequently.

    • KB

      Yea, because they have a choice in that matter right?

      • trickystyle


    • Deke218

      Why ruin another phone with kiddie Android?

    • mojo-HD


      (while we keep our only super windows phone the HD2 and hopefully HD3..WOW WE ONLY GOT 2 TRUE WINDOWS PHONE COMPARED TO ANDROID’S 15…so please STFU with all that please put android on the phone crap..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      • eric

        dude, those phones are for american only. I don’t live in USA, so I don’t care about those phones. The true international android phones are only 3 for me, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire and the upcoming Motorola Milestone 2 which only get the OS, processor speed and keyboard upgrades. Those 3 phones get a 5 MP camera too. There’s no international android phone which has 4.3″ screen yet. There’s also no international android phone which has 8 MP camera yet.

      • Sirmac

        Thank you!! People will never be satisfied, android is even on pay-as-you-go phones at wal-mart! Just give it a rest, but if you feel inclined to bitch about it, get a job working for tmobile and change the way they do things… WM imo is great, I didnt fair well w/ android it had its perks, mainly… ONLY the marketplace…

        Give it a rest roid ragers…

    • David Thomas

      Uhm, I think at this point, it’s probably too late to petition for a completely different OS.

      What you should be doing is campaigning to get that sexy piece of hardware that is the Desire HD ported over to Magenta.

  • Mo

    Why are people so anal about voicing their ridiculous fanboyism EVERYWHERE? Where are the internet police when you need them!?

    You haven’t even touched this new windows operating system, which I may add looks clean, crisp, fast and productive. I love my blackberry, I like iOS and I am apathetic towards Android because it doesn’t seem like a complete operating system just yet. It seemed to me that Google just wanted to get something out there and even though they do listen to their customers, it just could be SOOO much better. Again, neither hate it or love it…I just don’t care about it until it is appealing and complete and clean enough.

    People are so irrational! Are you going to get a cookie if Android or iOS or whatever is the consensus best EVER? No, if that happens Google is probably going to sit on their laurels like Nokia, Blackberry and Microsoft did before “the next big thing” started popping up every week.

    RELAXX! Like there aren’t enough Android phones out there. This is one WP7 device and people are clambering for it to have Android. Ridiculous!

    • Mike Litoris

      I whole-heartedly agree with Mo. Diversity in all industries is what encourages companies and manufactures to create fresh new ideas that appeal to people. If all phones had android then it would become just as bad as it was with windows mobile in the past decade. The fact that companies are competing with each other to dominate the mobile market means that we the consumers will ultimately benefit end. I understand that we all think Android is the best thing since color screens on cell phones but chill out guys, android still has it’s disadvantages. I think you all should wait until you use the OS in person and/or view an in depth video of the OS before you decide to spout off “if it aint android I don’t want it”.

      • bmg314

        Ha! Lol @ “best thing since color screens on cell phones”… yeah I remember learning in school about back in the early sixties when all they had were black and white screens on their cells…lame!

    • vinny

      Hay MO, for someone complaining about fanboyism, you better read your post. You obviously have sore lips from kissing Stevey boy Jobs ass. As far as Android is concerned it is by far a more complete OS then your pathetic locked down IOS. If you knew anything about Android you would never say something like that. There isn’t anything you can not do with the Android OS. I will not go any deeper then I allready have. You complained about fanboyism but all you did was rip Android and puckered your lips at Stevery boy Jobs. GOOGLE + HTC = WINNER.

      • Edgar

        I hate Fanboys, it’s the same as in the game consoles, I hate them!!!

      • Steve Jobless

        vinny, you forgot to capitalize the first letter in your name. Plus, you misspelled “hey”. We may not have the Internet Police here but the Grammar Patrol is watching.

        What part of Mo’s post gave the idea of him being an iFan? He stated, “I love my blackberry, I like iOS and I am apathetic towards Android…” I am just curious. I didn’t get my 8 hours so I maybe missed something your superior mind may have picked up.

        Perhaps you know/are the Phone God, so please, enlighten us and reveal what makes a “complete” OS. You should’ve had a V8.

      • Deke218

        Really? There’s nothing you can’t do with the Android OS?

