T-Mobile Closing Its Doors In 2011? Not So Fast!

Update: Thanks to a sharp reader I did indeed incorrectly source the Wall Street 24/7 article which states companies that WILL disappear in 2011 when the Yahoo News article erroneously states companies that MAY disappear, guess I should pay more attention too. Doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t say the company itself will disappear, just the brand so T-Mobile may live on according to them only under a different name and perhaps different ownership. Either way, I still think the article sucks.

For a while now an article has been floating around that originated on 24/7 Wall Street which states 10 Brands that will disappear in 2011. A number of you have written in as though T-Mobile is already beginning to pack it in and I’d like to take this quick editorial to remind you that isn’t the case. Quite the contrary is true and the article itself merely states things that we already know. T-Mobile is in fourth place, check. A merger and/or acquisition of Sprint being discussed, check. Stating that T-Mobile has no future in the US simply because they are in fourth place is just irresponsible journalism. In 2009 the very same article was written with 12 different brands that would disappear and while its true that some did, such as Palm, AIG and Eddie Bauer, not all of them did, and most of them were blatantly obvious and were already on the way out at the time the list was published. As of this moment, there is zero indication that T-Mobile is currently for sale, currently being pursued by a partner or another carrier or that Deutsche Telekom is making an effort to purchase someone else. That’s not to say its not happening far far behind the scenes, but publicly, none of this is taking place.

So while so many of you have expressed concern and written in stated that you don’t want your favorite wireless carrier to disappear, stop acting like it already has. While we won’t sugarcoat their outlook and say that they are likely to surpass Sprint by years end, calling them done in the US is just stupid. That’s just my opinion however and while I hardly qualify as an expert on T-Mobile’s financial position, I know this report also stated Old Navy would be closing its doors and I’m pretty sure I was in one of their stores yesterday as well. Sure you can respond that the year is only half over but since 24/7 Wall Street was only half right last time, lets just assume they’ll be only be half right again. Even if that is the case, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make these predictions, they are merely taking companies that are well known to be in trouble and stating they will close.  I mean really, BP, seriously? Is there anyone out there that actually wants BP to stay in business right now?

Bottom line, stop panicking, and stop reading this as though it’s already happened or that T-Mobile already has a closed sign on its doors. Relax and buy the Samsung Vibrant, you’ll be happy you did.

24/7 Wall Street

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  • currator

    gsm/hspa work with lte its backward compatiable http://www.gsmworld.com/technology/lte.htm soo with that being said which cell phone company is already ahead of the curve. tmobile gsm with hspa+ = easy lte rollout.

    • Damian

      shut up punk

  • sfkj

    yes tmoile will die hahahaha

  • tmonews

    oh no tmobile ending. like it matters

    • Dbaby

      woah, you can’t just give up on tmobile… what about the children? Catherine Zeta Jones? Charles Barkley? Dwayne Wade? the new 4G hottie? My friend, it DOES matter! When the chips are down, you can’t just give up on the world… of warcraft.

  • http://tmonews J1S

    hey! just because everyone else likes getting rape by verizon and at&t doesnt means the rest of us have to. tmo is in fourth place cause they ofer low prices and dont despreatly jump into phones that suck…like the blackberry storm ahaha

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Since this thread is talking about other carriers, I am LOVING LIFE with all the brouhaha over the iPhone 4. HA HA HA HA HA

    Class action lawsuits, one correctly alleging that an AT&T iPhone contract is NOT really for two years, it’s for five years. Why? Because what happens at the end of that two year contract? An AT&T customer’s iPhone is rendered useless if he or she quits AT&T after that two years. The customer cannot go elsewhere. End result, AT&T and Apple deceive customers and its five year contract violates federal law.

    Dissing Jobs for telling people “Just don’t hold the phone that way.”

    A cool phrase is becoming part of the lexicon: The iPhone “DEATH GRIP.”

