T-Mobile To Launch HSPA+ In 19 More Cities On July 21st

T-Mobile is set to launch HSPA+ in 19 more cities this coming July 21st, making for a grand total of 44 cities with HSPA+ service. T-Mobile has promised 100 major metropolitan areas by the end of the year and with the year halfway over, they are just about halfway there. We know many of you await news on your city, so rest assured as soon as we get another round of launch info, you’ll know exactly where to look for it! Now, someone talk to me about 42 Mbps??

  • Austin, TX ?
  • Baltimore, MD ?
  • Birmingham, AL ?
  • Cincinnati, OH ?
  • Cleveland, OH ?
  • Columbus, OH ?
  • El Paso, TX ?
  • Ft. Worth, TX ?
  • Hawaii Honolulu, HI ?
  • Indianapolis, IN?
  • Jacksonville, FL ?
  • Kansas City, MO ?
  • Louisville, KY?
  • Milwaukee, WI ?
  • Minneapolis, MN ?
  • Portland, OR ?
  • San Antonio, TX ?
  • Washington, D.C. ?
  • Wichita, KS

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  • http://freehtc.com New Castle

    Not to mention the sick new Droid X.

    • 2FR35H

      THat is pacted with efuse so that if you try to put a non motorola approved rom on then it will brick your phone.

      • http://www.abstractwankery.com Nick

        Nope, it won’t brick it, it’ll just make you install a stock one. That is, until someone works around it.

  • Edgar

    Question, I’m currently in Puerto Rico where Tmo doen’st have 3G coverage, today I did a manual network search with my blackberry bold 9700 and the following came up:

    T-Mobile 3G H
    T-Mobile 2G H
    AT&T 2G
    PR Claro 2G

    My phone by default was selecting T-Mobile 2G H, I tried to choose the T-mobile 3G H but I was unsuccessful it automatically went back to 2G, what does this mean? It’s 3G coverage already here or are they testing something?? Thanks

    • Woody

      I called T-mobile in PR and they told that there is no plans for PR and 3G. I also asked if there were any plans to improve the signal in Pueryo Rico and the answer was a straight NO. I’m supposed to renew my contract next month and I’m considering to leave T-Mobile’s great prices and service for a better sigbnal. Sorry

      • Edgar

        Then how come that my phone is registering the (T-Mobile 3G H) network in the manual network search??, it makes no sense. I agree with you they have to improve the call dropping issue as well as the coverage.

      • zerito

        Wow you must have talked to one of the few jerks that work there. In store reps are clueless most of the time since most of this info is not handled to them. Phone reps are way better doing their work. Also PR is not one of the main target markets. There will be 3G eventually but its not a priority right now.

  • Solrac924

    Finally. i’ve been waiting for decent speeds for years. i figured it would’ve come later than sooner here in El Paso but wow, this is a pleasant surprise. 3G came somewhat late here and the speeds very disappointing. you can believe i’ll be showing of to my pals on VZW & the blue deathstar.

    i wonder if my N1 with its AWS bands will perform better than my friends with their G1’s & MT’s.

  • Beasy

    they might wanna check the list of cities with hspa+…..My HD2 has been having the “H” at the top of the screen all day today….switches from 3g to H….havent seen Edge (where i usually see 3g in certain places where the signal is weaker)

  • Blink

    So I’m guessing their plan was to start the 3g rollout a year and a half ago, than after some markets are done, boost those speeds while updateing places with 3g? Not bad…I still think they have to boost their frequency though.

  • Jaymelu

    El Paso Tx!!!! Now thats what im talking about!!!

    • Solrac924

      still not seeing the ol’ H and getting <500 kbps.
      the only place El Paso has HSPA is in the press releases, but not in reality. :(
      am in the far Eastside. is anyone else experiencing it elsewhere in ELP?

  • mike

    I wish tmobile would get us off edge in Deming nm they say its very expensive and I understanding that but the Walmart here has had 9 hd2’s and 4 mts and no display phones. I talked to the comm dept manager here and the tmo rep hasent been down here for 9 months. I feel like if they really wanted to sell phones then they would be more attentive to areas they are trying to get customers. There is only like 30k population here but if they were to stay more competitive in areas where verzion has 3g they could get more customers. I have also noticed my edge speed has dropped a lot. From like 175k to 40k.

  • http://magicbluesmoke.org longcat

    Nice, while T-mobile is rolling out HSPA+, Verizon plans to roll out HSOPA/LTE(UMTS) to 30 cities in 2010.

