More Goodies Found In Leaked T-Mobile G2 Build

Of course, you remember that leaked G2 ROM.  It did just leak a couple of days ago.  Anyway, some brave souls have taken the time to flash their (rooted) devices with the leaked ROM and come across some interesting finds.  Namely, there are some included Apps and Widgets that definitely mark this as a T-Mobile phone, but we knew that already.  Up above is the G2’s noteworthy welcome screen, making sure to note the speeds that this device will enjoy.  The rest of the screenshots can be found below.  So take your time, stay awhile, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

DroidDog, Phandroid

Widget pop up showing the Google Voice widget options

Google Voice settings widget

Google Voice inbox widget.

Set up and customization windows.

A look at the included T-Mobile Apps.  Also, VANILLA ANDROID!!!!!!!!!! (I can not stress how much I like this enough)

Welcome and Calibration screen.

A Look at the 7 homescreen previews in Vanilla Android.

3D app drawer with a look at the included T-mobile (My …) apps.

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  • snoopyalien24

    OHMAHGAWD lol…. should i wait for this or go mytouch slide?

    thanks in advance :D

    • akil

      get this why the hell would u get the mytouch slide when this is coming out

      • timmyjoe42


  • Gabriel

    I can’t wait for this.. I want this phone so bad.

  • J1

    Im a lil bummed that this device doesnt ship with neopolaton froyo, but i suppose vanilla froyo will be a worthy

    Off topic: I cant wait to see the dog fight between the T-mobile G2, sprint epic 3g, and the verizon droid 1.5.. In a showdown of froyo based, physical k.b. devices.. the battle will be legendary!!!..

    It shall take place on the outer-most ring of jupiter.. it will be broadcasted via satellite simutaneously to 12 countries, 20 planets, and 5 galaxy’s, by skynet in close collaboration with n.a.s.a…

    The battle will be narrated by james earl jones, and judged by: luc skywalker, buzz lightyear, the oracle, stan lee, and harry potter(with judge dred available as a liason)..

    first place prize will be a replicla life saber, and a factory refurbished iphone 4(w/a 2yr contract ofcourse), autographed and personally delivered by the extraterestrial and all knowing iSteve jobs..

    The losers shall face a firing squad consisting of g.i. joe, king leonitus, and the terminator.. their remains will be scattered in between the milkyway and hershey bar galaxy’s.. oh what a glororious battle it will be indeed!!!..

    sorry folks just trying to inject some humor on this board, because some of these post sre waaay to serious.. lol

    • Ivan

      Vanilla Android isnt a ” substitute ” anything other than Vanilla Android is a ” substitue ” retard. You seem like your a, idk I just feel bad for you.

      • J1

        @ Ivan (sigh wondering why I’m even wasting my time replying smh)

        1) so I take it that you actually believe there is a such thing as “neapolitan froyo”..

        2) the fact that this device will ship with stock android is a blessing/miracle on earth.. for which I’m extremely grateful..

        3) I take it you know how to read.. so the next step is to comprehend what you read o.k. .. That way you won’t sound like what you are accusing me of being..

        4) dude I was just being facetious, even if I wasn’t, if you think its ok to throw around the “r” word simply because you disagree with my post, then I feel sorry for “you”..

        5) reading some of your past post you seemed pretty even kealed, I’m surprised to see(read) you go postal.. never the less.. “f@%k yo couch” (in my david chapelle/rick james voice).. lol

        *Apologies to the community/board/admins for ranting off topic..

      • ihatefanboys

        lol, he is not wise in the ways of the force. only a poser would think vanilla android is a substitute. and yes that long drawn out story kinda makes him sound like a dik

  • just me

    glacier is not going have dual core proccessor; its going 2 newer 7×30 board found in the G2; so all the benchmarks shown about the glacier are the same for the g2 so that makes the g2 more incredible

    • TMOprophet

      I saw this, I guess it is possible.

      Heres why, like I reported the other night, the G2/Vision showed up on the Glbenchmark site and scored 1370, now thats not too shabby, its conceivable that the Glacier only scored slightly higher because of having its processor clocked slightly faster..say 1Ghz instead of the under-clocked 800Mhz in the G2.