    Apple LYING to people saying it was a “false positive” in that the signal indicator was inaccurate and it was coming with a software fix (which has been disclosed it would have simply doctored the bars to show a higher reading).

    And now – Consumer Reports announces a “Do Not Buy” recommendation. And a temp fix for the iPhone death grip, Consumer Reports published, drum roll please…. duct tape. Hmm… does Jobs and Apple make a proprietary duct tape that they can charge customers $20 per inch?


    So people talking smack about T-Mobile and talking up iPhone this, for our response, please see above.

  • Michael

    I’ve been with T-mobile since they gobbled up Powertel and Voicestream. For the most part, I am satisfied with their service except, of course, when I am in small town America and I have to borrow a stranger’s phone. I have found their customer service very good the few times I have used it and I like the rate structure but they seriously need to expand their coverage area. Their customers do sometimes visit small towns and would like to be able to use their phones.

    I would hate to see them disappear because eventually it will only be AT&T and Verizon left standing.

  • Ahh Yo

    I just canceled my T-Mobile (7.3.10, I was with them for three years straight and paid the $200.00USD for the termination fee)and went with a more worthy company. I knew that T-Mobile was or is on the verge of going through some sort of transaction. I’m not going to speculate but something is brewing at the main office.

  • Kent

    Oh, let’s be honest. Deutsche Telekom hasn’t cared about its U.S. subsidiary in years — if it ever did. And to be honest, T-Mobile’s ONLY two advantages are:

    1) cheap
    2) GSM, yet not AT&T

    With Verizon soon to transition to GSM, T-mobile will soon have only ONE advantage: cheap.

    Well, when you base your business model on being small and cheap, but not particularly good … well, we all saw what happened to K-Mart.

    • nobody

      TMo US is the most important property DT has, read their financials. Why would they not care about their cash cow?

    • Dean

      Your logic is flawed. K-Mart’s mistake was that it did not embrace its image anymore of being cheap. They tried to go a little more upscale and that is what did them in. As long as T-Mobile stays true, there is nothing to worry.

      Having dealt with all four major carriers, I have to say T-Mobile has the best customer support. They are friendly and actually get things done. If they merge with Sprint, I hope they are smart enough to use T-Mobile’s customer support model rather than Sprint. I left Sprint after making 11 calls to resolve an issue (4 or 5 of those calls their system hung up on me). Their reps were nice but clueless.

  • Karl Roebling

    Talk that T-Mobile will shut down’s ridiculous, seems created by rivals to steal customers. T-Mo’s bigger than rivals Cingular/AT&T and Verizon. Here are the numbers:

    T-Mobile1 (GSM, UMTS) – 65 million
    Cingular (IS-136, GSM, UMTS2) – 49.1 million
    Verizon Wireless (IS-2000) – 42.1 million

    • Kent

      Your stats are bogus.

      Stats as of Q1 2010, as reported by the respective companies and confirmed by independent auditors:

      Verizon: 92.8 million wireless subscribers
      AT&T: 87 million wireless customers in the first quarter of 2010.
      Sprint: 48 million wireless subscribers
      T-Mobile: 33.7 million wireless subscribers

    • Dbaby

      Karl, I wish this were true. You know what, internet people? Let’s just pretend these numbers ARE true and spread that rumor like the plague cuz that’s just good marketing. haha

  • keawai

    Your statement sums it up best:
    Stating that T-Mobile has no future in the US simply because they are in fourth place is just irresponsible journalism.

    It is a very ridiculous article. The fact that they state the U.S. market can only support TWO really successful firms is farfetched.

    We look at countries around the world much smaller and have an even higher competitive nature due to a larger number of firms plus that most European countries have complete saturation for coverage. Anyway…dumb article.

    • excelsior

      Agreed, the 24/7 article only convinced me I never want to read them again. There is a lot of room left for mobile growth. Everything is going to be connected and there won’t be wires connected to each device – thus, “market penetration” as measured by phones per capita is old thinking.

