[Updated] First Vibrant Update Surfaces, GPS Issues Fixed?

UPDATE: After getting Kies to finally work, I got the J15 update installed on my Vibrant. So far, I’ve noticed the GPS locks in less than 10 seconds, so it looks like we’ve finally got a true GPS fix!

UPDATE 2: Looks like Samsung has pulled the update from Kies for some reason!

UPDATE 3: T-Mobile has advised against installing the update from Kies because of some “known issues”. Magenta states that an over the air update will be released soon.

While this might not be the Android 2.2 update we’re all hoping for, I’m sure it’ll generate a good amount of excitement for Vibrant owners. Vibrant owners are reporting that a new update is available for download via Samsung Kies. Users report that the update (J15) contains several fixes including the ability to use the Samsung Media Hub app and more importantly, GPS issues seem to finally be resolved. We’re currently downloading the Kies software and we’ll report back with our results! In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’ve downloaded the update and if you’ve noticed any changes.

Download Samsung KIES here

DroidDog Via XDA-Developers

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  • Getboxman

    I installed the software and my phone is showing up, but it says there is no update available. Any ideas?

    • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

      They pulled the update a few hours ago, and T-mo just told us just wait again.

    • EL

      mine is also telling that theres no update….i need help!!!

      • tmogee

        so if the firmware version says “2.1-update1” it means its already been updated???

      • j

        not 2.1update1 in not the update you have to check the software version

        El you cant get with something that was removed

  • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

    Today will forever live on as the day we all waited for forever, then couldn’t get the software to work before the update was pulled, then T-mo sent us back to “update comin soon” mode, with no explanation of soon and the previous soon coming in one day (by the end of september). #FAIL!!! :)

    • http://None Navixo

      Please turn in your phone, you sir have lost you Android Card you are completely oblivious to the world around you and how it works so just don’t talk anymore, ever.

      • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

        Turn in your man card, you are officially a douche. I know how this works, but it was T-mo who said “wait for it” last night, not Samsung. Die now

    • Jessica

      I agree. Just got my Vibrant today, tried to use the GPS to get somewhere and it locked up. I’m hoping that the fix for this comes soon – and stays up. :/

    • j

      I realize you were told by TMO to wait but they have no control over it so that is all they can say. The #FAIL is samsung. My Vibrant is and always will be flawless! GPS links within 30 seconds which is fine by me and if it gets better, AWESOME. Anyone who cant wait 30 seconds for GPS link is asking a bit too much, sorry, just my opinion.

      • Vibrant Addict

        Except a lot of us NEVER get a lock on the GPS. Doesn’t seem like a bit much eh?

    • getreal

      You Sir are hilarious and I enjoy reading your posts. I am literally laughing while I type this…. Good stuff.

    • http://www.tmonews.com/2010/07/samsung-vibrant-early-adopter-first-day-thoughts/ raymond petit

      I’m with you, Hilt. I am one of the lucky ones who has never had a problem with the GPS but even I have had it up to here with the promised updates that are taking so long to come. I want the lag fixed, I want better battery life, I want a battery monitor that is accurate, I want a task manager,I want to not have updates available that turn out to be difficult to implement and then pulled, but most of all I want stable updates to come in a reasonable amount of time. My middle name is ‘Patience’ but after this I’m just about ready to get Ghetto on Samsung!

    • http://www.tmonews.com/2010/07/samsung-vibrant-early-adopter-first-day-thoughts/ raymond petit

      I forgot to mention that if it was necessary to pull this update off of Kies then it would have been nice to have been given specific reasons as to why. Poor customer skills…correction, no customer skills!

    • wack mode

      u die hoe

  • Ryan

    As much as I despise iPhone fanboys, Android has attracted some absolutely retarded people.

    • http://None Navixo

      Android users that think cell phone carriers have ANY control over when your next android update will come out have their heads so far up their android that they forgot how to get out, they totally live in their own world… up their android.

      • k-mack

        thank you Navixo. you said it so so many of us don’t have to!…

      • pimpstrong

        An OTA Update comes from the Carrier soooooooo…?

      • John

        There are two points to an update release. First the manf has to test the update then send the update to the carrier for the carrier to approve. In this case Samsung did NOT get approval from T-Mobile to release the update as testing was not complete. The problem is that, with phones like the HD2 and Behold II, T-Mobile doesn’t want to continue to push out crap phones or updates that are going to screw up the phone. This is a good thing and I am sure “soon” means just that. Probably a week or so.