      On the flip side, we still should be getting some dual core device as it has been rumored several times..I say it will still happen, but perhaps it is not the Glacier after all..maybe something not yet known.

      • ihatefanboys

        i dont see what they hype over “dual-core” is, i have a 2yr old G1 with a rom from cyanogen running 2.2, its damn fast, faster than even my original 1.6….if the g2 is even slightly faster ill be a happy camper for the next 2 yrs, im not hard to please…youtube videos run fast and fine, the bigger higher resolution screen combined with the speed of the HSPA+ network will make me feel like a lil kid with the best new toy on the block. keep your dualcore 4inch screen monsters, ill get the G2, and itll keep me happy for 2yrs till the g3 comes out. p.s do you know the diff between a 3.7 inch screen and a 4.0 inch screen ??? its .3 inches, thats less than an inch and these idiots say its a dealbreaker…imagine them telling their girlfriends its not a 3.7 inch penis, its a inch…the girl would prob laugh and say whats the difference? lmao

      • Cybersedan

        All this hype about procs with more Ghz and dual core chipsets is starting to make us Android lovers sound more and more like some of those sheep that want bigger GBs and the wifis.

        Android as an OS has become more and more efficient, each version seems to run faster than the previous on the same hardware. OEM’s are trying to squeeze as much battery life as they can by using processors that are more efficient while Google works on making Android less of a resource hog (not that it is).

        It’s a simple balancing act, all I want is a phone that performs every task I throw at it smoothly and is snappy and responsive, and I don’t want to plug it in ever 4 hours. If a manufacturer can give me that package, I could care less what the CPU speed is or how many cores it has.

      • ihatefanboys

        @cybersedan….amen brotha’… the bigger GBs and the WIFI’s , classic, reminded me of that animation…these guys dont understand that it prob wont even make much of a difference….if a phone were to process that fast, u would want it to slow down just a bit…unless your running a xbox360 or ps3 emulator off your phone, its uneccessary. i used to make fun of these guys, asking them if they plan on running a windows server from their phone…like its a hard drive or something….lol

      • TMOprophet

        You guys do realize that the dual core QSD8672 chipset, despite having two cpu running at 1.5Ghz, still gets better battery performance than the previous Snapdragon processors.

        All this complaining about people who want better more evolved products, thats a shame that you all are close minded and as Mailman says, you kinda do (based on your own statements here) sound like a bunch of settlers.

        There is nothing wrong with wanting products to keep evolving and getting better. That’s what this is all about. And if there are those who don’t care for more advanced devices, then fine don’t buy them. It’s a personal choice. So stop whining everytime someone says they want a dual core device.

    • just me

      @ihatefanboys its actually .3 inches not 3 inches theres a big difference

      • Cybersedan

        For me, it’s not about settling, plain and simple. Settling would mean I’m accepting something that is sub-par and doesn’t live up to what I expect in performance.

        I simply said I want a phone that performs every function fast, that is snappy and reliable and I don’t have to plug it in every 4 hours. “I don’t care” what the stats say at the end of the day as long as the performance is there.

  • ocguy71

    i’m going to sit back and see what other new toys htc will come out with. it should be good.

  • Original G1er

    It’s AWESOME that G2 comes with a 3.7″ screen….. Smart move.

    With the extra heft that comes with the keyboard.. Putting a 4.3″ screen or even a 4″ would make it cumbersome to hold as a phone.

    Currently I like 4″ max screens on phones. Like in the vibrant. It’s nice. But in a physical keyboard phone.. currently, it would be big.

    Perhaps in the near future they’ll incorporate some type of paper thin screens on physical keyboard phones to make it slim as possible…

    Imagine 4″ screen Samsung Vibrant thin phone with a physical keyboard…. would be awesome. But currently it seems it’s not possible to produce one to the mass.

    • TMOprophet

      I’m sure it will happen sooner than you think

    • meee

      Samsung epic has a a keyboard and 4″ samoled. If only it were gsm.

  • j

    Does someone know for sure whether or not the phone will have a physical keyboard? Do you know the screen size? Do you know that it’s 3.7 inch?

