Motorola Announces Updated Android Dates For Cliq/Cliq XT

It was just the end of June when Motorola announced its delay in Android updates for both the Cliq and Cliq XT. To say that some of you were upset would be putting it mildly. The lack of communication between Motorola, T-Mobile and those that owned these devices incensed some of you particularly with the debacle of the Behold 2 update from Samsung fresh in your mind. Well Motorola has decided to be a little more upfront this time rather than waiting till the last minute to update the status of the desired Android 2.1 update. The late Quarter 3, early Quarter 4 timeframe means pretty much anytime from September through October is the likely target. At this point, we wouldn’t ask anyone to hold his or her breath on this release schedule though. I suppose at the very least, this time Motorola was a little more proactive in updating their customers. Maybe they liked my editorial?

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  • Steve

    Exactly right…too late. The CLIQ is good, but praise Motorola for not leading customers on anymore? Weak.

  • mingkee

    motorola Android phones are the worst!
    1. slow to update
    2. hard to root
    3. dead-locked bootloader (no custom ROM)

  • hani

    Better Late than never…

  • moto sucks

    I researched this phone and the chart said 2Q. Now its almost 2011 and no update. Companies are being childish about whose not releasing the update. One thing for sure I have lost all respect for both companies. I’ve always trusted in motorola since they have been in communication forever but the poor quality of this device and customer no service. Tmobile with its constant dropped signal and 3g outs. If I wanted a crappy non 3g device I would have chosen a free phone. After my contract is up I am strictly a HTC person atleast they don’t load propriety third party os over an os. Their phones work without flaw. Also they are first to be updated.

    • Bobert

      WTF? What is Sense?

  • remixfa

    if the moto phones were slow to update, why is the droid on 2.2? lol.

    look, it sucks.. it blows, but its reality. motoblur isnt sence or touchwiz, its not a skin over android, its built into android. The reality is they cant get the darn thing to update because the system is so locked down because of the customizations. going from 1.5 to 2.1 with all the new changes is basically rewriting everything from scratch on the cliq/motoblur phones.

    Why do you think original motoblur phones no longer exist? its now what.. “philblur”? I dont think they really thought ahead with the whole “update” thing when they released the phone. It happens. There is no garuntee for an update. Dont buy a device with a promised update. If it was good enough to buy then, its good enough to use now. The lack of updating hasnt made the system worse, its still the same as when you bought it.
    Enjoy the phone for what it is, or get a new one, cuz i gots a bad feeling this phone may never get successfully updated…. at least not through motorola’s official channel.

    • Cassie

      OMG thank you! Someone who sees it the way I do! “IF YOU DON’T WANT AN OUT-DATED PHONE, DON’T BUYY AND OUT-DATED PHONE.”

      • benjamin

        The issue is we didn’t buy out-dated phones at the time. When I got the Cliq it was before the Droid was even released & I was an early adopter of Android+Motorola. Now, the Droid is on the verge of 2.2 and I’m still using 1.5 apps?

        The assumption of subscribing to Android devices is that they will have (a) more of an open experience (apps/tethering/content/etc) and (b) frequent updates for that experience. Motorola + T-Mobile promised us upgrades to that effect, but have not followed through. Now we’re left with the same device we bought, which could have been an iPhone or anything else that didn’t promise a continually upgraded experience.

  • Jack

    I unrooted my Mytouch in June because I was sure I would get the update. I’m now back on Cyanogenmod 6 with Froyo, because by the time they update us to 2.1 (why bother?) or 2.2, it will be totally irrelevant. Eclair came out in January; there’s no excuse to not have it on a device by now if they’re ever going to do it.

  • jon

    Just use the eclair2cliq ROM, works great for me! They are working on froyo2cliq as well.

  • Joe

    Yes, root it yourself and take matters into your own hands. Chances are it will never get updated past 2.1 by Motorla anyway. Google it.

  • Jon

    At least motorola lets its customers know what is up
    I have a MT3G we are supposed to get an update this month i dont think it will come honestly

  • George

    hurry the F&^% up Moto, you better keep your words this time… but who cares? i m switching phone anyway, the cpu is too slow and now is lagging even with 1.5….errrrr

  • danner

    Too little too late. I use my g1 more than my cliq anyways. I will NEVER buy another moto phone again. Its glitchy, poorly built, and the touchscreen is horrible. Ill be getting an HTC phone again and never look back. Ill try to sell my cliq on ebay but I doubt anyone will want the piece o’ crap. Screw moto

  • Rifleman

    Hearing that the Cliq will upgrade to Android 2.1 is enough to make my heart start racing. Never mind that the Droid 2 comes straight out of the box with 2.2.

    There is a reason why people are leaving T-Mobile like a herd of wild buffalo. For heavens sakes start giving us phones like the competition has to offer.

  • remixfa

    hey rifleman, when there is a better/stronger android phone out than the Vibrant, let me know. :) Nothing compares to its benchmarks yet, and it looks like the first phone that might is the G2, another Tmobile phone.. and this one with HSPA+ which will make it faster than sprint4g.

    Droid2 and DroidX are redesigns of old technology with good hype advertisements.

  • Dubya504

    At least Motorola thinks about their customers not like T-Maybe. T-maybe keeps you guessing and praying and hoping and wondering IF?

  • Trecia305

    I absolutely HATE my motorola CLIQ! i just ordered my Vibrant on Monday and im waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Im using my old Samsung BEHOLD because my CLIQ is such garbage! The only good thing about the CLIQ was that all of my facebook postings streamed on my homescreen…NEVER AGAIN! They could come out with a CLIQ IV for all I care, I wouldn’t get that phone if it was FREE!

  • hahaufunny

    Dubya504 you’re an idiot. Motorola has done nothing. The only reason we are getting this so called “news” is because Moto effed up last time, promising their cliq update by Q2 and on the LAST DAY of Q2 announced that they were in the “testing stages” and it wouldn’t be rolled out until Q3. Get your facts straight before supporting Moto and bashing on T-Mobile.

  • redwoodflyer

    Heads up: It’s now delayed to Q4!