  • mike

    Guess it aint working no moe cus i upgraded it earlier was working fine and now its bakc to the same ole thang,,, searchin for location

    • j

      did you enable using wireless networks, if not do it

      • Frigadroid

        J, do you even know what a gps is? Your ignorant denial that the vibrant works flawlessly just shows how little you know. Go back to the peanut gallery and try to convince some 5 year olds that you have a clue what your talking about. Your counterproductive rants are making you look foolish and are of no benefit to anyone here.

      • remixfa

        i just use the GPS fix for my vibrant. i normally get a lock within 20-30 secs. i use it a bit for when im biking to track my mileage. of course, without being outside and using both gps and wireless networks, theres no telling where it will say im at. I woke up last month and it said was in berlin, germany. yet i was still in FL.. lol.

  • tmoled

    So sick of all the android “pros”. Whenever you two are done blowing each other why don’t you kindly tell us how it works? Are you implying that Tmobile has nothing to do with the timeline of the update? If it’s all up to Samsung, then how come Sprint and ATT have gotten updates?
    Do you honestly think that everyobody believes that Tmobile writes the code? Get over yourselves! What everyone is implying is that Tmobile does not have any nards and cannot get the manufacturers to do anything for their customers, they let them off the hook and keep buying their products and marketing and selling their products to their own customers. They keep letting manufacturers walk all over them and we the customers pay for it.

    The phone has been out for 3 months with a major flaw! Why in he(( do people keep defending samsung or tmobile and arguing that this is acceptable. And btw I really don’t care if you don’t use your GPS, that is the worst argument, please keep it to yourself.

    • remixfa

      its up to samsung to produce the update. it is then up to tmobile to do some testing on it, and then allow the OTA.

      The Epic came out with the GPS fix installed. Its update was to fix some MAJOR flaws in the device other than the GPS that the vibrant doesnt have. We also dont know what else goes on behind the scenes.
      Also, They might be adding in the UMA app to the next update. Weve all seen the demo video using the vibrant. That will take extra time to implement as the developer said it cant be just a “market app”, it has to be installed by the manufacturer.

      Bottom line, be patient. it should HOPEFULLY be worth the wait.

  • http://danglinginvective.blogspot.com Mark

    T-Mobile is cautioning against installing the Kies update…


  • PimpStrong

    Well my phone got bricked after doing the Kies update and Samsung said I voided the warrenty by using UK specific software on my phone. Blah blah blah I then called TMO tech support and they guided me on how to reflash the phone (I was doing it wrong). After starting the phone back from scratch, THE UPDATE STUCK and now I have all the new features and updates.

    Built in task manager
    Dedicated camcorder button
    Media Hub (which I will never use)

    Unlock screen requires further swipe down
    YouTube widget that now sux

    It was worth getting the update tho since my GPS works now

    • pimpstrong

      Man my new Avatar looks Cracked Out.

    • j

      Gee, I wont upgrade then as my GPS works fine and best thing on list was working GPS and have one already. Try widget locker app for screen lock issue

    • Dick Richards

      your phone isnt bricked. XDA has a post up in their forum. You have to get into recovery mode and delete user data. Sure, you will have to start over if you are rooted or running a rom, but at least you can start over. Look in the Vibrant forums, or go to page one of this post and check out the links I posted.

  • mrjoeyloke

    This is garbage! I need this update like yesterday! Without working GPS I’m having to reach for the ol g1 all the time! Give me 2.2 as well man! Garbage!

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Watch your battery life if you updated. The Sprint Epic version of this update has a problem where the DRM polling service for the Samsung Media Hub app doesn’t turn off after exiting the Hub app, keeps polling every 11 seconds which won’t let the phone enter sleep mode correctly. Big battery drain. Might be reason why the app was pulled from Kies.

  • trevreds

    The only thing I care about is the GPS getting fixed, everything else is minor or just icing on the cake.

    I got the Kies update and all of the icing, but my cake still sucks! My GPS is worse now than before the update! WTF? Fail Samsung! Fail T-mobile!

    My Vibrant is going to ‘accidentally’ fall into the toilet bowl, and please (T-mobile insurance) send me one that has a working GPS!!!!

  • PlowRox

    Hmm Maybe someone could help all of us that have installed KIES and cant get the darn thing to even see the phone! I’ve tried every combo for the usb/KIES and every time says either no device or cant use that mode!

    So if thats how they are going to have people update then they should expect a barrage of its crapola and dont work support calls!

    And yes T-Mobile has no nards when it comes to supporting their users! Case in point look how google walked all over the installed user base with the nexus!

    They paid samsung for this device and service but they need to turn up the flames on them!

    • pimpstrong

      was your phone in Samsung Kies mode?

