Samsung Vibrant Meta-Review Extravaganza

So we’re less than 18 hours from the launch of  perhaps the most discussed phone in the history of TmoNews and yet there are those of you still on the fence. In that case, we’re going to do one of our familiar (if you’ve been here before) meta-reviews to help you determine if this is the right phone for you Since T-Mobile keeps “losing” our address with demo phones, we’re going to share the thoughts of some familiar faces around here and their reviews/unboxings/walkthroughs of the Samsung Vibrant. Without further ado, we present to you, the Samsung Vibrant meta-review…please clap, or at least lie and tell us you are.

Video courtesy of MobileBurn

Video courtesy of  MobileBurn

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Video courtesy of CNET, hit the link for their full review


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Note: I am on Even More Plus. The phone pricing online was $500. Did not see any discount some are mentioning. But if there is one, I will call tomorrow and get it.

    Unlike when the HD2 went on sale, this time around T-Mobile fixed the system so that Even More Plus accounts could order the phone online.

    The order process was smooth. It said what the payments would be and how much was due as a down payment (it was about $70 that I had to put on a credit card).

    Bonus Tip: If you order online make sure to take screen captures of each page during the ordering process. If you don’t have a screen capture program, then make sure to “print screen” on each page.

    • justletyouknow

      The Even More Plus plans are not contract plans therefore you will not get discount, at all. [period]

      Also paying for the phone in bits and pieces will make you end up paying more, ’cause T-Mobile is starting to charge a lot more for tax =/

      • Relikk2

        Not True!! It will not cost you more and they cannot charge you anymore tax then your state allows. Furthermore T-mobile does not charge you tax over your 20 months payments but you pay your total phones tax up front plus your first month’s payment. Hence why “ItsMichaelNotMike” had to pay apx $70 up front (tax and first month phone payments). Then the remainder of the phone is paid over 19 months and added to your total cell phone bill. If at anytime you wish you can pay off the remaining months of your handheld.

        Minimum BOGO deal:
        Family Contract: 750 minutes, Unlim web and Text
        $139.99 a month
        24 months x $140 = $3360
        2 x $35 one time contract fee = $70

        Phone Cost:
        Vibrant $249.99 upfront. – $50 rebate = $199.99
        Get free Slide on BOGO

        Upfront Cost Contract
        $249.99 Not including Tax

        Monthly Payment Contact
        $140 Not including Tax (after first month $70 1 time fee)

        Total Cost Contract
        $3620 Not including tax.

        Non Contract family deal (buying phone out right)
        750 unlimited web and text $109.99 per month
        24 x $110= $2640 (No contract fee !!!)

        Phone Cost Non Contract
        Vibrant = $500 + Slide = $430
        = $930/ 20 = $46.50 (20 payments)

        Non Contact Monthly
        $110 + $46.50 = $156.50 not including tax for (20 months) last 4 is $110

        Up Front cost Non Contract
        $46.50 + tax for total cost of phone (est tax @10% = $46.50 + 93 = $139.50)

        Total cost Non Contract
        $3570 Not including Tax

        Non contact is cheaper in long run by $50 and you don’t always get the BOGO deal so its typically way cheaper.

  • mailman13877

    Damn i cant wait to wait till the 23rd an get my EVO..i may just pay that $50 now lol..Evoooooo..smh i promise this phone won’t win vs evo or droid x in a showdown video other than its graphics..I see the lag in all the videos an the evo has no lag in it’s videos

    • db


      I hate to inform you, but the EVO, Nexus, and Droid X all lost in benchmarks to the Samsung. Check it out at

      I had a chance to play with the phone today at a TMO store and the phone is the best Android phone I have ever seen. The graphics are just out of this world.

    • jw

      Actually the hummingbird chip is faster than the snapdragon. Can I slide my wee wee in your booty?

  • Chris C

    I actually had this phone for 3 days now and it doesn’t lag at all. It’s even faster than my nexus one. I did a test to see which phone was faster and the hummingbird processor is faster than my snapdragon. Also, the AMOLED screen is crazy detailed and it also has the live wallpaper as well. Every video plays well (mobitv/avatar/online). I love this phone just as much as my nexus one and it even has some features that are better than the nexus one.

