Samsung Vibrant Meta-Review Extravaganza

So we’re less than 18 hours from the launch of  perhaps the most discussed phone in the history of TmoNews and yet there are those of you still on the fence. In that case, we’re going to do one of our familiar (if you’ve been here before) meta-reviews to help you determine if this is the right phone for you Since T-Mobile keeps “losing” our address with demo phones, we’re going to share the thoughts of some familiar faces around here and their reviews/unboxings/walkthroughs of the Samsung Vibrant. Without further ado, we present to you, the Samsung Vibrant meta-review…please clap, or at least lie and tell us you are.

Video courtesy of MobileBurn

Video courtesy of  MobileBurn

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Video courtesy of CNET, hit the link for their full review


  • New Castle

    Meh! This phone isn’t anything special. Why wouldn’t they put a flash on it? Also, with the Droid X sporting an 8mp camera, I don’t think this is anything to get excited about. With only a 5mp cam, no LED indicator, no flash and no froyo, there is no way I would even want it. I like my N1 but I’m thinking about switching to Verizon to get the Droid X and 3G coverage in my area, since we only have edge here. :-c

    • Dex

      Eh, you do know that megapixels have little to do with how good the pictures come out, right? All it tells you is how much data the subsystem that’s connected to the camera sensor will return…not how good the camera sensor is.

      Cell phone flashes are worthless, IMO, so that’s a non-issue to me. Froyo is coming out for these phones at the end of the summer. I’ll trade the LED indicator for the most impressive display currently on the market. Now, I’m in no way saying this is the best phone around, but for people like me that have a reason to stick with T-Mobile (I get unlimited 3G data practically for free thru them) it is something to get excited about. Finally an up-to-date high-end Android phone for T-Mobile users…

      • DagNastyCo.

        How’d you pull ‘practically free unlimited 3G?’ I’ve been with T-Mo for almost 9 years now….should I try and pull some loyalty schtick?

  • Barry

    Yo they addressed the lack of flash with night mode. and name one device that’s not rooted with an official 2.2 rom not named nexus one…

  • Izzy

    I jus got the vibrant…the phone is badd ass..i used my 50$ gift card from the shack towards the phone,and they said theyll send me another gift card in the mail.i saved mad money today…it was worth it!!

  • cronin

    Is there anyway I can upgrade on my wife’s account and use the phone on my account?

    • Eli T

      There is an earlier posting in this thread that tried to do that. Apparently TMO now links the phone to the line, if you do not have a data plan on the line you are upgrading you must add it. I believe you can still stick any sim card in it to make it go but if your wife doesn’t have a data plan then you will have to add one to upgrade. That is what I have heard anyway, look back in thread about this.

    • Funkeytaste

      Yes you can, I just did it

  • Tophat

    New Castle and all you camera lovers get over it IT HAS NO FLASH or FFC… GO BUY A CAMERA!!!!!!Judge the devise for what it is not what you dream it is… I saw the Phone today it is hot hot hot!!!!!!The Screen is beautiful and the phone is stylish ..Great job Samsung. Cronin… The phone does not know who’s SIM is in it you will just have to have a data plan….

    • tmoled

      Ffc would be cool for video chat, so buying a camera wouldn’t fix that.

  • Rekikk2

    This phone is sick. I’m responding to you on my phone using 3g and listoning to pandorra while swyping this message. No lag at all.

  • wantspeedindc

    Happy HD2 owner, but this phone is very nice. Such a nice screen…HD2 is now 2nd place in that department.

  • tmoled

    Played with it today. Screen is great, pretty responsive. Could not play with mobitv or kindle, did not trying playing music through headphones, I know the mt3g is super quiet, really annoying! Expect the vibrant to be a lot better. Anyone try the headphones yet? No FM radio! Little tired of the stripping down! The galaxy S was perfect for me, wish they didn’t rob it of so many cool things. Saw pics of night mode vs pics on mts w flash and it blew the flash away, so definitely can do without flash. No led sucks also. It was amazingly light! My mt3g felt like a brick in comparison, also super thin. Cool phone, but a near miss due to tmobile messing with it. This was the perfect phone, wish they left it alone, droid x, evo and iphone are missing stuff that the galaxy s delievers, it blows both of them out of the water, but tmobile and actually all the american carriers took a giant dump on it!

    • Awsnap

      I guess you’d like to spend $600 or more for devices, then.

      Tmo didn’t strip anything out, they took a base design and used what they wanted and kept it in a nice budget.

      It’s getting old, quickly, reading about how carriers strip phones down.

      You guys know devices and services generally run more expensive overseas where you see these ‘amazing’ devices.

      The Dell streak will be available here for $500, unlocked…

      The uk? $779.

  • Bobert

    WOW CNET gives this a YAAAAWN “average”.
    LOL it’s almost fun watching TMO fail miserably!”

    • ak47

      I must have the read review wrong because 4 out of 5 stars means excellent on cnet .

  • Matt


  • Joette Zajac

    Already been engaged in cellular communications as an RF engineer since 1982 when I worked for Motorola. Had Blackberrys for the last eight years or so, but just pre ordered a Samsung Vibrant from Tmobile. Want some new features as well as a brand new Operating system to play with. I’m dissatisfied that Tmobile has switched away from the wi-fi compatability hotspot feature in the Samsung Vibrant, but I am certain someone will certainly figure out exactly how to root it and add the feature back again in. I am now transporting a wifi only iPad and want to wirelessly tether it to the mobile phone. Looking forward to obtaining my new phone!

