(Updated With Yet Another Video, With Gaming!) And Two More T-Mobile G2 Unboxing Video’s

Rather than add this into the previous unboxing video post, we wanted to make sure everyone see this who might be looking for T-Mobile G2 news and early hands on. So without further delay, one more unboxing video for your viewing pleasure!

And we’ve added yet another unboxing video courtesy of our good friends at Wirefly!!!

Thanks dotradder!

Thanks to one of our TmoNews forum members, Shinkinrui for getting the top video up!


  • trap

    is the memory card behind the battery?

  • Me

    Can someone tell the idiotic man-child ass chump, that we want a G2 unboxing- not a GD game demo of his emulators. I’m ashamed that TMO even posted this… What BS!!!

    • shawn1224

      Far be it for you to realize but some of us actually want to know what the capability of the GPU is.

      So politely crawl back into your hole please. Thank you

  • Mr. Barrow

    did any1 start tethering for this phone yet. if so post how