  • PJ

    I’ve had personal hands on experience with this phone. It’s just totally awesome and there’s no way around it. To the person who said there was lag… its probably your computer that’s lagging the video because this phone runs as fast as Android can possibly run – and it’s smooooooth as silk.
    The only draw back is the lack of a flash but thats not a big deal for me. I’m getting this phone ASAP.

  • JustMike

    I like the $165 price, but $20 for “three day” shipping that will get here in a week? No thanks.. I’ll try my luck at the B&M store in the morning.

    Anyone have any idea what the upgrade price is in-store?

    • Eli T

      No, I went ahead and ordered it because I did not expect the $165 price. All the postings said it would be $250 w/ a $50 mir so I was surprised to see the low price. Rather than take chances I decided to order it and wait since it was so much cheaper.

    • Brandon

      $199 after $50 MIR

      • JustMike

        Thanks Eli & Brandon.. after much soul searching, I pushed the “place order” button. :)

        If the MyTouch Slide shows up as a $224 upgrade and the Vibrant at $165 is about the same price as the Cliq, it’s worth waiting an extra week to save a few hamiltons and the hassle of a rebate.

  • phaelenx

    I played with this phone tonight at work and its AMAZING! I’m getting mine tomorrow without a doubt. This phone makes my TP2 look like crap!

  • monkeyboy311

    Anyone know if its possible to get tmobile to waive the $35 activation fee from Amazon, Wirefly, and Radioshack?

    • Bigs12

      no, thats a 3rd party vendor you pay what they are offering…

    • KB

      Carrier’s dislike when you try to do that. If you’re going to go through a 3rd Party Vendor to order your phone and they have their own fees that you are initially agreeing to, WHY are you calling the carrier to waive them?!

    • Eli T

      If you are looking to waive an activation fee on it, buy it through Amazon right now. New lines of service get it for 149.99, no activation, and free 2 day shipping.

  • Carl

    So will it be available at stores tomorrow? Or just to order online?

  • tmoled

    Lmao at the planner! Droid X available! What’s up with that?

    • tmoled

      A Verizon employee rocking the vibrant? Sweet!

  • mjcl987

    Thats impossible monkey boy :(

  • hecg55

    hey question for you guys that are getn it. will you be putting ghost armor on your screen? im not sure if i want to or not. what are your thoughts?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      What is Ghost Armor? Is that like Best Skins Ever, which is a plastic skin that adheres with water. If you remove it, it does not leave a residue.

      I have used Best Skins Ever since my Pearl days in 2006.

      Lately, however, I have not used it. On my HD2 the screen is glass and cannot be scratched that easily. So there’s no need for it. And the case is rubberized. BSE just does not work that well on rubberized cases.

      If the SGS has a plastic screen then I will get a BSE skin for the display. And will put BSE on the case too, because the skin provides a good gripping surface.

      On my Slide it is slicker than my dog getting a bath and trying to escape the tub. So I have to put BSE on that handset too.

      Here is BSE:

      • hecg55

        Yeah pretty much.. Ive never purchased it but i heard its crazy good from a friend who works at best buy. they install it at best buy for you. you should check them out or youtube them and some testimonial