  • Nikki

    It makes total sense to merge with Sprint, without them T-Mobile has no chance. By the time TMO gets 4G everyone else will be running 6G! haha But seriously though I think it would be a very very smart move to combine the 2.

    • nobody

      Yeah, gee, I wish I could “add a G” and get slower service! Sign me up! Moron. And if you hadn’t noticed, no matter what the marketing says, nobody has 4G yet by the industry standard definition of what 4G is. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4G)

      I don’t see anybody hitting 100Mb yet, do you?

      HSPA+ is faster than anything else out there, don’t GGGGet fooled by the GGGGs.

  • WW

    I have been with T-Mo for 4 years and my contract expires in 6 months. I am going to AT&T simply because T-Mobile has no 3g in my area while AT&T’s 3G lauched a year ago. Yes, T-Mobile’s coverage has SLIGHTLY improved where I live, but still not that good. Especially poor indoor coverage inside buildings. They claimed ” sorry, we can’t guarantee indoor coverage..”WTF! Do you want me to get out of my room and make a phone call in the middle of the night? Also, I am tired of waiting for T-Mobile’s 3G/HSPA+ network to be lauched here. Probably, other carriers will have 8G when T-Mobile finally has it’s real nationwide 4G.

    By the way, T-MO used to have price advantage, but not anymore (think about those prepaids, i.e. straighttalk and virgin mobile) and their network is not strong enough….anyways, they’re losing me….

    • j

      good riddance, go ahead and go, if you feel you should get guaranteed coverage inside an insulated building. DUH, there is a wifi calling option, or did you just fail to look into that???? It also depends on signal outdoors, less then 3 bars outside and it will bounce between 0-1 inside, this is reality for any carrier

      • WW

        The truth is, everytime my t-mobile phone has no signal inside a building, it shows that at&t has at least 2 or 3 bars, but i can’t just roam on at&t.

        I feel like at&t signal can get through the builing easily than t-mobile. Is it because they use 850 and tmo uses 1900??

        Anyway, t-mobile has good customer service. But i feel like they should invest more in their networks. If t-mobile can build a good network like verizon, then it can beat at&t easily.

  • rob

    Hate to say it sprint is bad in call reception. I had few friends call me from a sprint phone like talking on a walk a talkie. The merge thing could work. I work for two companies an they are doing just fine.

  • Asparagus

    Has anyone found a fan site for another carrier? Just wondering….can’t find anything on the interwebz……

  • http://squiggleslash.livejournal.com squiggleslash

    T-Mo’s doing just fine. It’s the only operator that takes standards compliance seriously which makes it invaluable as a partner for overseas operators, such as its parent, which means that even if the German T-Mobile decided to sell TMoUSA, they wouldn’t be short of buyers.

    What’s more T-Mobile’s ONLY issue until now has been coverage, and thanks to the AWS auction it now has licenses for the entire country. While it’s been slow to expand in areas it doesn’t have 1900MHz licenses, it ultimately can solve that problem by speeding up the migration to 3G.

    Now, against that, bear in mind the following: T-Mobile is adding subscribers. It offers the most popular prepaid plans, it’s decision to provide lower cost plans for people who don’t want/need phone subsidies is almost certainly reducing churn and helping end the subsidy system, and their early lead in Android phone offerings, continued provision of some of the best Android phones out there, and their liberal data policies, are very popular.

    The ONLY reason I have EVER heard anyone say they don’t like T-Mobile has been the above issue with coverage. If they fix that, they win the universe. If they fix that perception (because, frankly, I’ve taken a train from West Palm Beach to New York, and the only place where I didn’t get a signal was Okeechobee county. T-Mobile’s coverage is extremely good) they probably have a good chance too.