      • Ryan

        Vinny, the openness of the Android powered mobile phones offered by carriers is a temporary condition, which will likely recede with time. The carriers have a vested interest in owning the customer relationship to promote their own products (carrier marketplace), including carrier specific skinning, etc. They don’t want to be an Android carrier, they want to differentiate their products. It has already started, and there is no stopping it.

  • myn15

    im still waiting for the specs like this: 4.5′ and above screen, dual processor, 8mp or higher main camera, 1.3mp front facing camera, android 2.2 and higher o.s , hdmi, 720p or higher for vid recording (but 720p is just fine), at least 16GB on board memory then expandable memory with micro sd slot.. this specs i know is not impossible to happen since the progress or growth in smartphone world is crazy fast, im just gonna wait to get my hd2 replaced which btw, lovin’ the froyo in it…

    • Mike Litoris

      I agree with myn15. I think the manufacturers these days push out too many mediocre phones that always end up lacking in some way and expect people to pay top dollar. I think the HD2 was the last “super phone” released in a while. Nexus one doesn’t count because of the god awful release and sales strategies by google. I’m going to wait until the new year rolls around for the next super phone to be released. One abundant in enough in features that it actually warrants me renewing my contract for the next 2 yrs. I’m also curious to see how this windows 7 series OS performs against giants like the Apple OS and Android. I’ve personally used the windows 7 phone OS from a MS employee that got a free one and without violating anything I will say that the OS is extremely smooth and many people will be surprised at it’s performance.

      • Matlock

        STFU you stupid moron!! Have you even touched a Nexus One, let alone seen one!?!? The Nexus One is one of the best phones released this year, and in terms of build quality it is the best phone released this year!! The N1 is as much of a superphone as any other phone people are calling superphones now!! so STFU you whiny little b!!!!

        Give the OS a chance, NONE of you on here have played with it, Im reserving judgement until I get my hands on one of these devices and play with one! I like Android and everything it offers, I can also appreciate WinMo 6.5, cuz im not an idiot like all those who bitch bout Windows and know how to use, and I can also appreciate BB OS and all of its strong points, cant wait to check out OS 6!

        So before all you idiots start whining bout Windows Phone 7 let it get released first before you start to judge it!!

      • joel

        As far as I’m concerned, it’s Microsoft’s job to convince me Windows Phone 7 won’t be another sack of turds like WM 6.5 was. And before you start accusing me of not knowing how to use 6.5, go to hell, I know how to use it. It just sucks. As one example, I shouldn’t have to use task manager every hour to keep the phone from freezing.

        I’ll judge WP7 on its own merits, but it better be damn impressive for me to compare it to Android.

      • Isaac

        He has a huge point about the marketing of the nexus one. Doesn’t matter how good the phone is If most people cant get to it. You had to buy the phone only from google and pay full price. Average people want the discount you get when you sign a new contract. Yes, the Nexus 1 is a supper phone but mostly enthusiast have or even know about it.


      If you wan’t a 4.5 inch screen or above, get a tablet.

    • Deke218

      I love you crazy Android fanboyos. You guys try to push a substandard OS so hard there must be something wrong with it. You must compare it to every other OS. Why? If you like your little toy, fine! Great! You don’t have to dis every other OS just to make yours look better. Android is a cute little piece of software but its no better than any other OS.

  • Loco Froyo

    Wow this is the way the final UI looks? Really… I thought this must have been pre-alpha or something. It seems that they didn’t finish it.

    • Mike Litoris

      The UI is way more in depth than the picture show. The “tiling” system used is very intuitive and works very well. What you see in the picture is basically the “minimal” theme that you can set if you don’t want to have your homescreen too busy with the live tiles that the windows 7 OS offers. That’s one of the main things that differentiate the new windows 7 OS from the current smartphone OS’s. I honestly thought the live tiles would’ve been real gimmicky, but when I used it I was extremely surprised at how well it worked. Email, txt and voicemail message, facebook, missed calls, rss feeds, news updates and many more, all update in real time from the home screen. So basically it eliminates the need to have to configure a bunch of widgets separately. It’s all built into the OS by default. Look at some of the youtube videos. There are some fairly detailed videos that illustrate this.

      • Barry

        How was the market and the apps?

  • alex

    So hardware wise this is basically and HD2 with a kickstand and 2 less buttons on the front?