  • Scott

    I’m bummed. I went into a T-mobile “Limited” store today and mentioned that I heard for existing loyal customers they could get the phone today. At first they were well um, and then started entering my info in the computer and said yes I could get it today. I was over excited but had that all crushed. Problem was, even though I have been with T-mobile for over 10 years and I have 5 lines on my family plan, only one of my lines was eligible for an upgrade. I was like cool, hook me up but then they said I would have to add the internet plan for that line. I was like no, I’m going to be the one using the phone in place of my MyT3G. They said they couldn’t do it and that it had to be tied to the line that was eligible for the upgrade. In the past when this has happened it didn’t matter what line I used for the upgrade as long as one of my 5 lines had one available. They were not willing to bend at all. Called TMO customer service and could not get them to pass me to the loyalty department what so ever but did get a supervisor who said he would go ahead and allow my line to get the upgrade even though I am only 9 months into contract on my line. He then asked I give the phone to the manager of the Limited store and the manager still said NO. Supervisor said if he could not send me the phone until it’s released (July 15th) but would call me tomorrow and take care of me. That’s all good except the 10 days out of the year that I get vacation is this coming weekend and week and I’m leaving to drive on a road trip and won’t be here to receive it and REALLY wanted to have the phone for my trip. I will make another attempt at another retail location tomorrow and hope I have better luck. Don’t want to pay $599 that “Limited” wanted to charge me outright knowing I have seen it offered at Wally World for as low as $149. If anyone has any ideas that would help me get it tomorrow that would be great. I am willing to spend the $199 upgrade fee.

    • Brandon

      Jesus christ… just upgrade on your own line and save the hassle. The system is set up for a reason… because if you use another line’s upgrade and then their phone craps the bed in a few months you’re gonna be crying then too. The data feature is a contractual obligation to the line you’re upgrading on… deal with it… and don’t threaten to cancel because every other carrier has had this policy for much longer than t-mobile

      • TmoRep

        I work at a TMObile corp. store. We would not give you the phone either.

    • SwizzleStix

      So many words written when all you had to say was:
      “Wah wah wah, I wanna cheat the system and they won’t let me, wah wah wah”.

      No one cares. Go to another carrier already. GO.

  • Steve

    As of 11:30 pm eastern the T-mobile website is still showing bogus prices for upgrades for the Vibrant, so I called CustomerCare and asked what the deal would be. The representative said that at the time I called (maybe 11:35 pm) the Vibrant hadn’t hit their system, so I was put on hold for a while so that the rep could figure out what was going on. She was then able to place an upgrade order for me (total charge was ~$300 with the $50 mail-in rebate and tax all included; the line was eligible for a full upgrade discount assuming a new 2-year run; so the handset itself was charged at ~$220).

    The rep said that the website prices for upgrades probably won’t be valid until the handset hits their system, and that probably won’t be happening until after midnight.

    • Steve

      Correction: the upgrade price I was charged for the Vibrant included the ~$20 for 3-day shipping, so I think the upgrade cost was $200, as I expected.

      Addendum: the rep claimed I was credited with the first order for the Vibrant in the system. I guess that doesn’t count the website orders…. still, I think that this is unlikely to be really the case. I’m glad to have made the order finally so that I can quit thinking about this.

      I’m glad T-mobile made this phone available and a few days earlier than planned; sure, there are some little presumed deficiencies, but for me the Vibrant is going to be certainly close enough to the state-of-the-art for the next year or so.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Steve… you made a good call. I have had many, many phones since 1990. Recently I have had the Pearl, Curve, G1, Touch Pro2, HD2 and soon the Vibrant (hoping to see it in my mailbox by Saturday).

        I bought the Vibrant because it is a top notch phone (compared to what I have owned and what’s coming out). When I walked into the local T-Mobile store today to see the SGS my hands-on confirmed what I knew, the Vibrant is state-of-the-art and in many respects better than most phones out there.

        While some people complain about the lack of a front facing camera or LED flash, their incessant whining and shouting drowns out what little remaining thinking processes they have. To be sure, the only failing going on is the “no flash/FFC = fail” whiners failing to think clearly.

        If they were thinking things through they would reach the same conclusion the smart shoppers have: the lack of an LED flash or FFC is greatly outweighed by what the Vibrant has.

        Two tit for tat examples:

        1. The SGS is the ONLY phone on the planet with a Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode display , what Samsung calls the Super AMOLED, or what I call “SAMOLED.”

        One thing that makes your new SGS special is that you won’t see SAMOLED displays on ANY competitor handsets. This is because the SAMOLED display is Samsung’s patented technology, meaning Samsung makes the displays.