    • Andrew

      yes, it will have a keyboard, 3.7 inch 480 x 800,

      • ihatefanboys

        so many wierd questions, u would think half the people that come to this site literally just got off a boat. guess they havent even bothered to try to look up the pictures that hav been circulating the net for the last 2 weeks. lol

  • going_home

    Rumors are that 1ghz processor and 512mb internal memory are required for Android 3.0 Gingerbread.

    Will this phone have what it takes to get Android system upgrades ?

    Thats what worries me. TMO has a history of releasing phones that cant get Android system upgrades, or that can receive only one upgrade.

    Look how many Android system upgrades the Nexus One has been able to handle.

    From my next phone I want the latest greatest hardware and software with longevity too !

    The G1 was outdated a year ago as far as Android updates.

    I want longevity in my next Android phone TMO !
    Any TMO execs read this site and its comments ?

    I can wait till the next Nexus comes out, sitting here with my N1, but I will buy (off contract) the right phone.

    I will accept no more MTS3G’s (returned it after less than a week).


    • ihatefanboys

      i dunno what phone u had from tmo, but my G1 got every update up to 1.6…..the phone couldnt handle the other updates, its not TMOs fault. blaming it on TMO is whining at its best. do some research. if not for the devs, who strip down the OS the G1 wouldnt even have been able to get to 2.0 let alone 2.2….and like i said, its severely stripped down. so get over your worrying, the G2 is exactly like the N1, but more powerful, again more research would help u, theyre confirming the G2 will match up with the EVO, the DROID X, etc…so stop calling out “TMO execs”

      • going_home

        Ok smart guy.

        Wheres the specs ?

        Where does it say “the G2 will match up with the EVO, the DROID X, etc” ?

        Want to back that up genius ?


      • J1

        @ ihatefanboys

        1) google or bing search facetious.. I guess you missed the part where I said I was merely attempting to inject a little humor onto this board

        2) serioulsly dude where did you come from?!.. because I swear I don’t remember reading a post from you prior to 2-3wks ago..

        3) if my long drawn out post makes me sound like a idk.. then your long drawn out rant/tirade/blatant rip-off of edwards post on pg 1, makes you sound like a anal retentive, know it all douche.. who enjoys nothing more than sifting through other people’s post looking for a way to 1 up em in a weak attempt @ self validation.. more often than not you just end up “whining” about other ppls “whining” and its disgusting yuck..

        4) rest assured I will never ever again reply directly or indirectly to a post from you or ivan, so you two have a nice life k..

        5) oh that sound you hear is my flame thrower powering down as I take the high heading far far away from trollville or w/e you two come from..

        * apologies are in order again guys, which I extend to community..

      • ihatefanboys

        wow, what difference does it matter where i came from ? i used to post here under yankeesrule587, but i started using this name that ive been using on other sites, namely movie sites, where fanboys are prevalent. it seems the name applies here as well. i assumed when u said “neopolitan froyo” that u meant u would rather have stock android w/sense, but that u were saying it in a creative way, im sorry if i mistook your humor as creativity. flaming me for that, yes, its childish. my post may have been long and drawn out but it made sense, compared to the dribble that he wrote…and again, yes , i love sifting through posts lookin for things to rip the self-assured keyboard jockeys to shreds over, especially when it comes to whining about what a phone does and does not have. i am not a troll, im a beacon of common sense. ..and speaking of google…@going home …..look up what cyanogen and other android related sites are saying after breaking down the leaked rom combined with what is known about the chip, do some research, i dont have the time to go scouring for u, u seem to hav lots of time to call me a genius tho..the chip will “put it at the same level as the best android handsets available today, the vibrant, the droid x” that was the quote, not sure where it was from…i guess everyone needs it in black and white to believe it….yawwwn why do i argue with fanboys, ill never know, its fun ,but u guys are too uptight..kinda sad

      • just me

        @going_home the glacier has the same proccesor as the g2 and the glacier was up to 3x faster so ihatefanboys is right its actually better than the droid x and evo way better

      • TMOprophet


        You are like one of the biggest fanboys in here, so stop whining

        G1 this, G1 that, G2 this ,G2 that, OMG, just tattoo a huge letter G on your forehead and be done. Whats your favorite movie?….”G” Force

  • vinny

    Have they given the specs for internal memory? The only soft spot on the Nexus One was internal memory capacity, hoping the G2 comes out with 8gigs. The device reminds me so much of my Nexus One, you take (Google + HTC = Winner) Hoping the G2 has a very strong radio with very smart antenna placement. This device says Winner all over it.
    Thank You T-Mobile.