  • anthonyx26

    HD7 in summary: Very sexy phone…the OS, ehhhhh, not so sexy. Couldn’t they have at least rounded out the corners of those “tiles”??? The sharp corners make for a harsh design. And the wasted space? Did MS forget that they were designing an interface to be used on small screens??? That said, I’d still like to try it as it does seem different and has potential. By WP8 they may have it all figured out a bit better.

  • SaggyBalls

    I…I want to make love to this phone. I want to bring it home to
    meet my mom, and I want to have little SaggyBall/HD3 babies with it.

    • Mohammad

      LMAO!!! Funniest comment I have ever read!

    • Steve Jobless

      You would only cause a love triangle.

  • Evan

    Anyone else thinks its odd that the date on the phone is from January 1??? Hopefully things have changed since then, mostly the storage capacity….

    • Yyevo

      My guess is it isn’t on a network and they didn’t bother to set the time and date.

  • mtnman

    I was wondering if you can put wallpaper on it instead of haveing those 7 square interface tiles on it?

  • midori

    I really want to like this phone but Im not really sure if I will like it. In all fairness when it comes out I’ll try it first then judge it later.

  • Eric

    i know this is off topic but i thought i would share this… apparently htc plans to bring the Desire HD to the states… (crossing fingers it comes to t-mobile, then i can ditch my fender finally)
    here is the link

    • midori

      Oh Yeah If thats true I want to pre-order NOW!!! Lol because it will be hard to get one when and if it does come to the states Can you image the amount of tmobile customers who will get the Desire HD(Especially if stock android) and G2!

      • Eric

        i would pre-order right now… lets hope we hear something soon!!!!!

      • Barry

        Same here but I guarantee if it were to come here ppl are gonna complain about the lack of a ffc and or kickstand.

    • David Thomas

      You don’t know how happy you’ve just made me.

      I was going to “settle” for a G2 in a few months, but hell, if I even get slightly wet concrete information about a US (and specifically a T-Mobile) version of the Desire HD, I’ll wait. Hell yeah I’ll wait!

  • Bosslady M.

    Ok great concept but it needs to run off android!!@ Besides why keep the screen size @ 4.3 when it should be a 4.5, why not upgrade the camera to a 8mega pixel, and last why down size the ad card??? Most importantly RUN SYSTEM OFF DROID way more options.


      If you want a 4.5’+ screen BUY A TABLET.

      • nyuhsuk

        Are you aware of the minimal benefit of growing a lousy .2″ ON THE DIAGNAL? Is that realy a deal breaker? I understand the major difference between say the iPhone (3.5″) and the HD2 (4.3″) but a lousy .2″ deal breaker?

        I have big hands and even with the screen nearly touching each edge of the phone, it STILL sometimes hard to reach across to hit some keys with one hand. You don’t need any bigger than that 4.3″ beauty.

        What are these options you speak of?

    • David Thomas

      Yes, because more megapixels mean everything, and we definitely could see a HUGE benefit from a mere 0.2″ screen size increase.

  • mao102

    Fancy looking beautiful phone , but not a hard competion for the G2, the G2 is still in the top league FTW

  • JazzYodle

    I know a lot of people get upset about the fanboys screaming for android to be on this phone, but after my experience with paperweight worthy HD2, I’d have to say I really don’t plan on giving the HD3 a shot. I’m no hater but when your phone sucks it sucks. Not a day goes by when i don’t want to throw this over priced piece of crap out the window, I’m sure you can now sense my frustration. A typical day with my phone goes like this……I wake up and notice I seemed to have overslept, oh because my phone mysteriously shut down in the middle of the night. Well I guess I’ll check bus tracker online to see when the next bus comes…hmmm, it seems to be having difficulty connecting to the internet. Well I’m gonna text my friend to say how crappy my phone is, oh wait it froze while opening SMS. A phone call comes through…wish I could answer it but my phone seems to be unresponsive. I get to work don’t use it all day and decide you know let me check the time but first I’ll have to unlock the screen, oh of course not, its stuck in frozen stuck death mode, guess I’ll have to pop out the battery yet again today. Let me go ahead and use the GPS to find out where I am as I drive to this after work function, oh silly me to rely on my phone, its taking waaaaay too long to get my location. I thought a smartphone was suppose to be…well smart. Isn’t it suppose to make life easier and not more stressful. If I’m with my boyfriend and we ever absolutely need a reliable smartphone to perform an ever convenient smartphone funtion, I just rely on him to pull out his Droid to get the job done. Oh and believe me, I tried my best to make him jealous of my phone. Beautiful hardware it has, but functionality it lacks.