        Samsung has said that it can barely keep up with demand for SAMOLED displays for the SGS. Because of short supply Samsung recently announced it will NOT sell SAMOLED displays to other phone manufacturers until 2012!

        IMHO that makes the SAMOLED display a pretty big deal and certainly more significant than the whiners supposed “missing” FFC and flash.

        2. Another BIG “feature” that whiners don’t talk about: The Vibrant has the fastest, best performing mobile phone GPU on the planet. Said another way, in terms the FFC/Flash whiners will understand: The Vibrant has the world’s fastest Android-based “graphics card.”

        Technically put: the Hummingbird A8 GPU can process 90 million triangles per second! (Trust me, that’s a lot in anyone’s book). While I don’t expect the whiners to know what that means, I assume they understand basic math and that the bigger a number such usually means something is better.

        Compare the Vibrant’s graphics processing power (90 million tri/sec) with the Nexus One (22 million tri/sec); Droid (7 million tri/sec); and the iPhone 3GS (22 million tri/sec.)

        Well that’s two positives that obliterate the whiners two negatives. So that’s enough for now. :)

        P.s. Have to run to the store before it closes so no time for grammar and spell check. Pardon in advance for errors.

  • PWI

    I actually own this device, I’ve had it since Monday 07/12/2010 I like it so far, my only concerns about this device are these 3 things

    1.)No Camera Flash
    2.)No LED indicator light for new messages or missed calls
    3.)Battery Drains fast on SIMs Game, and it takes Forever and a Day to Charge up in general.

    besides that this phone is SMOOTH!!! this phone is a Game Changer for sure!
    Guys when u buy it please buy a nice screen protector, and a carrying case… please do it that justice.

    • 2FR35H

      Try Night Mode works just as well.

  • NiiDiddy

    LMFAO…T-Mobile systems are messed up right now. Those who got the $165 pricing for the Vibrant be careful t-Mobile doesn’t come back and charge them more.

    Even their initial Vibrant introductory website changed price from $199 to $19999

    See for yourself:


    Just ordered for T-Mobile employees!! Woo hoo!!

  • 4nradio

    Woo hoo! Same here…just ordered mine, due to arrive 7/21.

    Vibrant for free (incl. shipping). 5 yrs. TMO employee = free phones


      Dang mine said it has an estimated delivery date of 7/23. What part of the country are you in? I’m in Memphis

  • SuperSexyLady

    Ummmmm…. the extra backcover is so that the customers who need to do a warrenty exchange have an extra. I would say more the 50% of them send the back cover back, and of course it’s customer cares fault don’t you know.

    • J1

      More than 50% of your comment is a fail smh.. I see someone wasn’t paying attention in english 101.. but hey atleast you have the “super sexy” thing going for yourself I suppose

  • Applause

    There is not LED light indication? Thats a bummer…..

  • Ali

    Just placed my order for the vibrant got it for $243.00 through T-Mobile loyalty department with free express shipping.

    • monkeyboy311

      With contract?

  • Jimbo

    Lucky folks I been with tmo for 3years almost time for free phones

    • Bigs12

      it will not be free

      • TmoRep

        True, upgrade fee $18. lmao!!

  • sPaNkY

    No Froyo + no camera flash + no LED indicator = no sale.


    • Ashish

      Froyo is going to release to S.Korea market in August & it is coming to Tmo by end of August/beginning of September.
      Gingerbread is coming to Vibrant by Nov/Dec
      All this confirmed by Tmo Rep – get this phone otherwise you may regret it later

      • Daniel

        I agree with sPaNkY, No Froyo + no camera flash + no LED indicator AND no front facing camera = no sale.

        As for your comment: get this phone otherwise you may regret it later… Thats just garbage. Android phones are being released at such a fast rate now, that by the time one is released there is already a better one coming out. So to your comment, let me correct it in saying: get this phone and you will regret it later.