    • Rilesman

      But everyone whined about the Vibrant specs before release and it has what???? 16 gigs? I agree, more internal would be nice.

      I vote for 4″ screen….kindof concerned about future phone purchase….would like HSPA+….so it would be nice for a vibrant refresh…is that possible…is the radio separate on the Hummingbird (too lazy to research myself).

  • big Jake

    Imma get tis phone only because its new but… seriously its not not what I want wheres our evo like device tmo how long do we have to wait, GLACIER

  • MJ

    I really hope this thing does have the 1Ghz processor like it was reported earlier. Anything less would be a step backwards. Now keep seeing conflicting reports (800mhz vs. 1Ghz).

  • Isaac

    It looks prety good. I like the GUI. but I just cant get rid of the fealing that this is just the same old same old. I hear that the processor is 800mhz but it has a better GPU built in. I want to know what would the device look like.

  • Original G1er

    If tmobile had the evo I wouldn’t buy it.

    Evo is a ugly phone. Especially the back. Seriously the front and back of the evo is nothing to admire. What’s with that touch of red? So out of place. IMO.

    Despite it’s specs and offerings. I wouldn’t be able to carry it in my pocket…

    lol, evo. Now if you take an evo-like phone and have a complete make over than yeah I’d welcome it to tmobile of course but evo as is… Naw. I didn’t care and don’t care tmobile didn’t get the evo.

    Surprised people go ape sh.t over the evo, droids and epics etc… Their not stylish at all. Looks like something someone in the boonies would buy at walmart thinking he’s in the future now. “Kyle, you get dat droid booy?”

    No thanks.

    Nexus one, iPhone4, G2, as of right now are the only ones that look classy. IMO. Vibrant despite it’s plastically feeling case is decent too.

    I’m dubbing droids evos epics incredibles… “trailer droids” “get em pa”

    Kill rant. Sorry just dislike those phones by verizon/sprint which are getting a lot of credit/putting tmobile to shame by a lot of people.

    Those phones look like they should be sold at walmart exclusively.

    • TMOprophet

      While you have made great points about the G2 being better than the Vibrant, I do think that I must disagree with your claim that the Evo and Droid X are ugly, I actually really liked both of them, had hands on time with both and loved how they looked.

      Could they slim the Evo up a bit..maybe, but still a great looking phone..IMO
      And the Droid X, loved it, its cool and badass.

      I do like the G2 as well, its clean and has a very classy look to it. It def looks like quality hardware.

      As for the poor Vibrant, I love that Samoled screen, thats about it though, I strongly dislike the rest of the phone.

  • Bobert

    TMO is like the poor little retarded kid who wins once in a blue moon

  • bobby

    Vanilla android is cool, and the G@ looks pretty good to me, more of a contender. But I have to admit, I enjoy the espresso sense on the slide. Has some nice touches to it.

  • currator

    you know i looked at the empty space on tmobiles website and you know everybody keep saing that its gonna have a keyboard but really looking at the pic it does not look like it. but i prob wrong i mean the first g1 had a keyboard but this g2 might not i guess we will have to wait for them to release an offiicial pic. put when i look at those pics that does not look like a phone they would sell i think it will have a different case design. but thats me. it seems lately tmobile has been really tight liped and as much as i want this phone im a gonna wait and why you ask. i got a buddy who works for tmobile and back in june he told me tmobile will be releaseing some really good phones before years end in june. he said he could not say more then they had 16 new phones releaseing so the vibrant and charm has been released so we will have to wait and see

    • David

      It’s the G2, I know some of you want to say there is a chance it might not be, its the G2 and the 16 phone thing was published everywhere so its more likely that your buddy read it somewhere than actually knows the 16 phones.