  • UzukiC

    One could always hope the Vibrant gets Froyo and as such wifi tethering, but Samsung really hasn’t set the best track record there.

    It’s a hard choice between this and the MT3GS, both are great phones for what they do. My brand support directs me to HTC, but the reviews of the Vibrant are tempting me badly to grab it.

  • Funkeytaste

    Ive had this phone for a few days now and absolutley love it, I do wish it had Video Chat, but the beautiful screen, and speed is a huge plus in my book, my friend has the Evo which I wanted to switch carriers just to get it until I found the Vibrant…wow, glad I stayed with Tmobile! Evo screen doesnt even compare to Vibrant!

  • Eric

    Maybe its just me, but whats with all this garbage and crap on a phone. Come on people do want a functional phone or a toy. Grow up people.

  • Eric

    For those people that sign up with T-Mobile or any other cell provider before checking out their coverage area you deserve to be stuck with a phone that you are unhappy with. I happen to be in a market where the T-Mobile coverage is excellent and with HSPA+ I get 5mbs+ at home and my N1 makes a great hotspot for up to 5 devices. I don’t have to worry about my data useage like some of my friends that are on AT&T and Verizon where if you hold your phone wrong you get charged extra for it. I will be the first to admit that Verizon has excellent coverage (The Best), but I am not willing to pay a few hundred dollars for the 5GB+ that I use every month. As far as AT&T is concerned they are the worst provider out there for both cell and home/business lines. I am in the process of dropping AT&T for my business right now because they can’t seem to be able to do anything right. They even forgot to put us in the Real Yellow Pages.

    And yes, I do realize that we are supposed to be commenting on the Vibrant and I picked mine up on launch day. I had an Evo and took it back on day 30. Sprints coverage map showed me in the middle of their strongest 4G coverage and when I got home that night I could not even pick up a weak 4G signal. Two weeks after I bought it T-Mobile turned on HSPA+ in my area so it made my decision to return the Evo very easy. The best 4G speed I got out of the Evo with an excellent signal was 3.8mbs which doesn’t even compare to HSPA+.

    The screen, speed and smoothness of the Vibrant kills the Evo especially with gaming. As someone else mentioned, the flash on phones are a joke and with the night mode on the Vibrant you get a better picture than with a flash anyway unless of course you are trying to shoot in complete darkness. At some point a FFC might be nice, but at this point I don’t need one.

    I have been a hard core HTC guy for a couple of years and after owning a
    Behold II I didn’t think I would ever buy another Samsung phone, but the quality of the Vibrant is as good or better than any HTC I have owned and I don’t feel like I am carrying around a brick in my pocket like I did with the Evo. When the Vibrant gets 2.2 my N1 will probably be retired for good.

    • B.

      Sing it brotha!

  • Solun

    I just love this phone, it´s so amazing!

  • DD_838

    The Samsung Vibrant is a mediocre phone on a network that offers…. mediocre phones.

  • Alex

    I thought about purchasing the Vibrant and keeping my Nexus One for a spare, but I quickly realized how foolish that was.

    The Vibrant, while it has a beautiful screen, lacks anything special. The touchwiz interface, though improved over their last offering, leaves much to be desired. Their “Night Mode,” is nothing more than cranking up the ISO, a true LED dual flash or even a single flash, would have made all the difference.

    Having said all of this, had Samsung released this phone with stock Android and LED flash, I would have picked it up.

    Perhaps Samsung should have gone the Google route and released an unlocked device who’s updates were not hampered by carrier-specific applications a-la the nexus one.

    Even though new phones are coming out with better specs than the Nexus One, I still believe the Nexus One to be the best Android device right now, until Google releases its successor (Yes I know they said they wouldn’t but they also said they would never release a phone(and yes I know HTC makes it not Google)).

    Back to the Vibrant. For the average person out there who doesn’t care about receiving the true Android experience, get this phone. The screen is gorgeous and big, and the phone is very functional.

    HOWEVER. If you want a true Android experience that will always have the latest updates first, and won’t be tied down by carrier apps, get yourself a nexus one.

    Note: The only way to get a nexus one is to search eBay, or pay 25 dollars to become a developer and then purchase the phone from Google for 529.00. The phone being sold to Google is T-mobile 3g band.

  • Michael Petrillo

    I have had in the last 2 months:

    1 iPhone
    1 HTC HD2
    1 Samsung Vibrant

    iPhone Speed and reliability is the best of the 3. Main issue with iPhone is AT&T! Nothing more needs to be said…

    HD2 is the fastest loading phone of the 3. Lacks apps but the apps it does have work fantastic. Exchange server is the best. Microsoft not supporting the phone with WM7 is why I dumped the phone. Microsoft making you buy new hardware everytime they make a software change is getting old.

    Samsing Vibrant – Main complaint is that it LOCKS UP constantly. I have to remove the battery at least twice a day! Lots of apps available but most of them are crap and do not work properly. The sensors in the vibrant are in no way accurate. I like the phone and am hoping Froyo fixes a lot of the issues with 2.1! Last issue is the rooted BS! The apps should work either way! I like the wireless tether I had with the HD2 unless rooted with this phone UR screwed.

  • Krzysiek

    Could be very good phone phone but broken GPS, missing Froyo in 2010, and lack of support from Samsung make this phone a complete failure.
    JI6 update, released to fix GPS – another failure.
    GPS Restore by Samsung blaming consumers for broken GPS while not fixing anything and broken by itself – yet another failure.
    Missing, but promised by the end of 2010, Froyo update – lies and failure again.

  • LED Christmas Lights

    For me, iPhone is the best!