  • Applause

    I do not think I will be getting this phone due to the lack of an LED notification

  • 4nradio

    Jdangle, I’m in the Seattle area and work at TMO headquarters. I was surprised to learn 7/21 for delivery, as previous phones have taken 10+ days to get here. I think our order fulfillment folks are getting faster :^)

  • p2

    I phoned t-mobile customer care yesterday. Phone price is $199 after $50 rebate with 2-year contract. Wirefly is selling at 149.99.

  • db

    Just got off the phone with customer care and talked them into giving me the phone for $199 since I have never had an upgrade in 7 years and I am not on contract. And he noted it in the account so that I could pick it up tomorrow at a TMO Store.

    • underdog378

      Can you really pick up your order in store if you order through customer care over the phone? I’ve never heard of this before…

      • db

        I told them that I spoke to a rep at the store and that he told me to tell them to make a notation on the account. That’s what I did and the Customer Care rep told me that I would have to go to a corporate TMO store. So, I was like cool and he made the notation.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        One time T-Mobile screwed up my order, back in 2006 on a Pearl order. They said they could arrange to have me pick it up at a local store. I said that it was OK, I could wait.

        But if a phone is really a hot seller, I wonder if a store would be willing to let go of one of their phones since that is one less phone they can sell to a walk in.

    • TmoRep

      Will not happen. I work there and we will not do it.

    • atljogger

      Did you sign a new 2-year contract for this deal? Isn’t the contract price $199 anyways – not sure where you saved money besides getting to pickup in store

      • db

        I saved money because I am not on a contract. So I didn’t have to pay full price. Picking it up from the store was just so I didn’t have to wait till next week.

  • 2FR35H

    And BAM! he LOVES Touchwiz 3.0

  • tmoled

    Never been able to pick up phone in store when ordering through cs, always told they were seperate.
    How are you supposed to know when u have a missed call or text? That’s BS! Also lack of track pad/ball sucks. Really simple,but important features to be missing.

  • john

    i played with one today and there’s no fm radio =[

    • tmoled

      They took that off too?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      FM radio has not caught on and very few people use it. So manufacturers don’t mention it as a feature since that would be lame to trumpet it as a “look what we have” feature. Truth is radio is dying and stations are going belly up.

      Nevertheless the SGS does have it.

      Because YOU could not find it you shouldn’t be posting on the Net with an air of authority that it does not have one. That’s all T-Mobile needs is for people to rely on your misinformation to add fuel to the fire.

      • taaars

        I think you also need to have the wired headset plugged in to make it work…I could be wrong, but I believe it used it as an antena.

      • john

        ah well i hope im wrong cuz im really looking forward to having fm radio for work. i didnt find any radio app or anything when i was playing with it but i didnt have tons of time to explore around either, guess ill find out tonight when i bring mine home

  • Lucio

    Just ordered mine online for 203. it will arrive on 7/21/10

  • Tim

    Just used bing cashback to save $210 ($175 off phone, 12.25 off activation, $21 off plan, 2.10 off insurance)

    • mikef

      Have you gotten a confirmation email from bing? If so how long did it take before they sent the confirmation?

      Did you pay full price upfront or use the installment plan($79 upfront, then $25/month for 19 months)? If you used the installment plan did you get the full bing cashback in a confirmation email?

      Thanks, Mike

  • JoshL

    Really upset about the no LED notification…. :( I was about to order it until I saw that. I guess I’ll have to wait until October.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… what are you going to do if the phones in October don’t have LED notification, wait until March 2011? :)

      • taaars

        To be honest, I never really knew that this phone did not have led notification, just something I took for granted, at first when I read this I was sorta let down, then I thought about it, and read a few things, The LED notification is useful to me, but there are apps that do audible notifications, and in fact a developer took note that because the AMOLED screen uses 0 power for a black screen so they are trying to see if they can make an active screen that will be all black but display some dots as notifiers…dont know if it will happen, but some people are finding work around. But i am guessing this will be an adjustment for me, after a while I may not even miss it..hell the iphone never had it..and actually, I didn’t realize that until now as well..hehe

  • Reder

    It’s showing as $449 for me even though I’m eligible for full upgrade.

    What up with that? I want the $165 deal!