    This OFDMA-based LTE (which was originally called HSOPA, now is called E-UTRAN, and is now an air interface that is compatible with any IP-based network – not just cellular networks) has many advantages over cmda-based HSPA+. It increases network capacity, is more flexible with frequency allocation, has lower latency, doesnt suffer from breathing cell phenomenon.

    While single carrier HSPA+ may offer competitive speeds for now, it certainly does not scale as well to more users as the ofdma-based LTE. T-mobile should be quick on its feet if it wants to remain relevant for the long term. By the time T-mobile offers a HSPA+ phone, Verizon will already be launching a technology with better scalability.

  • mike

    I will wait to see what tmo rolls out as of 4g. But ive been reading a lot of news were it sounds like they are leaving a lot of people behind when it comes to faster data. I will probably never leave tmo when I first became a customer to them they gave me a chance with the smart actcess plan. My credit was shot due to a bad divorce and they didn’t even ask for a deposit. They just need to make hspa+ the new edge.

  • http://www.youtube.com/thisguyjohn ThisGuyJohn

    Love my Vibrant that I just bought the other night, but the down speed I’ve been getting from my house is still under 1mbps, generally 300-700kbs.. I always stick to my 20Mbps wifi at home, but I’ll be sure to go around town this week before and after the 21st to test the speeds of old 3g and HSPA+ being lit up in Washington DC-Baltimore Maryland.

    Off topic: What Vibrant/stock Galaxy S case would you guys recommend? My friend said this one employee in a NY TMO store had a rubber or silicone type case on his Vibrant and had a nice textured grip to it. I leaning towards getting something like that. :)

  • Cris

    HSPA= Up in this biotch! (Honolulu, HI!)

  • S. G.

    San Antonio, TX

    Haven’t noticed any speed increase, but Mobile network type now shows UMTS as of the 17th of July.

    • matthew

      UMTS is regular old 3G.

      My speed tests in San Antonio are regularly 2.3+mbit/500kbit

      Peak has been 3.4mbit/732kbit

      • J-Hop2o6

        no.. UMTS is the tech of 3G.. HSPA/HSPA+ is the ADD-ON to UMTS (3G).. so no, u wont see the Network Type (in Network settings) change to show HSPA(+).. u will still see UMTS.. but u will still get HSPA(+) tech and speeds increase.. I have HSPA(+) in Seattle, but Android still shows UMTS network.. like i said, that what the 3G tech is BASED off of (with HSPA(+) being an add-on).. makes sense?

  • Brandon Peters

    Just noticed the new speeds take hold in Cincinnati. I got almost 3megabit last night so decided to tether and test. Yup! Its here….!!

    • Meego

      See my post, you need to invest in a HSPA+ supported device and see what’s really out there in the Queen City!

  • Rubinz

    Apparently not listed in T-Mobile’s July list of cities to get HSPA+ turned on was Santa Rosa, CA. I guess the list doesn’t matter as they turned it on today.

    Previously on my Nexus One I would max out with a download speed of around 200-300kbps inside my house and 800kbps outside. But, all of a sudden today I’m getting an average of 3.5Mbps download speeds, inside. Inside! Now that’s what I call a speed boost!

  • khaltz

    heard HSPA+ is in portland Oregon so said an employee at corp store tmobile.

  • Hurlamania

    Hope the stay on schedule here in cleveland need my 7.2
    Will hspa have better coverage strength than there normal 3G
    My 3g is horrible in the house you have to set the phone down
    And not touch it. Out side and about it is sketchy as well.
    When will I get froyo for my slide? Any news out there?


  • http://caseyfriday.com Casey Friday

    This is awesome! I’m already getting 4 mbps in San Antonio. I can’t wait to see how much faster the data rates get!

  • Meego

    Ran a speedtest last weekend in Downtown Cincinnati and hit 5.60Mbps on my Nokia N900!

  • gargoyle999

    Will I see an “H” on my HD2 with HSPA+ or will it still show “3G”.

  • Solrac924

    This is bogus!!
    it’s been a month now & T-Mo STILL hasn’t activated the towers at East El Paso to HSPA. how could they say this when they haven’t upgraded ALL the towers?!? to be honest, i haven’t even seen the “H” anywhere in El Paso. what gives?? still stuck at 300 kbps on my Nexus. =(
    if they don’t do something quick, they’re gonna have some unhappy G2 owners soon.

  • Jgresham74

    We are about fifty miles south of Houston Texas and we get an amazing 2 kbps download and 5 kbps upload. So all of people complaining about 3G can keep your mouth shut.