(Updated With More Pics) And Just Like That, The G2 In The Wild

Updated: New pics have  been added!!

Update 2: According to Engadget’s tipster, despite what is shown in the very last pic below, the T-Mobile G2 sadly, will not have a tilting screen.

The last piece of the puzzle has come together to get a clear “image” of what the T-Mobile G2 is all about, pun intended. Just like that Engadget has scored what look like the first live images of the G2 in all its HSPA+ glory. Perhaps this will put to rest the argument that the G2 was really the MyTouch HD that some of you loved to speculate in the comments. As we stated, the MyTouch HD should be dropping sometime in November; so for now, its all G2, all the time. One more pic follows below! Start marking the days off your calendar to our alleged release date! Now about that pre-sale?!



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  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I was talking to someone who actually told me that the Mytouch Slide runs smoother than the Vibrant. Not sure how since everyone knows the Vibrant has a faster processor. But does anyone actually prefer the Slide over the Vibrant?

    • http://squarecat.com Scott B

      *Raising hand* Returned the Vibrant after 2 days for the Slide and never looked back.

      Vibrant = Bad reception, useless GPS, laggy UI
      Slide = Smooth sailing

      The Slide isn’t sexy but it’s better than paying $500 to watch Avatar and play the Sims.

      • Trill

        GPS issue will be fixed in September and is the only problem while the minor case of lag is only while swiping the homescreens with certain widgets and will also be fixed but September is also the date for Froyo but nothing in stone yet. Vibrant is great but all the extra junk they add to it pissed me off and I almost regret buying it only because the wifi hotspot feature in 2.2 is possibly going to be removed in every carriers phone or a fee will be attached.

      • Brandon

        what the hell does this have to do with the G2 post???

      • Damian


      • JC

        LOL. I have perfect reception as well as my wife. The GPS is awesome down to 10 feet most of the time. Best of all, the phone is friggin fast. Have you ever used a phone that does 2250 Quadrant? didn’t think so. You can keep your slide :) It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Metro… fine not a metro, a mustang. Why don’t you fanboys take your 2 cents elsewhere :)

  • BillNye

    So from what I can tell is the the port on the left of the phone is either HDMI or Micro USB (probably USB) and what looks to be a port on the right side is actually a dedicated camera button. If you don’t think so look at the 2nd picture and look at the shadow it casts. A port wouldn’t cast a shadow that extends beyond the outline of the phone. As for the rest of the phone I see a volume rocker, camera, flash, speaker port, microphone for calling and possibly a second microphone for noise cancellation or video. The phone may still tilt put the pictures definitely only show it flat so who knows at this point.

    After saying all of this the silhouette of the G2 is much more curved along the edge then this phone is. These pictures show a more boxy phone comparatively.

    The bump is the only thing at this point visually similar to pictures that have been leaked. I wish the spec’s would be released already. I can’t imagine a phone being released this late in the year with 2.1 especially from HTC. They are so good about getting updates out 2.2 would only make sense for them to start with.

  • Exec4Future

    Samsung is awful. I dont care how fast the processor is in the Vibrant, its still a samsung piece of junk. touchwiz is horrible with aNDROID. Need proof? Remember the Behold II? Worst pile of poo to ever be sold as technology. same goes for the Vibrant. I have Avatar on my sdcard and it plays fine on my Slide3G. And the UI is snappy and never lags. Unlike Vibrant. My general rule of thumb: if it says Samsung on it, it sh*t

  • Los22

    I have the MTS. I had the Galaxy for about a week. I went back to the MTS. For me, email is a big part of my day and HTC’s UI for handling emails (especially if you have numerous accounts) was much better than Samsung’s. I did not like the way you switch between accounts. The slide works great for me.

    Despite the faster processor, it seemed about on par with the MTS. Go figure.

  • MC_droid

    I looked closely on the images, as someone who has mentioned, something got either Photochopped or MS painted with a “GRAY” color to closely match but you can see it. Which can fully back that this may not the actual “US” version? OR could be a proto-type US version?

  • MC_droid

    Here are the shots circled. You can really notice that something got “digitally altered” here.


    • alex32

      holy hell..youre right. i didnt noticed that. Still this will most likely be in some way the G2. It has me starting to think that this may still be a prototype. But I have a feeling this is pretty much what the G2 will look like

    • Steve

      The are covering up the identification numbers so they can’t trace the leak. That is all.