  • NiiDiddy

    WHEW!!! I feel better now. I called T-Mobile because I was not liking the fact that my upgrade online still showed the Vibrant at $449. My upgrade will be at $199 I was assured, so I decided that’s what I’d do when the stores open in the morning.

    Secondly, I asked about those getting their Vibrant online at T-Mobile for $165 – I was told that was probably a fluke, which means that anyone who paid that amount for the Vibrant might end paying the balance up to $199. I only asked because I was trying to get it for the $165 price too…

    • Hecg55

      Just ordered mine this morning got it for 99 bucks just as i told yall!

  • Barry

    No led? say it ain’t so

  • kemm

    I’m a senior rep @ tmobile and have had this phone for the last 2 days. I have the mts3g and the vibrant is awesome. Tmobile should be proud of this phone. Its everything its cracked up to be. I’m getting my wife and I the vibrant. For all the tmobile haters, you can always leave and go to a different company. You will just port ur number back to tmobile in two weeks……lol I see it all the time…..

  • soon2TMO

    i dont think i can sleep…


    • Ashish

      me too – the store is opening only at 11:00 a.m. :-(

  • taaars

    Damn..I hope makes cases for this phone…..

    • AK47

      I planning on getting a case from Zenus, one of the leather versions I haven’t decided on which color to get yet.

  • Trill

    Flash has gotten better on camera phones so in 2010 its a big deal for many and the flash on the Nexus is amazing and doesn’t wash out any photos not even the picture of my eye I took in the dark. I’ve had the G1 and I just got my Nexus a while ago so while I was considering buying the phone I must change my mind cause I’m aware of a few surprises T-Mobile has planned for this years.

    P.S. No phone right now will come shipped with froyo so do some research also its not to long ago been released therefore it will take some time for manufacturers to update.

    • taaars

      And that is your given right as a free consumer..if flash is what you need, then you have options, doesn’t make this phone a bad device, just not one for you. I for one, would have liked a flash, but it was never a need, in fact I had a phone once with flash, then I got MT3G and never really missed it, My MAIN thing is iternal memory and screen, this phone fits those two bills for me. FFC, ehh..I may never be into it, I know some people feel they arr, and that may be true, for some, but I bet the vast majority of these people that are up in arms about the FFC only 10% would actually use it in a normal basis.

      • Trill

        Exactly! Its all personal preference in the end but just voicing my opinion but lets just say I have some insider info and you may kick yourself around September it you get this phone but if you have a G1 or any other first Gen aneroid device I completely understand also guys a task killer with 2.2 is no longer needed and mainly it was poor hardware and memory management early in android but 2.1 and higher with any current device and your Florence unless you want to just see what’s running and keep up with background task but it uses 0% CPU so it does nothing anyway just saves the state.

      • taaars

        If its the HTC with a keyboard, I pass, I really dont want a slide out keyboard device, adds bulk and a moving part that can break.

  • iunlock

    Honolulu, Hawaii here waiting until morning to pick up the Vibrant! Whoohooooo

    LED and front facing camera isn’t a big deal to me. For those who are crying, have you even seen the night mode on the camera?! It’s just as good. As for the front facing camera, I’m sure Samsung has something up their sleeves for once HSDPA+ is fully launched everywhere to support video chat.

    That’s the whole excitement about technology. They probably already have all the things people are crying about..LED, FFC etc… just wait and be patient. If we had it all now with all the bells and whistles, what is there to look forward to?

    For what it’s worth, just get the Vibrant! There is no better Android phone out. The A8 Cortex CPU on the Vibrant? IS CRAZY FAST! THE FASTEST.

  • Triston

    So nobody is concerned about samsung’s recent PR debacle of denying an android update to B2 owners?

    As pretty as this phone is (screen, processor, etc.), I can’t justify an upgrade from my N1. While there are some hardware inferiorities, I firmly believe that operating Google’s proprietary handset is the best way to ensure that I receive the best/latest iterations of Android for some time to come.