    • Vibrant Addict

      Settings>Applications>USB Settings> set it to Samsung Kies

      Another issue I had was thta I was using LauncherPro. You have to go back to TwLauncher in order to go into Kies mode when plugged in. If all else fails, head on over to XDA.

  • drhonk

    This is funny, I got my update this past Sunday and I had no choice since it was an OTA push. GPS was worse and USB tethering feature was not available any more … so I flashed the custom GPS fix .. :)

    • monkeyboy


      • Stickdude

        Yeah – at best I can’t see any GPS improvement, and DAMMIT indeed there goes the tethering.

        Anybody know how to get tethering to work again?

  • meghan

    how do yu put your phone in KIES MODE????PLEASE HELP!!

    • Brad

      Go into your settings, then applications, usb settings, then change it to Samsung Kies mode, then return to your home screen.

  • podstolom

    USB Tethring gone with this update??!!?? Uhhh Ohhhh…..No vibrant for me then.

  • jymmyblanka

    Hey guy you can donwload the J15 on XDA-DEVELOPERS and use ODIN V1.3 GPS work super freaking nice for me….. i like high definition camera now too, uujuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

  • allaboutthat

    tmo and samsung = fail

  • allaboutthat

    should’ve waited for a HTC phone

  • Vibrant Addict

    Just when I think Samsung can’t get me anymore mad, I see this:


    I truly feel gypped now after seeing this. Samsung isn’t giving us Froyo by September because they’re busy making phones for the competition! Not feeling the love from Samsung AT ALL. May be my first and ONLY Samsung smartphone I’ll ever own.

    • remixfa

      u cant be serious.. can you.
      the competition? samsung doesnt see vzw or tmobile as competition, only more space to sell products. the competition is in YOUR head not theirs. Besides, that, when Samsung launched the phone they said they were going to have it on EVERY carrier.
      Thats a good thing, that means that its going to get all the updates (eventually) because its so high profile and they wont dump it like they do with non performing phones.

      • Vibrant Addict

        I really hope you’re right because I don’t see updates going anywhere for this phone.

  • http://none Mo

    I didn’t get any update with Kies, but it does not matter as I now firmly believe that all but one of the GPS satellites have fallen out of the sky or gone out of orbit into outer space because I tried the manual fixes and they worked for a while but now not a lock and only one sat found…

    I can still return this phone… I’m considering going for the G2 even with the smaller space and less speed on the processor but with the reliability of HTC (have not been burned by HTC yet; Samsung: twice, one with a point and shoot camera, and now this phone).

  • Vert

    I did the update, and it worked well. Here’s my notes on the experience:
    * Downloaded Kies, installed, did NOT do Kies update.
    * Set phone to use Samsung launcher
    set USB mode to Kies.
    * Plugged in USB cable.
    * Had trouble getting Kies to see phone after plugging in… rebooted phone and computer and tried again.

    Worked this time, downloaded and installed. Overall, once it found the phone, the process took 15 minutes.

    Note that reboot after install takes a looonnng time (sits at Galaxy S screen). Do not panic.

    This unrooted my phone but worth it.

    Items fixed/updated that I’ve noticed so far:

    * GPS works much better. I could seldom get a lock in my car… today I had 8/11 locked in under 30 seconds. Used it with google maps a while, all seems good.
    * GPS Status app shows good accuracy, down to 15 feet. BIG improvement.
    * Gallery… now shows most recent photos first. I have a lot of photos, so this is a help to me.
    * Swype has voice recognition button. Works great too, better than google’s voice rec, and it works in any text field.
    * A basic task manager has been added in my apps.
    * You don’t have to reboot phone to switch screen font anymore!
    * Seems snappier overall.

    Have had it updated a few hours now… so far so good. Seems solid.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thanks for taking the time to post this informative comment.

  • http://none Mo

    how do you set phone to use Samsung launcher?

  • Hhskurpski1

    I attempted to install the update as well and it is saying no update available I have not heard anything further any ideas??

  • house3272

    yea….i’ve had this for almost 3 weeks now…….

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is interesting, from IntoMobile:

    “Remember the Android software update which dropped yesterday for the Samsung Vibrant that was supposed to fix the known GPS issues? Well, it looks like T-Mobile would rather you wait for the official OTA that should be coming out soon, as the Kies update seemed to have some issues.

    Samsung is said to have removed the Kies GPS fix, so don’t think you’re doing something wrong if you’re not prompted to update through Kies. T-Mobile will announce the availability of the official GPS fix update soon, but the MyTouch 3G and Slide were also supposed to be updated “soon” in June, so take that at face value. We doubt it will take jtoo long, but we do know that T-Mobile can be a little slow to roll when it comes to their launch estimates.

