GLBenchmarks Show G2 to Be Just as Fast as Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S

Like many of you, I was surprised to find out that the G2’s processor would be clocked at a mere 800MhZ.  Despite this,  the G2’s graphics should run just as fast as the Droid X, and even the Samsung Galaxy S (see image above, the G2 is only behind the Droid X and Slide).  This just goes to show that what the processor is clocked at isn’t everything, performance is! And yes, that is directed at all the posts about how slow the G2 is and how disappointed you are at T-Mobile.

While nothing will be known for sure until this phone is actually released, this makes me quite happy. I can’t wait to get my hands on a G2!

So who’s getting one of these bad boys?


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  • currator

    to be frank ill pass reading about some of the things phone companys will be putting in there phone within the next 6 months and your g2 will be as cool as a moto cliq. im just saying the new screen tech and cpu gpu dual core better everything and i know you guys will be like 6 months new ball game wrong when they have 1080p screen and video recording dual core new power source

  • jmcl987

    Samsung Vibrant > T-mobile G2

    • Usman

      Vanilla Android >> Touchwiz

      • Sahhardcore


    • chris


  • Original G1er


    then after that something cooler will come out. Then after that something will come out with 3D built in without the glasses like the nintendo 3DS… And that will be cooler..

    Then after that google will start building facilities where you make an appointment to implant a chip/radio at the side of your head connected to your carrier. Then a couple months after that, you’d have to make another appointment to go under and upgrade to smaller, more powerful/efficient, less radiation, (insert your favorite cheese cake factory desert here) OS capable one. So on and so fourth.

    Your point chauncy?

  • cscorbin

    G2.. HSPA+ – 4G “like” connection.
    G2.. 1GHZ “like” processor


    I was really excited about this phone but I think I will pass and see what else TMO has in the next few months.

    • Original G1er

      If I was building the phone… Do I just put in a 1GHz labeled processor in it just to show the 1GHz

      Or do I go for a next generation highly optimized, more battery efficient fast 800mhz scorpion chip. That has a top of the line adreno 205 GPU stacked on it…. that runs adobe flash in conjunction with HSPA+ internet speeds beautifully .

      Some 1GHz labeled snapdragon, or the newer efficient next gen scorpion chip/powerful GPU that runs adobe flash beautifully with HSPA+ Internet speeds ? Hmmmmm…

      Or wait til february to see the dual cores start rolling out? That will most likely be very limited to physical keyboard phones initially… At least on tmobile


    • Foxeh

      Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the long and short of your post quite literally states “I dislike demonstrated superior performance if a smaller numerical specification is involved.”


      • Original G1er

        To clarify, I was trying to say a lot of people who are less informed will for example look at the nexus -a 1GHz snapdragon powered phone and think it sh.ts on the G2 new 800mhz scorpion chip.

        Based on that 1GHz vs 800mhz alone.


      • Foxeh

        Nono, I was directing that at cscorbin, not you G1er. Sorry about that.

        Reply hierarchies only go so deep so I can see how that was confusing.

      • Original G1er

        @ foxeh, To double clarify my original post… should I choose the 1GHz snapdragon chip over the 800mhz scorpion chip? Based on the eye popping 1GHz vs 800mhz numbers alone to attract the mass?

        Even though the 800mhz scorpion is overall a more efficient/better chip than the 1 GHz snapdragon?

        Anyway I’m done with that. Enough phone gigerhurtz stuff for me today.

        G2>moto cliq :) buuuuurrn

      • Foxeh

        lol! A friend of mine got the Cliq and he hates it so much. Still on 1.5. Motoblur for the win. :P

        But yeah, the Scorpion CPU is actually a component of the Snapdragon chips so that may not be the best comparison. ;) We all agree that there’s more to a phone than the CPU.

  • The Architect(of the Matrix)

    As a physical k.b. lover, my ideal phone would include these specs..

    -4in Samoled screen
    -full (5 row) qwerty k.b.
    -1ghz hummingbird processor
    -5mp cam w flash and 720p recording capability
    -l.e.d. notification

    *sighs* if a phone had all these qualities I’d be flexible about things like build quality, manufacturer and u.i.
    Really such a phone ALREADY exists!!!
    *tear dropping* why do we always have to settle on tmousa!?. Obviously tmousa’s parents(d.t.) are loaded, but they treat tmousa like a foster child. D.t.’s mindset is “hey, as long as the company is profitable, and we still appeal to our base(families and teenie-boppers) why rock the boat. Sad I know, but true.