    I’m still surprised that people complain about the lack of T-Mo’s high-end handset offerings (prior to this particular release), and completely disregarded the Nexus One. Considering the direct line to google with regard to system updates, I consider it to be the best android handset on the market. I don’t care to wait for HTC to reconfigure sense UI, or verizon, att, tmo to revamp their unique particularities so that I can run the best software.

    Vibrant aside, the N1 is a fantastic handset for those of you who still remember that Samsung is willing to shaft its customers blatantly when it comes to software upgrades :)

    • Trill

      Behold 2 in sales didn’t do that well but was okay and I think they just let support for it die and in all honesty I think it was the worst Android phone and the cube UI wasmore of a gimmick thank a selling point. Imagine the phone being a G1 just with extra memory but throw in Samsung and some mistakes and bad PR and boom you have where we are today.

  • Jim888

    Hmm no led notification?…I wonder if one of the 4 keys could be set up for that after rooting?

  • Tarzanman

    The G1 didn’t have any LED notification at first either. That came a few months later in one of the updates.

    For all the people who are bashing the “Vibrant haters”, remember you that AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are all getting better versions of this phone. Well, maybe not AT&T…because they are a bunch of Google haters.

    So, as much as you like it on T-mobile…. Sprint/Verizon users will be loving theirs even more (especially Sprint with the Wimax, LED flash and 2nd camera).

    • iunlock

      You forgot to mention that T-Mobile’s HSPDA+ network that will stomp the other three carriers. The Sprint Epic (their version of the Galaxy S) will be the best version no doubt, but who wants to be on a crappy CDMA network? AT&T just sucks period and Verizon + Bing? Yeaaaa riggghhht.

      I’m sure Samsung already has a GSM front facing camera with LED and all that jazz ready to go, it’s just that they are waiting for TM to release the HSDPA+ in all cities to support the ffc etc…

      BTW as for the no flash…have you even seen the night mode? it’s just as good LOL…really, if you’re going to be taking pictures at night and expect professional grade SHTUFF, just use a point and shoot for crying out loud.

      It’s funny how all these haters complain about some of the least important things on a phone for what it’s intended for. This phone is used to talk, text, browse, etc…not take 100000000 megapixel professional quality pictures. Give me a break.

      Stop complaining about the little things and appreciate the phone for what it is. Fastest CPU period. (iPhone4 uses the same CPU made by SAMSUNG!) BEST display PERIOD. on ANDROID!

      • iunlock

        Forgot to mention the built in 16GB memory on the Vibrant vs the miniature 1-2GB on the sprint or verizon.

  • Barry

    Verizon has a flash that’s it, and they removed google and installed bing and the primary search. I don’t see that as a plus. Sprint’s is the only plus I see that, phone will be nice.

    I’ve realized that led notifications isn’t that serious since I use handcent and always use reminders for text messages and I don’t talk on the phone that much so the missed call thing definitely isn’t an issue so the led thing is as serious I previously thought.

  • Barry

    XDA is already talking about modding the vibrant to use the back button as a led notification.

  • mp

    I got MINE!! this is the phone I have been waiting for, since 1998. Since I had the first Compaq ipaq and use to teether it to my phone. this is great marriage of the ipod/iphone creativity with the android ingenuity! I LOVE IT!!

    • mp

      Oh and believe the hype!! Samsung did there thing with Touchwiz!! it is da TRUTH!!

    • db

      I totally agree with you. Got mine this morning. This phone is really really good and fast with no lagging. The screen is just crazy good.

  • eyezick

    Can the movie be uninstalled?

    • swehes

      The movie is on a 2GB micro SD card so you can do whatever you want with it.

  • p.h

    I never have android before, but can we use android’s full function without the data plan? Can we use like Window 6.5 just with wifi? No Data Plan.

  • dsbh0r

    mobile users are some of the most hateful arrogant assholes on the planet

    • db

      Uhhhh No. That would be XBOX Halo 3 Players online.

  • dean

    TEXT FLOW works but only if you use the plus and minus buttons and not the “pinch to zoom” which i guess is ok …..