Samsung Vibrant Unboxing Courtesy Of Wirefly

Well I know likely no one will actually read what I am going to as all attention will be on the Samsung Vibrant unboxing video so I’ll keep this post short. Ok, I’m done. Thanks to the guys at Wirefly for this! Just 6 more days!


UPDATE: We’ve added a quick Samsung Vibrant overview below, courtesy of Be sure to check it out!

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  • ashish

    Yes Samsung supports HD video recording popularly known as 720p video recording.

  • badaphooko01

    Just ordered my Vibrant from Wirefly for 149.99 not tax shipped with no changes to my contract at all. My full upgrade date was not till 7/17 but I guess they overlooked that unlike Radio shack.

    I never have purchased from Wirefly, I hope I did not make a mistake going through them instead of Tmobile. I figure I just saved myself over $100 or lost $149.99. We will see. Anybody have a good experience purchasing through them?

  • roberto

    I rather buy the phone from tmobile, they have the instalment payment option,which allows you to pay for the phone in 4 months

  • Belcher

    Getting mine @ Costco my Fav store EVER!

  • monkeyboy311


    I wondering the same thing, never purchased from Wirefly before but its $50 cheaper than if I upgraded with Tmobile.


    Can I upgrade 1 line on my Family Plan through Wirefly than upgrade the others through Tmobile? The other lines will have basic phones, which are actually cheaper if I go through Tmobile.

  • cansomeonereply?

    Do I still get to keep my insurance in case the phone is stolen or lost? Does Wirefly offers you that? I appreciated ur attention ppl :)

  • TR

    I’m ordering mine on September 15, have to wait for my 1-year upgrade discount :(

  • DLM83

    SOUNDS GOOD AND ALL BUT LETS FACE IT GUYS, VIBRANT CANT COMPARE TO THE EVO 4G, IPHONE 4, OR ITS BROTHER THE EPIC 4G. Having a preloaded avatar movie and sims game doesnt cut it for me. i have no idea why tmo decided to get the ugly duckling of the galaxy s product. maybe it wasnt tmo’s choice but they really got the bad deal. yea the front facing camera has been out before evo and the iphone 4 BUT there time to shine is now. tmo shouldve got a gsm brand samsung epic. been a wit tmo since forever. customer service is awesome and never gave us problems but they need to step there game up on phones.

  • Noelle Garbin

    Thanks with regard to the info, I ‘m truly looking forward to the Samsung Epic 4G, despite the fact that I have always been really curious in gizmos, for a long time I have already been searching for my very first smartphone and I did not get it yet. The explanations are quite simple: each couple of months there is a revolution in the market (tough to come to a decision!) and prices right here in Brazil are pretty abusive. Maybe I would enter this world in great style with a Samsung Epic 4G. I hope so.