  • Mediator

    See if you all did your research you would know that T-Mobile will be launching the REAL 4G the end of this year…..like others have said verizon and att are not only providing deceiving information but the networks suck as well…yes T-mobile does need more improvement in EXPANDED coverage but hands down where service is available the service is impeccable. While with ATT they have a phone their network cant support (I-Phone) because you have so many customer using a data device all at once in one area what do you get?? Dropped calls galore…software malfunctions, etc…Same thing with the Blackbery Storm with Verizon….as for who will get there first T-Mobile will think about it there were no significant rush to move from 2G to 3G…they took their time to ENSURE that coverage where available can be utilized to the fullest extent. Now they have a good 3G network ALREADY provisioned for the next level versus Verizon having to spend millions and millions of dollars first off replacing the CDMA network with GSM network AND have to catch up data speeds???? Don’t be coy Verizon will definitely be behind and ATT is too busy trying to back track to repair the travesty the I-Phone has caused for its network then catch up with data speeds. Notice I didnt mention Sprint because their so called 4G is actually (WIIMAX)…..so data transferred over Wi Fi would it not be faster??? Once outside of Wi-Fi grid you know have the poorest voice quality out of all carriers..the sad part about this is that I am a ATT customer but I am headed to T-Mobile because not only for great pricing and good phones, but excellent network in major cities which is where I’m centrally located..the tide is shifting here

  • lol


  • Sharon Delaney

    LOL Tmobile will not have 4G by the end of the year. I work for Tmobile and Im unlocking my phones LOL

    • Ted

      Guess you don’t know crap then because they have gotten 4G and at looking at my calendar we are still in December.

    • Mr_atl404

      Guess you were wrong Sharon….WE have the LARGEST 4G NETWORK!!!

  • Tipsofme

    If you work for t-mobile please leave. We don’t morons like you stating things you know nothing about. 4g is a lie on sprints part. Hspa+ will likely get a increase to 42mbs a sec based on the manager trainning that just ended. Everyone just sit back an wait. There is no point in explaining thing to people who are to damn stupid to try a simple google search. Hspa+ wins and sprints (clear wires) 4g is a nightmare. Talk about lack over coverage! Go look at their coverage maps http://www.clearwire.com and enjoy your two hour battery life running “4g” in the one phone that’s suports it. LTE won’t be around for a while. We win. We beat AT&T and verizon to the punch this time and I this tmo is number one. So shut up and move on. Enjoy you slow ass 2 gig data plans with AT&T.

  • Nate

    I left AT&T because there was no coverage in my area. Switched to T-Mobile and have not had one dropped call. My plan is cheaper too. Wish I had switched to T-Mobile sooner.

  • Azure

    Been with T-mobile for three years now. Sprint coverage and customer service were terrible. I hoped to find out more information here but there seems to be too much contradiction for my tastes. As long as T-mobile is here and continuing to do a good job for my wants in a cell phone provider and service I am sticking with them. And Verizon — they didn’t like our “previous history” and wanted way too much money to be with them to the tune of nearly 1,000 dollars just to use their phones!!! And the Verizon “prepaid” versions were terrible service too. Just as bad as Sprint. If I am paying for the service UP FRONT I should be able to make a call anywhere I want. T-mobile doesn’t reach everywhere I go but it does a better job than the alternatives I have tried!!!

  • AT

    Considering I have to sit on hold for 45 minutes at a time to get ahold of a customer service rep, which is almost always outsourced from India/Bangladesh, about why my HD2 suddenly decided to drop 3G and use Edge on my unlimited data plan… is sure signs that this company is not anything what it used to be. Announcing to customers that the HD2 will NOT get Windows 7 AFTER they purchased it was a slap in the face. Telling Blackberry owners that although RIM released OS 5.0 for all phones, TMobile has chosen to NOT release it to any phone other than 9700 Bold in order to make a buck. Makes you think that a company “dedicated to customer service” has choked a fat one lately.

    • Dbaby

      What?! Your phone just up and decided on it’s own to drop 3G and use EDGE???!! I knew robots would take over sooner or later. damn. Look, when you buy a phone, no matter which carrier, don’t ever expect the software to be upgraded. Buying a phone while hoping for an upgrade to the firmware is like buying a car in hopes that the gas mileage will get better with newer technology released.