  • derrickps3

    no thanks, waiting on the winmo7 phone for tmo :)

  • AM123

    I’m gonna go ahead and talk about the pink elephant shown on other sites last night. The thing looks absolutely gorgeous. Like a Nexus 2 or Evo with a face lift. Why the hell is big red getting it and not Tmobile??? I don’t know about you guys, but seeing that picture has ruined the possiblility of me getting the G2 and I’m definitely not gonna wait around to get that espresso carrying kiddish Mytouch HD.

    • ihatefanboys

      “pink elephant” ??

      • AM123

        The Evo-ish looking HTC beauty that was outed late friday night.

  • currator

    to tell the you the truth daivd he said they showed them several of the and it was a guy from corp. that was there and he had a few of those phones with a little info on the rest he said he could not tell me more and like a month later that roadmap showed up. so he was on the money before i read it anywere so im just saying the way he made it seem is tmobile about sucker bunch some cool phones out so ima gonna wait oh and the htc that showed up on the internet yesterday i dont think is going to big read main reason is it would compete with the moto x soo it is not going there but could be that us version on gsm.

  • Midori

    I really think that very first image of the MyTouch HD that looked like the slide without the keyboard is going to be T-Mobile vers. of the Desire HD because based off the mytouch 3g and slide designs can anyone actually see the MyTouch image on that phone shown on BGR? That first phone had a what is rumored to be an 8mp cam, ffc and probably espresso and it look like it fit in with the mytouch line up and then the first mytouch is getting cancelled so it would fit in perfect. just my opinion though.

  • Shawn

    just curious, why do you guys want this phone? I don’t understand why someone would pick this over a vibrant. I mean, how fast do you really want to download your porn, is 5.7bitsps vs 14 or whatever hspa gives you really that huge of a difference?

    plus after using the touch keyboard on the vibrant, I would never go back to a physical keyboard.

    i think this phone should retail 99 bucks, and they should have just thrown hspa+ onto vibrant

    • Original G1er

      G2 is a higher quality built phone than the vibrant.

      G2’s brushed aluminum/Teflon coated rubber parts > vibrants plastic/chrome ring

      Also, G2’s physical keyboard adds an luxury option, like controls for certain games. You have both on screen and physical input.

      Also, yes the higher Internet speed is crucial. For google maps, YOUTUBE, market, web etc. There were many times where me and my friends/family were looking up something on google maps and it would take a while on the vibrant to load. We were standing there for a minute saying “it should load up any second now…..” over and over.

      So yes, the higher Internet speed is a huge plus. Why would it not be? Hello? 

      G2’s Stock android is much better than that touchwiz3.0. Samsung vibrants touchwiz3.0 U.I  alone made me embarrassed to show anybody anything because it looks like a knock off iPhone OS. One of my family members who has a iphone4 laughed at the vibrants U.I/app launcher calling it a wannabe. I agreed. If I want android, I want it original stock version. If I want a iPhone like OS, I’ll buy iphone4.

      I bought the Vibrant beginning of August. Returned it before the 14 days deadline period because of the inevitable G2 September release. 

      Why did I return the vibrant? 

      1. Cheap feeling plastic case. The chrome ring wasn’t that great either. So 2008 iPhoneish. Vibrant makes want to buy an iPhone 4.

      2. Samsungs touchwiz3.0

      3. G2 was on the horizon.

      G2 is a true original android phone. Where as Samsung vibrant tries to mix unoriginal iPhone knock off qualities into it.

      • TMOprophet

        OriginalG1user for the win,

        Sorry but aside from its stunning display, The Vibrant doesnt have much on the G2, like this guy pointed out, the G2 is better and more attractive in many ways.

        I dont even like keyboard phones..but I may get this one.

  • threetee14

    im afraid the G2 won’t be upgradeable to gingerbread 3.0. Sure, it’s stock android and would make it faster to upgrade the firmware, but so was the G1, which stayed at android 1.x

    will the G2 stay at 2.x?