      • billnye

        I understand the covering up of id numbers but why do only a couple of pictures have the “digitally altered” areas? The other close-up photos don’t show any signs of being altered. If the ID was there wouldn’t ALL front shots show some sign of altering???? Not that it matters but just a weird inconsistency.

    • atlantian

      hiding the device id id all

    • Heezy

      It might be a prototype but it is definitely a US version, T-Mobile US and T-Mobile Europe has different logos, there are more dots in the overseas T-Mobile logo.

    • teport

      also is you look at the picture of the back of the phone, just to the left of the volume buttons you can see a – button but the + button it also grayed out……. what is the point to that? and also same pic but the bottom left of the phone is grayed out…

  • aaronkt

    Yeah im dying for some new info on this phone. I have noticed the grayed out spot on the phone since the pics came out. Lets just hope we get more news today!

  • aaronkt

    oh yeah can anyone explain the white buttons to me? Also why does the silver around the trackpad look weird, or is that just me?

    • joe

      im guessing that those three white buttons are home screen buttons. so you wouldnt have to swipe to what home screen you wanted you could just hit one of those buttons. just my guess.

  • Matt

    To MC_driod:

    I think if you look close enough the “altered” grey area you are talking about is the “tab” to peel off the initial clear screen protector.

  • Jerry

    Looks like it was photoshopped to remove a prototype number that would identify the person who owns the prototype. See the photo in this article:


  • mwl1119

    Watch it end up being the touchpro 3 with Windows Mobile 7 on it.

  • badbob001

    Seeing some of the Windows 7 qwerty phones coming out, I now see a big omission from the keyboard that bothered me on the G1: the lack of cursor keys. Editing text with a trackball is annoying. Even swype has a cursor-key mode.

  • SprinT-mobile Fan

    I personally like it I think I’ll stay with the “MyTouch” brand but I like how it looks.

  • Eric

    I am very confused. First of all, it seems that there is a lot of anger out there. Are you people out there that angry, for example, and it may include others, At Samsung. Cant you be proactive…sell it, return it in the first 2 weeks, get it fixed under warranty??? Just a suggestion. I am not being a thorn in ur side. I just want to understand

    Might you help me understand.

    I have the Vibrant. But if this G2 comes out. Look at it this way, My friend had the MTouch Slide. It was thick, bulky, the mechanism got loose in a week. To me, that kills me and is worth a few jigs and jags and vibrations (which Is what I get and assume you all call the flutters). I hate the looseness in the slide. Also it is so thick

    And with regards to the other phone. The G1. Wasn’t that phone so tacky, turned up at the bottom. I know nothing about that. With it being so far away from Tmo’s first android phone, was that actually one that was adored?

    So to summarize, I love my Samsung, short of…you guessed it FIRST, GPS cuts out, and SECOND, the jigs and jags, vibrations and flutters LOL

    Would you uwait around for the next great Tmo andorid phone ? …and will it be this G2?
    -is it going to be as good as the Nexus. It has the resemblance of it doesn’t it?
    If anyone can give me personal advice about the G2, what you know, comparing it to the Vibrant and also will it be better than the G1

    It has to be better than the G1.
    The two newer phones in debate, the MTSlide and Vibrant are both better

    I just read a threat about upcoming phones. No one trusts Moto because of something about putting out the Cliq and XT and now the update to Froyo, is that correct?? (the phone is right tho correct?)

    And no one trusts Samsung? cause of the phone ?….not usuually the phone either right? Usually the updates In this case it is the Vibrant they are unhappy with the GPS and jitters

    if anyone can help I’d appreciate it. you can email me at my name with 0668 on the end at yahoo…if u are willing to help, talk about phones. Thx

  • Andy G

    For me the make or break is honestly gonna be memory… The Vibrant had me sold because of the fact that it was basically the HD2 with android and it had 16gb of memory INCLUDED!!! I know alot will say just buy a micro sd card but screw that… I dont wanna spend alot of money on a phone just to have to turn and buy 30-50 worth of additional memory… Included memory is the trump card.

    • James L

      wrong, an hd2 with android is the evo.