  • Hans F.

    T-Mobile’s lack of leadership and vision is its biggest problem. Robert Dotson has been a phantom CEO whose marketing gimmicks have not brought the brand forward enough. I don’t see T-Mobile surviving much longer without a merger. Their inefficiency combined with their desperate attempts to stay in the game have put the blinders on their ability to see the big picture and compete long-term in this market. Too many missteps and lack of follow-through on their innovative products like @home and cameo, which have been poorly marketed and abandoned due to a lack of profitability. Their limited selection of handsets, poor coverage and slow network speeds have not made them popular anywhere outside of major metropolitans. From a technology standpoint, Sprint and T-Mo merging makes no sense. Deutsche Telecom needs to take immediate action with their U.S. management and operations.

    • Dbaby

      I saw some confidential T-mo documents that actually said Bob Dotson is a Sith Lord…. phantom menace? Definitely. In reality, T-Mo is fine. Bob wants to pursue his hobby in sailing, they’ve introduced a new CEO and all is well, my nay-saying friend.

  • bldt

    I think its funny. Everyone here is so happy about T Mobile not going under. Well it is. I have 5 T mobile stores and I was told that I could not renew my owner ship with them because they are selling off. HA HA HA HA. That is ok because they suck.

    • Dbaby

      Weird. I hear they’re replacing their owner ship with a battle ship… or maybe a relation ship, I can’t remember. Oh wait, yes, it was a grammar ship.

      • Alex

        Bro ur so funny and smart hahahah

      • brylane

        So do you own stock or hold a very high position with with Tmo? You are very defensive toward anyone who has a problem with them.

    • JLoco

      Perhaps you could’t renew because you weren’t making prophets or, worse, were one of those dealer’s who are the reason why T-Mobile customers get bad impressions.

  • Chris

    Listen, after 8 years as a loyal customer with multiple lines, I was just phoned by a robot to tell me that I domestically roam to much and they are cancelling my one line, (main) but not the others!!!! They are cancelling EVERYONE that hits over 40% roaming in rural areas over a 90 day period. LISTEN once you kill off GOOD PAYING CUSTOMERS it is the kiss of death. This is a last ditch effort to blow the accountants, but this is an indicator that they don’t want $7k a year from an idiot with an 800 FICO. This is good business? SELL RUN SELL RUN SELL RUN SELL RUN SELL.

    • Dbaby

      Chris, Chris, Chris… If you really knew how much it costs a wireless company to pay for other carriers service while you’re roaming out in the boonies, you’d cancel your own line out of respect for the industry and move someplace a bit more, shall I say, current? And, you pay 7 g’s a year? It doesn’t take a FICO score of 800 to calculate that your bill is roughly $583 a month… really?? Sounds like an overstatement. BUY STAY BUY STAY BUY STAY BUY STAY or perhaps YOU should leave (I hear Verizon enjoys providing service where NO ONE lives – that’s a waste of corporate dollars, oh wait, their customers pay for it in the end)

      • Tmo customer

        Dbaby, so if I understand it you feel that if you pay for a service and the company does not provide that service because you are cutting into their profits then you would be okay with that. Is that accurate? I happen to live in a remote place and if a company offers service in those areas, it should provide that service. This is not about someone who is a customer that roams, its about a company that fraudulently claims services they have no intention of standing by if you are costing them the money that you pay them. I am sure you would feel the same way as Chris if it were you.

  • sylvia

    I have been a tmobile customer for 7 years and counting. My whole family has used their service. Before I used sprint, they were ridiculous with their prices. My bill was never the same, always had to pay extra for some reason. Every once in a while I check out sprint, at&t and verizons websites to see their plans. Tmobile beats them hands down. Their customer serv reps are the best. When I buy a new phone they have no problem transfering the songs I have purchased to my new phone. They have great data plans where with sprint, you have to purchase reg plan and add data plan, they don’t have one with everything on it. Verizon also is expensive and their plans are high. Tmobile has prepaid as well as flexplans. And with your plan, you don’t pay extra for long distance. They should be NO.1, they are with me.