    We’re still not sure what issues the Kies update had, but we’re not really willing to find out. My Vibrant review unit has been one of the buggiest phones I’ve probably ever touched in my life, so I’m not really willing to sacrifice any more functionality from this phone any time soon. While it’s unlikely, it would be great if T-Mobile sent out an OTA that had the GPS fix along with some Froyo. We can hope.

    So if you’re experiencing problems with your Vibrant after updating through Samsung Kies, you may want to call customer service to see what they might be able to do for you. If you’re rooted, however, hopefully you backed up your ROM before the update was applied. If not, there’s a decent number of ROMs out there that you can install if your Vibrant is really suffering. Hopefully T-Mobile will be pushing out this OTA sometime soon to take care of the issues that some of you may be experiencing.

    As for now, we suggest you use the manual fix that we posted a while back still. It may not work for everyone, but many people have reported that their GPS has improved after using it, so give it a go if you haven’t yet.”

    • Chris

      There were issues because those people that just jump the wagon freaking bricked their phones coz they didn’t take out all of the aftermarket stuffs they put in. and by that i meant, the lag fixes, custom rom with tw, etc.

      If they had done the update with a STOCK Vibrant, It would’ve gone flawlessly!!! which is why i am mad at t-mobile. clearly, it was the users problem, not the update. RULE #1 in IT -> “User’s fault.”

      Now everyone has to suffer from people’s stupidity.

  • Todd

    So, what happened to “fix during September”??

  • allaboutthat

    i guess no customer satisfaction award for t mo next year, if they keep this up!

  • jymmyblanka

    you can try this is realy safe on your phone….Dial *#*#1472365#*#*

    3 – Under “Application settings” Change “Operation Mode” to STANDALONE
    4 – Under “SUPL/CP Settings” Change the SERVER & PORT to lbs.geo.t-mobile.com and port 7275 [ Do not use http://www., do not use supl]

    5 – REBOOT

    • jymmyblanka

      rhis information i get from the las update firmware F15…;)

  • vibrant user

    i work for tmobile and i’m beginning to go from concern to overall frustration. The company is starting to really disappoint on a lot of levels. This phone should have gotten an update a long time ago. Especially considering we were the first in the u.s. to release a galaxy device. This is so disappointing man.

  • Vibrant Addict

    For those NOT on Facebook, here’s an update from Samsung on there, should calm us a bit but I HOPE they set specific time frames by then.

    Samsung Mobile
    T-Mobile and Samsung are hearing your questions regarding timing for the Vibrant software upgrade. We are continuing to work diligently to provide you with improvements in an effort to provide you with a high quality experience. We plan to have more information to share next week regarding timing on when these updates …will be delivered to customers over-the-air. Thank you for your patience.

  • Phaelenx

    I updated my phone a few weeks ago and so far so good. The only thing I absolutely HATE is my freaking swype dictionary keeps suggesting hidden words that I have to delete. My GPS is definately faster with loading. I’ve also noticed some new widgets too like the HD cam and the Task manager. Pretty cool overall.

  • http://www.tmonews.com/2010/07/samsung-vibrant-early-adopter-first-day-thoughts/ raymond petit

    Its day two of next week about 8:00 pm. Will we hear anything before Friday? Let’s all stay tuned!

  • djerrodb

    When I called T-Mobile today (13-Oct) to inquire about a “faulty” media scanner, I asked about the future update making sure to mention my issues with the GPS as well. At first the service rep told me that an OTA update hadn’t been pushed and he had no timeline for one. Then, just like that, he gave me the address to this post (he made sure to spell it out for me for the sake of clarity) and told me I could find all the information on a working GPS update here but that I would have to install it manually. I’m on Mac at work and Linux at home and haven’t really taken the time to try to get Kies working on my netbook which is my only current Windows box. Will see if it works.

  • MWillams

    The updates fried my first vibrant. Completely made email unusable. Wouldn’t sync or request new emails. Couldn’t count either…at one point I had 27 of 22 messages unread from a Verizon account and -1 unread message of 8 in a yahoo account.

    TMobile blamed Verizon and Yahoo. Finally after 14 days got a replacement phone. Only took 4 trips to the store and 3 customer service calls.

    Got new phone up and then this morning…new update arrived. Phone not usable until update is accepted per Samsung and Tmobile. No one can tell me which update this will be. No one knows if it will fry more phones. No one claims to have tested the update at all.

    Can’t wait for my next $500 paperweight.

  • Craig

    I got my update to version T959UVJI6, but I wouldn’t say that the GPS issues are fixed. It can still take a very long time to get a lock. Also, the Navigation app can be very sluggish, and even when I do get a GPS lock, my location on the map can jump around considerably.