    • TMOprophet

      You dont know that yet, I would guess that it will be upgradable.

      If you are going by the leaked rumors of what Gingerbread requires, your wrong. Those were simply false rumors, Google came out and said so themselves.

      Gingerbreads requirements at this point are still completely unknown, and the G2 as well as perhaps several other existing devices may qualify for upgrades to it.

  • Moses

    The g2 will be comparble to the epic. Not quite is good. Its processor is an adreno 205 snapdragon. The evo, incredible , and all other new htc phones have the adreno 200 snapdragon chip which is severly slower than the 205 chip. The new processor is almost as fast as 1ghz hummingbird even tho it runs at 800mhz. Look it up

    • Original G1er

      Specs wise, maybe G2 will be comparable to the epic. G2 will probably have some trump cards up it’s sleeve that’ll have it’s +/-‘s. If not and it’s equal to epic.. Still I’d get the G2 over epic.

      G2 is sexier looking. Period. It comes with stock android froyo. None of that touchwiz3.0 garbage overlay that’s on epic.

      IMO, iPhone 4, G2, vibrant, nexus one are the phones to get so far. And maybe that new gray/silver looking verizon htc 4.3″ one that was leaked recently. And of course the Glacier. And 1 of the windows 7 phones.

      Droids, incredibles, evos, epics.. Nope.

  • FrightenlyInteresting

    It’s a dual 800 mhz, I work at a corporate store and had this confirmed by our htc rep who had this phone hands on. Expect it in the next month or two.

    • TMOprophet

      Firstly we know when its coming, sept. 29, a day before the R2D2 droid 2,

      Secondly if its a dual core..provide evidence, so far we have lots of good information to contradict your statement.

  • ObsceneJesster

    You all are going to be so upset after you waste your upgrade on this device and HTC’s dual core monster sporting a 4.3in screen, HSPA+ and Gingerbread get’s released in December.

    • Em2drvr03

      not everyone wants a 4.3 inch screen….and to me a dual core in a phone is pointless….how much faster do u need things to go……o hey look my phone can open gmail .003 seconds faster …yay

      • Cybersedan

        Agreed, this dual core hype is getting out of control. Seriously how much faster do we need phones to be?

    • Steve

      Not really because I’ll stick with the G2 for a few months and then YOU will be upset when in mid 2011 HTC comes out with their triple core, 4.5″ inch, Honeycomb monster. Ok I made those specs up but you get the picture. Something better will always come along and make the older phones look obsolete.

  • going_home


    No sir, you dont get to come in here spouting nonsense and then tell me I need to go find it ?

    Go big or go home ihatefanboys , post up a link to prove your statement or be found
    full of F A I L .


  • Jon

    A friend of mine, who works for tmobile, saw a g2 the other day and confirmed it has a headphone jack, which I haven’t seen confirmed yet, a 5 mp camera, and a seven screen home screen. He also confirmed the absence of a front facing camera, but did say that it was generally awesome. He also said that the hinge is metal, and seemed very solid.

  • Original G1er

    Battery life on said 1st generation dual core 4.3″ monster?

    Umm no. I don’t want a 4.3 screen dual core at the moment… 3.7 – 4″ max is fine. Both hardware/Software/game support isn’t even there yet to beg for a 4.3″ android wise.

    On this years or next years Android? What for?

    Battery life on a 1st gen dual core 4.3″ monster better be good. Phone calls is first priority.

    If this was Apple with Apples high quality app/game store. Then, MAYBE I’d be tempted to get a decent battery life lasting 4.3″ cell phone RIGHT now.

    Currently, with froyo/gingerbread/androids game library alone… wouldn’t warrant the 4.3″ real estate. IMO

    3.7 – 4″ is perfectly fine with androids current software development.

    On top of that, I have a iPad… So I couldn’t care less for a dual core 4.3″ Android froyo/gingerbread phone right now….

    (hold it right there…. Do not try to compare a cell phone like the iPhone to a 9.7″ tablet like the iPad.