  • sylvia

    In our breakroom at work , my tmobile razor works just fine, I never had one call dropped. My co-worker has one of the most expesive phones, touch screen and all with verizon and in the lunch room his calls always get dropped, he has to go outside and use it. lol

  • horse

    i have been with tmobile for 8 years, it was great for awhile until they got way over there head. i have had a blackberry for a few years. after i got the 3g phone service sucked, i even have the wifi at home and my phone wont connect all the time. i have called tmobile again again and they were no help. i want to cancel my phone service but have 4 lines. The only great thing is that the plans are priced good. if tmobile closes then they should pay a early termination fee to all the customers

    • KenKrisPR

      You got that right. Same way any wireless company ask for an early termination fee to all its customers, we should fine them if they close too.

  • Iheart666

    i dont think tmobile will die cuz they just started all that new 4g stuff

  • Kkroy9268

    Well after geting off tephone with three people at tmobile and not getting nowhere..i see how they treat there long term customers…I have been with tmobile since they were someone else…I am having serious problems with my hd2 and it has been replace once already and i am still getting numerous dropped calls and very slow internet services along with the the other apps on my phone…no ne apps downloaded, just the phone as i got it…After today, im switching to a more realiable service with better customer service…All i asked for was a replacement phone that was comparable to the hd2…android or not…didnt matter…all they told me was that they can replace my phone with the same phone…go figure!!! IM DONE!!!

    • Kkroy9268

      oh and they did offer an upgrade but at the retail price because i wasnt really due for an upgrade yet….

      • Dbaby

        you sound stupit

      • JLoco

        First, the HD2 is not an andorid phone, but a Windows phone. Second as Abc123 pointed out, it just wasn’t a successful phone. HTC and Windows had soem design flaws that weren’t discovered until release. Had you waited you could’ve gotten the new HTC HD7 that has had a much smoother release.
        Lastly, T-Mobile’s hands are tied by the manufactuer’s and the wirless insurance comapny’s, Asurion– which covers all four major carriers, tems and conditions. They cannot frivolously give out $500 phones to every customer who “doesn’t like they’re phone”. Otherwise we’d all have new hones every three months. Think through your argumet before throwing a tantrum.

      • Fff

        buy one on ebay and suck it up for a bit..id say you will live

    • Abc123

      Hey kroy, Just for starters the HD2 is a piece of junk. Tmobile did not make the phone. anywhere that you decide to go you and Verizon/At&t/Sprint will still have to go by the terms and conditions of the manufactures guidelines. Maybe T-Mobile did want to replace ur junky phone but could not bc of this? and btw does T-Mobile not have the JD powers award for customer service? Do your research before you blog and look like a idiot….u dikhead

    • Yvettetodd2

      tmobile has the best customer service i have been with them over several years …dealing with werizon they are the worse.

    • mr229time

      well can i buy your phone please

    • mr229time

      well can i buy your phone please

    • mr229time

      well can i buy your phone please

    • Jeremiah_shalda

      Sprint has Amasing Customer service! I think they are one of the best when it comes to phone costmer service! However I wish they would have more 3g coverage or even 4g. It be nice to get something for my extra 10 dollars I spend because I have an epic 4g! I guess thats my only complaint BUT I WILL NOT GO TO VERIZON! and ATT is rated the worst for Customer service! I pay only 79.99 for unlimited data, I can call any moble phone on any network without it costing me any mins. O and If I have a problem with my phone i am on hold wqith costmer service no more then 3 mins hehe!

      • Jeremiah_shalda

        O my spelling is the worst hehe

  • Sis1232000

    tmoble store closed its doors and didnt tell their sales people now my son doesnt have a job !! What a great company to work for !