    • Kloc

      This is running a new OS. Windows Phone 7 will be completely different then Windows Mobile and believe me you won’t have any of the freezing issues. Even the pre-alpha builds of the OS is snappy. Just search for some demo’s on youtube for Windows Phone 7 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    • Eric

      wow and i bitched how much my fender was a p.o.s.
      curious, was there anyway u were able to get a refund or a different phone for that matter, because no one should be sold a phone that inoperable with out some sort of exchange or something…. i orginally had the mytouch 3g (non-3.5 jack) and after about a month it kept crashing and was just buggy as hell.. went inside and complained 20 mins later i have the fender in my hand.. to bad its not too much better LOL….

      wait what happened to the 2.2 update? oh ya they forgot about us mytouch users :(


      Well sucks for you. My hd2 is problem free.

    • nyuhsuk

      You need to learn to use the phone. Even when I had a stock T-Mobile ROM on mine, it never lagged or failed like you say. I’m going to say it again, learn to use resource management a.k.a. the task manager or just close the damn apps you are done with when you exit.

      Unfortunately, the WinMo infrastructure doesn’t provide really intuitive resource management. That seems to be the main stumbling block of a lot of people’s phones ‘freezing’ or ‘sludging along’. I like the benefit of running things in the background and have them still running. Yeah, you need to manage that kind of arsenal.

    • yaddamaster

      @JazzYodle – I sympathize as I had similar issues with my HD2. T-Mobile actually sent me TWO replacement phones and TWO batteries trying to solve the problem. Turned out it was a bad (and very old) SIM card. Got a new SIM card and the problems all magically went away. Now my HD2 (with Windows Mobile!) is awesome.

  • Kloc

    Sweet I can’t wait to pick this up. The new Windows Phone 7 OS looks sweet. Very polished and very snappy in the demos I’ve seen. It’s going to be way better than the old Windows Mobile for the consumer. I hope this OS will take off because it’s a great one. I’ll be picking this up on launch day.

  • Androiduser

    Seems like a nice phone. I believe that unless the next generation of phones that are coming out should have the capability of 4g and or the newly introduced HSDPA+, which is a must for the future evolution of new phones. 2nd, dual core processors is a must now since all high tech 1ghz cpu phones will eat your battery for lunch if you’re a frequent user. So, therefore, having longer than half day battery life for these high tech phones with 1ghz cpu and higher is a must. Bring me the next generation of the battery that lasts more than 2 days. Lithium battery should not be anything less than 1800 mhz for these phones. Everything else is the icing on cake for me.

  • Y314K

    QSD8250 ???? Another thought… Thanks can’t be right for the Tmobile version of this phone… I know it says HD3…. But QSD8250 = NO HSPA+ …. It would not make sense for TMobile to release a brand new W7 device with 4.3″ without any HSPA+…

    If QSD8250 holds.. It’s gonna be worst then I thought…

    Trying my best not to say the A word in a W7 story…lol


      Plus, according to the leaked accessories document, t-mobile is calling this phone the HD7. Why on earth would they have different names on the phone, and on the accessories. That would be far from wise.

      • chaoscentral

        ever think maybe this isn’t the US version? If Tmobile is calling it the HD7, then chances are this is not the version we are going to get. Atleast I hope not. Just give me the snapdragon with the Adreno 205 GPU and HSPA+ and I’ll be more than happy.

  • derrickps3

    on second thought i might skip this phone and get the mytouch hd instead.

  • NokiaN900User

    I see a lot of people have their panties in a bunch. THIS is not an android phone and wont come to T-mobile with android on it so get over it. This is not a windows mobile phone neither. This is completely new OS. As for the name HD3, this is clearly a leak of an early prototype. As Y314K mentioned, the chipset alone makes it a non T-mobile HSPA+ phone. As for those asking for dual core 1.5 ghz phone, it is not happening yet. Battery tech is slowly catching up. The problem is the current battery (that can keep a chip like this to run for 24 hrs) will be so big that it will need more space in the phone. This will make the phone bigger and thicker which people wont like.

  • karlc

    the multiple box format is just plain ugly……enough said!