    • ConceptVBS

      Perhaps you should wait for the long rumored Galaxy S Pro, the qwerty keyboard Galaxy S.

  • Original G1er

    With further thought, I’m now officially hyped for the G2!

    G2 just set the overall standard to be built upon IMO

    -G2’s newer, optimized, powerful adreno 205 GPU will work BEAUTIFULLY with Adobe flash at G2’s fast HSPA+ Internet speeds…. Along with it’s fast, optimized, battery efficient 800mhz scorpion processor.

    (Hey, extra half hour of battery life is crucial a lot of times… I’ll take what I can get to balance along with strong performance)

    -High HTC quality built.

    – Has keyboard, optical track pad to accurately pain free space/correct text (until google comes out with a better touch screen implementation to do so, like what apple did with their magnifying glass) 

    -Has LED flash at least and 720p video recording.

    – a nice 3.7″ wide viewing angle Super TFT screen. (Touted more battery efficient, especially on whites -think web browsing, but takes a hit on contrast/ blacks compared to superior amoled) I love the samoled’s contrast a lot personally, but samsung has those on lock down currently. G2’s screen will be nice and will have some new S-TFT technology backing it at least….

    -efficient, bloatware free STOCK ANDROID

    This is one of the best overall android phones out there, if not the best overall out currently IMO..

    From now on, I look forward to an equally efficient but way more powerful CPU/gpu upgrade, along with maybe a larger and more advanced screen, etc etc.. built upon ALL of this at a minimum with stock android.

    Not just cheap, featureless plastic encased, screen/CPU tech demos with unneccessary cheesy U.I overlays bloat ware.

    G2 overall FTW!

  • Adam

    I guess I’ll throw my T-Mobile employee opinion at the world. I’m super excited for this phone, the HSPA+ along with Android 2.2 is going to give me a super fast mobile wi-fi hot spot anywhere I need it. This alone makes this a phone I plan on buying, and considering I haven’t payed for a phone in over a year, contests, promotions, free phones, thats saying a lot.

    • g2 hotspot-not

      Rumor is that T-Mobile may disable the wifi hotspot until they figure out pricing options.

  • Tpavey

    There is an issue with this graph (it may have been mentioned as I did not read all 136 posts.)

    The Galaxy S series appears to be frame limited at 56fps. There are a number of threads around XDA boards about this. So, while it is refreshing to see the G2 running so well, I’m not sure a comparisson can be made to the Galaxy S phones. Actually, all phones have some sort of cap set in them. The only way to truly test the power would be to make them run in the 20fps range.

  • coolmandingo

    they clown’n with “Just as FAST” as the Droid X.

    • grumpy

      Ya kind of like that maillady troll on here with her “evo ftw” crap I wonder what she things of those scores…

  • grumpy

    800mhz w/ 205gpu vs 1ghz outside of any gpu intensive app which will be faster? I really have no plans on using games or vid I just want a phone that doesn’t sit and think for 3 seconds when I push the home button to get out of maps….

    • Foxeh

      The GPU is not just for games games. Pending newer versions of Android it’ll power the user interface too (it is planned). The iPhone already does things this way which is why it blows everything else out of the water.

      The GPU in the G2 can also accelerate SVG and Flash, but I do not know how Android handles OpenVG.

      A decent GPU will free up the CPU to do more under-the-hood tasks and not be bogged down with moving icons across the screen. The first generation Snapdragons like in the Nexus One and DInc had poor GPUs and relied on the brute force of the CPU, yet still have trouble competing with the iPhone with certain, particularly visually heavy tasks. The MSM7230 in the G2 promises to handle things much more elegantly.

      If the G2 really does work that way I’d be happy, but the fact of the matter is none of us know yet. Theoretically it’s a well rounded and sound device and the Stock UI *should* help make backing out of maps go a lot quicker. ;)

  • yup

    The only thing this thing has is htc widgets … should be a great phone until the next phone comes in december