  • $#!+

    Why don’t u ppl understand that it isn’t about “the best phones” why don’t u think abou what you want and what you can afford this is a freaking recession. When everyone understands that then t-mobile will be on top first sprint will crumble or merge with att..Now a few nicer phones would be good but what i mentioned earlier in this post plus if they decided to buy cricket or boost mobile it is called strategy people where did all the android windows phones t-mobile for most reliable cheap service t-mobile now cricket is good if u r that desperate but if t-mobile bought it they could use that as a backup plan or a side-buisness. They could still use hspa+ but they need a double band not either or or merge hspa+ somehow with lte.

  • Lyndee

    I hope not. I LOVE Tmobile. I have been with them for over 10 years and have nothing by great things to say about them. I have recommended Tmobile to many people. Lyn D. Pittsburgh, PA

  • Marshall

    Tmobile in my area is junk. Was with them for 5 years but for my use the coverage was just not there. I had just got a new android phone with data plan, but the speeds on the limited 3g coverage would never hit over 1Mbps in my area. Also i would drop down to edge or GPRS within miles of going out of town. I’m sure if my daily activities took me towards Minneapolis I may have a different experience. Since I spend most of my time in rural areas, it was time to say goodbye to Tmobile since the data coverage was sub par. Verizon’s speed for me has averaged 1.5mbps to 2.5mbps. Granted, those are not as high as some I’ve seen from Tmobile users in the city, but I’m not there. So, Verizon is the best option for me where I live for my evolving phone usage. I was happy with the calling coverage, but as I evolved to androids and data usage I outgrew Tmobile services in my area. O well I get a 21% discount on verizon so the price is equal so I’m not as shocked by price. I’ll just have to see what improvements Tmo makes in 2 years. Every carrier has there perks and areas they are the best. Where I live that is Verizon.

  • http://twitter.com/mattshankmusic Matt Shank

    I hope T-Mobile disappears. Worst carrier ever.

  • Volf-z

    I was with Tmobile for almost a decade and it was ok but they were very late on Android and their service coverage pales to the competition. They still charge way too much for what you get. Glad I left. VoiceStream had a much better business model. Tmobile needs to go back to their roots and start competing with the so called “low end” providers. Now I get everything for half the price with Virgin Mobile and the coverage is way better. Even if tmobile matched VM in plan pricing and no contract I still wouldn’t switch back.

    • Twill7381

      Actually, T-Mobile was the first carrier to provide Android phones, and have the most expansive selection of Android phones. I believe you are misinformed.

      • Intimidator35101

        yea, they just dont carry THE Droid but i am happy with them i just am ready for upgrade to faster android my Motorola clique xt is slow

    • Fff

      lol they were first to get Android impatient ass

  • CertifiedTechBoi

    , u need to be in a metropolitan area in order to experience T-Mobile’s high speeds, no provider has true 4g, but HSPA+ is the way to go, well not for rural areas…

  • Lyn

    I am considered to be one of Tmobile’s Top 5% customers.  It took me over 10 years to gain this awesome status.  Now..I will be a nobody with another carrier.

    I love Tmobile and have the plan that I love.  No other companies offer that.

  • Lyn

    I am considered to be one of Tmobile’s Top 5% customers.  It took me over 10 years to gain this awesome status.  Now..I will be a nobody with another carrier.

    I love Tmobile and have the plan that I love.  No other companies offer that.

  • Lyn

    I am considered to be one of Tmobile’s Top 5% customers.  It took me over 10 years to gain this awesome status.  Now..I will be a nobody with another carrier.

    I love Tmobile and have the plan that I love.  No other companies offer that.

  • Lyn

    I am considered to be one of Tmobile’s Top 5% customers.  It took me over 10 years to gain this awesome status.  Now..I will be a nobody with another carrier.

    I love Tmobile and have the plan that I love.  No other companies offer that.

  • Will Laugh

    T- horrible should die earlier! They just charge me $80 for paying $5 late! Get rid of their German boss! They can not deal with european crisis and want to ripe off american people.
    I’ll laugh the date T-horrible goes away!