  • ThisCan’tBe

    Something tells me this is not the device… early of a leak…..and I would hope t-mo would be WAY smarter than to just slap a kickstand and W7 on a HD2 and expect for us to jump for joy….WTH, really?????? Always behind as usual…..*sigh why wouldnt you take the shell of the evo and re-design it….When the light turns green you go forward, not backwards…..Lastly people give it a rest with the whole android shiz….that’s so old now, yall act like android just came out yesterday…..chew glass and kick rocks

    P.S hate it or love it but the apples OS and market is the best out…nobobys system is as smooth as theirs.

    • David Thomas

      Have you been keeping up with the same T-Mobile USA I have? We were supposed to get excited over the Vibrant, the G2, and some dinky Motorola devices. While Sprint received the Evo and Epic, and, well, I need not remind you of Verizon’s offerings. AT&T, while not Android-heavy, has the fruitphone.

      T-Mobile never really had that “OOMPH” factor that the other carriers pack.

  • Barry

    Ok on my wait and see with this phone now.

  • Nick

    You guys are so quick to put WM7 down, I’m sure 99.9% of you have never even seen it person. While I’ve been a huge Android fan, i’m not going to put down the new WM without using it first.


    Honestly, I am not a fan of windows phones. I have used them in the past. This phone looks magnificent and worth a try. Besides I heard you can put android on the phone. Trying to get more information on that so if I totally hate the windows os I have a option. Phone really looks great tho.

  • Deke218

    This thread is about WP7. Why are all you Android Nutters here? Isn’t there a place for you Android Nutters? Should you all be a Droiddog worrying about your FoYo or gingerbread or chocolate doughnuts? People here who want a WP7 device really shouldn’t have to read your rants. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please STFU!!!

  • Big Jake

    Okay…. in all fairness I must say I feel a lil let down but at the same time super happy, in short.. this phone the HD3 is more HD2.5 & I think HTC knows this but do to the fact of the new Wp7OS they decided to call it HD3 witch sounds “upgraded”, have Wp7OS already proved its self,I think HTC would of gave it the,HD4 witch is the real HD3 (Desire HD) hardware… but yet & still for lack of a better word & even though its a HTC, FRICK the lil g24g R2D2 wannabe, I shall covet this HD2.5 until Wp7OS proves its self our fail… then I could put the HD Desire Froyo rom on my HD2 which btw Ive grown to adore

  • RayLebron

    I talked to a TMo representative of high rank here in PR and he told me that the HD3 is coming in NOv here in PR. I dont remember the exact day ( recall hearing the 13). The point is that the HD2 came out the same day in the states than it did here. Dont know if thats news but I just wanted to share.

    • Sirmac

      The hd2 didnt come out until the last week of March in the states if im not mistaken..

  • jostdeper

    HTC hd2 will be get a Rom update and will be the wonderfull phone ever like the best Android on the market look for HTC desire hd Rom update!…

  • The Sleeve

    People get so pissy on here…I, personally, have been an Android user since the G1 BUT this whole WP7 thing interests me. The only thing I don’t like (from the pictures only) is the blue box menu thing. Of course, I will hold judgment until the phone is released and I get to see it in person.

    I truly dislike internet bickering.

  • jwgizmo

    Windows 7 interface looks like they took a step back, My Hd2 with SPB mobile shell, bSb tweaks and other goodies has a wonderful look, feel and operates like a well oiled machine, Especially since I disabled Sense, which in my opinion is the problem with the Hd2. Been on the Android side too, but like I said the HD2 running these apps makes it the Boss! Too bad companies like Seidio who I was sure would make a case for it opted out. On that note no one makes a case for it. Oh well. I’m happy as a lark… No Windows 7 for me.

  • some internet dude

    I guess Windows phone 7 is ok, if you don’t need Flash in the browser, cut and paste, multitasking, tethering, no back ward compatibility with Windows Mobile 6 apps, Won’t Support Micro SD Cards. I’m tired of typing. Other than that its great. I give it a month before it goes the way of the KIN.

  • HTC Touch

    HTC touch hd3? Wow, Awesome. All the features and looks are great and i have seen the specs too. As expected from HTC. Thanks for the post.

  • mojo-HD

    is there a rumor that there is a hd3 and a hd7 phone coming out..?