    Because 1. iPad has a waaay bigger screen 9.7″ ….3 times the size.
    2. iPad has a waay bigger battery attached to it, considering the housing.
    3. Apples iPad optimized app store. Rebuilt for the large 9.7″. iPad apps can’t run on the iPhone, but iPad can run both. )

    3.7 – 4″ is the sweet spot currently. I’d say late 2011 minimum we’ll probably start seeing true high performing CPU/GPU monsters and the beginning of true next gen software support to take the needed advantage of an 4.3″.

    3.7 – 4 is just fine at the moment on froyo and upcoming gingerbread. After Gingerbread 3.0 then we’ll see.

    IMO It’s not do or die getting a 4.3″ screen with current android offerings. Plus a 1st gen dual core 4.3″ monster better have a good battery life.. Since number 1 priority is phone calls….

    If G2 came in a 4.3″ I’d strongly look at the battery life. Doesn’t hurt me it’s not getting a 4.3″. Not having an battery efficient dual core bugs me more.

    Bottom line. Battery life in a cell phone is key for me. Then comes next gen hardware and most importantly in collaboration with next generation software supporting high resolution with high pixel density screens like the iPhones retina display to get me dancing for an 4.3″… Until then I’ll enjoy a 3.7 – 4″ cellphone and get my larger touch screen fix on the iPad.

  • karlc

    geeksquad….that’s what comes to mind when reading all this crap! its a fu*king phone with the capibilities on a small computer. that in and of itself is awesome. think about it, a smartphone is used and can be substituted while you are away from your desktops and laptops, but not intended as a replacement! todays phones are awesome on-the-go devices that gives us multi-medias at our finger tips until you get home or wherever you are going. and you are a sad individual if you use your phone for your computing needs while you are at home or office. its a device meant to keep you in touch (with what you need–on the go) while you are out and about.
    fu*king processors, chipsets, 1ghz, 800mhz, WTF…..get a grip people…they will never put all that you desire in one package. if they did you wouldnt buy another device…for years!!! they dont want that! your a fish on hook. enjoy the bait. btw, wouldnt it be easier to strap your laptop on your back with a magicjack and bluetooth device haging out your ear…now that would be cool to see!!

  • Barry

    Just outta curiosity, does anyone think or know if Samsung will sell the hummingbird processor to other manufactures or will that be exclusive to them like the s-amoled screen?

    *food for thought* retard is a process used to slow down a yeast doughs fermentation by refrigeration. My guess is some a-hole pasty chef said this to one of his workers back in that day and thought it was funny and told his buddies and it stuck. But people should really watch what they say nowadays you maybe offending a fellow blogger directly or indirectly.

  • racerx

    look at the tmobile teaser and htc smoke picture is it just me or is this the desire hd to be released soon instead of the g2 or are they one in the same. Note the pic in the smoke is identical to the previews of the desire hd. Note 2. ‘The pic on the tmobile teaser site does not match the silohete seen on the G2 as we know it. notice the small notch on the right side of the phone(usb maybe?). All of these clues lead to a Desire release first. could the G2 actually be the Desire Hd. and the slide pics seen in the past few weeks be the Vision/vanguard. Just food for thought, has anyone else noticed this., Maybe both phones will be released in september.

    • Robert

      I agree. I don’t see a KB slider in the picture.

  • SurgioArmani

    Finally found a video of the G2 ROM in action. Nothing super amazing by any chance, but has a demonstration of the Google Voice widgets.

  • halftonehero

    I used to pride the Android community on the fact that it wasn’t filled with spec-obsessed fanboys but I guess I was ignorant. I’m currently using the slide and am more than satisfied with the performance thus far. I’ll be the first in line at my local T Mobile store to pick the G2 up w/o discount eligibility and sans new 2 year contract agreement but I’ll be the first to jump ship if something better grabs my attention elsewhere. Brand loyalty is a joke. You should be a halfway self aware consumer and go where your needs, financial or other wise are met. Sorry for the rant but a lot the comments on this page really, really upset me.

  • A.Minor

    What about the Sense widgets that were said to be present?

  • james

    is it just me or is t-mobile the only cellphone company out there that doesn’t actively try to screw it’s customers??

  • bige2k9

    ill only get this if it gets gingerbread, do u guys know??