      • Coxatron

        An HD2 with android is hacked

      • Andy G

        Your right… fml

  • francisco

    I have a question someone reply ok so I have my Iphone with t-mobile on flexpay if i get the g2 without contract or anything and insert my flexpay sim card wich i pay for 500 minutes unlimited text messaging and unlimeted internet will i get its HSPA+ network ? or do i have to have a regular t-mobile plan to be able to get this speed ? please help me out im looking to stay with t-mobile flexpay to get the G2 and no i dont want no 2 year contract

    • tmorob

      it amkes no difference. if you have hspa+ in your area, and you have a 3g handset, you can use it immediatly with out upgrading, changing rate plan or paying more.
      Simply you will wake up one morning and start using it.

  • Rell

    Alot of you damn people never know what you want I mean seriously We finally had a super phone and all you do is complain it doesn’t have, a front facing camera and five row keyboard, snapdragon 1.5 chip. I mean seriously. You people act like children I know more than half are but come on. The amazing thing is when the Vibrant was coming out you people still complained. Look not every damn phone will have what you want they do that for a reason to get you to by the next model.
    Also with G2 this phone will be just like the Nexus the phone all phone geeks love. The first Snapdragon Android phone that t-mobile didn’t own but did somewhat support. I mean this phone will be fast. T-mobile realizes they can’t compete the same way Verizon and AT&T are. So right now they are just trying to go after first time smart phone users and also trying to keep their teenage market. Remember this people T-mobile is in the big 4 companies it’s number 4. To get to number 1 they would need a bigger budeget, more coverage and more phones.

  • yankee26

    Hey why dose everybody complain about this that and the third….I think this phone will be great come on its hspa+ and that’s a positive and that’s all we really know for now until the real specs come out.

  • LaNsLyDe

    this phone is looking nice…i think i want one, also the vibrant is pretty nice my friend bought one and I actually like it. I was one of those who bashed the phone for having touch wiz and being samsung, but i installed launcher pro on it and all was nice. Its a great phone

  • teport

    why was there no picture of the top of the phone. it leaves out so much info. did they do it on purpose? is the micro usb on the top? people are saying it has HDMI out and that it is below the volume buttons. so the headphone jack, micro usb and unlock button are all on top? does that leave room for a second microphone to cancel out noise? also that better be a flash on the camera and not one of those stupid mirror thing that you see on some phones. there is still a lot we don’t know about this phone.

  • Sketch

    This is in fact the G2. Seen it with my own eyes, held it in my own hands. I’ll let you know that it’s still a prototype, but it is pretty much going to look exactly like the pics. It has a Z-hinge instead of a standard slide out screen, and the back is metal, making the phone a little on the heavy side. Still Micro USB, but there are cables out there that allow for an HDMI out via Micro USB. It’s definitely android OS, no Windows (thank GOD)

  • Bean

    no conference cam no want. glad to see tmobile rolling out devices though.
    too bad the vibrant insists on that stupid laggy touch wiz interface by samsung. that amoled is a beaut

  • cheehuu

    I owned the mytouch 3g(pre headphone Jack) and it was a steaming pile of crap, laggy, super tiny screen ,not fast enough for an on screen keyboard, and no multi touch. That phone was so bad it made me hate android and want a physical QWERTY keyboard back ( coming from a sidekick and a BB curve) Two of my buddy’s have the HTC hd2, another pile of crap, windows mobile is terrible, its also super laggy and its supposed to have a 1ghz processer. Even after the recent update their still unhappy with it. I like my vibrant, I used my 2week return policy from T-Mobile to try and find everything wrong with it and I’m still happy, snappy switching between apps, changes quickly between portrait and landscape and browser is very fast. I was stoked to see HTC was coming out with a physical QWERTY w/ touchscreen, but i don’t think I’ll be purchasing a HTC anytime soon

  • r

    please tell me there is a headphone jack……

  • BrianH

    Another reason for the USB connection on the side may be for some type of dock that allows you to set it horizontally to use for your bedside. I wish it had the connectors like the N1 though.

  • http://androidpants.com tubaking182

    it appears that the three grey buttons on the bottom row of keyboard are “quick keys” and you can customize them to “hopefully” do anything(been testing bits of the g2 build)


    I was so excited about this phone and its ugly as all hell…. i really was hoping for a nice looking device… uuugghhhhhhh